Cruel Dictators Saudi Princes Angry US Foreign Policy Moves Towards Reconciliation With Iran And No War On Shi’ites In Syria

Saudi Arabia warns U.S. that policy on Syria, Iran straining decades-old alliance: outside of North Korea, the cruelest rulers on earth are the Saudi Royals.  They embody pure evil.  They are extremely cruel to women who have near zero civil rights, they are religious fanatics who are infamously hypocritical and double faced.  They persecute all sorts of people, enslave foreign labor, instigate terrorism across the entire planet.  They abuse children, kill people for being ‘witches’.  Pick any topic and they rate as the worst on earth.  This evil family that rules millions with draconian fury, which sexually and emotionally abuse anyone they choose and do this with relish, these people who paid the 9/11 hijackers to attack us here in America are our ‘allies.’


And they consider us to be fools and to be their servants.  Working as mercenaries on behalf of these dictators, our people die in many wars and we, not they, pay for this.  The Saudi/Israeli Jewish alliance has run our State Department for years and run it into the ground turning the US into one of the world’s most hated countries.  We pay for this in many ways.  And one way is we lose our own civil rights as our right to vote which is one of the most important of our civil rights.


That is, our votes are worthless because Saudi Arabia and Israel own Congress and our Presidents and they fund these election efforts which has degraded our own democracy to the point of near collapse.  The alliance between the bankers, industrial owners of capital and labor, and foreign princes and rulers has turned DC into a dysfunctional swamp and Congress has lost so much support, it is at historic lows today.  All we have left is internal strife battles over whether or not we have any more social services.  While paying still for our military which is viewed by the Israelis and Saudis as their own private army and navy.


The latest diplomatic push has been in Asia, handing over our entire military to the insane Japanese rulers.  Abe is the son of WWII Japanese warlords.  As is most of his staff and LDP who went once again to the Yasukuni Shrine.  Surprisingly, the NYT actually carried this story:  Japan’s Premier Stays Away From War Shrine, but Sends Offering …because normally the US media hides stuff if it services the very rich.


This story is being hidden:  Amnesty International warns that Saudi Arabia has ‘ratcheted up the repression’ and that human rights are getting worse.  No huge headlines.  The army of Zionist editorial commentators who infest US media like cockroaches in a dirty kitchen are saying virtually nothing.  Much of this ‘repression’ is aimed at Shi’ites and other minorities.  The US war against the Shi’ites has been a total raging disaster for us all.  It must end.  But our Real Rulers insist on this which is why we are stuck in this murderous trap.


Much of the US robot assassin missile program is for murdering Shi’ite civilians.  Our entire arming and protecting of invaders and insurrectionists in Syria is to weaken Syria vis a vis Israel plus killing more Shi’ites and other Muslim minorities hated by Saudi Arabia and Jews running Israel.

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17 responses to “Cruel Dictators Saudi Princes Angry US Foreign Policy Moves Towards Reconciliation With Iran And No War On Shi’ites In Syria

  1. DeVaul

    You know, I forgot to mention that during the so-called shutdown, I saw no news about Syria or the middle east for almost a week or more. The whole thing just fell off the radar. It was kind of amazing how it just vanished.

    Someone must have made a decision not to distract Americans with the “emergency” in Syria during the furloughing of thousands of federal workers, and that someone could not have been larger than a small group for every TV station to clam up about Syria at the same time.

    Since the shutdown stopped, I have not watched the news, so I don’t know if Syria is now our “national emergency” again or not.

  2. DeVaul

    Wow! Those Saudi vampires are hopping mad. What hypocrits!

    After reading this article and our diplomats’ reaction, I could easily see a conspiracy theory developing along these lines:

    1) Saudi Arabia is out of oil, or soon will be.

    2) Iran is not out of oil, and will not be anytime soon.

    I am not saying it is true, but I would not be surprised to see it pop up somewhere (with “proof”, of course).

  3. Mr Bill

    Here is a most interesting video (9 minutes) featuring former CIA agent Michael Scheuer testifying at a recent House Homeland Security Committee hearing.

    I found interesting (1) his comments regarding his perspective on the impact of the US involvement in the Middle East and (2) the absolutely ideological responses of Rep King (NY) and Rep Stewart (UT) regarding their Israel First positions and their intense propaganda message.

  4. e sutton

    I like this guy Scheuer. Rep. King shows himself to be a true Zionist puppet…a major problem in our PTB. Thank god for Scheuer calling it like it is. Amen!

  5. JT

    “A German government spokesman told the AP that the government, “has received information that the chancellor’s cellphone may be monitored by American intelligence.””

    Not to worry.
    US leaves no stone unturned when looking for terrorists.
    They have found none in Saudi-Arabia yet but you’re getting there.

  6. Saudi Arabia has been sucking those big oil fields for decades now,they have to be facing peak oil soon.They only have a couple of decades before internal consumption from a exploding population equals production,
    Then no more oil for export and NO government revenues.

  7. e sutton

    Saudi Arabia and the US have been “allies” since 1932. Politics and oil make for strange bedfellows. Take a look at the US landscape post WWII. The suburban sprawl / car dependent US lifestyle didn’t build itself.

  8. emsnews

    We didn’t import Saudi oil after WWII. It went to EUROPE. Our suburban sprawl was thanks to US oil pumped here at home until 1968.

  9. CK

    Oil is fungible, that means that once it is refined it is the same everywhere.
    The USA imported oil crude and refined.
    China has become the number one importer of oil and its use and importation are expected to continue; the USA thanks to hydraulic fracturing, and North Dakota and the new Texas fields is not longer the number one importer of oil. The Sauds can read the oil leaves better than most. For the foreseeable future the USA is more competitor than customer.

  10. Ziff house

    Whats missing here is the shift of usa to number 2 oil prducer, then to #1 due to fracking, but may run out of water before oil, complex subject.

  11. emsnews

    Saudi Arabia is running out of everything, fast. Population doubles every 12 years or so and is consuming a lot and is mainly useless because foreign semi-slaves do much of the work and aliens run things due to the Saudis being extremely lazy and often very fat, too like the royals who are very fat and very lazy.

  12. Jim R

    Fracked wells decline much faster than conventional wells, too.
    All that ‘easy’ oil pumped before 1968 came out of wells with lifetimes in the decades, and some of them are still going as stripper wells. But fracked wells taper off quickly, sometimes slowing down and losing 80% of their production volume in a year.

    So this oil boom is going to be a blip in the big picture. Brace for impact.


    ELAINE: I took the liberty to correct the % sign for you! 🙂

  13. Jim R

    80% not 80$

  14. James

    I am sorry CK. Fracking has very poor ROI. Millions of dollars in initial setup costs (around 28) and a production of mere 10 barels a day after 3 years. Plus a huge impact on the environment, with pressurized petro-crap breaking through the ground and flowing out in valleys, forests, towns, schools and parks. Ergo, don’t bet on the US being a “competitor”, for fracking is just another biofuel kind of mousetrap, aimed mainly at the stock market dupes that will buy the story and the stock in IPOs.

    If this was the case, then the government wouldn’t still be kissing Bandar’s hairy b*lls (excuse my French) and threatening all out nuclear war with all the Commies, if Nabuco won’t pass through Syria… It would act differently. However, the US, an empire, a country and a culture hooked on oil and the automobile, needs both desperately. And just like Dr. Faust, it has made a deal that seems decent enough… The same goes with the huge robotic factories in the Mid West, making things cheaper than the Chinese (no labor, got it? ) and selling goods to…er…to whom, exactly? The impoverised Americans? The soon-to-be-failed-states of the European South? Germany? China? The Sheiks that will fund them? The robots that will make them? We have to learn distingushing reality from the Maddison Ave based PR-firm generated ultra toxic BS summed up by the axiom that the next supreme mousetrap is a swag ultra high tech thingy that will save Wall Street, the Obama Administration and thus by association, the World.

    Another one to worry about is that in the last few weeks, many peak oiler celebrities have suddenly had the urge to start talking about metaphysics, God and the total futility of everything. This is a very worring inicator. Take Orlov for example. He has gone total bananas and has evidently joined the Near Term Extinctionists by adding another (6th) Level of Collapse in his Civilization Collapse Model. With the 5th level being the total collapse of humanity, the universe and everything. Your guess what this is, is as good as mine. I haven’t read it yet. But I bet it couldn’t be something less than continents breaking apart and seals breaking by very skinny horsemen.

    Furhtermore, if one would just read the latest article by the usually merry, witty, talented and extremely well informed James Howard Kunstler predicting an immenent collapse of the US by 2014…

    These things are not good. These people are serious and my guess: Things are going very bad. Everything is wrong, not just something that can be fixed quickly with a PR-firm generated all new fave lunched on FB and TV. No technological fixes (yes, alas, this includes even free iOS upgrades and the new iPhone 7!), and especially those that don’t mix well with reality, will save the West from the fury of the Derivatives Beast and the Goddess of Infinity. It has fallen upon us now. It is a time of wolves and broken shields, the one we are entering in, my friends, not the Age of Aquarius. I guess PR won’t save the World, after all.

  15. emsnews

    The world is not ending. Yes, Fukushima is a disaster but the earth has seen much worse, asteroids, for example.

    We are always on the knife’s edge. We apes evolved very rapidly during the Ice Ages mainly due to having very weak teeth but good throwing skills. Unlike other animals, we also evolved a brain that can project into the future and the future is always dark.

    This is the nature of the future: The Outer Darkness. It is also the Dream World.

    The two intertwine and the ability to see only death is the one power humans are granted. We see death clearly but seeing life is much more difficult

    Life is Hope.

    So we HOPE for life and EXPECT death.

    I have railed against the defeatist ideas of many people who start out ‘smart’ but as fear of death grows, they fall apart and quite a few have committed suicide and I expect a number of these popular negativists to kill themselves in despair.

    I have been VERY poor and QUITE rich in the past. I was once a jet setter going around the world and also had to get around on a horse or skis due to being poor and I lived in a mansion, more than one and a tent for ten years!

    LIFE IS ALL ABOUT CHANGE even (gasp!) climate change!

    Fighting back, doing things is life. And I think, fun. Even when I was dealing with terrible storms while living in a tent on a mountain, I relished the challenges even as tons of snow fell or lightning hit us, or the tornado that formed over the tent and roared down the valley, the floods, the cold, hahaha.

    I laugh at the Gods as they do their worst! Life is actually a lot of fun if there are no US, Israel or Saudi paid terrorists attacking or the Japanese government being stupid not to mention our stupid Congress.

  16. DeVaul

    Yes, Orlov added a 6th stage to his recent book on Collapse. The sixth stage is Environmental Collapse, and it is not totally crazy. It may seem negative, but it is really just a series of first person observations. The same thoughts have gone through my mind over the last 30 years as well, so I cannot fault him for sounding an alarm bell at this point in time.

    I do not agree with his global warming belief, but I also don’t believe in other, more rosy ideas of “nuclear dead zones”, which you can find by reading the Archdruid Report. Nuclear waste and ongoing nuclear reactions do not subject themselves to human imposed ideas of “zones”. A zone has a boundary of some kind in our minds, but in reality, nuclear contamination will not respect zones of any kind. It goes where it wants to, and we cannot see it. Hell, it could be right here in Kentucky for all I know.

    It is invisible. It can ride on the winds, the tides, and through organisms until it literally ends up in the gut of some human being on the other side of the earth, where it will sit and bombard him with radiation until he dies.

    Life may not end here on earth, but life encompasses much more than “humans”. Conditions for human life are coming to an end, but for black mold that loves nuclear waste, this could be the dawn of their age in the geological record.

    Orlov is not a defeatist, but a realist. To admit that you have no solution to the mess caused by others is not a sign of defeat. It is simply an admission of the limits of human understanding. Would that those who had fancied playing with miniature versions of the sun on earth had thought through the consequences of failure before they created their expensive toys.

    Notice that they are quiet now, or secretly moving their families to South America.

  17. JT

    “I laugh at the Gods as they do their worst! ”

    We here curse the gods.

    “We Karelians show the fist to all Mights
    Not much help with the weather
    But it lowers the inner pressure”

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