Possible Hurricane Force Storm May Hit Southern England

2013 Halloween storm might hit Britain

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Worst weather since the Great Storm of 1987: UK to be battered by hurricane-strength winds : We had near zero hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean this year but it is possible that this proto-hurricane in the middle of the Atlantic might turn into a full fledged storm when it hits England.  For nearly the entire hurricane season, the Atlantic Ocean has been very dry.  The dry air dominated the entire center of the sea.  This condition is now changing with the seasons as the days grow shorter, the moisture is growing which goes at odds with the dogma that the heat causes water vapor to increase.

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We had mega storms this same week in the past such as Hurricane Sandy forces Halloween festivities to be canceled or …the infamous 1991 Perfect Storm which, incidentally, I went through in a tent and the winds were terrifying and the severe cold that followed caused a huge snow fall which brought down trees.  I didn’t notice the lack of electricity due to having none in the first place.

Some Great 1987 Storm videos:  ITN News at 10, Great Storm of 1987 – YouTube

▶ The big storm of 1987 hits Southern England – YouTube

▶ 999 – The Great Storm – YouTube

That storm formed with no prediction from weather services and it came at night and took everyone by surprise and had very high winds as well as bringing floods.  Sulfur Dioxide from the Kliuchevskoi Eruption over the Midwest United States shows the plume from a Russian volcano moving over my own state of NY.  I am expecting a snowy winter due to volcanic activity at least, up here.


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6 responses to “Possible Hurricane Force Storm May Hit Southern England

  1. e sutton

    Time to get crackin’ on that firewood Elaine! Stay warm! I can’t imagine going through something like a hurricane in a tent. Have you given any thought to writing a book about your life? I think it would be very interesting!

  2. ooh@ch.ie

    The October 1987 storm in SE England meant that many traders were not at their desks when the financial storm arrived.

    “On Friday, October 16, when all the markets in London were unexpectedly closed due to the Great Storm of 1987”


  3. El Kabong

    A miss for southern England, looks like Channel islands, Northern France and Belgium will take the brunt.

  4. JT

    That storm should hit us on tuesday.
    25m per second winds and 20mm of rain in 24 hours is forcasted.

    Not sure if it is a disaster, we get one of these every year.

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