Israel, Not US, Is Spying On All European Leaders Using NSA Backdoor

Snowden Documents Reveal NSA Gave Israeli Spies Raw Emails …Was ISRAEL behind the hacking of millions of French phones and NOT the U.S.? Extraordinary twist in spying saga revealed…The German Chancellor said President Obama’s reputation has been shattered on an international scale because of espionage scandal.  This story reveals the depths of Israeli Jewish control of our government.  The Jews knew perfectly well they are using our NSA system to spy on the leaders of our allies.  Snowden broke the story about Israel getting a backdoor entry to all raw data sucked up by the NSA and now this story hits right when EU leaders are mad at Obama.


Obama didn’t do this, Congress and AIPAC did this.  AIPAC protects an army of Israeli spies and these have infiltrated the NSA as well as the Pentagon.  This explains why no fighter jets shadowed four civilian jets after the government knew they were hijacked.  This explains why Rumsfeld stupidly sat at his desk doing virtually nothing on 9/11 until one of the suicide jets hit the Pentagon.  They were told to sit tight by the army of Israel dual citizens.  Following orders, our own guys sat on their asses.


Anyone pointing out how the US media is mainly run by Jews is called an anti-semite and the infamous Anti-defamation League goes after anyone daring to tell the truth about our media or about AIPAC.  Here is the Zionist NYT talking about this outrageous scandal:  In Spy Uproar, ‘Everyone Does It’ Just Won’t Do


The uproar in Europe has obscured a new reality: the digital age has merely expanded the ability of nations to do to one another what they have done for centuries.


Hey!  The USSR spied on everyone!  So it is OK, obviously.  Sanger, it goes without saying, is Jewish and is carrying the Zionist water to the US masses.  We are supposed to yawn and go back to sleep.  Nothing to see here!  So what if our own President is being raked over the coals over this scandal caused 100% by AIPAC and our media owners hiding Israeli infiltration of all our protection systems.  The US public will soon be told that all this spying on our allies is to protect America from angry Muslims and not to blackmail or control Europe’s leaders so they do the bidding of Zionists.


I cannot imagine the rage in Germany now.  Jews have spent many decades claiming stories about Jews betraying countries for their own nefarious ends.  This attempt at controlling history has collapsed.  It does take time for the information to filter downwards due to media attempts at hiding information deliberately.  I am partly Jewish and my children are more than half Jewish and I am very worried about this and talk about this due to fears that all the bad stuff said about Jews is coming true thanks to a bunch of jerks at the top exploiting the Holocaust to act like the stereotypical Jew pictured by anti-semites.


The Jewish abuse of the NSA for their own ends has destroyed our diplomatic standing in the world just as AIPAC’s control of our political process via bribes has destroyed our standing in so many ways.  Now, Germany, Brazil to propose anti-spying resolution at UN which is aimed at both the US and Israel.


Our own Constitutional civil rights go down the drain:  Terror case will use evidence gathered through warrantless surveillance which is 100% against the Constitution and the Founding Fathers made it perfectly, abundantly clear that warrantless spying was totally illegal and never to be even considered.  Now, we have it in spades all so Israel can spy on all Americans with no restrictions at all, not even going to a puppet secret court. And all secret courts are unconstitutional, too.  The Founding Fathers were explicit about this, too.


Leaked memos reveal GCHQ efforts to keep mass surveillance secret | UK news | The Guardian: the copycat spy operation in London doesn’t ‘want damaging public debate’ about its own USSR style of spying.  For example, the telecoms all went ‘far beyond’ legal requests in order to secretly collude with the spies.  All of this is blowing up  in the face of Major as well as the US which is pushing for all NATO nations to spy on citizens on behalf of global bankers, Zionists and other entities.


For the record, here is Glenn Greenwald (ggreenwald) on Twitter for future stories.  This brave man is in grave danger of being assassinated by Mossad or the CIA.

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19 responses to “Israel, Not US, Is Spying On All European Leaders Using NSA Backdoor

  1. emsnews Facebook is working with the police to censor anyone trying to organize antigovernment demonstrations like Occupy Wall Street sort of events.

  2. e sutton

    I’m glad the Germans are pissed off at us. This type of crap is completely unacceptable. As for them blaming Obama for this, he IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, for crying out loud! Really, Elaine, is it because he’s (1/2) black that you release him from ALL responsibility for washing the Zionist laundry?


    ELAINE: Where did you get that idea???? I keep saying, ‘AIPAC owns Congress AND THE PRESIDENTS.’

    You may hate Obama but he is a mere puppet. He isn’t spying, the NSA which is run by aliens is spying. Bush spied on Germany for the same reasons: he is also a mere puppet as I often said.

  3. Eso

    It is hard to make sense of what is really going on, even less sense to comprehend what we are being asked to believe. I neither believe what ems news is saying, nor the mainstream media. I take a sip of what is alleged to be wine, evaluate the taste, then spit it out.

    If emsnews wishes to put AIPAC to rest, why go along with its version of the 9/11 story, and why not tell that Jerusalem never was where it is now said to be? It was placed in Palestine by Napoleon and his French Army sometime after 1798. It was done to erase the geography book drawn by the Ottoman Empire. At least that is the version of Anatoly Fomenko, a Russian mathematician and historian. I do not believe that he is laying as vily a trap for the unwary ants as the ant lion laying in wait in a sand pit in the Middle East..


    ELAINE: That is completely crazy.

  4. e sutton


    Your website is full of the most nonsensical rubbish I have ever had the misfortune to read. The fact that Elaine allows you to air your raving lunatic bilge speaks volumes about her tolerance for raving idiots.

  5. Christian W

    Does the US spy on Netanyahu? I bet not. Shows who the real bosses are.


    ELAINE: Bingo.

  6. Joseppi

    It could be that the US needs to spy on the Germans to find out what they are thinking about the fact that the US can not return the German gold that they requested.

  7. irentier

    Hey off topic but my insurance agent girlfriend just phoned me and told me her clients who have healthcare plans are either being kicked off or being told to pay premiums up to three times their previous rate(she may eventually be out $30k due to dropped plans)! This may be the “I am as mad as hell” moment that ends the Democrats lock on the Senate..some blue dog Democrats might turn and change parties. The Dem’s finally got through a health plan but was it worth destroying the party or America?


    ELAINE: A corrupt Congress passed the GOP Mitt Romney plan and then tried to make it all Obama’s fault. The plan is a looting expedition and we didn’t copy anyone’s more successful system such as say, Germany’s system.

  8. Seraphim

    I remember to have commented that the real problem with NSA/Snowden was that it contracted jobs that should be the exclusive preserve of the Govermnent. It amounts to treason.

  9. e sutton

    @irentier – Interesting if true. Was it worth destroying the Democratic party or government? I don’t know. Whatever this cancerous growth we have in this country needs to die, one way or another. Hope it doesn’t cause us too much pain cause I’m getting a little too old to tolerate it. We’ll see.

  10. Seraphim

    There have been “jerks” at the top acting like the “stereotypical” Jew long before the Holowcast.

  11. Luc

    Thanks………………one of yr best! If you want to see disgusting, look carefully at NY Times. I did look. Vincente Fox on mexicos wonderful gift of illegals to USA.
    Drag queens and others do [erotic] ‘sissy bounce’ [vulgar dance].
    And thats just 1 or 2 days.
    Check ‘Crimes of the Times’ blog.

  12. Luc

    Facebook works with Fbi cia nsa. And 3 of 4 principles [including Severin]
    are tribe, WORKING FOR OPEN BORDERS. [of course].

  13. Eso

    I do not keep a diary of the self-contradictory stances that appear at this site, but I follow it, because often enough there is interesting information or a perspective that I do not find elsewhere. As for one ‘e sutton’ finding my blogs writ by a raving maniac on a lunatic binge, well, that’s what I would expect the CIA to tell me. Alas, not all of us can fit into one and the same closet and why it is I am unlikely to return to Amerika in my life time. If democracy is suffocating in this part of the world, it is clear that it is not doing better in the U.S.

  14. JT

    Yes, perhaps Merkel should bypass Obama and ask Israel for an explanation?


    The EU countries, especially Germany are advanced technical zones, and are capable of detecting the NSA’s spying and very capable of doing similar spying.

    In Dec 2012

    and, foolishly,

    so what was happening in Dec 2012

    early information on some meetings could make hedge funds very happy

    For politicans seeking election funds political pressure needs to be applied.

    Click to access 134140.pdf

    Oil producing allies need Iranian oil off the market keeping the price high.

    There were many reasons to seek knowledge of EU positions in 2012, the dumb aspect is that spying is not necessary because all EU agreements are public.

    Early knowledge could be used to make big profits.

  16. DeVaul

    I don’t really want to get into this sh*t fight, but I found this to be really funny for some reason:

    A 12 year old boy hacked into our CIA and gave the info to Anonymous in exchange for “video games”. Boy, Anonymous sure knows what is REAL money, now, don’t they?

    We need to shut the whole thing down. Hundreds of thousands of dollars a second and they cannot even stop one fifth grader. The collection of all these millions of emails, phone calls, text messages, tweets and twitters, cannot be processed by anybody and not one stopped a terrorist attack.

    It’s a looting scheme. The machines and computers are sold to the government by former government employees who set up the sale process before they leave office. They’re stored in warehouses owned by former government employees and so on. Loot, loot, loot.

    The Germans and French are mad at us because they don’t have the same deal with us as Britain, New Zealand, Australia, and Israel. Once they get the “no spying” treaty signed, this whole thing will vanish and the German secret police will become part of Mosad.

  17. What you will witness in the coming years would not even exist in your deepest darkest nightmares. Strap yourself in!

  18. Z

    Don’t come here often any more … why bother when you have so little respect for the host … but thanks for the laugh Elaine:

    ELAINE: A corrupt Congress passed the GOP Mitt Romney (healthcare) plan and then tried to make it all Obama’s fault.

    Truly one of the stupidest, most inaccurate comments I have read in a very long time, but considering how compromised the source of it is, it is hardly surprising.


  19. mary phagan

    The basis of the zionazi evil lies not at some zio jerks at the top but in the monstrous racist genocidal satanic teachings of the Talmud and Kabballah and all those, gentile or jew, who support the “synagogue of Satan”.

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