Charity Frauds: Biggest Is Conference On Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

Inside the hidden world of thefts, scams and phantom purchases at the nation’s nonprofits – The Washington Post:  I have recently in the past written about nonprofit scams.  So here is the WP list of organizations that admit to the government they have also been scammed for money via fraud or criminal actions.  The is long but the one most prone for fraud is the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany which paid out (accidentally, hahaha) over $60 million by Jewish Israeli/American fraudsters.


The other top frauds were mainly connected to the huge Madoff fraud machine.  Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria lost $43 million mainly due to Third World fraud.  Of course the biggest frauds are religious organizations.  Charlotte pastor says big house is gift from God is typical.  Pope Francis temporarily expels German ‘bling bishop’ over scandal linked to ‘luxury’ residence this week which shows how corrupt Ratzinger and his German buddies behaved.  The existence of the Vatican itself is proof of charity corruption of the last 1,000 years.


As are all the palaces of religious leaders who are usually not taxed on this illicit money they use to adorn themselves like Emperors or Kings.  Which takes us to the other big frauds, the lavish lives of kings, emperors, rulers, dictators and petty tyrants.  Speaking of tyrants, Gaddafi was definitely a tyrant but the New Libya as liberated by NATO and the US is a horror show and of course, in a state of total collapse as Libya gunmen steal £34m from van delivering money to bank in Sirte but that isn’t the biggest robbery, the stealing of the oil wealth by Europe is the main story here and is ongoing.


The country lies in ruins but the oil flows to Europe and the Big Oil corporations pocket all the profits virtually none of which flow to Libyan people who had a much better system before the overthrow of Gaddafi.


There are other frauds such as we see in this article about how we are all going to die due to Climate Change:  As Tropical Storm Karen Collapses, a Quiet Hurricane Season |  We just had a ‘hurricane’ hit Europe.  It formed very near to Europe and plowed in just like in 1987.  But in general, the Atlantic has been eerily quiet so the Climate Change which formerly called itself ‘Global Warming’ had to figure out some con to remove doubts about their beloved computer models that leave out solar activity changes.


To explain away why we had virtually no storms this hurricane season, they said this is due to ‘dry air’ over the Atlantic Ocean.  DUH.  I remarked on this often.  What is the fraud here?


Well, usually when the ice sheets in both polar regions grow as they did this last year, we have LESS moisture in the atmosphere and thus, ‘dry air’.  DUH.  This dry air is not caused by the ocean warming yet the global warming alarmists are yelling that the air may be cooler but the oceans are warmer.  Now, when the sun shines on warm ocean waters, we get more vapor, not less vapor.  Why would the oceans suddenly warm up while ice sheets are growing, not shrinking?  Wouldn’t warmer water cause less ice?


Furthermore, we see a persistent La Nina or neutral to La Nina event for the last several years.  This has spawned typhoons in the Pacific which are more active in La Nina years while the Atlantic has fewer hurricanes.  This is typical planetary yin/yang stuff.  But hotter oceans would cause more el Ninos, not more la Ninas.  So the story that the ocean is warmer is obviously false.


Another fraud is taxpayer subsidized insurance for living right next to the ocean. When this was launched, building in flood zones next to beaches shot upward tremendously and the migration towards the beaches took off like a rocket.  But Federal Flood Insurance Rates to Rise After Hurricane Sandy which means all the people who foolishly moved next to the very unstable coastlines now have to over the next decade, pay higher and higher insurance instead of the very ridiculously low rates of today, meaning all taxpayers have to subsidize them.


So we have a demonstration against FEMA with demands FEMA bankroll people’s desire to live right on the ocean.  During the recent elections, the GOP has talked a lot about ‘takers’ while not mentioning how conservatives take money.  Especially tax dodgers who get government contracts.  Which both parties do.  One of the things the GOP candidates including ‘I have a house on the beach that is a huge mansion’ Romney mentioned was the near-free ‘insurance’ for beach front properties which are owned mainly by the rich.  Yes, the poor can live in such areas too but they cost nearly nothing to subsidize.


When one of these expensive mansions get hit, the hit on the taxpayers is enormous.  90% of the payouts for beach property damage from hurricanes and winter tempests goes to the upperclasses.  The Midwestern winter thaw floods mainly goes to the middle class.  Since poor people seldom own property, they get nothing of these handouts which the takers get and these same takers then yell about welfare queens.


Well, the rich beachfront property owners are welfare queens who are rich and can easily pay for realistic flood insurance.  As usual, they piggy back ride on the middle class that needs help and then blame the very poor who get very little overall, for budget overruns.

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15 responses to “Charity Frauds: Biggest Is Conference On Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

  1. Luc

    and for those who have a sense of humor

    Two DWL and a Race Realist named Ginger are having coffee:

    DWL1: So I heard on The Tim Wise show that Whites are driving poor African-Americans to an early grave with their terrible adherence to nitpicky rules and laws and stuff. Tim is so wonderful and open and colorful, why just yesterday he had Rabbi Emanuel Crapstien from the Temple Schmuck-el on the program talking about how the Jews tried to stop the Slave Trade in Early America and those evil inbred Southerners drove them out with a Whip and put them back in Europe and when they tried to start an Enlightened political force over there under some Jewish rabbi named Marty or Marx or Manix or something; Hitler began to persecute them too! Just like on Roots!

    DWL2: No!

    DWL1: It all true. That is why the Jewish people are all Holocaust survivors, all because of out of control White people, just like us. I feel so guilty. So I am going to follow his advice and give a little more this year to Israel and Trick or Treat for Unicef and put some more down for that wonderful anti-Death Penalty organization. As you know, I am on the board of both the Police committee and the Anti-Gun committee. I am just completely dedicated to Life person! Well, Life and a Woman’s Right to Choose, of course. I mean I guess if she wants to go through that whole ghastly, painful birth thing just to have a little racist White baby.

    It is SOOOOooo much better to just pick yourself up a cute little African!

  2. Luc

    As American Citizens lose their homes, US tax $ builds homes on stolen Palestinian land for the tribe! and this:

  3. Luc

    Haha, you caught on to this one, ‘Another fraud is taxpayer subsidized insurance for living right next to the ocean.’,,,I read some have been paid off 3 or 4X. We pay them, and they rebuild in Fla and Gulf parts of Texas!

  4. JT

    That new Pope is cool.

  5. Seraphim

    Is the “Conference On Jewish…” only “prone” for fraud, or is a fraud itself? Part of the “Holocaust Industry”, it managed to “bilk” Germany of $1 billion to provide homecare to Holowcast survivors (just a few tens of thousands) worldwide. Has that “sparked any outrage”? No, these are reserved for the outrageous $40 million spent on renovating historical buildings in Limburg an der Lahn (one of the loveliest medieval towns in Germany which managed to keep large sets of medieval buildings unscathed – a Holocaust survivor of sorts!

    ELAINE; I knew REAL Holocaust survivors.

    And they got nearly nothing.

  6. Seraphim

    Just found out that the Bling Bishop’s “lavish residence” is to be transformed into a residence for homeless. Maybe Holocaust survivors or “descendants”?

  7. My wife used to work for Kemper Insurance and she did a study for the company about hurricane claims. She found out 20 years ago that their claims were increasing and only going to go up. She urged them to get out of that line of business.

    Speaking of hurricanes, I’m glad to read you mentioned Sandy on the first anniversary of the storm’s landfall on the Jersey Shore. You’d have been remiss if you hadn’t. I wasn’t.

  8. DM

    Gaddafi was definitely a tyrant

    Was he? What do you base that on other than that the US hated his guts?

  9. emsnews

    He was a tyrant. Totally.

  10. DeVaul

    I remember a TV anchorwoman, Katie Couric perhaps, giving the American people a tour of Ghaddaffi’s luxurious dwellings. I couldn’t believe it.

    His indoor swimming pool and sauna reminded me of the old, dimly lit, seedy Men’s Health Club in the basement of the downtown YMCA. They have since remodeled it and it is much nicer now — better than anything Ghaddaffi or his family had.

    If you go on Yahoo News, there is usually one article about “Homes of the Rich and Famous” in America. Katie did not give us a tour of any of our ruler’s luxuriant mansions or townhouses or beachfront winter playgrounds.

    As I watched Libyans line up to have their photos taken with Ghaddaffi’s dead body, I wondered how they would feel six months from now with no fresh water, no sanitation, no medicine, no hospitals, and no food.

    If Arabs, who have been repeately put through the wringer, can be so easily duped and manipulated, what does that say about Americans?

  11. larry, dfh

    Maybe the highest standard of living in the Arab world. The highest standard of living in Africa. The largest public works program on the planet. Completely socialized medicine and education, including foreign studies. And a Pan-African bank, based on (now stolen) gold in the works. In context, the word ‘tyrant’ may be mostly ‘rant’.

  12. DeVaul

    I’ll accept a benevolent tyrant anyday over what Israel has — or us, for that matter.

    As far as I know, Libya will not have any nuclear dead zones, like we will.

  13. DM

    He was a tyrant. Totally.

    Love the standard of debate here. “Was not”. “Was so, too”.

    The man did a lot of good. A tyrant and a dictator are not synonyms.

    His biggest crime was threatening the petro-dollar. That’s when the Yankee hyenas moved in for the kill.

  14. Petruchio

    Speaking of charity frauds, especially Jewish/Israeli run ones, I recall one “charity” that was around in my part of the country a number of years ago. It was an alleged “fundraiser” for IDF soldiers. Get this, the fundraiser was allegedly taking donations to make sure that every Israeli soldier was well supplied with ammunition and related military hardware. All of course so the IDF soldier could better withstand the onslaught of unarmend Palestinians I presume. BTW: I’m not making this up. The folks running this scam sponsored a radio bit encouraging donations. And No, I’m virtually certain this was not some sort of a gag or spoof. Elaine, what do you think of this? I thought Netanyahu checks on Israel’s ammunition stockpile twice a day–every day.

  15. Luc

    Petruchio, online you can find jews asking goys to do volunteer work in
    Is ra hell.

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