Clapper Claims Everyone Spies Like NSA So It Is OK To Spy On Allies

The NSA and Clapper love to say, ‘Everyone does this!’ as an excuse for illegal or illicit or hostile spying on friends and allies as well as entire populations.  If by ‘everyone’ Clapper means ‘Big Brother in 1984’ or the USSR, then he is correct.  Unfortunately, even if Stalin spied on everyone doesn’t mean Clapper can violate the Constitution.  Nor can Obama or Bush evade the fact that they were just fine with this spying on everyone.  Both GOP and DNC heads were fine with spying on everyone.

And Snowden is definitely a whistleblower by exposing this illicit spying.  Proof is obvious: Congress is forced to have hearings about the secret organization they created and Obama has to answer questions about this matter.  Here is the latest NYT take on all this:  N.S.A. Head Says European Data Was Collected by Allies –


 “This is not information we collected on European citizens,” said the agency’s director, Gen. Keith B. Alexander. “It represents information that we and our NATO allies have collected in defense of our countries and in support of military operations.”


What?  They only collected information from ‘non-citizens’?  How was spying on Merkel having anything to do with ‘military operations’?  And then there is the extent of this spying.  It was nearly universal.


But General Alexander and James R. Clapper Jr., director of national intelligence, broadly defended the N.S.A.’s practice of spying on foreign leaders. Such espionage, they said, was a basic pillar of American intelligence operations that had gone on for decades.


So we should arrest ALL the CIA and other spy agents who illicitly spied on allied leaders!  It was wrong back then and wrong today.  The US calls spies like this ‘traitors’.  Spying on friends isn’t nice.  If this is a ‘basic pillar’ of our spooks then our spooks think Halloween is every day.


Such spying was essential, the officials said, because other countries, including allies, spy on the United States. “It is one of the first things I learned in intelligence school in 1963,” Mr. Clapper said. “It’s a fundamental given.”


Naughty children when caught breaking the law or causing mayhem use this excuse.


“I don’t think there’s any question that there needs to be review, there ought to be review, and it ought to be thorough,” Mr. Boehner said. “We’ve got obligations to the American people to keep them safe. We’ve got obligations to our allies around the world.”


So, spying on our allies is an obligation because it keeps our allies safe.  Right.  And this is why they are all very angry about this spying.


But the committee chairman, Rep. Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican, said he was disturbed by the criticisms of the intelligence services, adding that many recent reports — including the ones in Europe about N.S.A. collection there — were inaccurate.


And Snowden is lying!  At least, this is the ratty storyline the GOP guys are pushing.  If these stories are ‘inaccurate’ it is up to the NSA and Congress to shine a bright spotlight on the NSA and reveal to us all their secrets.  Then we can find out who is telling the truth.


“This is the time for leadership, it is not a time to apologize,” Mr. Rogers said.


So now the Obama people say they might stop spying on heads of states that are allies. ‘Poised to order to stop’ sounds like there is some debate about stopping.  This is a clear ‘Maybe we won’t stop.’  Mr. Rogers doesn’t want to apologize because America is superior to everyone and thus doesn’t need to apologize when committing gross war crimes or overthrowing elected governments or torturing the Palestinian people.


The NSA head ups this game of blameless, everyone does this crap:  James Clapper: Spying On Leaders Not Significant Enough To Tell Congress


It is “unrealistic” for the White House to know about reported United States eavesdropping on foreign leaders, and perfectly reasonable for intelligence officials to have neglected to tell Congress, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper argued Tuesday.


Beria, take a bow!  Imagine Beria telling Stalin this.  Lavrentiy Beria thought he was the real ruler of the USSR only when Stalin died, he was overthrown in the Khrushchev coup.  Khrushchev was also overthrown thanks to the secret police, in turn.  When Clapper told Congress they can’t supervise him, they should have arrested him on the spot.  But did not.  This is because the real rulers working through AIPAC want this spying and are desperate to spy on our allies and feel it is none of our business if they do this in our name.


NSA Surveillance Puts US-EU Trade Deal in Jeopardy: false front story.  Since all our allies profit off of free trade with the US, none will rock this gravy boat.


Now on to the doorman in the White House and his real boss, Netanyahu:  Obama Spokesman Evades Question on Monitoring Netanyahu’s Phone.  Obama probably didn’t know about any of this but his Jewish handlers like Rahm Emanuel most certainly did know about this spying and probably demanded this spying be done.  Obama probably was kept in the dark.  A big mistake on his part.  But then, AIPAC owns the White House as well as Congress along with their military/industrial buddies and the bankers.


Only Five Members of Congress Attend Drone Testimony where crying children talked about their dead mommies.  AIPAC is very pleased.


Over Obama Objections, Senators Prepare New Iran Sanctions because AIPAC wants this very badly.  So do the evil corrupt Saudi royals.


srael releases 26 Palestinian prisoners as part of amnesty to restart peace talks but also pledges to build 1,500 settlements in West Bank which is no news in the US as usual.  Luckily for us, the Snowden revelations continue to bedevil AIPAC stooges in DC.

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12 responses to “Clapper Claims Everyone Spies Like NSA So It Is OK To Spy On Allies

  1. Melponeme_k

    They are so worried over Snowden’s growing popularity, almost all the hit shows on TV are addressing the LEAKER! The traitor who is endangering everyone by revealing unconstitutional secrets!

    So yeah, now I believe your posts about Hollywood being tied into the military industrial machine.

  2. Shawntoh

    As Muhammad (peace be upon him), the founder of Islam once said concerning the topic of privacy …

    “Whoever invades people’s privacy corrupts them.”

    Source of this quote cited here…

  3. JT

    Google, Yahoo and Bing
    Apple, Microsoft and Google

    US spies on everyone and everything.
    And nobody else spies on nothing since they can’t.

    This is far more dangerous than people think.

  4. I’m less disturbed about the spying on politicians than about spying on ordinary citizens. Better the US government has good information, which it can trust, than that it goes flailing stupidly around the globe making an ass of itself.

    Sun Tzu called spies “the sovereign’s most precious faculty”.

  5. emsnews

    Stupid spying is…dumb! Spying on everyone always fails badly.

  6. Spying on foreign leaders might give the US leadership an increased sense of security. They get time to consider their responses to things, instead of being caught off guard and having to ad-lib. The benefits of that might outweigh the pitfalls?

    People who study International Relations don’t believe in ‘allies’.

    I think the dream of the security establishment is to have artificial intelligence programs that can sift through raw data and identify ‘threats’. Then they could really spy on everyone and use the information. That’d be ugly.

  7. JT


    industrial espionage, stock market predictions, blackmail, competitive advantages, spying on your wife when you’re jealous, looking at what your competitors are doing…

    The are plenty of uses for that.
    All bad.

    US was caught for spying on behalf of Boeing with echelon years ago.
    Now things are 100x times worse.

  8. JT


    It’s bye, bye…
    free competition, freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, property rights, privacy, democracy….

  9. The whole “free market” thing isn’t really happening anyway — particularly in airplane manufacturing.

    Democracy… okay yes, foreign leaders could be blackmailed. I’m not sure how effective that’d be though, long-term. Eventually doesn’t a populous wise up? You tell them “Oh my God! Elliot Spitzer slept with a prostitute!” and we’re all supposed to say “Gee, he must have been wrong when he accused the banking industry of corrupt practices, if he slept with a prostitute.” I don’t think you can get away with that very often.

    On the benefits side, you take something like the Cuban Missile Crisis. Would that have gone as far as it did if Kennedy had known more about what was going on in the USSR? It seems to me he got backed into a corner because he didn’t know they wanted the missiles out of Turkey; didn’t know they were planning to build counter missiles in Cuba until they were actually there on the ground. So he reacted like a frightened animal, and then had to get out of it and save face. With better intelligence from the beginning, shouldn’t they have avoided all that?

  10. JT


    Do you think that US can spy on everything Putin does?
    Or that you can should trust that intel anymore?

    Russian secret service just bought typewriters.
    And you did all try to intercept the wrong plane while hunting Snowden.

    The leaders will be protected from now on.
    We will not be.

  11. kenogami

    “On the benefits side, you take something like the Cuban Missile Crisis. Would that have gone as far as it did if Kennedy had known more about what was going on in the USSR? ”

    The CIA had all the information already. CIA chief Dulles lied to Kennedy and manipulated him in a corner on Cuba; that criminal Dulles almost started a nuclear 3rd world war. That is why Kennedy fired him and wanted to smash the CIA in little pieces; Dulles and cronies most likely murdered him.

  12. JT, I don’t want the US to be isolated diplomatically. If you take these spying-on-allies revelations in conjunction with the leaked State Department cables, it looks pretty bad. The Americans could seem impossible to work with.

    I believe Clapper, actually. The US just has more equipment for spying than most countries. Merkel would not turn down a chance to have access to Obama’s cellphone conversations, on ethical grounds.

    Kenogami, thanks. I’m not into Kennedy assassination theories generally, but that one makes quite a bit of sense.

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