Snowden Reveals More NSA Spying On Google Cloud And Yahoo

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NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say – The Washington Post: the revelations never end. Snowden’s ability to capture and reveal US and UK spying on everyone has been wildly successful.  The fact that all nations as well as the US people and even the people of the UK are upset about this spying shows clearly that the NSA, Congress and the President all overstepped their boundaries.  Israel, the chief instigator in all this spying, is silent.  Nor has our media overlords talked at all about the revelation that Israel gets all the raw data unimpeded by the US collectors and is chief in spying on EU leaders.



Google and Yahoo furious at reports NSA secretly taps data centres | Technology | The Guardian:


The documents suggest that the NSA, in partnership with its British counterpart GCHQ, is copying large amounts of data as it flows across fiber-optic cables that carry information between the worldwide data centers of the Silicon Valley giants. The intelligence activities of the NSA outside the US are subject to fewer legal constraints than its domestic actions…The Post’s documents state that in the preceding 30 days, field collectors had processed and sent on 181,280,466 new records.


181+ million records a month means 2 billion a year from just this one source.  Is al Qaeda, resurrected by the Saudis working with the CIA, sending that many messages online?  I recall our government announcing that al Qaeda was totally defeated when Bush was President.  I pointed out back then, it was a CIA operation in the first place and lo and behold, the CIA brought it back when needed to terrorize Libya, Iran and Syria!


The insane amount of spying going on is a monetary monster created by Congress.  Back when wild spending with no tax money was rampant, when the GOP was perfectly fine with overspending the budget, we saw trillions poured into illicit wars and spying.  There are plenty of jobs for spies and hiring of computer geeks is huge only many of these hate the government spying and like Snowden, want to curtail this somehow.


But Snowden was both brave enough and clever enough to do the job.  Running off to Hong Kong was probably the best thing he could do and thanks to the EU and US loading hate on Russia, Putin was quite motivated to shelter Snowden.  So all the stories about how evil Putin is has collapsed as he has championed Snowden.  Putin is a despotic leader who is gay-phobic but then the entire Catholic Church is also gay-phobic.


So we can be critical about both while understanding both have other functions.  Our own government has been until very, very…VERY recent times (like, still ongoing!) gay-phobic so picking out Putin for this matter is pointless.  Eventually even Russia will be less gay-phobic and maybe even the Christian churches might finally change their tune, too.


The main thing is, this spying is going after everyone and we can thank Putin for sheltering Snowden so he could pass along these revelations one at a time. All at once is not a good thing, reporters in the US would be silenced quickly with secret threats.  This way, even after these stupid threats were made by Congress, the President and much of our media, the stories are coming from overseas via Greenwald in Brazil and the UK.  So the US media can’t put a cap on it.


The scandal grows as Snowden shows that embassies of US allies are spy nests:  China, Southeast Asians demand answers over reports US, Australian embassies used to spy (10/31/13 4:44 am)


A document from National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, published this week by German magazine Der Spiegel, describes a signals intelligence program called “Stateroom” in which U.S., British, Australian and Canadian embassies secretly house surveillance equipment to collect electronic communications. Those countries, along with New Zealand, have an intelligence-sharing agreement known as “Five Eyes.”


“China is severely concerned about the reports, and demands a clarification and explanation,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said.

Meanwhile, the NSA Staff Is Angry at Obama’s Attempts to Distance Himself.  They sent all this stuff to the White House.  But the Zionists working for Netanyahu probably didn’t tell Obama about anything due to him not being the President.  Let’s face facts: neither was Bush Jr. President, either, nor was Reagan.  Reagan didn’t know what was going on in the White House basement, for example.


I keep raising the alarm about imperialist Japan:  Japan is planning a state secrets act that critics say could curtail public access to information on a wide range of issues. Do you believe governments should be able to withhold information in the interests of national security? Yes, as the US goes nuts spying on everyone, Japan wants to remove all democratic rule and revert to imperial dictatorship with the US assisting this internal coup just like Egypt’s coup.  Egypt’s military rulers, supported by ‘liberals’ has shut down all outside access to the Gaza ghetto where the starvation policies of the Jews has been made ten times worse.  In addition, the military has systematically arrested and held with no trials, nothing, all the Muslim Brotherhood leadership, arresting everyone this week.


Meanwhile, Syria disarmed the chemical weapons while Israel announced they won’t disarm this way, they need to use this on Muslims and here we go off the cliff that created al Qaeda.  That is, the War on Muslims which is destroying our nation, bankrupting us all.  Trillions and trillions spent on this useless, evil, destructive war.  The latest story from our Afghanistan disaster is yet another $100’s of thousand dollar clinics abandoned.  Afghanistan, far from being a victory is one of the biggest defeats since the Vietnam War.

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8 responses to “Snowden Reveals More NSA Spying On Google Cloud And Yahoo

  1. Joseppi

    Afghan defeat in the eyes of the US mass media can be redeemed into merely another battle in the endless crusade against all against the US.
    First, citizens will be led into sentimentally remembering the fallen and delimbed, and then all intellectual clarity and criticism will vanish as the war drums pound.

  2. Christian W

    Edward Snowden, what a genuine hero.

  3. Petruchio

    Anyone here waste their time and watch Charlie Rose’s “interview” of Dick Cheney? Disgusting. PBS played this interview over and over. I already knew that the MSM–including Rose were simply mouthpieces for the corporate media. Still, there instances such as the “interview” with that slavering media lackey Charlie Rose with Dick Cheney that make even the most jaded observer sit up and say, “Wow! the American media really is that bad”. BTW: Cheney discussed his numerous heart attacks with Rose. Isn’t that great? Having a Vice President who is not physically fit to be in office. To say nothing of Cheney’s sleaziness. Surprised Cheney didn’t use a bad ticker in even ONE of his FIVE draft deferrments. Just a chickenhawk coward like his boss is.

  4. DeVaul

    Israel starts their war on Halloween:

    No need to fear retaliation now.

  5. El Kabong

    The bombing by Israel is an obvious attempt to bomb the Syrian government to the table in Geneva

    In other news the next president of the USA has been selected by Goldman Sachs.

    Lets see if Elizabeth Warren can scupper Hillarys path to the White house.


    ELAINE: Yes, I saw that news. ‘Speeches’ are bribes ever since Reagan got away with doing treason with the Japanese and getting paid back via ‘speaking fees’.


    We came, we saw, he died!
    Hillary will never be a win because she said this.
    the world has changed
    now with a click on a link one may read the source or see the video
    or enjoy a different cultural viewpoint.
    Japan has nothing to lose, so you are correct on this.
    EU were denied access to Gaza this week, THIS is not good. What will Ashton and Blair do to protect Israel if they can’t pretend to support a two state solution, which only exists in us media, everyone in EU knows its no longer possible.

  7. Seraphim

    From Snowden to gay-phobic tyrant Putin and gay-phobic Catholics is quite a stretch!
    Anyhow I can hardly believe that the “organs” (that was the short for the security services in Commie parlance) of the evil gay-phobic former KGB man had not had a hand in the Snowden “saga”. Probably they split their sides LOL. That’s asymmetric war.
    I wonder whether the Europeans are so vocal because they hope to hide the fact that they were sending their data to the same endangered little country.

  8. JT

    Living in a surveillance state

    wholesale full blanket surveillance

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