Swiss Confirm Arafat Assassinated By Polonium Radioactive Poison, US Media Downplays Explosive Story

Yasser Arafat ‘was poisoned using radioactive polonium’, tests reveal | Mail Online, says the lead story in a British ‘cute girls/crime’ rag in Britain.  In America, this story is less interesting like with the New York Times  headline, Swiss Report Supports Theory Arafat Was Poisoned uses the word ‘theory’ which is not the word used in Europe describing this crime.  So does the Washington Post which at least made this explosive story front page and not buried in the far boondocks like the NYT.


Like the NYT, the WP uses the same ‘theory’ headline:  Swiss experts offer some support for theory that Arafat was fatally poisoned.  Unlike the Zionists at the NYT who consider any story critical of Israel to be as radioactive as polonium, the Jewish reporter at the WP actually gives some information about polonium:


Polonium is extremely deadly when ingested in even microscopic amounts, but is relatively harmless outside the body.
• It is 250 billion times as poisonous as cyanide.
• It’s typically made as a byproduct of nuclear enrichment, which is why it’s associated with nuclear-capable governments.
• The symptoms are very painful and similar to other forms of radiation poisoning.


Amazingly, the WP unlike the more odious NYT actually lets readers talk about this story and here is a sample of how well educated US citizens are getting when it comes to the illicit, illegal and obnoxious Jewish (no Muslims or Christians are allowed access to the facilities or any information in that North Korea-style military dictatorship) nuclear bomb program:


11/6/2013 9:11 PM EST
Currently Russia is the only country that operates these reactors…so that pretty much narrows down where the polonium would have ultimately come from.

Obfuscation. Please tell us what you know about Israel’s nuclear facilities and their construction and the various weapons programs that Israel has developed. And then provide authoritative citations.


Israel is not a member of the NPT, disingenuously denies that it has any nuclear weapons, just like Assad did until recently with his chemical weapons, and Israel refuses access to its nuclear facilities to the UN and to everyone else.


Let the investigation take us wherever it does. I’d want to ask who all he was with or around him shortly before he developed his first symptoms. I certainly wouldn’t put it past Putin, as with the previous case in London. But I don’t know a country more enamored with intrigue and clandestine assassinations than Israel, and given that Arafat was correctly considered by many in Israel a mass murderer, perhaps a motive lingers in there somewhere.


You sound too much like Fox news spinning as the story is unfolding. Like the night that we got bin Laden, with Fox already prepared with the false story that the information leading to bin Laden’s compound came from Bush’s torture chambers, so that Bush would get credit for it.


Then there is this reader who is irritated with how the WP is so very coy about this topic:


Milly Landers
11/6/2013 6:26 PM EST
No listing of countries that have this poison????? How is it made, where is it stored? Who sells it on the blackmarket? How is it transported? Come on, you can do better than this!


Palestinian leader Arafat was murdered with polonium: widow says… is how Reuters carries this explosive news.  At least they used the word ‘murdered’ unlike the more coy Zionist media.  To this day, Netanyahu denies Israel did this thing which is most likely a total lie. Only a very, very few countries have any access to polonium and the US and Israel are at the top of the list.  And since both hated Arafat and wanted him out of the way so they could divide Gaza from the West Bank, they are the only countries who had access to this murderous poison who also wanted desperately to kill Arafat so Israel could expand into the West Bank and steal more Palestinian lands.


Reuters also reports, unlike the NYT and WP, that the polonium in not only the body but the gravesite itself is 18 times higher than normal.  Trace amounts were used to assassinate him so even this high an exposure shows near certainty that it was the assassination weapon.  Knowing this is highly important because if Israel is using this as an assassination tool, the government should be highly censored by the UN and the US itself should show alarm.


Talking about assassinations, the news that people are desperately trying to force the US government to cough up 50 year old records of the assassination of Kennedy…the government keeps that secret letting passively all sorts of goofy ‘second shooter’ and ‘someone else did the shooting’ stories to proliferate over the years.  Like with 9/11, keeping the ‘open door assassination/terror’ program top secret is of highest importance of that outlaw organization, the CIA.


Way, way back in time, I tried desperately to explain how this works to skeptical people who have no idea how the interior, deepest and darkest corners of the CIA operate.  The assassins there have virtually no connection with all the other CIA staff.  They do the dirty underhand work at the behest of the Skull and Bones and other elitist groups who rule the country both openly and secretly.  Their favorite form of assassination is not to do it directly but to ‘open the door’.


This is ancient origins referring to how castles most often fall during sieges.  Someone inside sneaks to the back door or a window and leaves it both open and unguarded.  This is how Troy fell thousands of years ago according to Greek stories, for example.  The elegance of letting some assassin to do their work means one can feign innocence when the news comes out.  Kennedy was an inside job by the Skull and Bones elements inside the CIA and LBJ was told to keep the information secret and the stupid Warren Commission let this happen and all the governments since, Republican Skull and Bones and Democrat Skull and Bones both kept this secret going.


The glory of doing this is simple to see: when 60%+ of the US people are totally at sea, completely blind to this methodology and if our media owners collude via the Bilderberg secret meetings to say nothing about any of this including not talking about the wild theories unknowing Americans concoct to explain these various assassination events means they can keep on doing this which is why the revelations that Israel now is using polonium has to be minimized by these same people.


Now with the internet, the news can’t be kept entirely out of the US so they carry the story with minimal information and no sane analysis and Congress will be silent and Obama won’t demand Israel give account for this murder and anyways, we are doing this daily with our noxious, illicit and illegal drones, too.  The Assassination Nation continues to roll relentlessly onwards.  How many other inconvenient people have been murdered by the US and Israel using polonium?  We don’t know.  If they did this once, they are doing it today and will certainly do this tomorrow.


When Arafat died, his body was taken to France where the government decided to not do an autopsy thanks to US and Israeli secret pressure along with the Zionists inside the government there desperate to keep it covered up.  So over the years, the polonium faded in the corpse to some degree.  Al Jazeera was the investigating group, not a government agency, and a former US State Department Diplomatic Protection agent, Clayton Swisher, spearheaded the investigation.
Of course, the NYT and WP won’t mention this salient fact and I applaud Reuters for carrying so much interesting information and giving a fuller back story. Here is the list of reporters from Reuters who told us all this great information: (Additional to Paul Taylor, reporting by Gerard Bon in Paris and Crispian Balmer and Ori Lewis in Jerusalem; Writing by Paul Taylor; Editing by Crispian Balmer, Ralph Boulton and Giles Elgood) virtually all of whom are not Jewish Zionists!


Russian official rules out Arafat polonium poisoning: the Jerusalem Post is going down the full denial road.  Russia admitted to other media that they had only looked at some flesh, not the entire corpse and didn’t do any bone searches in the ribs and hips which is where traces of this poison reside.  Not to mention, Russia has done this sort of assassination and had huge reasons to deny it ever happens.  But this keeps the Jews running the secret assassination program safe so the Zionists clutch this straw desperately.


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19 responses to “Swiss Confirm Arafat Assassinated By Polonium Radioactive Poison, US Media Downplays Explosive Story

  1. Jim R

    “18 times higher than normal”

    I always wonder where these figures come from. Shouldn’t “normal” be ZERO ATOMS, since it is unstable? If they found any, wouldn’t it be “infinity times normal”?

  2. The headlines seem slowly to be getting more realistic. A 2-hour-old CNN headline now asks “Was Arafat Murdered?” But the story itself is clearly some PR agency explaining that he probably wasn’t, and anyway it’s very hard to tell, and anyway it isn’t really news anymore, and anyway…

    These assassinations disturb me a lot more than the spying.

  3. CK

    And in other news; other whores claim that the moon is made of cheese; and kumquats.
    If you read/ingest news from American sources, you know less than you knew before you read the American Fecal Product.
    I gave up attempting to determine which sources were believable at any time about any specific topic several years ago. Nothing that has been shown on television, or the American internet; nor anything broadcast on American Radio has been shown to have any correspondence with reality. America kills a lot of people whose only sin is that America needs someone to kill to keep the fear factor elevated. Eventually it will be us.
    those of us who do the quotidian things, who carry our own weight, who will be the anally probed and then nominated as terrawrists.
    If someone could explain to the world why the USA is so scared of its own citizens that is has to have on file every word and passing thought and erotic impulse that we might have issued … but you can’t.

  4. Joseppi

    For your analyzing pleasure…..

    Saudi Arabia has invested in Pakistani nuclear weapons projects, and believes it could obtain atomic bombs at will

  5. Seraphim

    You should know about the last “theory” regarding the assassination of JFK launched by a former Australian detective, Colin McLaren. In his view there was a second shooter, but this was a secret agent who shot the President from behind “accidentally”.
    And no, Russia did not poison Litvinenko.


    ELAINE: There was no second shooter. Russia didn’t kill Litvinenko, the Jewish Mafia did this.

  6. Luc

    EMS, since you know so much about war, does the PLO have the capability to take out Tel Avivs water system with rockets?

  7. Jim R

    The country of Russia might not have poisoned Litvenenko, but a Russian guy did. Once they discovered the polonium, and it was FRESH polonium in that case, they found a trail of it. Apparently it has an unmistakable alpha emission spectrum.

    And following up on my post above, the Wikipedia article explains how there are always a few atoms of polonium floating around from the decay of natural heavy elements. Polonium is the daughter of radon, a gas, which can move around. So there is some sense to “18 times natural”. Still, there would only be an extremely minute trace of Po210, if it was used ten years ago. One part in 88 million would still be Po210, as the other 87999999 parts would now be Pb206.

  8. Petruchio

    @ CK: “If someone could explain to the world why the USA is so scared of its own citizens…” I can remember a quote from Bush Sr. when he was President. Bush Sr.’s quote is: “If the people knew what we have done, they would tar and feather us and run us out of town.” The Numbskulls and Boneheads crowd knows full well what they have been doing, hence the secrecy. These guys are ultra spoiled rotten rich kids with an extreme sense of entitlement. If their f#ck ups were made public, the natural question to ask would be, “What in the world are you guys doing in power?” Bush Jr., even though Daddy was a powerfull player in Washington DC, went on 53 job interviews after getting his “honorary” Harvard MBA–and ZERO job offers. Most of these elites would be unemployed, homeless dumpster divers without their connections and Secret Societies.\
    The CIA? Wasn’t that Aldrich Ames’ “home” for 9 YEARS while he spied for the Russians? God knows how many Soviet spies were never

    discovered. The CIA are big shots in South America, but anytime they have to square of against people with the proper resources, like the Chinese and Russkies,

  9. Petruchio

    to finish my point: when the CIA troglydytes have to battle someone their size, they don’t do too well. These are the guys that needed CNN to tell them that the Soviet Union had fallen. The CIA can try to assainate Hugo Chavez, but they wouldn’t dare try it on Putin–or a Chinese leader. They are just a bunch of overindulged, overly inbred, spoiled rotten rich kids playing World Conquest—when they aren’t growing Opium in Afghanistan.

  10. larry, dfh

    ELAINE: There was no second shooter.
    Hmm. So the assassins would go to all the trouble of altering the parade route, setting up Oswald, and NOT have a backup? Despite what your inner Annie Oakley tells you, those were some very difficult shots. As an actual EXPERT on shooting MOVING targets, an internationally ranked trap shooter told us: “not those shots with that man and that gun.” Of course, Kennedy’s skull could tell the whole story, but…it’s GONE. The major piece of evidence in the major crime of the 20th century just happens to be missing. Nothing to see here, a pure coinkidink!
    There was no second shooter? Bullshit!

  11. DeVaul

    If the skull is gone and that is the key piece of evidence regarding how many shooters there were (does it matter?), then your theory does not hold water either and it is best dropped. Let it go.

    For those of us not caught up in conspiracy theories, it is enough to know that Oswald was not kept away from the president after he returned from the Soviet Union by the CIA, who was watching his every move.

  12. Seraphim

    What is interesting in the theory of the second shooter is the mention that he was a secret agent.

    @Jim R,

    “A Russian guy did it”. Was his name Berezovsky by any chance? And Litvinenko WAS a paid MI6 agent. What about the suspicion that MI6 had a hand in the “suicide” of Berezovsky, just at the moment when he was threatening to spill some beans. What beans?

  13. emsnews

    People operating in the Outer Darkness often commit suicide and the hunters who think they can figure everything out even up in despair too and die stupid deaths.

    Note I am an old lady who has lived a long life and I laugh at all this actually, it is funny since they all desperately want to see in the Utter Outer Darkness and think they can but only get whacked by their own selves freaking out.

    Being born there, this place doesn’t bother me at all, actually. Both Kennedy and Khrushchev were doomed the minute they backed down from the Cuban Missile confrontation and agreed to have a hot line to each other.

  14. larry, dfh

    A timely article about the JFK assassination, with plenty of resources mentioned.

  15. Seraphim


    Correct me if I got it wrong. The Utter Outer Darkness is the USA.

  16. Larry: “Of course, Kennedy’s skull could tell the whole story, but…it’s GONE.”

    Things like that should be the real issue. Why wasn’t an autopsy done on Arafat at the time of his death? What evidence about Kennedy’s assassination went missing, or got classified, and why?

    Constructing theories based on the limited evidence we’re given is the wrong approach, I think. Focus on exactly who is responsible for losing/destroying evidence. It doesn’t matter whether they pulled the trigger/planted the poison themselves: they’re accessories to it.

  17. Graywolf

    “Arafat poisoned>”
    He’s still dead.
    Does it matter how this scumbag died?

  18. emsnews

    Political assassinations: a long running catastrophe. Your scumbag is someone’s hero and your hero is someone’s scumbag.

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