Arafat Assassination Swept Under Carpet, NYT Headlines Story ‘Anti-semitism Surge!

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The keening and wailing about ‘anti-semitism’ has restarted its usual racket right on the heels of the damning revelations that Mossad, most likely using the Jewish Mafia, killed Arafat.  In addition, today theUS and Israel lost their UNESCO voting right in dispute because the US and the owner of our government, Netanyahu, are pissed off that the UN declared Palestine to be a real state with real citizens.  The dirty farce of ‘peace talks’ with captive Palestinians under the thumb of Zionists ruling the US and Middle East has collapsed entirely with Kerry not even bothering to pretend to be engaged in any ‘negotiations’ ever since Netanyahu ordered him to go work in destroying Syria using al Qaeda terrorists to do this dirty work.


Snowden’s revelations are continuing to disturb the New World Order gang.  They have worked diligently to deceive people into imagining only insane people talk about this forbidden operation.  The US media never shows Bush Sr. talking gleefully about the NWO, of course, and pray no curious Americans look this up, either.  Meanwhile, the rage of these assholes continues as Britain’s spy chiefs to be grilled by MPs on television for first time after only doing this with each other behind closed doors with the British people getting zero information.


And the impressively punchy Sir Iain felt strongly that publication of secrets by The Guardian newspaper had made it harder to protect Britain, from both jihadists and pederasts. They were now more wary about how they communicated to one another, and were therefore harder to catch.


For a liberal editor to give unwitting help to foreign terrorists may be one thing. To do the same for child abusers takes the matter into different territory.


Ah, as usual, they bring up child rape!  HAHAHA while the Catholic Church, BBC presenters, the astronomer/mayor rapist of myself when I was a small child all get away scot free.  Not to mention all the other pedophiles who are football coaches, politicians, etc, etc. not to mention the Saudi Royals and other royals in history who gleefully rape children with impunity.  The reason our owners are spying on everyone is…we all might be child rapists…right.


Hazel Blears (Lab, Salford), wearing a brunette Mr Whippy hairdo, probed on the use of torture.
She was assured that MI6 did not endorse its use by foreign associates.


So where did this headline come from?  US Soldiers Help Torture of Afghan Detainees and of course, there is Gitmo torture not to mention the ‘rendition’ torture whereby the US and UK sent kidnapped victims to former Soviet territories to be tortured?  Not to mention our darling Saudi and Israeli allies who torture with utter impunity and quite viciously.


Julian Lewis (Con, New Forest E) asked ‘do we spy on everyone?’ Sir John snorted ‘of course not’ – we couldn’t afford to.


No, the funnel the information to Israel and the US who get the money from the US taxpayers who are told we have no money for schools, medical care, food, clothing, local police, roads, cities from collapse, etc. etc.


Mr Parker said the plots in the UK had originated from the group of ‘several thousand’ supporters of violent extremism living in the UK who the authorities were aware of.


Which is why they are spying on Germany’s leaders!  HAHAHA.


And he warned about the potential threat in this country from Al Qaeda supporters who travel to Syria to fight and then return.


See how Zionism drives people insane???  The Syrians are complaining that hundreds of terrorists are flooding into Syria from…Britain.  And with zero help from Britain at stopping this importation of terror from Britain!  Now, the Brits want them to stay away.  All terrorism, all assassinations all come home to roost.  This is inevitable.  The US and UK along with Israel created al Qaeda to destroy Russian and Chinese power.


Now it bites back so suddenly after 9/11 we were supposedly at war with al Qaeda which had zero power in Iraq until the US and UK overthrew Saddam. Suddenly, up pops al Qaeda in Iraq.  Spying on Germany has nothing to do with all this.  Spying on everyone in the US has less than nothing, and as for pedophiles, they can be caught in other easy ways like entrapment, not spying on everyone else all the time.


Exclusive: The secret diaries of Gitmo detainee Abu Zubaydah | Al Jazeera America

The documents, which were obtained from a former U.S. government intelligence official who worked with the CIA and FBI on Al-Qaeda’s rise to power, cast fresh light on Zubaydah and provide a fuller picture of the official U.S. accounts of the campaign against Al-Qaeda and related organizations. They also provide unique insights into the chaotic Afghan civil war of the 1990s.


The big information carriers wanted to pretend they were forced to spy on us (HAHAHA…AT&T was very embarrassed in 1984 when I ordered them to fix the CIA tap on my phone and I watched them climb the pole to do this!!!) CIA Paying AT&T $10 Million a Year for Call Data no court order to do this of course.


The President’s Analyst (1967) – IMDb: a phone call I made to Leipzig, East Germany in 1968 to talk to Hans Richter was tapped, for example.  I knew this because I was arrested shortly later because I said to an East German intercept that I was going to enter Prague to make a speech there.  So the West German police came to collect me.  The movie is all about how AT&T is the CIA which was true then and still true today.


The FBI spied on me a lot, too.  I was a leftist anti-nuclear everything activist as well as meddling in  diplomatic affairs a great deal.  Today, they spy on everyone for no good reason, left of right:  ACLU Releases Records in Freedom of the Press Lawsuit: Sloppy FBI Work Leads to Spying on Journalists | ACLU of Northern California   FBI monitored anti-war website in error for six years, documents show | World news | news not in the NYT of course.  Or WP.


The people were told…FALSELY…that a ‘mistake’ was made which triggered the multi-year spying.  HAHAHA.  The ‘mistake’ issue crops up all the time to describe the ‘open door assassination’ business which is always ‘errors were made’ rather than malicious letting assassins on Kennedy or on 9/11 to rage onwards with zero interventions and no protections.  The lie that the CIA wasn’t spying on Oswald is typical.  It is a lie, of course.  If they were spying on a 17 year old girl (admittedly, I had via parents my own CIA connections) of course, they watched Oswald very closely before he went to the USSR and certainly afterwards!


The Zionists are lining up behind the bloody Valkyrie Hillary:  Hollywood’s Ready to Cast Clinton in Top Role –


 Mr. Katzenberg, who joined Mr. Geffen and Steven Spielberg in arranging a $1.3 million fund-raiser for Mr. Obama at Mr. Geffen’s Beverly Hills estate in February 2007, also said he planned to throw his weight behind Mrs. Clinton the next time around…“The Hollywood community really came together in the last election and raised an awful lot of money and supported (Obama),” said Felix Schein, a Los Angeles-based political strategist. “I wouldn’t say that’s gone, but the mood is sour.”…Since leaving the State Department, Mrs. Clinton has reconnected with old Hollywood friends like the agent Casey Wasserman, and her schedule has been peppered with Hollywood-related events.


Every one of these guys are members of the Bilderberg gang as well as Jewish Zionists.  They are ‘sour’ on Obama because he sometimes slips the leash.  Netanyahu has declared they better chain up a better pit bull in the White House next time.


The CIA works hard to endanger us all:  Taliban warn of revenge attacks, rule out talks with govt  because that stupid  Drone Kill Was CIA Revenge, Killed Pak Strategy to stop the ‘peace talks’ just like the Arafat murder did the same.

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5 responses to “Arafat Assassination Swept Under Carpet, NYT Headlines Story ‘Anti-semitism Surge!

  1. Luc

    All of this is so complicated, worldwide, with so many sides and players. Meanwhile BHO corruption surfaces once more.

  2. CK

    In a certain movie which EMS heartily dislikes, there is a line in one of the better scenes that goes like this: “A people should not be afraid of their government; a government should be afraid of its people.”
    So what exactly does it look like when a government “…is afraid of its own people.”?
    It looks like the USA circa 2013. V was correct in theory, unfortunately he did not
    adequately project the in practice response of government of cowards and petty criminals.

  3. Luc

    I am listening to NPR…’Israel was not involved’.

  4. Seraphim

    “US and Israel lost…”. They lost because they boycotted UNESCO by not paying their contribution in retaliation for the acceptance of Palestine in the UNESCO. Good Lord, thinking that the contributions were destined to Holocaust awareness programs for… Africa!

  5. Petruchio

    ” …US Soldiers Help Torture of Afghan Detainees and of course, there is Gitmo torture not to mention the ‘rendition’ torture…” It has always surprised me that the war criminals who created “extraordinary renditions” and Gitmo–to say nothing about the torture scandal at Abu Gharaib–don’t seem to have ever asked themselves the question, “What about blowback?” Do these guys live in a fantasy world?(Yes, apparently they do). Don’t they realize that two can play at the torture/rendition game? Even IF–which I most certainly do NOT–you think torture is effective, the risk of the other side torturing YOU if captured should give you pause from doing so. The Insurgents, the Taliban, Al-Qaida, whatever name you use, most defintely ARE aware of what can/will happen to them if captured. And this motivates them. They fight much harder, they are more ruthless, more blodthirsty. It is VERY safe to say that CIA types and other defense contractors are AAA#1 on the Insurgents’ Capture and Dish Out Payback list. I know Elaine thinks these CIA guys are invincible. They are not.This is one of the main drivers for the transition to the cowardly ‘Drone’ style warfare from boots on the ground. I guess our heroic “freedom and Democracy” fighters in the CIA are braver if they can sit in an air conditioned room in Virginia, USA pushing remote control buttons. Because in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are WAY too many people out there, highly skilled and with blood in their eyes, looking for CIA types and contractors. If it were up to the warmongers, the US would still have a troop presence in Afghanistan/Iraq. Remember when they said this would be a 100 year war? They meant it. But why be surprised? This war was engineered by two draft dodging, chickenhawk cowards named George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

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