Indonesia Volcano Sinabung Erupts, NYT Has One Side Argument For Nuclear Power To Save Us From Warm Earth

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Photos Of Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung Volcano Are Unbelievable

Nuclear Power Is Crucial to a Zero-Carbon Economy – Room for Debate – a ‘debate’ which has ONLY pro-nuclear power people arguing that ‘no one died from nuclear accidents’ (which is a dirty lie) and ‘many people die from coal burning’ (which is true but pointless when coupled with an obvious lie).  The manic push to have us build many nuclear power plants while simultaneously our government is threatening Iran over these same things is how insane things are today.  None of the pro-nuke people have the slightest suggestion about how to fix either Chernobyl or Fukushima both of which have gone full ‘China Syndrome’ on us.


Another volcano has erupted today.  None of the recent eruptions are along the lines of  The Cataclysmic 1991 Eruption of Mount Pinatubo, Philippines.  Indonesia, like the Philippines, has tsunamis, typhoons, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well as a very high population growth rate.  The modern ‘ecology’ movement is suffering from a common mental illness, namely, the End of Times beliefs that afflicts many religions, too.


We are the result of the hammer and anvil of a series of very vicious Ice Ages.  We evolved very rapidly as the world went through wild temperature swings mainly to the cold side, not the hot side.  We tend to be pessimistic about the future since, for 2.5 million years, the future usually was grim and cold.


Will the world end in 100 days? Sounding of ancient trumpet in York warns of Viking apocalypse on 22 February 2014 | Mail Online


If Vikings were here today, the sounding of an distinctive horn in York would have created chaos.

The ancient instrument, blown last night, signalled exactly 100 days to the end of the world, according to Norse mythology.

Legend has it that the Norse God, Heimdallr, would blow the mythical Gjallerhorn to warn of the Viking apocalypse, also known as ‘Ragnarok’.


If you wish to see the end of the world and watch the Ice Giants and Fenir the wolf kill the Gods, you can buy tickets here at  I wish I could go!  It could be immense fun.  Year after year, for the last 20,000 years, humans fretted about Ragnarok.  It has many names but the main thing is, we are all doomed.  The destruction of the Green Movement on the rocks of global warming doomsaying is sad to watch.


Sadder still is how the impending next Ice Age looms dark on the horizon, people are scared of UFOs, second shooters of Kennedy, buildings falling after jets hit them, etc. All quite trivial.  No amount of hoarding will save us from the fury of the Ice Giants who, unlike global warming, won’t caress us with warm water but instead, plot to drop a mile of ice on top of much of the Northern Hemisphere.


It baffles me why people are absolutely terrified of this obvious and most likely future.  But then, people are scared of terrorists and not WWIII.  Which is a zillion times scarier.  Only Great Empires can create WWIII and they seem bent on doing this.  While yelling at us about how tiny Iran will terrorize us or we will be so warm in winter here in Upstate NY, we might  have to burn only three cord of firewood rather than five each winter.  Ohh…wow!  Roasting hot!


This volcanic eruption may tip us over into a snowy, cold winter.  The sun showing a faint sign of hyper energy may save us from a nasty winter.  It is still too early to tell.  What I do know is, US Gov’t Headline: Alaska island “appears to show impacts from Fukushima” — “Significant cesium isotope signature” detected — Scientists anticipate more marine life to be impacted as ocean plume arrives (VIDEO) and NHK: Holes near bottom of containment vessel identified for first time at Fukushima plant — “Gushing out” of Reactor No. 1 — Similar damage suspected at Units 2 and 3 (VIDEO) and Robot locates leaks on Fukushima reactor.


Here is one of the pro-nuke guys at the NYT:  Nuclear 2. by Mark Lynas0 claims we will all roast to death unless we go to lots and lots more nuclear energy systems.  Here is my reply which I hope the Times will publish:


As we go into a low sunspot era that may last several hundred years or worse, the long awaited next Ice Age, all this debate about global warming will be viewed as a big joke by future generations.

At no point in the last several million years has the world faced ‘too hot’ weather. It has been trending more and more towards ‘too cold’ with long periods of severe ice ages.

The nuclear solution is insane. Anyone claiming nuclear disasters are silly and over reactions are free to move to Chernobyl and Fukushima, there are many, many abandoned towns and even cities there to be colonized by ‘global warming’ people and the big bonus with Chernobyl is, it is very, very cold in winter so you can enjoy freezing to death, too, at the same time.


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28 responses to “Indonesia Volcano Sinabung Erupts, NYT Has One Side Argument For Nuclear Power To Save Us From Warm Earth

  1. Luc

    How much cooler will weather be over the next year from this?

  2. e sutton

    Had to chuckle over your response, Elaine, which I hope the Times prints. The insanity continues….the beatings will continue until morale improves!!!

  3. Eso

    “The modern ‘ecology’ movement is suffering from a common mental illness, namely, the End of Times belief……………”

    One of the problems with the ‘ecology’ movement and your comments, Elaine, is that having once entered into the machine age (and ultimately total destrucrtion of nature that it implies), we cannot imagine ourselves returning to safer and saner organic times.
    I do not believe that when we all lived in the wood and most of us did until the 16th, 17th centuries, there was any problem keeping warm. Wood was plentiful for the picking.
    Of course, the disbelief of turning back is what causes NYT and others propose a future of ever greater insanity. I realize that most Americans, never having experienced disaster at close hand, cannot imagine it ever closer than at arms length on their tv sets, but there is much evidence that makes suspect that direct experience of catastrophic events is close at hand. It has nothing to do with ‘the end of times’.

  4. emsnews

    I beg to differ. For 1,000 years, wood was NOT easily gotten by the peasants. The woods were nearly universally owned by the Church and nobility. Anyone cutting down trees was KILLED. Hunting, ditto.

    People suffered the cold with virtually nothing and most peasants died fairly young. In the castles, there were these open fire pits in the middle of the main hall and small firs elsewhere, chimneys first came to Venice and then spread by 1700.

    In America, the free farmers had access to woods and guess what? In my neck of the woods, literally nearly everything was chopped down by 1900.

  5. Being There

    Let me suggest you listen to this on global research tv. Last week I came across it and it speaks directly to your post.

    Dr Helen Caldicott speaks about the potential devastation of nuclear fallout to the Northern Hemisphere. She calls for the shut-down of all nuc plants and explains why Nuc energy does not cut down on fossil fuels.

    Fukushima’s Legacy: “Shut Down All Nuclear Power Plants!”

  6. Eso

    Well, speaking of the wood, it depends on whose history you depend on and who you believe. I orient myself according to Anatoly Fomenko’s analysis of historical chronology and not according to the Vatican. According to Fomenko’s revised chronology, which allows everyone to think about history more seriously than we are in the habit of doing, the crisis of civilization came with taxes, which began by making nomads slaughter their herds, and chased them from the woods into cities. This violence of urbanites against rural people is continuing in all NATO occupied countries and along its borderlands. Democracy was not discovered in Athens, but long before that in the wood. So now we have moved to making fuel for our homes and engines by fracking and other wonderful byproducts of destruction by means of virtual urbanite intelligence.


    ELAINE: I strongly suggest you go to other sources for basic history.

    Historical fact: nomads have the constant and very nasty habit of ‘moving into cities’ quite violently and usually destroy these cities pretty badly in the process, sometimes annihilating these cities. These cities often spend a lot of time and money and wall building to keep the nomads OUT.

  7. e sutton

    @Being There,
    Dr. Caldicott is a lone voice of reason in the nuclear power discussion. Her well-informed opinions on the subject are something we should all pay attention to. Thanks for the link.

  8. Even if wood is “plentiful for the picking”?
    You have to cut down trees first or scavenge logs.It should all be hardwood.You have to bring it all back to your shelter.
    If it is green it has to season.Then you have to cut it all up and chop it up to fit your wood stove.Then you have to store it properly for the winter.
    This can take up quite a lot of time,esp if you are working without the modern chainsaw.Then you have to make sure you have enough to last thru winter cuz the last thing you want to do is run out .You might need 3 or 4 cords of wood to last thru the winter.Elaine could give us an estimate how long it would take with with axe and saw.
    Many civilizations have crashed in the past after they chopped down all the trees within a reasonable transport distance.Easter Island is the best example,they used to have ocean going canoes for the first few generations.

  9. Having all this fossil fuel available to us (temporarily) ,it’s easy to forget how much work we would have to do to replace it.
    From heating to eating we us a lot of oil.Just think if you had to supply 2000 calories a day to survive.
    People joke about squirrels…you would need 25 a day to survive,15 if you eat the brains and organs.
    Going to the grocery store is so much easier,if it is open,stocked, and you have money of course.

  10. wellwell

    It’s true that fossil fuels have transformed human existence – there was no idyllic life in the woods, at least in the colder regions of the globe. Churchill said it best: “From the year 400 till the year 1900, no one had central heating and very few had hot baths. A wealthy British-Roman citizen building a country house regarded the hypocaust which warmed it as indispensable. For fifteen hundred years his descendants lived in the cold of unheated dwellings, mitigated by occasional roastings at gigantic wasteful fires. Even now a smaller proportion of the whole population dwells in centrally heated houses than in those ancient days. As for baths, they were completely lost till the middle of the nineteenth century. In all this long, bleak intervening gap, cold and dirt clung to the most fortunate and highest in the land.”

  11. Hey! I take issue with your statement. The modern ‘ecology’ movement is suffering from a common mental illness, namely, the EofT beliefs that afflicts many religions, too.

    Just because I have EoT beliefs, I am not afflicted by a mental illness, I’ve got the life giving faith of Jesus Christ living be in me!

    Last week, Business Week reported Super Typhoon Haiyan Hits The Philippines. Super Typhoon Haiyan, the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane, slammed into the Philippines today after forcing thousands of people to evacuate. Haiyan had top winds of almost 196 miles (315 kilometers) per hour when it was about 489 miles southeast of Manila, the US Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center said at 2 p.m. East Coast time. Winds gusted to as high as 235 mph, the Navy said. About 125,600 people in 22 provinces have been evacuated, the nation’s disaster monitoring agency said in a 6 a.m. bulletin. “If it maintains its strength, there has never been a storm this strong making landfall anywhere in the world,” said Jeff Masters, founder of Weather Underground in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “This is off the charts.”

    Killer storms and their related social issues have been expected and should serve as a spiritual wake-up call as Jesus Christ warned, “There will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places; all these are the beginning of sorrows”, Matthew 24:7-8. And The Apostle John wrote of end time events relating, When He opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come and see.” So I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. 6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine.” Revelation 6:5-6.

    Duane and Shelly Muir of Sign Posts Of The Times relate two end time prophecy signs. First, the division of the Temple Mount Groundbreaking Law to Facilitate Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount. and second, Staking A Jewish Claim To The Temple Mount.

    And on my blog, I’ve posted many times about the Isaiah 17 War, where Damascus will be destroyed (by what “only God knows”) and the more significant Ezekiel 38 War, which is WW III.

    Furthermore, apparently you’ve missed out where for years now, that a Beast Regime, a Beast Ruler and a Beast Banker are rising to rule the world.

    Elaine, the evidence is clear, cogent, and convincing, that we are the Terminal Generation living in the EoT.

  12. Eso

    :Let us not forget that before deforestation was begun by forest companies, the floor of the forest was covered with fallen branches and trees. Of course, there were no showers or bathtubs, but let us not forget the sauna. There are still saunas in eastern Europe that are called black saunas. This is because the wood is burnt in a small building with no windows and a hole in the roof for a chimney. The wood heats stones, then water is poured over the stones to raise steam. Instead of brushes or soap, brooms of leaves are used to spank the body clean. Once the poures are clean, the bathers go jump in a small pond to bathe off the leaves and lose skin.
    I think that Elaine and others confuse comfort with warmth. Of course, nothing in the old days was as comfortable as a modern apartment, but I have read that many peasant houses of old with a dirt floor were better shelters than many a 19th century peasant shack in America. Also, in the old days people slept in one and the same room and next to each other. While unimaginable to moderns, this is what most of our ancestors understood as ‘family togetherness’.
    What surprises me is that so many would destroy our planet for the sake of comfort and unemployment, rather than create new traditions and ways and replace the infernal chainsaw with one that takes two men to work and a horse to pull out of the wood.


    ELAINE: Are you insane?

    I lived for TEN YEARS in a TENT with no electricity, etc, on a mountain where we get up to 8 feet of snow a year and it went down to -40 below zero…and used an ox team and a horse to bring in the firewood!!!

    Of all Americans, I know best how life is when one has to live ‘old style’. More so than the Amish.

    I remember Germany after WWII. The forests had virtually no under the trees wood because it was all completely cleared out during the war and after war years. Japan which has many forests today was virtually stripped too by the end of WWII and the aftermath.

  13. Seraphim

    Do you think that many people who know that they are to die of natural death in a little time care to much how the world would end in decades, centuries, or millennia from now?

  14. There are more options than the economy we’ve got, or else a return to preindustrial conditions. We shouldn’t fall into the false dichotomy. It isn’t just gasoline-powered cars or horses: there’s also bicycles, hydrogen-cars, public transit, fuel cell cars, solar cars, hybrid cars… We could look again at dirigibles, Buckminster Fuller-type houses, and so on. If these things were possible in the 1930’s, what could be done with all the discoveries since then?

    We need more science fiction. The sense of wonder is missing.

  15. emsnews

    Buckminster houses are insanely hard to heat. They are NOT efficient at all. I cannot understand the love of these awful buildings have on some people. I hated these buildings back when the man was very much alive and screwing around in Arizona. Where I knew him and mocked his buildings way long ago.

  16. Someone said the H word…hydrogen.
    Tooted as being the most plentiful substance in the universe(true).
    Not mentioned is that there is none on our planet in free form.
    You have to make it…either by using lots of electricity to split water…or derive it from fossil fuels.
    Hydrogen is a bad way of storing is not an energy source.The hydrogen atoms are so small it leaks out of tanks and pipes.
    What it comes down to is denial and the fantasy of continuous economic and technological growth on a finite planet with limited resources.
    Not to mention an unwarranted optimism about our tech which is mostly electronic toys powered mostly by…wait for it…coal!!!!!
    Yes, we are still burning coal for most of our electrical needs.Is that a civilization ready to leap out into the universe?
    We have not accessed any sources of energy that will replace the fossil fuels.
    There’s no fusion reactors,no thorium reactors no antimatter,and any alternate tech like solar is dependent on the fossil fuel economy to get made.
    This realization can be a real shock for people(it was for me),that the civil religion on of unlimited progress to the stars is just as false as any sky-person religion is.The Archdruid has some great post on this.

  17. Jim R

    Bucky used to say “It’s like burning the Mona Lisa to heat the Louvre” about using fossil-hydrocarbons as fuel. As for his inventions, that ugly car he built had a tendency to roll over if you drove it faster than about 20 miles an hour…

    But this essay really inspires me to talk about population, and the malthusian dynamic that has been ignored for a couple hundred years. Fueled by coal and oil and gas, we have increased our population by quite a lot since Malthus. It isn’t so much that he was wrong, as it is that he did not anticipate the impact of fossil fuel.

    One good historical example of the effect of population was during the dark ages — when everyone was living this miserable existence, and then the black plague came along and killed off a third of the population or so. Everyone was sad for a while, but then, arguably, the average standard of living rose significantly as there was more food and wood for everyone in Europe. The renaissance began.

    By the 19th century, of course, as Dickens documented, the place was overpopulated again. But the population continued to increase as coal and oil fueled industry and agriculture took over.

    Now, old Malthus is asserting himself again … arable land, fossil fuel, water, etc etc,, are all emerging as limiting factors on our now-bloated human population at 7 billion or so. Something will give way, and probably within our lifetimes .

  18. Jim R

    @Peter C, I think I just tooted some hydrogen myself 🙂

  19. Buckminster was one guy trying to design some ecologically-friendly stuff.

    Imagine if only Alan Turing had worked on computers. His notion of a machine that could pass for human in a conversation would sound completely ridiculous.

    We have these stupid myths that great things are invented by great individuals working alone in their garages.

    BTW, the Chinese are sending an exploration robot to the moon next month. One of their scientists thinks there’s a lot of helium-3 on the moon which might be worth harvesting someday for use in fusion reactors. The robot they’ve designed sounds pretty cool.

    Malthus was too simplistic generally, imho. He’s been seized onto because he provides a good rationale for letting the poor starve. Anybody who can do that is going to be popular in certain influential circles.

  20. emsnews

    Mathus is correct that nothing goes to infinity only he didn’t say that, I say that all the time.

    NOTHING can go to infinity not even the ‘universe’.

    Of course, thanks to vaccinations and modern heating systems in the north, we had this huge population boom. And excess food was shipped to all the ‘infinity population’ centers in warm (none are in cold) climates so they could continue to double the population each decade but this is going to fail eventually since even Haiti can’t go to infinity.

  21. melponeme_k


    What do you think of the news that China is loosening its controls over the 1 child policy?

    Can China support MORE people. They already seem to have more than they can handle.

  22. Always liked Buzz Lightyear’s motto “To infinity and beyond”.

  23. Jim R

    @Peter, nice to see that you also read JMG’s essays.
    He has a lot of good information/advice on this predicament.

  24. Luc

    ‘Can China support MORE people?’ India may be first country w 2 BILLION people. In the case of China, see ‘China Wakes’ [reviewed at Amazon].
    100,000,000 missing women.
    Thats how many female babies killed or destroyed via sex abortion.
    India has even greater ‘gendercide’ and gender imbalance, unbelievably.

  25. Ritchie

    I went to Jorvik Viking center when I was a kid. We dressed up like little vikings around a ‘real’ viking camp with wooden walls and entry gates…it was AMAZING. That said, I got thrown in jail (which I escaped from!) when I started to mess around like the camp jester…I also let marauders in through the main gates.

    York is really interesting…nice place to visit and drink beer.

  26. emsnews

    HAHAHA…trink hale!

    I have done the Viking warrior game, myself. Complete with real helm and chain mail armor.

  27. Ritchie

    Later on at the evening meal I went from jester to being crowned as King…as I was the one who could hold aloft a sword for the longest time. I got to sit at the head of the table and throw scraps at my school mates. 🙂

  28. Back to energy. I believe Munic Germany has been creating electricity by burning their trash since the 40’s or 50’s, in something called a milo or mylo? What has happened to this cheap process?

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