Geithner Leaves NY Fed Reserve To Serve Warburg Pincus, International Investment Vulture Fund

It is no shock to anyone to see Fed Reserve chairs joining the pirates who have destroyed our economic system.  Geithner’s rise to a top position in an international investment vulture scheme surprises no one.  He used our collective credit to bail out the bankers and their buddies, the international investment gangs.  The US economic system works on behalf of internationalists who have little regard for the citizens of this country and who view us all as so much cattle representing potential future credit value which they milk via the immense trade and budget deficits which have been imposed on us ever since Nixon killed the gold standard.


Former US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to join private equity firm Warburg Pincus:


The firm traces its history to 1939, when Eric Warburg of the Warburg banking family founded a company under the name E.M. Warburg & Co. Its first address was 52 William Street, New York, the Kuhn Loeb building. Throughout the early post-war period, the firm remained a small office of not more than 20 employees. In 1966, E.M. Warburg merged with Lionel I. Pincus & Co, forming a new company that eventually became known as E.M. Warburg, Pincus & Co.[5] In 1965, when Eric Warburg retired to Germany, control was handed to Lionel Pincus, a partner in the Ladenburg Thalmann investment bank, and the working language of the office switched from German to English. Lionel ran the company from 1966 to 2002, and died in 2009. [6]

Warburg Pincus began investing in Europe in 1983 and opened its first office in Asia in 1994. It has invested more than $5 billion in Europe; more than $3 billion in India[7] and more than $3.3 billion in China. The firm is headquartered in New York and has offices in Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, San Francisco, São Paulo and Shanghai, with administrative offices in Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Mauritius.[8]


…Approximately 40% of the firm’s investments are outside of the U.S.


The dangers of letting international financiers run our government and our economic system are painfully obvious.  They have no desire to preserve our nation as a functioning entity.  Their goal is to enrich themselves while paying minimal to no taxes to any sovereign government and then to buy up the government debts due to lack of funds to run civilizations and then use this to pressure governments to let them internationalize even further despite the pain they are causing citizens.


The latest example of this is obvious:  Pressure Builds to Finish Volcker Rule on Wall St. Oversight because over 5 years has passed and nothing has been reformed at all.  This is epic!  Nothing is being done due to the bankers and international investment houses lobbying Congress to do nothing so Congress does nothing.  While Congress yaps about budget overspending, they also demand more war spending and more wars in general because the owners of Congress are rich foreigners or dual citizens who loot our nation on behalf of their home states such as Israel or Japan.


At the Washington Post and other publications, the news about Geithner has shown a lot of reader’s rage but not one article in the mainstream is critical of him.  So the general public is left in the dark for the most part with little outlet for rage over the deteriorating conditions here in the US.  All my life there have been many storms of varying degrees and this was true in my grandparent’s days and other times in history but now every storm causes our media to yell about global warming and how we need to have that incredibly stupid CO2 tax to protect us from storms which have ravished this planet for 3+ billion years.


The AIPAC lobbyists who run Congress and who also lobby on banking issues big time is all in a tizzy at the opportunity to tax US citizens for global warming purposes and here is one jerk, Samuelson, nakedly chortling about how this CO2 tax will give Congress more money (to transfer to Israel or anti-Muslim wars): Robert J. Samuelson: Global warming pragmatism – The Washington Post…first, he admits it isn’t getting warmer so much after all but…


I’d call Pindyck a global warming pragmatist, and it’s a middle path that I find appealing. It acknowledges warming’s uncertainties but doesn’t use them as an excuse for inaction. For years, I’ve advocated an energy tax — my preference now is a carbon tax — because it could advance other national goals. It could reduce budget deficits and enhance energy security by pushing consumers toward more efficient cars and trucks. That’s my standard: Support policies that, though they might address climate change, can be justified on other grounds…

The crux of the matter is putting a price on carbon — through a tax on oil, coal and natural gas — that reflects global warming’s costs. This would promote energy efficiency and favor renewables. The trouble, as Pindyck says, is that we don’t know what that tax should be, because we don’t know global warming’s full effects.

But we do know the size of the budget deficit, and we do know that revenue from a carbon tax might help finance a simplification of the income tax. By addressing multiple problems, an admittedly unpopular carbon tax might command broader support. Who knows? It might even pass.


There it is!  It will REDUCE TAXES ON THE RICH which is what ‘simplification of taxes’ really means.  So the poor pay 20% and the rich pay 20% except we know the rich will actually pay 0% which is their aim.  I have pointed out in the past, the key elements to any revolution are these two things: the rich figure out how to pay no taxes and have no obligations to the state and…wars that cause the debt burden to shoot upwards relentlessly.


The CO2 tax won’t put a single solar panel on any roof, anywhere.  In fact, it will make it harder to do.  It won’t help the lower class buy efficient cars, it will eliminate this transportation form for them.  Samuelson recently had another editorial whining about how the elderly have too much money.


Here is another Jewish guy who wants to assure us that despite being deep in debt with a huge trade deficit, the US is still #1 because we have a very expensive, grossly overextended military that tries in vain to rule the world unsuccessfully:  A changing world order? – The Washington Post


By most measures, reports of America’s declining power, relative to the rest of the world, have again proved premature. The U.S. economy increasingly seems to be on an upswing. The United States remains among the world’s safest and most attractive investments. The shale gas revolution is transforming America into an energy giant of the future. The dollar, once slated for oblivion, seems destined to remain the world’s reserve currency for some time to come. American military power, even amid current budget cuts, remains unmatched in quantity and quality…

Like the heralding of “American decline,” warnings about “the coming global disorder” have often proved premature. But with Americans and others rethinking the U.S. role in the world, and with no other nation, group of nations or international institutions willing or able to take its place, global disorder seems a more distinct possibility than it has since the 1930s. Perhaps the challenge is to fashion an international order that can reflect the continuing reality of “uni-multipolarity” but that somehow accommodates both global wariness of U.S. power and Americans’ wariness of their global role. History does not offer much reason for optimism. The world order rarely changes by means of smooth transitions. Usually, such change is a result of catalytic upheaval.

He and his international plotting buddies all of whom go to Bilderberg meetings, is very angry at the US public not backing more wars.  Ignoring the shut down in DC recently, he has returned to flogging us for not being more enthusiastic about attacking Israel and Saudi Arabia and Japan’s ‘enemies’.  Report: Israel, Saudis Plotting Joint Attack Plan Against Iran AFTER Iran agrees to not make nukes is one example of this.  And Hollande Assures Israel: France Will Oppose Iran Deal no matter what and Congress, responding to the rich bankers who rule us, has announced that if Iran agrees to disarm totally, they will STILL boycott Iran and crush the economy there.


We have no say in any of this.  Meanwhile, we are a supposed to hate Obama over the healthcare law which was written by rich bankers and international financiers and insurance company CEOs and other vermin.  They designed it to make them all richer, not deliver cost effective healthcare to the citizens.  So understandably, the citizens are quite angry and no wonder!


But who did this?  The GOP offers absolutely nothing for fixing our expensive and inept healthcare system.  The DNC is owned by rich bankers who are more interested in Israel having socialized medical care but zero interest in having this here.  We are cattle to be herded and then devoured and what they eat is our collective credit value and they do this by piling debts on us.

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13 responses to “Geithner Leaves NY Fed Reserve To Serve Warburg Pincus, International Investment Vulture Fund

  1. Eso

    The case very well, simply, and clearly stated.

  2. CK

    Just a simple question, where would you be happy seeing him take a job?
    Greeter at Wall Mart? Dirt farmer in some rust belt county in New York?
    Owner of a local bank?
    High profile people with lots of high profile contacts get high paying private sector jobs and trade on their contacts. This is what one can expect in all over-governmented societies. If the contacts weren’t able to skew the rewards of government to his new employer; they would not have employed him. This is the liberal game designed by folks who believe in government and not in people. Bitch all you want but Geithner and all the others who have done this are the logical result of the system you all love. You get what you deserve and you get it good and hard, and then you whine because the system works exactly the way it was designed to work.

  3. Richard

    I’m really surprised at Timmy taking a job at Warburg Pincus. I thought for sure he would take a job at H & R Block as a tax preparer.!!

  4. larry, dfh

    A timely
    on the fuckery of the medical/political/financial status in this country.

  5. Luc

    Gee, Larry dfh..I clicked link and clicked on book icons….’la raza’ type stuff..
    ‘border wars’ ‘operation gatekeeper’, 1 bad review at amazon.

  6. melponeme_k

    Elaine is right, we are No. 1 in spreading gun violence along with mass manic attacks.

  7. El Kabong

    Riots in Saudi Arabia: ‘The Kingdom expels the same people it exploited’

  8. melponeme_k

    France24 also claims that Japan is now attempting to remove the fuel rods from Fukushima.

  9. Roland petit

    He’s “moved on” to collect his personal pay day reward ~ after betraying the US
    working class.
    He was advocating for the parasitic class all along.
    Like Yellen, a consummate insider; he’ll never have to work again.
    And BO was his sponsor.

  10. Roland petit

    THIS PART OF THE ABOVE MUST BE UNDERSCORED: The dangers of letting international financiers run our government and our economic system are painfully obvious. They have no desire to preserve our nation as a functioning entity. Their goal is to enrich themselves while paying minimal to no taxes to any sovereign government and then to buy up the government debts due to lack of funds to run civilizations and then use this to pressure governments to let them internationalize even further despite the pain they are causing citizens.

  11. emsnews

    These are all Bilderbergers.

  12. Petruchio

    @CK: where do you get this idea that Liberals started all this and our current situation is ” the logical result of the system you all love…”?? You must have been sleeping through the George W. Bush years (there were 8 of them). Or the years before that when Republicans passed DE-regulating measures such as the Gramm-Leach-Blilley Act. And yes, all three of these guys are, (drumroll, please): REPUBLICANS. Clinton enabled Wall Street corruption and Obama is in their pockets too. But don’t give this false narrative–heard frequently on Fox Propaganda–that Obama is solely responsible for this economic disaster called the US economy.

  13. emsnews

    Correct, Petruchio.

    The bipartisan nature of Congress is nearly totally hidden from view as the politicians and rich media owners love to focus on what separates us. Race, sex, children issues, tax spending on fellow Americans: all are whipped up as much as possible while there is near 100% agreement on things the rich and powerful and foreign powers want.

    Those sail through Congress totally untouched and our media barely heaves a sigh.

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