Rich Lobbyists Change Their Name To Hide Their Bribing Congress

American League of Lobbyists changes name because they need to hide their nefarious activities.  Lobbyists rule DC on behalf of the very rich.  These lobbyists don’t merely visit politicians, they come with money promises which are basically bribes.  They purchase power.  The US citizens have near zero control over foreign policy due to lobbyists working for alien countries.  Our control of the Pentagon has also vanished.  As foreign domination of Congress continues and this emphatically includes international corporations and offshore bankers using the Queen of England’s many islands, our national debt soars as they put everything on our collective credit card.


Here is a rare examination of the disaster Congress has created bipartisan due to their desire to collect bribes:  Whose Foreign Policy? «


There was a day when there was never a question about whether the United States was capable of going its own way and pursuing policies that primarily served its own interests. To be sure, the fractured domestic political landscape at home has unalterably changed as the Republican lurch to the far right has made it impossible to govern based on a shared vision of what is good for the country. Today, there is no commonly accepted vision of America’s national interests as money has poured into our political process, serving the interests of the rich few — leaving most of the rest of the country behind.


Like the Israelis and the Saudis, Republicans today live in an aura of continuous and never-ending conflict and show little interest in accommodation on the many political issues of the day. This landscape combines with a President that has demonstrated little political acuity and adeptness in courageously standing against his political foes at home. Will he fold his tent or stand up to do what’s best for our country? Right now, the answer is far from clear.


Congress is nearly 100% united on behalf of Netanyahu.  Far from being divided, the bipartisan desire for bribes has annihilated any opposition to positions taken by Netanyahu.  Rich Jews have totally turned Congress against the voters.  Then there is the money sent to people ruling distant nations that returns to Congress via bribes.  Karzai is a classic example but this was also followed by the Vietnamese dictators.  Everyone collecting money by the billions from Congress sends back a couple hundred million in the form of bribes to keep the money flowing.  All world leaders know this.


The rich Jews bribing Congress aren’t even all that popular with Jewish citizens who are not dual citizens by are full American citizens:  U.S. Jews Less Hawkish on Iran «  The rich Jews funding the hijacking of Congress don’t care any more for Jewish American citizens than with anyone else. Indeed, Netanyahu wants all Jews here to be dual citizens who put Israel first.  He and his right wing party of fascists look down on American Jews who support American goals, not Zionist goals.  Indeed, they hate American Jews who are not Zionists more than they hate any other group of people on earth.


Fascist Israel gets away with crimes against humanity thanks to the US media rich Jewish owners who refuse to report the news if it is bad for Netanyahu.  Here is this week’s example of censored news which I saw overseas:  Israeli troops storm terrified Palestinians’ homes in mock arrests | Mail Online.  The Zionists who run Congress via AIPAC want to do this to us, too.  They encourage treating the average American like a Palestinian.  Meanwhile, our media owners want us to hate and fear Palestinians if they resist Zionism.  Any American, especially if they are Jewish, who defies Zionism is treated like a Palestinian and also never appears in the news anymore.  Even Presidents like Jimmy Carter are vanished into the ether.  We nearly never hear of him, for example, anymore.


Money runs everything as the gap between rich and poor shoots upwards in nearly all first world nations and as the working class declines or is eliminated as ‘labor’ in favor of foreign cheap labor.  Even upstart parties such as the nationalist UK Independent Party ends up working for the billionaires:  Tory blow as tycoon Paul Sykes gives Ukip millions.  Like the Tea Party when it collected money from the very rich, this will kill the populist part of the UKIP uprising on the right.  Terrified at the prospect of millions of Eastern Europeans flooding into Britain driving down wages and causing crime surges, the voters are desperate to close the international doors and protect themselves from liberal capitalism.  Which views them as troublesome and wishes to render citizens as powerless as possible.


With US voters, we have zero say in nearly everything such as this insane deal:  US and Afghanistan wrangle with deal to keep troops in place after 2014 basically to infinity.  Why?  It costs us a fortune and every month US citizen soldiers die for nothing useful for protecting our nation.  What are they protecting?  “The War is Worth Waging”: Afghanistan’s Vast Reserves of Minerals and Natural Gas and we are keeping troops there for 30+ years because of the Afghanistan deal for a  30-year gas pipeline deal.  This deal which makes individual capitalists much richer and the US public much, much poorer is being peddled by our media as The Pipeline That Could Keep the Peace in Afghanistan which is a blatant lie.


Also, not one penny running this occupation is going to benefit the US.  The stuff being sold is sold to Europe, not the US.  And it makes international corporations richer, not coming home to the US as funds, this is red ink all over the place for nothing.  Absolutely nothing that helps us here pay for this.  Every penny for this disastrous occupation will go on our bill and all the profits will remain firmly overseas.


Now on to our other ungrateful ally, Japan:  Tokyo Motor Show opens with eco-friendly theme; U.S. makers stay away  because we can’t sell any cars there.  And Japan buys few cars from South Korea which is also boycotting this Japanese show.  Europe sells 4% of the Japan auto market which is sold strictly to the very rich there.  The US has let Japan export millions and millions of cars to the US while letting in fewer and fewer until it reached basically zero.  And this is a huge part of our trade deficit overall.  And is a very serious drain on our Sovereign Wealth of which we have not just none at all, we have the world’s biggest Sovereign DEBT.  And this is all thanks to Congress working for rich lobbyists.

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7 responses to “Rich Lobbyists Change Their Name To Hide Their Bribing Congress

  1. mike

    seems Travons murderer has the habit of cowering people with guns..?

  2. Vengeur

    Oh. Sorry you missed the news. The Hispanic moron was found NOT GUILTY of murder.

  3. emsnews

    The left is utterly fixated on this one guy since virtually all the other cross race murders are mainly blacks murdering whites. Every once and a while it is reversed.

    This way, blacks can feel like ‘victims’ while running out of control in 100 ways which is destroying all black communities rendering them nearly uninhabitable or too dangerous while more and more people view blacks as dangerous, scary or criminal.

    The gangsta culture is destroying the black community and the leaders focus nearly entirely on white killers who are so very few in number compared to black killers.

  4. Seraphim

    Why do Zionists “hate the American Jews who are not Zionists more than they hate any other group of people on earth”? Perhaps for the same reason they hate Christians, because they are apostates, traitors to the Zionist cause (which is much, much older than Herzl or Jabotinski).

  5. Luc

    The US is being set up for racial troubles, it’s no – it’s coming from the US mass media.
    Let’s compare and contrast two news events, shall we: In this event, a 87 year old man was killed during a mugging by four black teens. This event did NOT make the national news. You can find it in the local Mississippi paper where the man was killed, and that’s about it.

    In this event, a 19 year old female was killed on a stranger’s porch, 2 hours after she wrecked her car while DUI at over twice the legal limit.

    There are already HUNDREDS of national news articles featuring this event – with some invoking charges of racism.

    [What was not generally mentioned in the initial version of the story is that the shooting took place at 4:00 AM. Most homeowners would assume the worst if they heard banging on their door at that time.
    The coroner has now revealed that, based on her blood alcohol level, Renisha McBride was extremely intoxicated at the time of the shooting. The autopsy revealed a blood alcohol level of .22. She also tested positive for marijuana.
    Police also believe she was also involved in a car accident several blocks away and fled the scene on foot.
    The evidence paints a picture of someone who was driving very drunk, got into an accident, and fled the scene. She traveled several blocks on foot. She then apparently banged on the door of a random home at 4:00 AM.
    A barrage of new media articles are coming out about this story. Most have no mention of the autopsy report].

    So, yeah, the US may be being set up for some bad racial times.
    Look into it, and help me figure out who’s responsible.

  6. “The US has let Japan export millions and millions of cars to the US while letting in fewer and fewer until it reached basically zero. And this is a huge part of our trade deficit overall.”

    I think you’re right that Japan has been subtly protectionist for a long time. Still, American car-makers haven’t done that well in Europe either, from what I understand. I think the idea of building small, high-tech, efficient cars just didn’t appeal to most Americans. American car-makers focused on the American market, which wanted different things (maybe because of lower gas prices?).

  7. melponeme_k


    Low gas prices had some part to play. But the Free Trade disaster is what dictates what is sold to Americans.

    America invented the electric car, it even made proto-types and allowed people to drive them. Then for some insane reason, they never released the vehicles for sale, they pulled the proto-types and trashed them. We got huge gas guzzlers like the Humvee instead.

    Now there are electric cars and none of them are in the US. They sold the tech knowledge in order to manufacture outside the US for slave wages.. Tech that was invented by Americans for Americans.

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