Prince Charles Demand His Peasants Change Deeds To Homes So He Can Own The Ground Underneath

English village Prince Charles wants to own all ground value Stokes Climland

Modern Britain is just one small step from Medieval Britain and the news today that the Prince is demanding his peasants which he basically owns, rewrite their deeds to give him all the value of the land upon which their homes stand.  The village of Stoke Climsland were shocked to learn they had no right to their own properties even when there was nothing in the deeds explaining that the Prince owns everything, not themselves.  Naturally, this rouses great anger against the royals.

But the British people are deluded into thinking the Royals don’t literally own the place.  But that is the raw truth.  All the semblance for ‘modern liberalism’ is an illusion:  Villagers brand Prince Charles a bully for sending them letters invoking ancient right to mine under their homes | Mail Online

The Prince of Wales’s Duchy of Cornwall estate sent letters to residents of Stoke Climsland to inform them that he owns the land beneath their properties.

The Duchy wants the property owners to alter their deeds to reflect his right to the metals and elements buried beneath their floors.

Homeowners in the area, which has a population of just 1,600, say that their deeds make no mention of the Prince’s estate owning the land, but the Duchy says that a 19th century Act of Parliament granted it the mines.

Residents have until December 3 to contest the claim – an action that could land homeowners with legal bills running into thousands of pounds.

When my ancestors, the Steeles, came to the New World, one thing they rushed to do was to set up the right of deed so that one could own the land all the way to the center of the earth.  And the sky above, too.  Today, my deed gives me the power of ownership of all mineral, water and gas rights under my acres thanks to my ancestor’s foresight.  In the US West, the Feds own the lands and to this day, few own the mineral, water or gas rights under their own homes.

You get to own the topsoil, if that.  And even the rain that falls one’s land in many Western states is owned by the government and you can’t even collect rain water legally.

Back to the Brits, the fact that these peasants pay the Prince’s legal bills while they are being forced to pay for their own lawyers is classic royal regime nastiness.  He can go to court forever because he IS the ‘court’.  And the court defers to him since his mommy is the titular head of the courts!  This goon should fund the lawyers of these villagers who dispute his accursed royal right of way.  Then he will be a ‘mensch’ and not a menace.

This same Prince is back to howling about global warming and demanding peasants pay more for energy costs.  Prince Charles: Man-made climate will increase chance of disasters like Typhoon Haiyan which would give the appearance of him caring about all the dead and destitute peasants in this distant land.  But he really wants what his fellow Bilderbergers want: CO2 taxes and a CO2 derivative market for them all to get even filthier richer.

And then there is the mystery as to why no hurricanes practically appeared in the Atlantic.  If typhoons in the Pacific  means global warming then the lack of these in the Atlantic means global cooling, right?  If storms herald global warming then the lack of these does the opposite.  Not that anyone is going to talk about this who is connected to the Bilderberg gang.

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10 responses to “Prince Charles Demand His Peasants Change Deeds To Homes So He Can Own The Ground Underneath

  1. melponeme_k

    There are fools on that UK paper claiming that the Prince and his family own nothing! LOL.

    One of the reasons why we are all in the free trade mess now is because the Brits never revolted. Will they ever do what they meant to do during the age of revolution?

    Seriously Brits, you have the power to set us all free. Get rid of those moochers.

  2. Elaine, Charles Battenburg Saxe-Coburg Gotha, Duke of Cornwall owns the rights, the land owners have to appeal by 3 December. He actually derives his income from the rents etc from Duchy which is the same as the county of Cornwall. It is good to be a member of the lucky sperm club.

  3. tio

    Hi Mel,

    “Seriously Brits, you have the power to set us all free.”


    Can I instead interest you in some spotted dick?

  4. Luc

    ‘Modern Britain is just one small step from Medieval Britain’. Nonsense. Elaine, you regularly mention Vaccines, Infant Mortality Rates etc. The brits still have their beloved Queen, but life is VERY different from 200 years ago.

  5. Ziff house

    And the energy for Haiyan came from ?


    ELAINE: The missing energy from the Atlantic? Your guess is as good as mine. Fact remains, ‘global warming’ has NOT made ‘more storms’. What has made the Atlantic nearly silent and the Pacific active is yet to be explained.

  6. melponeme_k


    Do you even read what Elaine writes here?

    The royal family is key in the Free Trade scam. Stop them, and it stops free trade with the closing of their tax free islands.

  7. Ziff house

    Elaine, i am now feeding hummingbirds in november.


    ELAINE: Well, mine fled long, long ago when it got cold last month. Any around today would die immediately since it is going down to single digits here.

    You don’t live in the ‘former ice age glacier’ belt. I do.

  8. e sutton

    “Homeowners” in Philly don’t own the land underneath their houses either. The city does. I guess our founding fathers took a bit of the old world with them when they came here.


    ELAINE: The Steele family lived in the Hudson Valley area and imposed this law, own to the center of the earth, there. Most Americans do NOT have this power because the Brits who made laws elsewhere were much more beholden to the Crown back when it was a colony. Sad, isn’t it?

  9. tio

    I have custard?

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