China #1 In 2016 And Global Warming Talks Collapse, First World Gets Cold Feet

OECD: China will be Largest Economy Around 2016 is news the US doesn’t want to hear right now.  The ‘exceptionalism’ faith of our dear leaders flies in the face of reality.  The US is going down the old, old track whereby an arrogant empire goes bankrupt due to too many wars, too many internationalists overlooking the need to keep the sovereign state solvent and sheer laziness due to reliance of often foreign-born slaves or near-slaves.


Many years ago when Nixon went to China, the Chinese asked for my father to come to their homeland and show them how to make better optical glass.  My father was very puzzled by the request but went and successfully started an optical glass factory there, the first they ever had.  They then used his technology to  make a glass container for Chairman Mao’s mausoleum.  When they invited my dad to see it in Tiananmen Square, my mother had to suppress her laughter because she thought of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


The Chinese appeared to be very naive and uncritical thanks to the Maoist terror years suppressing all thinking abilities and cutting off everyone from mainstream information.  This week, Time Magazine, run on behalf of our own uncritical, out of touch elites, has a lead story titled, ‘Why China Can’t Invent’ which supposes that the Chinese are inferior to us because they have no major ‘international corporations’.  HAHAHA.  The wolves devouring us are not devouring China, eh?


I am old enough to remember the US sneering at Japan, claiming they only copy us.  My grandfather remembered Germany sneering at us for copying them.  And then the Brits did this about 150 years ago, too.  When on top of the mountain, it is easy to sneer at everyone who is copying industrial systems but over time, the newcomers who copy end up creating, too.  We are destroying our engineering base by moving production overseas and eventually no young people will bother training to be a creator if this means one has to move overseas and learn a foreign language.


Instead, the money bag game continues with the Fed Reserve propping up a bull market for investors by giving bankers 0%  loans so even Junk Glistens Under ‘Bernankecare’ as Worst Win in Stocks, Bonds which shoot up artificially in value but provide nothing useful towards a real economy.  We saw the bankers saved while our industrial base was hit by a baseball bat and now lies in ruins.


Golden Hellos Surge as CEOs Get Jumbo Signing Bonuses – Bloomberg

“Investors should be skeptical of golden hellos, which represent pay decoupled from performance and provide no retention incentives,” said Lucian Bebchuk, a Harvard Law School professor in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who has researched CEO pay. “Equity incentives that have not vested yet should best be viewed as ones that have not been earned yet.”
Investors have so far paid less attention to golden hellos than to the large severance payouts known as golden parachutes. They should be concerned: J.C. Penney shares slumped 50 percent during Johnson’s tenure, while Hewlett-Packard Co. dropped 46 percent under Leo Apotheker, ousted in 2011 just 10 months after getting $8.6 million in signing bonus and relocation benefit. In total, Apotheker was entitled to about $34.7 million in cash and stock for less than one year’s work.


Far from being a dynamic economy, this is typical of dead economies subsisting on monetary inflation of the paper currency to appear alive.  We have a zombie economy.  The Chinese have a real economy.  Our writers and leaders, unable or cynically or even evilly knowing this, deliberately or self-delusionally mislead the public about our economic destruction vis a vis China which has a real economy, not a fake one.


It will be near zero degrees tonight on my mountain as winter comes as usual so time to have a global climate meeting discussing how to tax energy used by cold northerners to move it to hot climate places:  Climate talks stalled over finance, carbon cuts



Rich countries have promised to help developing nations make their economies greener and to adapt to rising sea levels, desertification and other climate impacts. They have provided billions of dollars in climate financing in recent years, but it’s unclear how they’re going to fulfill a pledge to scale up annual contributions to $100 billion by 2020.


The Bilderberg gang and Prince Charles all have salivated over the idea they can tax small people ruthlessly in the name of saving the planet.  Note they will pay very little in such taxes as a percentage of income even though they have yachts, extremely fast, poor mile rated cars, huge palaces, private jets and other extravagances .  Even if they use energy like  no tomorrow, the percentage of tax hit on their immense incomes will be vanishingly small whereas the small homeowners or renter will pay a huge percentage of already distressed incomes that saw decline over the past 30 years.”


The warm countries salivate over the transfer of wealth from lower working class Europeans and Americans to their countries and thus, support this deal hugely.  But fear not!  No one in their own countries who are poor or even middle class will see one dime of this money.  Nor will any of it fix what is wrong since what is wrong is the immense population explosion hammering these countries that are very warm.


Let’s go first to neo-fascist Japan to see how they are stopping CO2:  TEPCO, Mitsubishi plan coal-fired power plants at Fukushima.  Yes, you read it right.  So much for ending coal power plants that the CO2 gang howls about all the time. Fukushima evacuees’ housing units crumbling due to them living in tiny shanties waiting in vain for rescue as the government spends all its money on territorial demands or even on saving the Philippines from typhoons while leaving the Japanese citizens to rot in rotting sheds.


China sets air defense zone over area containing disputed islands because…China is going to be the world’s number one economy very soon and there is nothing Japan and the US can do about this but start WWIII which will fix global warming and the trillions of excess US dollars in foreign FOREX holdings, etc.  Also fix the population explosion by killing most humans in a very dirty and violent way.


Here is an example of the futility of the Global Warming CO2 carbon trade scam:  Tsunami-Blocking Mangroves Lure Carbon Investors: Southeast Asia – Bloomberg


Mangroves in the Philippines have been lost at a rate of about 1 percent a year, with conditions “very much degraded,” Daniel Murdiyarso, a forestry scientist at the Bogor, Indonesia-based Center for International Forestry Research, said Nov. 18.
Mangroves, found on marine coasts and estuaries, may help low-lying coasts adapt to rising sea levels by increasing sedimentation, he said. The trees, adapted to changing water levels with roots several feet above ground, can help reduce the height and power of waves generated by storms, according to a Cambridge University report published in 2012 by The Nature Conservancy and Wetlands International.


The sad truth is, when these ‘carbon exchange’ deals are made, a few thousand acres are planted with saplings most of which die, while huge swaths of forest, fen and mangroves elsewhere are destroyed.  The destruction is far faster than the replanting due to one very major force at work: excess humans being pumped out like mad in places like India, Indonesia, Africa, etc.  From Afghanistan, Pakistan to Nepal and onwards, forests are vanishing forever due to immense human population surges.


The tree planting schemes are useless and the corporations doing this know it very well.  It is 100% a scam.  They get the right to pollute via planting tiny saplings in places we know they won’t last long, the minute they can be cut down again, they will be cut down.  And cutting down jungles to replace them with oil-producing plants continues unabated.  Cutting down jungles to plant sugar cane to produce car fuel continues.  The tree planting will never catch up with the destruction of hot climate forests and thus, decertification will continue since much of this is not natural but human-driven.


No global warming deal will work unless it is connected with population control on warm countries.

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6 responses to “China #1 In 2016 And Global Warming Talks Collapse, First World Gets Cold Feet

  1. The ongoing pressures for coal generated fire plants are quite strong. I live in Bellingham WA, along a major railroad line that might be used in the future for coal exports to Asia. Daily KOS reports via The Seattle Post Intelligencer Winners Of Whatcom County, Washington, Council Races Could Nix Proposed Coal Exporting Terminal. A slate of four Whatcom County Council candidates, backed by opponents of a huge proposed coal export terminal north of Bellingham, has forged into the lead in a nationally watched local election. The Council has a key, quasi-judicial role in whether to grant permits to the project. The seven-member County Council will have authority over whether to grant permits to the proposed $600 million Gateway Pacific Terminal at Cherry Point north of Bellingham, which would export as much as 48 million tons of coal a year to China

    An inquiring mind asks, How do you like my new Gravatar? I use it to communicate that with the rise in the Interest Rate on the US Ten Year Note, ^TNX, from 2.48 % on October 23, 2013, Jesus Christ has released the First Horseman of The Apocalypse, Revelation 6:1-2, the Rider on the White Horse, who has a bow, yet no arrows, symbolizing his ride over the world, to effect a bloodless global coup d’état, to transfer sovereignty from nation states to regional nannycrats and regional bodies such as the ECB , who will rule in regional governance policies of diktat. and totalitarian collectivism schemes of debt servitude.

  2. Elaine, thanks for more this post. Do you intend to do a deeper analysis on China reforms ? I’m looking forward it.
    Tschuss !

  3. Jim R

    The Real Population Problem

    Thought you might find this article interesting. The author takes a look at some popular notions about population. Qatar is an outlier on several of his charts. As are the USA, India and China.

  4. JS

    Rremember that Africa is having a population boom due to the so called investors (infesters) from Asia,Europe and the America’s.By the way industrialization from these greed countries has destroyed the Eenvironment;one wonders their ego of coming masquerading as honest world liberators and sometimes putting conditionality on our wwild life when they go around depleting our fish RESERVES and keeping up barbaric fox hunting

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