China, US And Japan Threaten WWIII Over Sea Patrol Boundaries

Chinese military patrol zone

Commentary: China’s setup of air zone legitimate, conducive to regional peace – Xinhua |


Just when American citizens, deep in hock for all these many wars that we do on our national credit card, scared of the government shutdown due to ‘no money’, Japan and the US State Department picks up the cudgels for WWIII with China. That is, the Japanese unilaterally and with no negotiations with neighbors, claimed sovereignty of some disputed islands and the US said we will fight to the death for the Japanese right of ownership.  This is WWII in reverse with the Japanese warlords or in this case, sons of warlords, use our troops to invade neighbors.


The provocation of Japan’s unilateral seizure of these disputed islands has led to this result:  China’s setup of air zone legitimate, conducive to regional peace.  The map above shows where the right of patrol exists.  The US and Japan both of which were #1 and #2 in the world economy until recently learned that China will be indisputably #1 in just two years.  The way to deal with this is to launch a war.  Unfortunately for Japan, WWIII will see Japan totally annihilated.  But the warlords, who ordered everyone in Japan into suicide missions to stop the US and China back in 1945 don’t care if this is suicidal.


Chinese aircraft company opens first subsidiary overseas is another sign of the US/Japan economic decline.  Chinese planes are not the best but the US/Japan ones aren’t faring much better these days.  Eventually, being #1 means China will be #1 in jet production eventually.  The US trade deficit rides hard on the deals to sell jets made by Boeing.  It is the biggest ticket item in all negotiations.


U.S. vows to defend Japan after China announces new air zone ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


In similar statements, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking from Geneva, and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said Sunday that the United States was “deeply concerned” about the moves by China, which also scrambled air force jets to carry out a patrol mission in the newly declared zone.


“This unilateral action constitutes an attempt to change the status quo in the East China Sea,” Kerry said.


China tried negotiations but the US and Japan refused.  So the ‘status quo’ Kerry is yapping about is the post-WWII one  whereby we were #1 in Asia.  The US doesn’t consider the sudden and illegal territorial seizures by Japan to be ‘unilateral’ anymore than the fake negotiations with Iran and Palestine have anything to do with fairness, history or anything sane.


The Jewish insanity rises to high levels this week as the Israeli premier bellows: World ‘a much more dangerous place’ but the rich Jews playing the markets knoe better a Tel Aviv stocks hit all-time record after Geneva nuclear deal.  AIPAC rich guys will bluster around Congress screeching that they are all doomed if this deal goes through but we must follow the money and it is obvious they are making up this outrage.


Meanwhile, the US is allowing Israel and the military dictators of Egypt to strangle the Palestinians in Gaza which is a shame.  Last of all, NOT ONE US media outfit headlined the warmongering of Japan and the US with China, dead silence.  And virtually  none are talking about Palestine, either.  

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8 responses to “China, US And Japan Threaten WWIII Over Sea Patrol Boundaries

  1. e sutton

    Forgive my ignorance please, but what of the “decision” from Obama regarding allowing Iran to go forth with nuclear aspirations’ meme? I was, in my dwindling youthful optimism, thinking that maybe Mr. Obama had grown a set and was standing up to Mr. Netanyahoooo. Please Elaine, say it ain’t so!!!!! Seriously, exactly WHAT is going on here?

  2. Luc

    Pakistan has Nukes. I wonder if Iran could buy some? Or why Iran has not bought some?

  3. Ziff house

    Yes , apparently aipac does not totally run things, the world is actually acting normal for once , iran wants peace , gets it. Israel unhappy , yippee!!

  4. Richard

    There’s not much to credit Obama for, but it looks like he is standing up to Israel and the Zionist lobby. That is something to give him credit for!
    For years U.S. foreign policy has been so dominated by Israel’s interests that the rest of the world has been ignored, maybe that’s changing. It has been a problem for Asia, but maybe it has been a good thing for South America.

  5. e sutton

    I really want so much to believe this. And if it’s true, I take back every stinkin’ thing I ever said about Obama. He just looked like such a coward and pansy when the announcement of “Breaking News” interrupted Saturday Night Live. My roommate and I thought it was some sort of parody! Has he really grown a set? Like Dusty Springfield sang, “Wishin’ n hopin, and prayin'” ahhhhhh…….please let it be so! F_CK ISRAEL!!!!!!!

  6. e sutton

    I’m right there with ya, babe!

  7. emsnews

    They know Iran is no danger to anyone. The Saudis fear the Iranians due to the oil market, the boycott made Saudi oil much more profitable. Without this, the price at the pump will fall by nearly a dollar.

    Which the Saudis and US oil overlords and bankers fear greatly.

  8. e sutton

    Oh my flippin’ GAWD!!!!! I can always count on you to fill in the gaps. thanks!

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