My Home, Berlin NY, 7 Degree F Nights In November: NOAA Predicts Warm Winter In Midst of Blizzards In Southwest

NOAA thinks winter will be hot


I have been frantically chopping and stacking six cords of firewood in anticipation of a cold, cruel winter.  The false stories that winter would vanish irritate me because my beloved weather service forecasts have grown increasingly useless over the years thanks to the global warming indoctrination.  Yes, it may be -40 below rather than -55 below in Antarctica but it is still hugely below freezing there and it isn’t often much warmer here up in North America’s glacier Ice Age belt.  This week brings single digit weather tonight and it isn’t even Thanksgiving.  If the Puritans waited until this week to have their famous dinner with the natives, they would have turned into blocks of ice long before the turkey was cooked.


This week, the NOAA guys decided after whiffing the ball with the hurricane forecast, they out to do a second strike out:  U.S. Winter Outlook Dominated by Dire Drought News | Climate Central


The outlook, issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on Thursday, shows that the winter of 2013-14 is likely to feature an expansion and intensification of drought conditions across the Southwest and Southeast. That includes California, which has had its driest year on record so far in 2013, and which needs sufficient mountain snowfall this winter to prevent water supply shortages during the summer months.
In the absence of a clear signal from the tropical Pacific Ocean, NOAA based its outlook on factors that have a less definitive influence for much of the U.S., including long-term trends and computer models used for long-range forecasting.


Just like when the British global warming climatologists totally miscalled the weather two years ago predicting hot and cold and then for several months it was cold and extremely wet, we have a repeat going here.  Right on cue, the minute this forecast was made, we had a major blizzard slam into the very areas NOAA said would be hot and super dry:  Eight dead in winter storm system in NM, TX | Charlotte


As thick, gray clouds covered the Southwest, forecasters said the storm would sweep across the South and toward the Atlantic coast next week, causing problems for holiday travelers.
Joe Harris, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said the “Nordic outbreak” will “produce a mixed bag of wily weather that will end up impacting much of the nation.”


7-Day Forecast for Latitude 42.7°N and Longitude 73.39°W

Berlin NY in deep freeze late November

It isn’t just 7 degrees F for my mountain tonight, it is going to happen again on Thanksgiving day.  This is JANUARY weather, not November.  We have one day above freezing in this ice-cold week.  The NOAA map suggests New England will be hotter this winter and so far, this is not the case at all.


Just as I have suggested the global warming people should come up with some sane explanation as to why the Atlantic had near zero hurricane activity while the Pacific was and still is active, this isn’t a joke, they have to explain this and saying that ‘the Arctic is warm and this is causing it’ is not going to pass my test here.  For they forecast many hurricanes, not none!  And they knew the temperatures of the Arctic last summer so there is no excuse here.


Mega-climate predictions are highly dangerous.  Claiming that everything is ‘global warming’ is a cheat.  Cold isn’t warm.  And we still don’t know the exact trigger that caused all the Ice Ages but we can suspect heavily that it was caused by the earth’s tilt and a sudden decrease in solar sun spot activity.  And this warns us we have to guard against this happening again because it is happening this very day to some extent, partially hidden by the good fortune of CO2 increases.


The Warsaw Walkout and the Climate Movement » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names shows how pathetic the global warming guys are these days.  The author writes about the Copenhagen fiasco without mentioning the blizzards and severe cold that engulfed Europe that year which turned most Europeans against the high CO2 taxes which would be levied on them all to pay for government overruns and to hand trillions to third world equatorial/very warm dictators.  This would put not one solar panel on one roof nor would it stop deforestation which is caused by high population pressures and economic drives to profit off public lands.


Many of my rural neighbors who once used fossil fuels to heat their homes are going for wood furnaces that belch out huge clouds of soot and are causing a rise in asthma here.  They can’t afford anything else, anymore.  And this blanket of smoke will cover many first world nations as desperate citizens try to stay warm or are forced to flee the north and move to the edge of the oceans in the warm south which is the part of the planet demanding this energy tax so they can do what?  They really don’t clearly say.  I do know this transfer of wealth from the lower classes in the northern hemisphere won’t make it easier for them all to become ‘green energy’ users.


I can’t afford it!  Nor can many of my neighbors.  We need help, a government program handing out solar panels made in the US which would be cheaper than any anti-Muslim war or boycott.  We should have spent the two trillion on the Afghan/Iraq/Libya/Syria/Iran struggles of power to green the homes of the working masses in the US.  Which never was even proposed, much less, done.  Nor are the Greens fighting for this, they talk endlessly about how poor warm nations are suffering while SNEERING at us, coping desperately with 7 degrees F cold in November.  No concern for us, no mercy for our plight, not a peep about how people can easily die when it is this cold.

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20 responses to “My Home, Berlin NY, 7 Degree F Nights In November: NOAA Predicts Warm Winter In Midst of Blizzards In Southwest

  1. e sutton

    All of our tax money goes to Israel, as you said. None of that cash can be spent here on us Americans. I sincerely hope you stay warm this winter and pray that you and your family survive. Here in the American South, it’s also mighty cold for late November. We have that old fashioned steam heat which does a great job of keeping us warm in this 1925 condo. Summers can be a bit punishing, especially with the occasional drought. Still, as you said, humans can survive the heat much better than the freezing cold.

  2. One thing about living on the coast,the Pacific moderates the temperature.
    7 degrees C here with some sunshine.
    Sometimes the Arctic low will push out to the coast and then we can get a week or 2 of minus 10 or even 20 C,but that’s rare.
    Otherwise…no life-threatening freezes.

  3. Luc

    Elaine, yr choice [BHO] has spent more $ than anyone in the history of mankind!
    This includes many facts.He says ‘social services are #1 in budget ‘
    but he is wrong on that:

    ELAINE: The GOP and right wing penchant for warring against women’s civil rights as well as their desire to put offshore bankers (now, the choice is NJ’s governor who is a Goldman Sachs guy) shows that the worst that happens happens when they take over. Then we have all the bad banker stuff in spades plus I lose basic civil rights.

    Since our government is owned by foreigners, we ALL get nothing good of course. How we fight this is simple: first, we assume civil rights are untouchable and sustainable and that all gays, women, children, etc. religious minorities, so on have the same rights as white hetro males enjoyed for centuries.

  4. Luc

    ‘ Nor are the Greens fighting for this, they talk endlessly about how poor warm nations are suffering while SNEERING at us, coping desperately with 7 degrees F cold in November. No concern for us, no mercy for our plight, not a peep about how people can easily die when it is this cold.’

    Thats just liberal backlash! Serves you right for being in sympathy w the anti White Left. [sorry but its true]. DO YOU REALLY THINK THE CLINTONS AND OBAMAS CARE ABOUT THE POOR? ESPECIALLY WHITES WHO ARE POOR? Heck, Chelsea is adopting an african baby.

  5. emsnews

    The right cares even less.

  6. melponeme_k

    I read that yahoo news link. They had to mention global warming.

    We could all be sitting around with icicles growing from our noses but the global warming scammers will still be screaming that it is 3 degrees warmer than the last Maunder Minimum…so GLOBAL WARMING! Give us that tax money!

  7. Luc

    Much as I dislike S n B and the Bush dy-nasty, under both of the Bushes
    the USA did not have 17T debt and 90,000,000 unemployed. Wiggle yr way out of that one!

    For info on BHO, check ‘’.

  8. Judah

    Right, the 2nd Bush started out with a trillion-ish deficit surplus left over from Clinton. He cut taxes on the rich and bequeathed us a 10+ trillion debt when he left.

    Democrats raise the debt by spending more on stupid wars and catering to wall street. (Obamacare is about insurance companies, not citizen health.) Republicans raise the debt by lowering taxes on themselves and their buddies using free market BS at the expense of the environment (Drill More, Fracking is ‘safe’ hahaha) while trying to obfuscate this blatant theft by attacking basic rights. Neither are actually helping the USA.

  9. emsnews

    Blindness to who does what is caused by partisan politics. This is why right wingers cannot understand that ALL right wing GOP leaders caused IMMENSE deficits, huge trade collapses and loss of worker’s wages.

    But pretense of ‘wealth ‘was to have the Fed Reserve print dollars and hand these out as DEBTS to the middle class. So their homes would suddenly shoot up in value making them all feel ‘rich’ when they were not ‘rich’ at all.

  10. Luc


    (Obamacare is about insurance companies, not citizen health.)yes, I see where heath care /insurance stocks are!!! Climbing!!!!!

  11. emsnews

    It went to near zero again last night. Everything is frozen hard. My log splitter broke and now I have to go around asking for help to finish off the splitting before the logs get buried in snow.

  12. Luc

    If thats what central NYS is like, I wonder what Michigan and Canada are like now?

  13. Jim R

    I’m going to go out on a limb and predict warmer weather by May.

  14. Luc

    Or June, at the very latest!

  15. emsnews

    I hope so. 🙂

  16. Luc

    If you do not have to relocate due to ‘climate change’.

  17. emsnews

    Yes, another Ice Age certainly will cause much of Europe and North America to relocate. All Ice Ages begin swiftly, not slowly.

  18. Luc

    Soon? before 2030?

  19. emsnews

    We don’t know when, but it is swift.

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