US Media, Israel And Saudi Dictators Freak Out As Oil Prices Drop, Oh The Horror!


Oil Slump Seen as ‘Knee-Jerk’ Reaction to Iran Deal – Bloomberg News from Wall Street, NY.  None of the US media is trumpeting Obama’s deal with Iran as savior of the American middle and lower classes.  We have been absolutely hammered by high oil prices ever since the US declared unilateral war against the Arab Street and all Shi’ites.  I have regularly pointed out in the past that these insane, expensive wars also drive up oil prices hugely.  It is an immense war tax on the US consumers.  And the potential for higher oil prices is nearly never mentioned when our AIPAC/Saudi Congress debates more wars on behalf of these two states.


Far from celebrating the instant drop in oil prices, the Greens join with the Zionists and Saudi princes in wailing about how access to cheaper oil will ruin the world.  The Green movement has been split in two by Fukushima due to support for nuclear power by one half of the movement and then there is the desire to have a huge tax on oil and gas to keep access to both at a minimum for poor and middle class people living in very cold places.


Thus, the surly silence about the benefit about peace with Iran and a reversion to old market habits!  Instead, we are told all about how Israel and Saudi Arabia, two countries that are fascist and who milk the US mercilessly in various ways, are feeling.  We are supposed to care about how they feel as if both are of primary interest to the US public which gains nothing but pain for supporting both tyrannous governments.


World Stocks Rise on Iran Deal, Wall St Momentum is an ABC News story which shows how the warmongering has hammered economies worldwide except in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf dictators.  Even Israel’s stocks shot up!  The weeping and wailing by the professional Zionists not withstanding, their own rich benefit from this deal too.  I have seldom seen such wailing and crying about a fall from record oil prices.  Always, our economy goes up when Texas and Saudi Arabia get poorer.  This is a fact of life.  The Texans and Oklahoma energy owners all crowed about how powerful and great they were while oil prices shot up due to the elimination of competition from Iran.


Iran, U.S. clash over key element of nuclear deal is the Washington Post’s stable of Zionist’s take on this deal.  The howls are funny:Deal could complicate Mideast policy  and Unease in Israel, Congress after deal is all about how our ‘allies’ (HAHAHA) are freaking out over this deal.  Not one word about how it will bring down oil prices.


The Jewish family that owns the NYT and are huge Bilberberg gang members don’t have any article telling us how wonderful it is, oil prices will go down again now that Iran MIGHT be allowed to sell again, instead, there is this main headline story about a Jewish book review about how wonderful Israel is:  ‘My Promised Land,’ by Ari Shavit –


In its early years Israel liked to think of itself as an experiment in the realization of various ideals and hopes, but really all societies, including Arab ones, are, in the matter of justice, experiments; and existence itself must never be regarded as an experiment, as if anybody has the authority to declare that the experiment has failed, and to try and do something about it. Israel is not a proposition, it is a country. Its facticity is one of the great accomplishments of the Jews’ history and one of the great accomplishments of liberalism’s and socialism’s and nationalism’s histories, and it is not complacent or apologetic to say so. The problems are not going away. I cannot say the same about the sense of greatness.


It is one of the achievements of Ari Shavit’s important and powerful book to recover the feeling of Israel’s facticity and to revel in it, to restore the grandeur of the simple fact in full view of the complicated facts. “My Promised Land” startles in many ways, not least in its relative lack of interest in providing its readers with a handy politics. Shavit, a columnist who serves on the editorial board of Haaretz, has an undoctrinaire mind. He comes not to praise or to blame, though along the way he does both, with erudition and with eloquence; he comes instead to observe and to reflect.


Isn’t ethnic cleansing great!  Religious bigotry is wonderful!  Mazel tov!  The entire Haaretz staff is very doctrinaire.  They are rank Zionists.  The fact that Jews from mainly Europe have imposed their religious dictatorship on the Muslims and Christians who lived in the Middle East for eons not to mention probably since the last Ice Age ended, is nothing to celebrate.  It is just yet another dirty tribal warfare tale.  As are many such.  For example, my ancestors who were Vikings invaded the warm parts of Europe and conquered these places and ruled them for centuries and still is very much at the top of the heap.


When my ancestors wanted to convert people to Christianity, they did this quite violently.  Anyone disputing this was basically killed.  The Jews are old hands at this, the Bible is full of stories of rank tribal warfare and the slaughter of other tribes to take over whole regions.  This long history of dirty, ugly warfare whereby the losers are either enslaved or killed off isn’t a wonderful thing, it is certainly our basic history as humans, of course, but it is also ugly and nasty, too.


Now for the ‘liberalism and socialism’ part: along with the desire for ethnic cleansing, the belief the oppressors are Supermen who deserve to destroy everyone around them to benefit themselves, there is socialism but only for the Supermen and their wives and children.  That is, Hitler’s National Socialism was based on his understanding of Zionism only he selected his own concept of a ‘tribe’ that gets to do this.


Just as European lovers of the Bible who came over here to the New World also believed they had the right to do ethnic and religious cleansing and the raging religious wars between Protestant  and Catholic raged here as well as in Europe, the Bible justified the enslavement of Africans who were not Christians and of Christian blacks in the New World because they were not Jews nor Europeans…this insanity has been a hammer to keep humans divided and is justified by claiming this bizarre, hate filled God demands it!


Yes, the Killer God that had to be begged to not annihilate all humans, animals and plants due to our sex lives, lives on, quite active today and who hates women in particular, it being a very decidedly male entity, sounds hellish, no?


Mr. Shavit can’t reflect on all this because he thinks this crazy God guy is great and wonderful because Mr. Shavit is a Jewish male and this God creature is a mirror of himself, isn’t that just grand?  I personally think we should worship the real gods who happen to be mainly goddesses: the Fates, Lady Luck and Mother Earth.  All deposed by this strange, bloody male god and that is quite a shame as far as I am concerned.  This male god also wants credit for Random Chance as well as Infinity both of which are female concepts originally.


Anyway, I will celebrate the drop in oil prices in that it will make my life a lot easier. I am very hard pressed by inflation in food and fuel.

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18 responses to “US Media, Israel And Saudi Dictators Freak Out As Oil Prices Drop, Oh The Horror!

  1. Ziff house

    Ummm, usa energy “boom” fueled by high prices, only oil left is expensive.

  2. DK

    Hi Elaine,
    I love women and think the world would be a better place if they had complete control over reproduction.
    It is so sad that the USA has deteriorated into the land of legalized torture.

  3. Richard

    The idea that you can attribute male or female characteristics to God is pure nonsense to most believers of Islam, Judaism or Christianity. For these three major religions God is pure sprite. Calling God “He” is just language convention. Calling God “It” would be disrespectful for most believers. He (or She if you wish) is above this sex/gender nonsense.


    ELAINE: So….’It’ had the ability to get Mary pregnant! HAHAHA.

    Also, why does ‘It’ hate women and elevates men? Wouldn’t ‘It’ love transgender people the most? 🙂

  4. CK

    Charles Schumer, senator from ” the great state of ” New York, approves of and supports abortion for American women. He supports the American Women’s sexual freedom. EMS should approve.
    Charles Schumer senator from ” the great state of ” New York does not approve of abortion for Israeli Jewish women. He supports the subjugation of and removal of sexual freedom from Israeli women. EMS should disapprove.
    In both cases his support is backed by his donors and by much American monies. In both cases, fecundity is destiny. The Israeli Arab population is way more fecund than the resident Jewish population in Israel; therefore Jewish women should not be allowed to abort.
    Every other subpopulation of women in America is more fecund than the resident white female population; therefore white women must be supported and encouraged to abort.
    I leave it as an exercise for the class to find the logic that underpins
    Senator Schumer’s belief system.
    I will give a hint, consider the concept of ” hostile intellectual minority.”

  5. emsnews

    He is a Zionist and therefore, not totally sane.

    Look, I don’t control these men at all. I don’t control Congress. I also don’t want to commit social suicide by letting right wing fascists who hate my rights, win elections.

    How simple is this to understand? Schumer is a ‘democrat’ at home in the US and a Zionist fascist in Israel and this is his form of schizophrenia. I am not schizoid. Rather straight forwards!

  6. Seraphim


    Hopefully they wouldn’t be some Maenades or Bacchantes!

  7. CK

    In the American democracy your rights disappear when you are no longer part of the bigger gang. You can see this state of affairs coming, inexorably; your granddaughters will suffer it for their entire lives.

  8. DeVaul

    “That is, Hitler’s National Socialism was based on his understanding of Zionism only he selected his own concept of a ‘tribe’ that gets to do this.”

    I was wondering when you would get around to saying this. It’s true. So far, I can find no reference to a superior “Aryan” race prior to its invention by Hitler, and only pursued vigorously after the Zionists defunded him because of a dispute over where a future kingdom for them would be located.

  9. Seraphim

    @De Vaul,

    Interesting. Was the “future kingdom” supposed to be located in the Lublinland, the same territory proposed in the WWI by the Zionist Max Bodenheimer for the creation of the League of East European States from territories liberated by the Germans from Russia?

  10. kenogami

    “, I can find no reference to a superior “Aryan” race prior to its invention by Hitler, …”

    There were many Europeans who talked about the master Aryan race 100 years before Hitler. See for example, Gobineau,
    Chamberlain, and others

    However, there was Max Müller who loved India and disagreed with these others

    “For Müller the discovery of common Indian and European ancestry was a powerful argument against racism, arguing that “an ethnologist who speaks of Aryan race, Aryan blood, Aryan eyes and hair, is as great a sinner as a linguist who speaks of a dolichocephalic dictionary or a brachycephalic grammar” and that “the blackest Hindus represent an earlier stage of Aryan speech and thought than the fairest Scandinavians”.

  11. irentier

    What are we doing flying B-52’s over China’s airspace?

  12. Seraphim


    I found a very accurate answer on a site called The Vineyard of the Saker: “The tip of the immense iceberg of US diplomatic stupidity spotted off the Chinese Pacific coast”.

  13. El Kabong

    Obama’s visiting security adviser tells Karzai to sign agreement –

    So close the prison or continue the war… which will it be?

  14. DeVaul


    From what I remember, the Zionists wanted a kingdom in Palestine (now Israel), but Hitler chose an area in the southern part of the Soviet Union. A place between the Caspian and Black Sea that I think is close to modern day Georgia or Armenia.

    My personal belief is that Hitler realized he could not conquer Palestine, but he always planned to capture the Caspian oil fields, so giving the Zionists a homeland south of there would be the easiest route for him. The Zionists became enraged and withdrew political funding from his Nazi party.

    As for references to an Aryan race before Hitler, they are mostly linguistic in nature and when a person used the word “Aryan” to go beyond that, they quickly backpedaled when they were publicly confronted with questions as to whether they actually believed in an Aryan race that was superior to all other races.

    Hitler did not backpedal nor offer any excuse for his belief in a superior Aryan race. He went all the way, like the Zionists did.

  15. emsnews

    Hitler wanted to EXTERMINATE many people who were not ‘Aryan’ and no, he was not really interested in any new ‘homelands’ for ANYONE.

    He was a despotic, evil man. And the ‘Aryan’ stuff was pure junk science just like the Bible is junk history. Totally made up.

  16. Seraphim

    @De Vaul,

    Many Zionists foresaw the dangers of a Jewish colonization in Palestine (among them Theodore Herzl!) and proposed a number of alternative (Argentina, Uganda, Madagascar). Of course, the former Pale of Settlement, later on Crimea. It was never any invention of Hitler. He might have thought to revive those alternatives. He did express the idea that Jews can be returned to the East where they could be even useful to the German domination (as the Zionist Max Bodenheimer proposed already to the Kaiser in 1904).

  17. kenogami

    It was Stalin in 1934 who created a Soviet state in the far East for the Jews: it is called Birobidjan but it had little success.

  18. DeVaul

    If you are referring to the “Aryan” linguistic group (proto Indo-Germanic), that is not junk science. There are clear linguistic connections between most Germanic languages and those of India, and this discovery was much discussed during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s by linguists of the time.

    It was those who were not linguists who occasionally weighed in on the existence of an “Aryan Race”, but their opinions were derided as unscientific and based on nothing at all by linguists and other professionals of the time.

    The junk science started in earnest with Adolf Hitler, and progressed from there to utter madness.

    Because of Hitler, linguists now must use the term “Indo-European” instead of “Indo-Germanic” (Iceland to India) in order to be politically correct, even though there is no such thing as a “European Language”.

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