US Military, Japan Military And China Military Play Dangerous Game Of Chicken In Asian Airspace

The US media has mainly studiously kept all news about the New Asian Power Push out of the front pages in favor of hammering on Iran and Syria.  But the cold war there is heating up very rapidly ever since Kerry and Obama gave Abe the green light to make huge territorial demands backed by US taxpayers and our troops.  Now, it is exploding in size as China sends planes into air defense zone after Japan, S Korea, U.S. defy rules.


This is obvious to see where it will end: WWIII.  The US, instead of using diplomacy, has been doing the ‘carry a big stick that costs a fortune’ and swinging this wildly everywhere on earth.  Unlike taking swings at Palestinians, Egyptians, Iraqis, Syrians, etc. the wild swinging at one of the biggest nations on earth is highly dangerous.


Japan Shares Soar, Driven by Falling Yen as Abe has the central bank print money like mad.  This ally of ours is doing this in order to flood the US with Japanese exports and thus, fix their trade deficit at our own expense.  The US pushed China about weak currency trade games for years and years until recently when China accused the US of being selective about outrage concerning diluting currencies for trade invasions.


Europe is being hammered by this Japanese money printing.  The Nikkei has shot upwards while the EU markets are heading downwards as the euro remains strong due to a refusal to print more money.


Hysteria over the fact that China will soon be the world’s biggest economy is the true driver of events.  The US, a dying economy buried in deep debt is joining forces with Japan, a country seething in debts and social collapse, to try to stop China’s rise.  This futile effort can trigger a world war very easily and playing with fire, swinging the stupid club, the US is known to be very weak except our expensive military still can annihilate all living things so we have raw ‘power’ although it is in steep decline due to economic issues.


Poll after poll shows clearly the US public doesn’t want more wars and definitely less foreign spending.  Yet spending overseas roars onwards with virtually no pause even as public programs at home languish.  But this war against China and Russia will pop up quite suddenly, perhaps with very little warning for all of us to find bomb shelters.  Like all world wars, the saber rattling can instantly turn into conflagration.

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9 responses to “US Military, Japan Military And China Military Play Dangerous Game Of Chicken In Asian Airspace

  1. Mike Gibbs

    This development is very serious indeed, given the escalation of currency wars that is ongoing. I was most surprised to hear that China may be printing money at a faster rate then both Ben and Abe! I suspect some kind of endgame.

  2. JimmyJ

    It’s possible China would resort to nukes if mainland installations were targeted conventionally. But probably China would refrain from nukes until they were nuked first. China knows there are many hidden US subs with dozens of warheads and that’s a strong disincentive since China doesn’t have any equivalent.

    Of course China may be pragmatic enough to consider that they may be able to absorb a lot of nukes and still have a viable population. With well over a hundred cities of 1m persons or larger, this huge scattered population makes an unwinnable MAD style war possibly winnable by China. This alone makes China very dangerous in a confrontation. One hopes the US has seriously considered this.

    As for Russia, Would they become involved as a China ally early on during a conventional phase? Would they stay allied with China once nukes started? Russia also has lots of hidden nuke subs and they would be an important China ally. But they are more vulnerable to nuclear war with a much smaller population concentrated in fewer centers and may consider use of nukes the no go point.

    I think that once nukes start flying, alliances would quickly break down as players considered the consequences. A WWI or WWII style conflict with broad alliances would probably not exist during a nuke war. The rest of the world would simply stand by and watch the nuke tossing fools destroy themselves. Though there might be a few nukes tossed in local rivalries such as India Pakistan or Israel Iran once the nuke genie was released.

  3. Luc

    Jimmy..if China lost a Billion chinese in a war, China would still have lots of people.

  4. It does sound like the lines are being drawn. 21st century politicians had better be smarter than 20th century ones.

  5. CNN seems to have asked an American think tank to come up with an analysis of the situation. The BBC is as confused about it as CNN. They’re all scrambling to try and figure out this thing that’s just appeared on their radar. But at least they are scrambling now.

  6. emsnews

    Long after I analyzed this to death.

    The US and Japan are coyly pretending to be all innocent here as if China started the unilateral lines of demarcation all by itself.

    Japan and the US are in steep economic decline. When the Chinese government, after arresting Madame Mao, sent over some politicians to learn about capitalism, they lived with ME in New Jersey.

    And I had them study the history of the rise and fall of great empires. We discussed INDUSTRIAL POWER and how this coupled with worker’s power, leads to great strength in geopolitical power and how all winners of Great Wars win based 100% on strong industrial power… they got the picture fast!

    And cooked up their 50 year plan which, due to US elites and Japanese elites focused nearly entirely on exploitation of their home states for personal profit, fell into this greed is good trap which destroyed their own middle classes.

    So the inevitable now comes into view: the only solution is WWIII for the US and Japan. A desperate Europe, crippled by absorbing the ‘suck everyone dry’ client states of the old USSR, is desperate to use US military power to gain economic advantage.

  7. dick


    You make it sound like the defense expenditures have any strategic or geopolitical value when they are, in fact, covers for the wholesale looting of the american people. Staged “events” project the illusion of global power, but must be seen for what they really are.

    As one very old jew said to me…follow the money. Not too hard to figure out from there

  8. Mike Gibbs

    “Follow the money”. Profound statement…and one that should save historians a great deal of research time;>)

  9. emsnews

    I have pointed this out many times in the past. This military stuff is a looting operation carried out against the American people stealing our future credit value by putting this warmongering for foreign powers on our credit card bill while not only does it not save us from bad things, it CAUSES terror here to terrorize us even more.

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