Territorial Battles Heat Up In Asia Leading To Military WWIII Confrontation

Japan claims Russian territory unilaterally

Is Shinzo Abe’s ‘new nationalism’ a throwback to Japanese imperialism? asks theguardian.com in Britain.  We see from the map above the huge territorial claims made by Japan.  Essentially boxing in all its neighbors and trade rivals, this desperate imperialist power has been losing the economic and social battle and now resorts with 100% US (another dying empire) military power to rule the planet even though both nations are dying in tandem.  The US recently went through this spate of furious political destruction over the issue ‘Does the US have enough money to pay for everything?’ which was answered with a loud, ‘No!’ except…when it comes to wars which our elites want.  Then, the sky is the limit.  And the Japanese know we will pay for their territorial wars.



But seeing disaster straight ahead, the U.S. advises its carriers to comply with China air zone while the  China media urge action against Japanese planes but not U.S.  The US is also being used by Israelis and US Jewish citizens who are very rich and run AIPAC to wage endless wars against Muslims of various sorts.  Which has been hideously expensive and a near-total failure.  So…this week the  State Dept Extends Iran Oil Waivers to China, India, and South Korea which was already extended to Japan so they can all import high quality Iranian oil.


Europe struggles to import high quality Libyan oil products while that country continues to fall, Iraq-style, into total chaos and all oil profits, as I predicted, are transferred to Europe, not Libya so the people there who had some form of useful socialism and thus, many services, end up with poverty, internal tribal warfare and no social cohesion with the cities, like Iraq, in a smoldering ruin.  Which is also the fate of many US cities!  Bombed by free trade!  Bombed by our trade allies!  Completely destroyed, bankrupt, bereft, literally burning down.


Japan’s nationalism run by the sons of WWII war criminals who run the LDP thanks to US intervention to stop war trials, the racist attacks on ‘aliens’ who are often citizens continues with the government’s quiet blessings as Tokyo’s Koreatown shows regional rift makes the news in the NYT which is funny since this has been going on for a long, long time.


Not that the Times notices ethnic cleansing all that much since the owners and editors think ethnic cleansing is a wonderful thing.  The Korean people in Japan, many brought over against their will back when they were considered slaves, are abused publicly by right wing gangsters who park vans with huge speakers on them right in the middle of these neighborhoods and then blast death threats towards them!  An amazing violation of basic civil rights since no one dares do this to right wing Japanese communities such as the Diet, for example.


Our overlords who control Congress via AIPAC and Saudi bribes as well as Japanese bribes want us to reinstall the draft so we can fight wars for our Real Rulers none of whom have the slightest interest in protecting us and on top of this, expect us to pay in full for these future imperialist wars, are now pushing for a draft.  And now for a word from a chicken hawk Zionist working for the Washington Post, Dana Milbank, a man who spend less than one minute serving the USA (not going to say he doesn’t serve his home state of Israel 100%!):  Restore mandatory military service:


A Congressional Quarterly count of the current Congress finds that just 86 of the 435 members of the House are veterans, as are only 17 of 100 senators, which puts the overall rate at 19 percent. This is the lowest percentage of veterans in Congress since World War II, down from a high of 77 percent in 1977-78, according to the American Legion. For the past 21 years, the presidency has been occupied by men who didn’t serve or, in the case of George W. Bush, served in a capacity designed to avoid combat.


If he wants to get rid of chickenhawks who want endless wars, he can demand we impeach everyone in Congress who takes AIPAC and Saudi bribes!  HAHAHA.  That is, most of Congress.  I would love to see Congress open this particular can of worms.  The issue isn’t ‘Did you serve in the military?’ but, ‘Who owns you via campaign donations?’  This is where Congress has failed us.  Ever since they legalized bribery via the cover of ‘campaign donations’ and then let foreign powers bribe our government, we have ceased to have a Congress.


The US support for peace and trade with Iran is very high which is spectacular considering our media owners bang the war drums against Iran nearly nonstop.  Forcing us all into the military won’t stop this.  It will motivate many to stop wars, not start them.  The fascist imperialist foreign powers that want us to fight their wars will have a very nasty surprise if they bribe Congress to reinstall the draft!


I expect Dana Milbanks has been ordered to be the ‘liberal’ (sic–he is fake, he is a national socialist fascist working for Israel) pushing for this concept to see if readers agree…and then have more ‘liberal’ fakers in Congress muse about this and right wingers egged into do this this except the right wingers who are libertarians are 100% against this as well as these foreign wars!  To the great rage of the Bilderberg gang and others who want us in chains.


Japan is dying.  The fascists need more tax revenues in a government run on red ink from hell so there is this new Proposal to triple taxes on K-cars raises concerns among rural drivers ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


A draft of the proposal calls for abolition of the current one-time vehicle acquisition tax of 40,500 yen on minicars, replacing it instead with a consumption tax—slated to rise to 10% in 2015, at which time it would be approximately 150,000 yen per vehicle. In addition, the annual tax on minicars, currently just 7,200 yen per year, would rise more than threefold to 24,500 yen, thereby narrowing the current tax gap between compact cars with displacements under one liter (whose owners pay 29,500 yen per year) and the minicars.


The bottom line, if the tax is enacted, would mean an overall tax increase of approximately 200,000 yen over the 10-year life of a vehicle, and greatly impacting on people in rural areas, small business owners and other individuals who can least afford it.


Note that taxes on things the hidden Japanese elites want are not going up.  The lower classes in Japan have lost so much political power, they are being rapidly reduced to subhuman conditions.  Most now work several part time jobs, the fantasy of lifetime work is long dead.  The lifetime workers are being worked to death via enforced overtime labor which has made the average working week more than 80 hours which is double the ideal of a 40 hour work-week.


Not that our rulers don’t want to ape this!  The recent death of a young banking investor intern in England after working two 24 hour shifts is typical.  There were no laws protecting him.  These have been eliminated by the very rich who also want us under 24 hour military supervision so our young can’t revolt nor can they make money for themselves nor  can they question what they are ordered to do especially since their parent’s votes are meaningless when it comes to war.


Despite allowing our Asian trade rivals to get access to Iran’s oil, for example, Kerry: Tough Sanctions on Iran Remain Despite Deal so we get no benefit from all this nor will Iran’s people.  That is, they can sell oil to Asia but buy nothing!  They get to be ‘Gaza Palestinians’ because they are Shi’ites!  And none of this has anything to do with the US.  We don’t fear nuclear war with tiny Iran.  We should fear it with Russia and China in an alliance.  And of course, this business is mainly hidden from US viewers except when China forces the issue to be front page even here in Occupied America.


Luckily for the US media owners, much of the propaganda has been swallowed whole.  For example, when I peruse comments about Asian economics, many writer assume China is the world’s #3 economy.  It is definitely #2 and will be #1 next year.  The reason people don’t know this is, the US and Brit media doesn’t talk about all this very much or in the case of the US, not at all.


Our wars on China’s other borders are going very badly as Afghan president condemns U.S. airstrike that killed a child forcing the US Commander to Apologize for Killing Afghan Child in Drone Strike.  And Karzai Stands Firm, Won’t Sign US Troop Deal whereby Kerry and Obama demand we spend more trillions on this disaster.


I remember the Vietnam War. It was all about keeping Russia and China poor and weak.  And all it did was destroy our nation.  As soon as we pulled out, our industrial base began to warp and erode, our cities began to burn, wages for the working middle and lower class stagnated and then began a steep decline and our government, instead of being solvent, went towards bankruptcy as our military efforts rose, not fell with defeat.


We can’t do this forever.  And the Chinese know that time is definitely on their side.  They will eventually control Asia and Japan is going to be depopulated due to Japanese, not Chinese internal problems.  And WWIII will only hasten this while killing billions of people including possibly 150+ million Americans.  What a stupid thing to do!

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9 responses to “Territorial Battles Heat Up In Asia Leading To Military WWIII Confrontation

  1. JimmyJ

    The Guardian article carries the usual uppity-Chinese bias: “which looks increasingly explosive as China projects its expanding military, economic and political power beyond its historical borders.”

    How could China possibly project maritime power in ancient times without a navy? Look again. Chinese naval power predated Brit naval power by 100s of years.

    Since it can’t be a lack of knowledge about Chinese history as he’s a senior foreign correspondent, then it’s simply deliberate racist propaganda.

  2. mike

    one million miles per gram of thorium as MPG, while the finest meat grown sans bone, fat and gristle without growing the animal, as some neo fountain of youth butt ugly world……….needs bones?

  3. melponeme_k


    Israel planning to put Bedouins in a reservation system. They claim the Bedouins are land grabbing the Negev desert. It looks like they are following the American system of Native reservations. A program much admired by Hitler, mind you. A system in which a people are ghettoized.

    Also aren’t Bedouins nomads? How can Nomads land grab if they are constantly moving around?

  4. aashild

    Shinzo Abe wants to revive imperial Japan, and the US are more than happy to accommodate his demands. This can only end bad since China never will allow itself to be bullied by Japan again.

  5. I was perusing the YouTube this morning and the most hateful piece of propaganda I’ve ever seen popped up as a prepaid advertisement. Advocating for viewers to contact their congressperson and advocate for war against Iran. Unreal. I don’t know how to link to the ad itself, but here is an article about it.


  6. Fukushima

    Don’t worry about the Japanese, within 6 months someone will knock over a used rod in Fukushima and Tokyo will become a wasteland.

  7. emsnews

    Yes, the clean up could clear out Tokyo fast.

  8. Jim R

    Japan bombs itself this time around. But quietly.

    The healt effects are already showing up, and will get much much worse — it takes about 5 or 10 years for the radioactive-induced cancer to show up, normally.

  9. Petruchio

    “The US recently went through this spate of furious political destruction over the issue ‘Does the US have enough money to pay for everything?’ which was answered with a loud, ‘No!’ except…when it comes to wars which our elites want. Then, the sky is the limit. …” It has always confounded me how–mostly Republicans–can get away with being fiercely anti-government when it comes to domestic policy,but that SAME ‘big guvmint’ is, according to them, perfectly capable of an extremely big, interventionist foreign policy. Why hasn’t anybody pointed that illogic out? Of course, the real reason for hating Big Government at home is because the elites have a bitter hatred of their lessers–which means 90%–95% of everybody else. How the Republicans can get away with coinstantly screaming for deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare and the like and at the SAME time call for more spending for warmongering is just astounding to me. It’s a testament to how putrid our MSM media has become.

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