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Ice Breakers Can’t Free Global Warming Fanatic Ship From Antarctic Summer Ice

another wave December bitter cold


As December comes to a close, yet another sub-zero front will blow through the Northeast US.  Yes, we had some quite warm days which melted the ice and snow which is wonderful for me because my snow plow vehicle broke down badly and my road was deep in snow, now it is clear and the vehicle has been fixed.  A boat full of global warming enthusiasts went to Antarctica and got stuck in the ice and it is hard rescuing them because of all this thick ice…ironic, isn’t it?

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Release Of 9/11 Report Redacts Everything Israel Special Forces Were Doing That Day: Mystery Of FL 11


Daily News: Ashcroft Can’t Explain Why He Flew Fed Jets Only Before 9/11

On 9/11, a jet nearly crashed into my house.  It flew very slow and very, very low over us and we could read the AA on the tail easily and I thought it was disabled.  As it turned over the Hudson Valley and headed due south, I tried to contact authorities to report this odd event.  This is the plane where the first death took place, it was a Mystery Man who was only later revealed to be an Israeli special forces agent.  This person is now at the center of a growing fight over redacted material about him and his role in everything.

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Abe Visits Yasukuni War Shrine Enraging China And South Korea

Screen shot 2013-12-26 at 5.44.30 AM

US foreign policy is now in total shambles.  No shock to me since it is run on behalf of foreign rulers who are out to exploit the US to death.  Saudi Arabia, Israel and Japan are the top manipulators who have wrecked things pretty thoroughly.  This is due to rank corruption in our elections and Congress.  Requiring many billions of dollars for our ‘elections’ mainly to buy TV ad time and other communication propaganda materials, in turn, Congress works on behalf of aliens who basically hate us.  The Jews in Israel hold us all in contempt for religious reasons, ditto the Saudis and the Japanese elites hate us for winning WWII.  Propaganda in the media tries hard to convince us these three nations are our best allies and friends which is false.

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War On Workers Is Destroying Xmas

In general, if the US dollar and EU euro rise in value, stocks soar in Asia so…Asia stocks rise, as Tokyo hits six-year high which is no surprise, the entire business is all about using FOREX accounts to make the dollar and euro stronger while a fractured Europe is unable to stop this and a delusional US Fed Reserve run mainly by dual citizens who don’t care about the US, stands by helplessly as this process destroys the entire US industrial economic system.


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Filmmaker Randy Olsen Claims Global Warming Debate ‘Boring’ Due To Opponents Winning Debate

Thanks to a cold front pushing warmer air in front if it causing a brief hiatus in the Arctic Cold late fall here in the Northeast US, the climate change army is back to shouting ‘It is WARM therefore we need to make it much colder!’  They claimed temperature has nothing really big to do with ‘climate change’ but note how every warm weather event has this miserable chorus singing the ‘Hot!  Oh, so hot!’ song.    Thus revealing that it is all about temporary temperature variables. Continue reading


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Severe Cold Front Pushes Warm Air Before It Causing Global Warmists To Freak Out Totally

Cold fronts always push heat as these travel down from Arctic

earth wind map: My latest favorite website now that the US earthquake map has been eliminated by our government sequestration leaving everyone clueless about the impending earthquakes, is this map of the earth’s winds.  We are having a brief heat wave on the East Coast after a month of Arctic conditions with several feet of snow in some places.  The severe cold elicited zero response from the ‘climate change’ people who ignored this.  Now that another Arctic freeze is barreling down on us, we are giving a very brief three day respite from this Ice Age cold.  And on cue, the army of global warmists who pretend they care about ‘climate change’ are howling like banshees that we are going to roast to death even as people die from the cold front.

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Klayman Wins NSA Spy Suit So CNN Attacks Him Viciously As US Media Owners Plot More Attacks On Our Freedoms

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 7.40.18 AM

Record High in U.S. Say Big Government Greatest Threat: Gallup Poll results this week show that fear and loathing of DC is accelerating after a brief drop due to 9/11.


The US media is in full attack mode trying desperately to convince Americans that spying on everyone will make us all safer and sending this information straight to Israel is a good thing…oops, no, they are busy hiding that vital story!  Anyways, the stunning victory of the ever-feisty  Larry Klayman over Obama in a lower court hearing about the NSA Constitutional violations has sent the domineering internationalist capitalists all in a screaming tizzy.  By the way, Mr. Klayman is Jewish and like myself, has bristled often over the issue of US sovereign rights of citizens.

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