Pope And Money, Fed And Money, Wall Street And Money, Bitcoins, And Other Money News This Xmas Season

Fed Reveals New Concerns About Long-Term U.S. Slowdown – Bloomberg news:  this story shows how deliberate stupidity runs things in the US.  We just witnessed a witless howl fest over the Chinese comment about ‘American Exceptionalism’ noting that the US is in decline.  The US decline is obvious and easily seen.  The Federal Reserve has many graphs detailing our collapse and yet the heads of this operation can’t understand why things are going bad even as programs they promote or admire are the direct causes of this collapse!

Yellen will be the next clueless genius to mess around with our monetary system.  She believes this can be fixed with an ‘open purse’ for the elite bankers who caused our present woes.  Then, the money will fly out of the assess of the bankers and fertilize our economic system which doesn’t need money but needs desperately for some sort of protection from predatory trade losses.


Banks Have Received $2.3 Trillion In Quantitative Easing But Are Lending Less To Small Businesses And Consumers Than Before The Financial Crisis, So Why Not Try Peer-To-Peer Lending? is one woeful news story which should have us all laughing sardonically.  The article notes that yes, you CAN get loans but at 6-30% interest rates.  Which is approximately the rates we had during the ‘stagflation’ seventies, right?


Meanwhile, the Big Bankers get these 0% loans from the Fed Reserve to play commodity trade games which caused a lot of inflation for the rest of us.  Inflation in luxury goods and exclusive real estate has been quite high during this ZIRP regime, too.  But mentioning this in public means that Occupy Wall Street was right and Bloomberg and the Fed Reserve and Wall Street bankers were wrong.  And they are wrong, of course.


Former Romney adviser: Minimum wage hike denies ‘opportunity’ for ‘bottom rung of the economic ladder’ shows us how the offshore banker who lost the last election is a horrible person and now the GOP leaders want Christie, a Goldman Sachs banker, to run for them and do the same junk.  Next, they will say in the Deep South that slavery is a ladder up, too.


British man accidentally dumps $7.5 million Bitcoin fortune is another curious story that illustrates the hazards of collecting worthless junk.  It is like ‘a rat invaded the closet where some precious tulip bulbs were stored’ sort of story.  Enthusiasts can drive up the value of anything including really awful ‘modern art’ paintings.  The sky is always the limit but these things depend entirely on markets to exist to survive.  Anything is ‘money’ IF YOU SELL IT FOR MONEY.  That doesn’t make it ‘money’.


The government is seeking to make this silly computer game into money to regulate it because it is a huge area of fraud, deceit and silliness but then…SO IS THE FED RESERVE.  Of course.  Once upon a time, our money was connected to something physical which prevented it from being printed like Weimar paper money and it prevented trade deficits.  Since Nixon, this has been eliminated and replaced with wild printing, shipping much of our sovereign wealth overseas, warmongering while not taxing for wars and other odious things.


Here is another ‘genius’ who can’t figure out the obvious and who also, like most of these jerks, never mentions the trade deficit, sounding off at his perch at the Washington Post:  Robert J. Samuelson: Times have changed, and our economic vocabulary can’t keep up.   He thinks we should have this concept of ‘affluent deprivation’ which means, you got a TV and cell phone while living in a slum and this means you are ‘rich’ at least when compared to slaves or starving Bengalis, or whatever.  Why, we have toilets and air conditioners!  Ergo: why are all the lower classes whining so much?


Now onto international affairs.  We are seeing oil prices beginning to drop as Iran says seeks stronger cooperation with Saudi Arabia – a story in  The Globe and Mail overseas but not here.  The Saudis have been dangerously exposed as double dealing on behalf of Zionists and are very troubled by this so I suspect they are toning down their anti-Muslim Shi’ite rhetoric.


Recent developments have created good opportunity for closer Iran-UAE ties: Rouhani – Tehran Times boasts which is another indication that starting this week, worried about their exposure, the Gulf royals are backtracking.  This is probably causing the greatest concern for Netanyahu and Lieberman.  So, to poke the Muslims in the eye, they are demolishing the homes of citizens of Israel who are Muslims and relocating them into ghettoes!  This is causing riots across Israel as Lieberman announces that Israel is a Jews-only state so everyone should shut up and let the demolitions continue.


The US and our rep, Kerry, are silent about this and Obama dares to say nothing after being savaged by Zionist/AIPAC Democrats who are the ‘leaders’ of that party who, like the GOP leaders, doesn’t thing a thing about helping Americans first.  So, the Saudis and Gulf lords have to turn towards Israel and say something critical.  They don’t want to do this but if they don’t, they are exposed as fake Muslims and this is fatal over the long run.  Speaking about fakes, the fake ‘liberals’ who were happy that the military, run on foreign funds and thus, a mercenary occupation force, are silent about this news:  Fury in Egypt over harsh sentences  who were sentenced to 11 years in prison for peacefully demonstrating against the coup.


Oh, where are the brave front cover photos of these young, innocent women?  Nowhere to be seen in the US, not even on back pages anymore than US citizens killed by the IDF in Israel appear anywhere at all.  The propaganda ploy of showing victims of Muslim religious fanatics suddenly ceases to see things if the victims are Muslims being abused by pro-Zionist puppet regimes.


And the news from Japan continues to show the collapse of democracy there as the imperial fascists strangle the public’s ability to know anything or protest anything:  Japan: The new Uzbekistan of press freedom in Asia | The Japan Times: the debate over the bill to make any information leaks grounds for imprisonment like the young Muslim girl protestors or Snowden, was broadcast by NHK in Japan but when the cameras turned off, Abe’s gang suddenly passed the law which the public thought was still being debated.  Then, one of the top LDP officials snarled that anyone protesting this new secrecy law is a ‘terrorist’ and thus, should go to prison like the young Muslim Egyptian female students.


Abe wants to revive the emperor worship and other features of pre-WWII Japan:  Back to the future: Shinto’s growing influence in politics but this is being studiously ignored by the US State Department.  The last WWII vets are dying and so it is time to forget how stupid it is to help Japanese imperialists.  At least in England, one of the news sites is noticing this:  Is Shinzo Abe’s ‘new nationalism’ a throwback to Japanese imperialism? | World news | theguardian.com.


Last of all is the news from the Vatican and its minions in the US:  New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan says Catholic church is ‘caricatured as being anti-gay’ which is odd since they pride themselves on being totally, actively and viciously anti-gay as well as anti-women’s rights!  Their god is this phobic creature which claims to be a male (I have yet to seen any reference to It as ‘It’ by the believers, after all).  The Church’s knee-jerk hatred of gays and women is legendary as well as physically brutal and murderous.  Far from whining about us pointing this out, the Church, like the Japanese government, must apologize over and over for centuries of persecution!  And pay reparations, too.


Pope Francis ‘Evangelii Gaudium’ Calls For Renewal Of Roman Catholic Church, Attacks ‘Idolatry Of Money’ which takes us full circle here.  No entity worshipped money more than the Papacy.  And no entity hoarded it as much as well as building some of the world’s biggest and most expensive palaces.  He calls on governments to provide healthcare especially for women having babies…while his Cardinal in NY screams that he wants to kill Obamacare because it helps women get contraceptives.


Also, this radical Pope snaps to us pesky females that making a woman a priest of pope is ‘out of the question’ due mainly to the fact that the homophobic asexual god that is called ‘He’ hates us all a great deal and thinks we are evil while He or rather It is very murderous (killed his own son!  Note how ‘it’ has a child with a human female!) as well as vindictive and in particular, It also snarls that those of us who are having sex It hates to have, we will be sexually raped and abused and tortured forever.  End of story.



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7 responses to “Pope And Money, Fed And Money, Wall Street And Money, Bitcoins, And Other Money News This Xmas Season

  1. DeVaul

    Off topic, perhaps, but this is the most errie thing I have read yet:


    All Bedouins will be forcibly “relocated” to another “Heimat” by Israel and their homes and land confiscated by the government.

    All that is now left for Israeli transformation into the Third Reich is the erection of secret crematoriams out in the Negev desert where the Bedouins will be “resettled”.

    History may “rhyme” with the past, but the sound of it is not pleasing.

  2. tio

    Hey DeVaul

    This appeared in the UK’s most right wing paper on Friday.


    promptly disappeared, try and find it in the search engine


    Anti zionist protests/boycotts in my town are the norm.

    Anyway bitcoin, I like it, don’t have any, wish I grabbed some when I found out about it, wouldn’t touch it now even with yours. It is an elegant hack of the system, irrespective of where it ends up.


    ELAINE: I hope you read my latest story about yet ANOTHER Bitcoin scam that stole $100 million from True Believers who imagine they found some weird El Dorado.

  3. tio

    Oh and if I knew what the heck I was doing I would buy Helium, just for laughs.

  4. Luc

    OK, I wuz listening to AM today. Some ‘police state’ type tactics in Wisconsin. Grabbing PCs and demanding millions of emails….anyone know more?
    ‘Next, they will say in the Deep South that slavery is a ladder up, too.’

    It was, compared to Africa in 1800. See ‘Negroes in Negroland’ book.
    Heck 5 million were just killed in the Congo. I assume many would have opted to be slaves in China over their sad fate.

  5. emsnews

    So, the millions of soldiers who died in WWI would have been better off as slaves? The millions killed by the Nazis and Japanese who were worked to death would have been better off as slaves…oops. They WERE slaves!


  6. Liberalism’s bull market turned to a bear market. On Monday December 2, 2013, liberalism’s greatest ever fiat wealth rally came to an end, as bond vigilantes called the Interest Rate on the US Ten Year Note, ^TNX, to 2.80%. Riskless investing, that came through the money printing operations of the US Federal Reserve and other world central banks, finally came to an end on the death of fiat money, that is as Credit, AGG, and Major World Currencies, such as the Australian Dollar, FXA, and Emerging Market Currencies, CEW, such as the Brazilian Real, BZF, continued lower in value.

    The global industrial Global Industrial Producers, which turned lower on October 23, 2013, when the bond vigilantes called the Interest Rate on the US Ten Year Note, ^TNX, higher from 2.48%, led the way lower: Industrial Miners, PICK, -1.0, Steel Manufacturers, SLX, -1.0, Design, Build, and Construct, FLM, -0.9, Metal Manufacturing, XME, -0.9, Automobiles, CARZ, -0.9, and Wood Production, WOOD, -0.3.

    The world entered into Kondratieff Winter on December 2, 2013, as Nation Investment, EFA, -0.8%, World Stocks, VT, -0.7 Global Financial Institutions, IXG, -0.5. The greatest of all risk assets, that being Small Cap Pure Growth, RZG, -2.0, such as ROLL, CVR, and JBT. Liberalism’s credit trade investing and currency carry trade investing life experience that generated moral hazard based fiat wealth prosperity is over, through finished and done; thereby putting an end to liberalism as both an age and a paradigm. Of note Large Cap Growth, JKE, global industrial automation providers and machine tool manufacturers, Rockwell Automation, ROK, and Nidec Corp, NJ, traded parabolically lower, portending the failure collapse of global growth and trade.

    Sectors trading lower today included RZG, -2.0, PSCI, -1.4, CHII, -1.4, RZV, -1.0, PBS,-1.0, IGV, -0.8, FDN, -0.7, XRT, -0.7, with Limited Brands, LTD, -0.4. Limited Brands is the organizational head for Victoria Secrets Intimate Apparel, La Senza Sexy Bras, and Bed and Bath Works. Its Yahoo Finance Chart shows that it has risen 700% since the 2008 financial crisis. The age of intimate expression and the age of intimate relationships, ended December 2, 2013, when the bond vigilantes called the Interest Rate higher on the US Ten Year Note to 2.80%. One now has ever increasing intimate relationships with others in the beast regime’s regional totalitarian collectivism, where all of humanity will be knitted together in the diktat or regional governance.

  7. Here Is some money news for you.

    Money is defined as the credit and trade that comes from the administration of a household or stronghold.

    The Apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians 1:10, that Jesus Christ is in charge of all things economic and political; thus He is in full administration of money, where it be fiat money or diktat money; specifically He is overseeing the completion, fulfillment, and perfecting of the paradigm and age of liberalism, and is commencing that of authoritarianism.

    And the Apostle John wrote of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, communicating those things which must shortly come to pass in Revelation 1:1, meaning that once things start to flow, they will, like lined dominoes, topple one upon another.

    Two new events of December 20, 2013, communicate that Jesus Christ opened the Second Seal of The Scroll Of End Time Events, presented in Revelation 6:3-4 … “When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, Come!” Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword.”

    First, Jason Ditz of Antiwar reports Iran Sanctions Bill to skip Committees; Hawks promise veto-proof majority with vote likely in January

    Second, Alex Kane, assistant editor for Mondoweiss and the World editor for AlterNet posts Meet the American Hedge Fund Billionaire who could start a Holy War in the Middle East. http://tinyurl.com/l2oanaq

    South of Heaven writes, Bad news comes in threes; there may be a third item someplace!!

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