NROL-39: The Evil Octopus Emblem Perfect For Bilderberg Gang Controlling US Citizens

NSA scary octopus

Top-secret government spy satellite launched into space with sinister cartoon octopus logo and boast that ‘Nothing Is Beyond Our Reach’ | Mail Online

The US military/spy organizations that serve our foreign masters who are known as the Global Elites loves to advertise this.  The Evil Octopus is a very apt image of this spy outfit.  Mossad and the CIA have to spy on everyone in order to make the rich bastards even richer.  Note how the Evil Octopus is crouching on the US.  This is because the US public is paying 100% for this monster that is oppressing us.  All its high, high cost is being piled up on our public debt bill.


Republicans Back Down, Ending Crisis Over Shutdown and Debt Limit: I knew all along that the debt battle was fake due to the fact that our foreign-owned Congress wanted to waste more money on useless  wars.  It was obvious the GOP wasn’t serious about the debt due to the fact that when in power, they always double and triple the debt.  Instead, we are going into wars due to our rulers wishing we would fight their international battles.


Seymour Hersh: Obama Lied About Syria simply details what anyone with a brain knew from day one.  It is painfully obvious that the last thing Assad wanted was a sarin attack after Obama said this would trigger a war with us.  So of course, the sarin attack happened to some children because the Evil Octopus knows that we are all going weepy when children are killed except when the Evil Octopus murders innocent children then it is OK.  But this time it didn’t work.  Nearly all of the Dead Children events our mainstream Bilderberg media owners trumpet are attempts at misleading us into wars they want for territorial or looting reasons.


Alas for them, the internet gives all the citizens who they lead about by the nose, some idea of what real news is so these Dead Children attempts to lure us into a war are now failing.  The overreach of the Evil Octopus happened when the Congress was shouting about how we have no money for food stamps.  Telling little children to go to bed hungry doesn’t fit in with the Dead Children meme.  Oops.


The right wingers here tried to pretend US citizen children who are poor are actually Evil Children and thus, deserve to starve.  But only really stone hearted haters bit that bait.  Even so, libertarians who think all children are evil didn’t eat the bait and the Born Again Bastards who actively torment living children who are Sinners due to birth unlike innocent fetuses, they were quite happy to starve the little creatures but not happy about fighting a war for al Qaeda who has been kidnapping nuns: Syrian Rebels Demand 1000-Hostage Swap to Free Kidnapped Nuns.


CIA’s Anti-Terrorism Effort Called ‘Colossal Flop’ which is actually false.  The Evil Octopus has never, ever been fighting ‘terrorists’…they SPONSOR it!  We pay for them.  Our stupid and evil allies support them.  The Evil Octopus needs these terrorists to exist.  They are its lifeblood so it can suck us all dry.  If terror stopped  the Evil Octopus would die.


Obama Puts Final Iran Deal Odds at 50-50 due to Congress being owned by AIPAC.  Al-Qaeda Surging Across Iraq as thousands are murdered there and we can thank the Evil One for this.  Our invasion was based on lies.  When Iraq disarmed once the UN confirmed this, we invaded.  The same is the plan for Iran.  The Evil Octopus has plans to invade Iran, too.


China Pressures U.S. Journalists, Prompting Warning From Biden – which is silly since the Bilderberg propaganda side of the Evil Octopus lies about China making it appear that China, not the US and Japan, are causing territorial stress in Asia.  Chinas trade surplus widens as exports rise 12.7 per cent in November while Japan still has a trade deficit.  Japan gives OK to S Korea’s expanded air defense zone UNILATERALLY as everyone is now doing the unilateral territorial thing.  The US thinks this is OK but the real reason is, the US has stopped diplomacy in Asia due to China soon to be #1 economic power status.


The Evil Octopus thinks it is very, very smart.  It is really stone dumb stupid.  Crown prince of the Japanese empire  leaves to attend Mandela memorial service where the Evil Octopus will be in full attendance to sigh and talk noble about ‘peace’ as the bloody hands of warmongers have total control of the Nobel Peace Prize, awarding themselves whenever they stop butchering Little Children.


Does China want to turn the moon into a DEATH STAR?  And the answer is ‘Yes’.  Why?


China can afford to do this.  The US and Japan are both very, very deep in debt.  The US and Japan are working nonstop to impoverish and destroy their own working class citizens.  The US and Japan are looting their own home bases in order to live in great luxury.  The Evil Octopus is too busy squatting on the US to go into space, our space program ONLY is for the Evil Octopus which puts up spy satellites and other things so it can spy on all of us and kill children when necessary to start a mindless war.  Meanwhile, the Chinese are going to beat us at this game since their country grows richer and more powerful as ours die.


And we are dying due to the Evil Octopus here being a gang of foreign devils.  The Chinese Evil Octopus at least works for China!  Imagine that.

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18 responses to “NROL-39: The Evil Octopus Emblem Perfect For Bilderberg Gang Controlling US Citizens

  1. melponeme_k

    I guess the secret satellite will help them spy better on World of Warcraft and Second Life users.

  2. They must be a fan of Goldman Sachs .
    “A great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity,relentlessly jamming it’s blood funnel into anything that smells like money”

  3. Quote from Matt Taibbi,Rolling Stone 2009

  4. Jim R

    Peter C, that was an insult to vampire squids. They are really cute little critters that live down in the deep water, and are just trying to make a living in this increasingly damaged biosphere.

    Same goes for octopi.

    Elaine, it’s worth noting that the octopus in that logo is out of water. It will die before too long. The real-life organization it represents will die too; it will die as it destroys the middle class on whose support it depends.

  5. Vengeur

    After these Syria revelations, Obama now has enough egg on his handsome face to make a western omelet at Denny’s. If the media would stop jacking off to him for a minute, they might even notice it.

  6. Vengeur

    My hat is off to the English people, if they hadn’t stood up against the mad rush to war in Syria, Obama and his jackals would have succeeded in duping the American people into ANOTHER war on behalf of the Israelis. THANK YOU!!!!

  7. DeVaul

    And the Elites are not beyond the reach of the poor either:

    The rich think they can hide in some pirate cove like Singapore and rule the world from there, but unless they plan to clean their own toilets, build their own mansions, manufacture their own limos and yachts, etc, they will always be surrounded by serfs and peasants.

  8. aashild

    This is rather ironic because during the Cold War the US used a evil octopus to showcase Soviet communism as a threat against the world

  9. emsnews

    HAHAHA…a prescient picture indeed!

  10. Fuck the eye

    So the octopus is only showing one eye. What a surprise, not.

  11. Mike

    Bilderberg…its been a while since I have seen the word in print…thought that was a media “no-go”. Wow! Elaine, forgive the familiarity, you have both intellect and courage…been watching some Mandela stuff today.

  12. Seraphim

    The Octopus Logo is very revealing! It is a candid admission of who is actually behind. The Octopus is an “antisemitic symbol”! It was widely used by those who believed “in the canard” of the Jewish conspiracy out to take over the world (see the “Protocols”).

  13. emsnews

    It is used for ANYONE trying to secretly control things.

  14. melponeme_k

    Octopi and their relatives are rather sweet tempered creatures. They don’t deserve to be used as malefic symbols for the delusional elite.

  15. CK
    They deserve to be used as appetizers, fish courses or main courses.
    I prefer them sautéed in black sesame oil with a dash of thyme salt and a side of lime slices.
    For the managers of octopuses, consult recipes for cooking long pig.

  16. kenogami

    Octopus and squids are extremely intelligent.

  17. rps

    What if you replace the phrase “right wingers” with “the elect”? That is to say, if you translate ‘the elect’ in ideologue terminology of the Calvinist acronym TULIP. The five points of Calvinism -Total Depravity aka Total Inability and Original Sin. Unconditional Election. Limited Atonement; aka Particular Atonement, Irresistible Grace and Perseverance of the Saints -also known as Once Saved Always Saved. That God, by His sovereign grace predestines people into salvation; and Jesus died only for those predestined; that God regenerates the individual where he is then able and wants to choose God; and that it is “impossible” for those who are redeemed to lose their salvation.
    The arrogance of the right wingers parallel the calvinist ideology of the grandiose self-serving righteousness of the [s]elect; who are those saved and are eternally secure. Particularly, irresistible grace which is defined as God’s call of his elect into salvation, they cannot resist. In other words the righeous right wingers are ‘god’s’ chosen; they are eternally secure in Christ. Therefore, the rest of us are doomed aka horsemeat or fodder for the chosen.

    In simple Orwellian speak: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. This is the crux of civilization -civilized society in the arbitrary and ideological/artificial human barriers created in the distinction of exalting one human above another determined by religious/political/economic/resources divisions. As Thomas Paine stated in “Common Sense”: “But there is another and greater distinction for which no truly natural or religious reason can be assigned, and that is, the distinction of men into KINGS and SUBJECTS. Male and female are the distinctions of nature, good and bad the distinctions of heaven; but how a race of men came into the world so exalted above the rest, and distinguished like some new species, is worth enquiring into, and whether they are the means of happiness or of misery to mankind.”

  18. emsnews

    The ‘race of men’ who are ‘distinguished’ got there by KILLING people. Lots and lots of people. And then severely crushing the peasants.

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