Washington Post Zionists Fret About US Losing Power, CIA Frets About Levinson Spy On Iran Story


While utterly ignoring the economic collapse of the US as a powerful empire, an economic collapse caused by endless warmongering coupled with enriching bankers and other elites with the floating fiat currency/free trade regime, our yappers in DC are busy howling about how US power is declining.  Well…DUH!  Alas, they think this is due to a lack of more warmongering, more free trade and more money printing by the Bank of Israel gang who are taking over the Federal Reserve.


Here is one right wing fascist Zionist in the huge stable of the same, howling about how we aren’t attacking everyone Israel wants killed:  Ignatius: Is the U.S. losing its global power?


“Does the administration understand that, in this part of the world (ELAINE: the parts inhabited by and loved by all these Zionist fascists), its credibility has collapsed?” warns one well-connected Arab who speaks often with the region’s leaders. He quotes an Iraqi official, furious at what he sees as U.S. abandonment, who recently remarked caustically: “I wish I could sue the Obama administration for criminal negligence.”


Partly this scornful tone reflects the well-publicized unhappiness in Saudi Arabia and other Sunni powers of the Persian Gulf about Obama’s diplomatic opening to Shiite Iran and what’s seen as his feckless policy in Syria.


This Jewish foreign policy expert (sic) never mentions Israel nor our President there, Netanyahu, nor AIPAC.  He thinks he can fool everyone into thinking these ‘Arabs’ want us to attack Muslims all the time.  Obama’s ‘feckless policy in Syria’ involves him not fighting on behalf of al Qaeda.  Nowhere does Ignatius mention that Saudi Arabia and other despotic rulers of Sunnis are behind the resurrection of al Qaeda nor does he mention that this gang is kidnapping nuns to hold hostage, for example.


Nor does he mention how Bush Jr. and Cheney allowed only Saudis to fly all over the US right after 9/11 when a gang of Saudis and an Egyptian hijacked several jets and created chaos.  The Washington Post never examined this issue, nor the Zionist NYT, about letting all the Saudis skip town after doing this dirty terrorist trick on the US public.  THIS is the ‘redacted parts’ of the 9/11 Commission which is being studiously ignored while the general public remains agog about the fact that buildings also fell down, too.


I was attacked ferociously back in 2001 for suggesting that 9/11 was going to be used to further Israeli/Saudi aims and we would go to war with the wrong people, namely the more or less innocent Afghanis and the totally innocent Iraqis.  Now, the bulk of Americans think both wars were worthless or stupid, a tad too late.  Because of this, the general public also doesn’t want more wars on behalf of people who push us into endless wars.  The comments at the Washington Post are nearly 100% anti-Israel/Saudi Arabia with only a few Zionists hanging on, calling everyone names.


Here is another warmongering  editorial from this violent fascist Jew:  David Ignatius: Obama’s relentlessly pragmatic diplomacy which is basically, ‘How dare he do diplomacy when he should be attacking our targets we set up for him?’  At no point does this fool mention the recent budget impasse and how we were all told quite loudly, ‘There is no more money left!’  The fact that these Jewish neocons got money for Jewish weapons tripled this week and then AIPAC ordered Congress to pass it or else and the GOP leadership was forced to turn on the Tea Party and denounce them as budget deficit devils…it is clear our empire is in decline!


Any empire run by foreign ‘allies’ who have zero interest in saving the empire, only using it for their own nefarious ends, usually dies rapidly.  Just like if any leech system is set up so a system runs in the red all the time while nothing at home is fixed, it dies.  The fact that AIPAC and order Congress to pass a budget bill just so they can get their paws on a few more billion dollars and some wars shows us how our empire will die.  The yelping by Zionists that we are not strong enough is infuriating since our ‘strength’ is in our economic base which they worked tirelessly to destroy.


Just as I said yesterday that the Fischer head of the Bank of Israel worked tirelessly to increase Israeli exports to the US while ruthlessly preventing imports into Israel from the US, these Jews are so focused on making their home base strong and powerful, they are willing to kill America’s economic home base to do this and pile on tons of debt on the rest of us (I am part Jewish, by the way!) which is a recipe for disaster for the Jewish people including myself, we will all be attacked for this in the end.  Even the Jews who defy Zionists and expose their many crimes and schemes will be harmed in the end.


Here is another insane editorial from the same warmongering rag in DC:  Jackson Diehl: Foreign policy based on fantasy – The Washington Post


Let’s suppose for the moment that al-Qaeda’s new base in eastern Syria, Hezbollah’s deployment of tens of thousands of missiles in Lebanon and the crumbling of the U.S.-fostered Iraqi political system pose no particular threat to America. That still leaves U.S. allies in the region — Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey — marooned in a scary new world where their vital interests are no longer under U.S. protection.


The level of lunacy here is astonishing.  Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia PLANTED and PAID FOR and ASSISTED in the building and manning of this al Qaeda base!  They created this Frankenstein Monster themselves and are 100% responsible for it existing!  But this information seems to have not eked into the dark brain of this Zionist warmonger.  No, he has to openly lie about it all and claim we have to protect these same people from the same people they funded and created!  Which is exactly the same situation on 9/11 when the US government and media lied about Saudi royals and Mossad involvement in the attacks that day.


AIPAC and Saudi royal terrorists won again as Iran Quits Talks Over Latest US Sanctions when Obama was forced by AIPAC and Congress to add on even more sanctions after Kerry promised this wouldn’t happen for six months.  I warned the Iranians about this.  I told them (but who listens to me?) that these negotiations were a prelude to attack.  Once the US and its gang finds a victim is disarmed (Iraq, Libya, Syria) these warmongers than attack.   So, now we learn that the US Is Open to Backing Syria’s Islamist Rebels!  What the hell?


Then there is this Zionist gang attempt at penetrating Iran using a former FBI agent:  White House Slams AP for Levinson-CIA Story   CIA Vets Say Levinson Affair May Damage Intra-Agency Co-Operation. This silly story is all about a double agent going in secretly and the clever Iranians spotted him from a mile away and seized him.  DUH!  The Iranians took down the US embassy in Teheran which was a CIA nest and discovered how the System works.  So they know how to look for these agents.  DUH!  My mother once fooled the Chinese by telling them, ‘Would the CIA be so dumb to send a six foot tall woman into China to spy?’  HAHAHA.


The naive Chinese thought she was right.  Of course, the CIA will send in a Jewish guy to spy on angry Iranians!  Then use the excuse of him being a ‘hostage’ to attack Iran!  The poor sap probably didn’t know this was a set up.  The Iranians knew very well.  The CIA secretly paid Levinson’s family $2.5 million to keep silent.  Then, the angry family told the NYT and WP all about this and both sat on the story!  DUH.  The AP guys finally broke it.  Then, the Zionists blowhards in the media yelled that AP was evil and hurt the man’s family only they are now in the news saying they desperately wanted to  break the story!


Back when I was running around the planet playing games with the CIA, KGB and Statsi, my father told me the CIA would not protect me.  I told him, ‘Thank you, what a RELIEF!’  This is protection that would kill me.


The CIA is a front organization for the bankers, Bilderberg gang, warmongering foreign powers and nobility of Europe and of course, oil barons and dictators of all stripes and kinds.  It does not work for the US public at all.  Ever.  Never did. At any time.

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5 responses to “Washington Post Zionists Fret About US Losing Power, CIA Frets About Levinson Spy On Iran Story

  1. Mike Gibbs

    “The CIA is a front organization for the bankers, Bilderberg gang, warmongering foreign powers and nobility of Europe and of course, oil barons and dictators of all stripes and kinds. It does not work for the US public at all. Ever. Never did. At any time.”

    In my opinion the Federal Reserve is the front organization and source of absolute power for those whom you have mentioned. The CIA is the “sharp end” of implementation of their (undemocratic?) agenda. I find it interesting that this group is now fleecing western middle classes, which, judging from history, is a very perilous road for them to go down; especially in the age of internet;>).

  2. Luc

    ‘the economic collapse of the US [as a powerful empire,]’…..not sure what you mean????

  3. Coldtype

    That poor Levinson sap was clearly working indirectly on behalf of the Mossad in the deluded hope of digging up “dirt” on the Iranian nuclear program. This couldn’t be more obvious after reading the AP report.

  4. James

    News from the Far East.

    A serious naval incident occured in the South China Sea on December 5th.

    Apparently, USS Cowpens (CG-63), a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser (http://goo.gl/7dzDXP), was reportedly observing a Chinese Battle Group that included the Aircraft Carrier Liaοning (http://goo.gl/j78fbX) when she was ordered to leave the area. USS Cowpens refused, claiming she was sailing in international waters and remained steady on her course.

    As a response, an unidentified escorting Chinese Destroyer seperated from the battle group and moved agressively towards the US cruiser at ramming speed. Reports say that a near collision event followed. Apparenly, USS Cowpens performed emergency evasive maneuvers to avoid a collision. The US responded angrily at a diplomatic level and blamed China for irresponsibility and lack of control.

    Furthermore, Japan is preping its armed forces, just enough to pull the US in an armed conflict. Apparently, it creates special marine units to be used for the “recapture” and the “defence” of the Senkaku Islands. It also reinforces its air defences in Okinawa with extra F-15J fighters and creates an early warning squadron with E-2C Hawkeye aircraft in the area.

    China has moved an unknown force of its fighters to the Northwest of the country, as they believe that if an armed conflict occurs in the Southeast, the US will attack from its bases in Afganistan.

  5. Petruchio

    “Then there is this Zionist gang attempt at penetrating Iran using a former FBI agent:…” One lesson to be learned here not mentioned yet: if you work for the CIA, they will throw you under the bus at the first sign of trouble. No wonder that during the Cold War the CIA had NO “assets” in the Eastern Bloc countries; nobody trusts the CIA. An Agency run by a bunch of uber spoiled rotten rich kid Ivy Leaguers who think murdering people and sponsoring coups throughout the world is intelligence “gathering”.

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