Jade Rabbit Makes Moon China Territory, US Retaliates By Near Crash With China Ship

There are so many things going on it is hard to keep up with the nonsense things.  But one big news story this week screams for attention: the US has been, along with Japan, grossly infringing on China’s front doorstep and are on the verge of triggering WWIII.  This is no small matter since the US has systematically refused to disarm even as it screams about Iran’s arms that don’t even exist anymore than Iraq’s WMD.


China denounces ‘slanderous’ air zone remarks by Abe: according to the US and Japan, the Chinese nearly collided with a US ship that was ‘minding its own business’.  Only the news came out in Europe and Asia that the US ship was actually shadowing China’s first aircraft carrier.  So another Chinese ship escorting it cut between the US ship and the Chinese aircraft carrier.


And all this took place very close to China’s shores and far from Japan and tremendously far from US shores. 


The US has used this gambit many times in the past such as with Cuba when a boiler blew up in a military ship in Havana so the US blamed Spain and declared war.  Then there is the nuclear warhead standoff with Russia and Cuba which was started when the US tried to put nuclear missiles in Turkey aimed at Russia.  A part left out of most stories about that dangerous week.


China’s moon rover, lander to photograph each other: the US gave up on the moon due to high Vietnam War costs.  The US space program is so tattered and worn, the only way we and the EU and Japan can access the Space Station is via Russia.  And the US has been attacking Putin nearly nonstop ever since he announced a defense treaty with China.


Export Surge Sets Up Big Surplus for China and Shanghai Man Seeks Record Sum After Home Museum Demolished are the only China news at the NYT today, for example. There is zero China news on the WP front page!  


We lost the space race…again!  To Russia and now China.  The US has killed NASA pretty much and the inability to race in space is going to be a huge problem in the future.  I know so many Americans who have all these dreams about space only to see these die on the vine.


Yes, we have the Mars Rovers but they are old, in the past, none in the present or future.  The Chinese will go to Mars when they wish.  We can’t.  Due to simple economic facts: China’s exports are surging, their economy continues to grow and they are solvent and are the richest Sovereign Wealth nation on earth with immense reserves.


They US is the world’s poorest Sovereign Wealth nation, poorer than any third world hell hole.  This is due to our trade deficit so our ‘wealth’ is red ink.  Held mainly by China.  Reengaging Ukraine is a Washington Post editorial where the fascists claim we can spend $20 billion to save Ukraine from Putin’s influence.  If not that, we should encourage a war there like in Syria, etc.  


We will ‘fix’ Russia’s influence by spending even more money overseas while telling Americans they can’t afford healthcare, they must die.  The GOP is howling about ‘Obamacare’ which was crafted by Congress and our rich insurance companies.  Naturally, it works poorly unlike say, Canada’s saner system which Congress refused to copy.


The upshot is, ‘We have no money!!!’ is the cry as our leaders claim we can spend another trillion trying to control the planet earth.  Money we most definitely do not have.  The Jewish Bilderberg owners of the NYT has this report: Bloomberg Focuses on Rest (as in Rest of World) because…surprise, surprise, Bloomberg is a billionaire Jewish offshore money man who belongs to the Bilderberg gang!


Meanwhile, the real Person of the Year has more shocks for the Bilderberg/CIA/Fed Reserve/Pentagon fascists:  Extent of Snowden’s Leaks Eludes American Officials.  The NSA considers amnesty for Snowden if he stops leaks story is hilarious.  


Finally, on the War Front, the War on Muslims continues to be a total disaster with yet another wedding party annihilated by US assassin drones.  Yemen Tribe Demands Apology for Drone Deaths which they won’t get.  The Levinson spy story continues to evolve with the Iranians rightfully angry about all this.


So…Iran Asks US to Provide More Information on Missing Spy so they can find him since they don’t hold him officially.  Ah, diplomatic channels!  The US thinks making the world s swamp with the elites acting like a bunch of crocodiles is ‘diplomacy’.  But in reality, our diplomacy is an Evil Octopus that does nothing for Americans.  Except eat them.

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7 responses to “Jade Rabbit Makes Moon China Territory, US Retaliates By Near Crash With China Ship

  1. The Chinese use way cooler names than the USA.
    I mean Jade Rabbit sure beats the hell out of “Operation Moon Endeavor Killer Apachee Rover”

  2. Blissex

    «when the US tried to put nuclear missiles in Turkey aimed at Russia. A part left out of most stories about that dangerous week.»

    That is not “tried”, the nuclear armed missiles with a flight time of 1 hour to Moscow, and thus ready for a first “decapitation” strike, were installed and equipped and primed.


    Deploying a whole battery of nuclear armed first-strike missiles on Russia’s borders *without telling the President* is not a trivial exercise, requires to move a lot of money and equipment and complicities.

    Obviously there was a faction in Congress and the Pentagon who wanted to provoke a nuclear war with Russia, putting the President before the a situation of fact they had created, and the war was prevented only by the reasonableness of the Soviet government who believed, without a shred of evidence, that the USA would withdraw in secret the missiles on their border *after* they renounced putting theirs in Cuba.

    Probably President Kennedy wanted to start a purge of the traitors in Congress and the Armed Forces who had conspired against the USA and himself, and probably his brother Robert would have done the same if elected, but coincidentally they were both assassinated.

  3. e sutton

    “…coincidentally they were both assassinated.” How about “conveniently” they were both assassinated? The Zionists have been playing their dirty little game for a very, very long time. Now let me see…who was it that “conveniently” shot Oswald? I believe, if memory serves, his name was Jack Ruby…short for Rubinstein? Involved in drugs, liquor, and prostitution. The tribe is filthy and degenerate and will stop at nothing to obtain their goal: the complete eradication of all goyim. And by the way, after the dirty Muslims and Christians, they’re coming for your ass next. Really unbelievable coming from a group that was so systematically slaughtered by the Nazis. And now, since 1948, they’re pulling the same shit on Palestinians. A new day will dawn soon, the veil of deceit will be lifted and they will have to pay quite dearly for their cruelty and misdeeds.

  4. DeVaul

    I am not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but JFK was killed by a conspiracy of powerful people for quite a number of reasons. Those men will never be revealed or brought to trial. Most are dead now.

    I also do not believe the Chinese will “win” the space race unless “winning” is defined as wasting billions on discovering that there is nothing of any real value on the moon or Mars (the US and UdSSR already discovered that).

    I think the space program in China, wild in comparison to ours, is a publicity stunt to keep the Chinese working like slaves in the belief their children will have a better (i.e. easier) future. The Chinese leadership knows there is no way that a space fleet or space colony can be built anywhere without unlimited amounts of fuel and materials, so it is all propaganda and graft at the higher levels of the Chinese government.

    China arrived way too late at the fossile fuels table, and even if it captured every oilfield on earth, it cannot do what it plans to do.

  5. emsnews

    To the contrary, the ability to go into space is all about real power. Huge time. We ignore this at our own peril.

    But then our nation is entirely focused on controlling angry Muslims. So we are doomed.

  6. ziff house

    whats interesting but have not looked or heard is why they choose a particular spot, i think they are looking for minerals but i wonder what sort of remote sensing they might be using, helava long distance prospecting.

  7. emsnews

    There is a lot of mineral wealth in the asteroid belt, too.

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