The Queen’s Law Is Dead, Long Live The Queen’s Law

The British royals are invaders.

The British royals are invaders.

Sea Kings and Horse Warriors: Conquest Norman Infantry, Completed

Great Britain accidentally repeals anti-monarchy treason law: while reviewing laws that should be removed for being archaic and stupid, some cheeky subject (Britain doesn’t have citizens) erased the law that punishes these pesky peasants if they even THINK about eliminating the House of Hanover and its many German parasites parading about the land pretending to be the Tudors or Norman nobility who, by the way, were also originally alien invaders, too.


The British royals were appalled by the removal of this law protecting their ownership of England and the feeble Parliamentarians rushed to restore it. This law, by the way, isn’t ancient, it was imposed when Queen Victoria came into power.  There was a  lot of talk of eliminating the House of Hanover after a series of drunk, obese, riotous, even totally insane royals made it nearly impossible to do anything.


The rise of peasants overthrowing nobility struck fear in the hearts of the ruling elites of Britain.  Today, the royals act as if they are ordinary people who simply tool about in private trains, yachts, jets and armored vehicles.    Kate and Wills’ £250k bulletproof Bentley (top speed 200mph!)  is in today’s news.


Duchess of Cambridge angers neighbours with ‘Barrat home’ tiles is the latest imbroglio.  Seems Kate didn’t like the ancient slate roof tiles and so they are installing a bright red roof which infuriated the local gentry.  Combine this with the news that the Prince of Wales has demanded all his serfs sign papers giving him all the value and power of the land they bought from him and we see how these creeps operate.


Britain Looks to Fracking as North Sea Oil Dwindles and what the Prince wants to do is come in and drill on people’s properties and then suck out all the energy there so his family can drive 200 mph armored Bentleys.


Texas Earthquakes Mainly in Three Cities This Month and near a fracting point in Wales there was another earthquake.  The royals who plan to pull their rights to everything offshore and underground want fracting to roar ahead.  To keep the peasants from pitchforking them, they have gotten Parliament to offer all communities being ravaged by well exploration 100,000 pounds.

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 7.36.10 AM

Which, when spread to all the people whose lives will be utter misery while the noisy, dirty, suffocating, lights on all night, trucks rumbling past 24/7…an invasion of orcs!  It isn’t enough.  At all.  And doesn’t make up for the noxious invasion.  So all your best china cracks and breaks and the windows crack?  Tough luck, the orcs must work day and night.


In Texas, people buy bucolic houses in the countryside only to discover they own nothing below 6 inches of land and any orc master can come barging in and right next door erect a well while destroying the value of the property owned by some poor middle class hobbit who is deep in debt to the Lords for buying this little patch of land they really can’t ever own.


The same is even more true in England.  The Queen and her consort made a huge deal of selling off the yacht and train, for example, to show how they are ‘little people’ but then when the Prince got hitched, suddenly they needed a new palace for their tiny baby and one of the world’s more expensive cars and so forth.


Many hilarious details about the royals are coming out in the hacking trials as the jury learns what was hacked:  ‘Furious’ Queen started marking snack-bowl levels after guards stole her ‘nuts and nibbles,’ court hears.  HAHAHA.  ‘Keep your sticky fingers out of my nut bowls, you dirty peasants!’ shouts Her Majesty as her corgis bite the stiff police guard’s ankles.

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10 responses to “The Queen’s Law Is Dead, Long Live The Queen’s Law

  1. melponeme_k

    That she measures her nut bowls because the tax paid security crew took a nut here and there is hilarious and infuriating. That harpy pays for nothing. She should be eternally grateful that the British public are too stupid to throw her backside out of those palaces.

  2. Jim R

    You know, melponeme, it says a lot about the stupidity of the public in general.

    Over here in the Etats, we don’t have royalty but thanks to a gerrymandered and otherwise largely broken election process, and also thanks to a stupid public, we have Senators who should be thrown out on their backsides, but it never will happen.

  3. melponeme_k

    @Jim R


    We bring it on ourselves. Anytime they start celebrating the Kennedy ingrates, it makes me want to scream.

    We all could call for a Constitutional Convention and throw them all out. But they would just turn the out of the control military on us.

  4. I came by here to see if you were howling about Pemex yet.

  5. emsnews

    The Pemex thing is all about destroying the sovereign ownership of the energy markets and the unions and turning it over to international bankers. Are you happy now, Smith?

  6. shawntoh

    Ha! I found it finally.

    The sad thing here is we all could just be laughing and saying this video of John, Paul, Steve and Mr. John S. Ritchie is utterly dated and belongs to another evil era of Britain’s past in the mid-70s now that we’ve got things right and fixed all our problems in our glorious global village.

    However, after reading this blog entry, may I point out it’s just as relevant as it was in 1977 during the Queen’s Silver Jubilee…

    I’ll add that it truly was a lost opportunity for Mr. Ritchie–though it’s alleged that at least he asked Lemmy from Motörhead to teach him how to play bass.

  7. emsnews

    I knew all about the Saudi coverup way, way back in March, 2001. The US media knew. Refused to report it in detail or at all. The reporters who exposed this story were cut off from all access to media outlets and shunned to this day.

    NOW these same bastards are claiming to cover this story! To hell with them all.

  8. El Kabong

    Elaine, what did you know March 2001 ??


    ELAINE: I knew there were no bombs in the buildings, that is all junk, and that the Saudi royals gave money to Atta and his gang via their embassy official in California and that Bandar protected them from investigation while Mossad closely observed the flight training of Atta’s gang who trained in the one place with more retired CIA and FBI agents per capita on earth in Florida. Not to mention the Bush family’s offshore retreat Jupiter Island which is a stone’s throw from where Atta and his gang trained.

  9. Seraphim

    Well, it looks that all royals that Britannia ever had were of “continental” extraction. Even the most iconic “native” King of Britain, Arthur (who in reality lived long before the Dark Ages being none else than the famed Caractacus, totally misrepresented by the medieval fiction writers that were the Bards) was of Continental Gallic origin (from Belgica).

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