Half England Open To Fracting: Hobbits Will Be Destroyed By Saruman And His Orcs

half of britain will be fracked to death

This is why Prince Charles suddenly sent letters to all the villages he owns informing the subjects who erroneously thought they owned the land they bought!  He haughtily informed them they owned nothing below the skim surface of their properties, he owned all that lay below and was expecting to exploit this to the hilt, too.  And they had zero say in how he does this.  The fact that he sent this letter claiming his mineral rights should scare Brits enough to overthrow the House of Hanover.  So the news is finally out: Half of Britain to be offered for shale gas drilling as fracking areas face 50 trucks passing each day – Telegraph

The areas to be offered to companies for fracking include several National Parks, numerous Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and sites deemed of “international importance” for conservation and wildlife.


Prince Charles is a Bilderberg elite.  He knew this law was going forth and got a jump on it which is why he demanded his serfs sign the letter acknowledging his ownership of their mineral rights and the right to move equipment literally into their gardens and back yards to fract for gas.  They have zero say in when he does this and zero say in how he does this.  Already the poor saps living in Texas are learning they have zero rights to stop drillers from destroying their comfort and safety at home.


According to the government of Britain, these serfs can expect up to 50 trucks a DAY rumbling into their neighborhoods carrying toxic drilling fluids, etc.  And the drilling isn’t quiet, it is like an army of orcs hammering away under Orthanc.


JRR Tolkien watched England industrialize and was horrified by the effects of all this.  He saw the environmental cost of the Industrial Revolution and we see many complaints in our media and from our elites about how China has pollution and toxic wastes from the Industrial Revolution at work in Asia.  Modern systems are paradoxical.  Civilization provides protection of the environment but also destroys it.  Balancing these forces is tricky.


Tolkien did give us a clear idea of how the anti-tree ideology works:  Isengard is run by Saruman the Wise who isn’t so smart.  He attacks the trees surrounding his Orthanc tower and kills them in order to build an army to invade his neighbors and then exploit them for their own good.

fracting in england will make wastelands

Orders from Mordor LOTR 1.05 [HD 1080p] – YouTube: the trees are chopped down and burned and hammers ring below the surface as arms are built secretly.  The land is laid to waste surrounding the citadel occupied by Saruman who is one of the 1% elite.


Naturally, not one royal estate will be invaded and trees killed.  The royals will enjoy peace and quiet while their purses fill to overflowing with the money paid by the energy drillers who will also make oodles of loot but the homeowners (sic…they own nothing, really) will be like the Hobbits in the Scouring of the Shire whereby they will lose peace and quiet and gain nothing but have to pay for the energy extracted under their homes.


And the earthquakes: yes, they will get that, too.  The royals and the rich elites who run Britain have told everyone, ‘This will create jobs!’  So let’s visit the US where rapine is OK:  Crime Accompanies Flow of Oil Workers into North Dakota.  Up 8% in just one year.  NOrth Dakota has the nation’s lowest unemployment rate but at what cost?  What’s the matter with North Dakota? Rise of a male-dominated dystopia – Tulsa FBI | Examiner.com


For North Dakota women, the booming state is becoming a dystopian nightmare rather than a job seeker’s utopian paradise. Rapes and assaults have multiplied in frequency at an alarming rate and Williston has begun to resemble more a 19th century Wild West town than a modern twenty-first century city. With a rate of over one hundred rapes per 100,000 residents, Williston now has a rape rate that is nearly four times the national average. A woman in Williston, North Dakota is four times more likely to report being forcibly raped than a woman living in Los Angeles and over seven times more likely than a woman residing in New York City. Williston’s per capita rape rate is higher than that of all but one of the 214 US cities with a population of over 100,000 residents, including Detroit, Chicago and New Orleans, cities usually regarded as among the nation’s most dangerous places.


Invite in an army of orcs and this is the result!  I’m certain the bucolic Hobbit homeowners in Britain just can’t wait for this army to invade and exploit the land.  The worst part is, none of this will make the homesteaders richer.  In North Dakota, it is now the Rape Capital of America and to top it off, the orcs who are generally Republicans, want to ban abortions even if an orc—especially if an orc rapes one of the farmer’s daughters.  Guns are a big thing in North Dakota so I am assuming the rapes are due to females not carrying guns and killing any males that touch them.  And in this Wild West movie life, we see clearly why women in the Wild West like my great grandmother were feminists demanding the right to vote, the need to shut down the saloons and the disarming of the unmarried males if they came into town!


Far from packing heat all the time, Mrs. Petitt marched around old Tucson with an umbrella (to keep off the hot sun, by the way) assailing any drunks or never do well males.  And demanding the Sheriff keep everyone sober and out of town if they couldn’t behave.  Instead, we have the Wild West everywhere these days.


England is troubled by a flood of foreign labor coupled with a collapsing social services system and deindustrialization going hand in glove with exploitation of the land on behalf of the real owners, the elites.  Bringing in a flood of foreign cheap labor mainly males to service the royal gas exploration agenda will mean more rapes, higher crime and lots of degradation of life style of the victims of all this.  And the 100,000 pounds per well drilling translates into shillings per person which won’t pay for the rapes, noise, earthquakes and other noxious side effects.  Nor will a small share around 1% of the profits fix any of these things.


UK unemployment rate slips to four-and-a-half year low of 7.4% so the Bank of England will raise interest rates.  The Fed Reserve will do this, too.  Of course, the ‘jobs’ issue is a Trojan Horse.  Both banks want inflation and a flood of labor and money from prospecting mineral/gas resources leads to inflation which these bankers think is a good thing.  Both Britain and the US want to consume energy but we know that a lot is also exported.  We see from oil and energy exporting countries that this doesn’t bring a happy society into being, it tends to lead towards tyranny, degradation of the land and dispossession of farmers.


Iraq is a fine example of this.  Once the birthplace of agriculture, it is a dead desert now with the population trapped in cities being blown up all the time.  A Wave of Violence Sweeps Iraq with almost 9,000 people murdered this year and the death toll in general in the last decade being around half a million.  The oil wealth brought nothing but sorrow.  The oil in Saudi Arabia brings little to the masses, too.  Look at any country making profits from oil and gas and we see little good for the average person and often terrible suffering.


Russia has a lot of gas and oil.  And Russia to Spend Billions on New ICBMs because Britain and America decided to park missiles on Russia’s borders while screaming about Iran, another oil export power, for trying to defend themselves from invaders via ICBMs.  And the US is an energy export nation, itself, bristling with nuclear bombs, stomping all over the planet fighting rival energy export nations especially in the Middle East but also trying endlessly to overthrow governments of rival oil/energy export nations in Central and South America.


All of whom send out waves of economic refugees to the US due to this energy export business not able to support populations of males who need work lest they go around marauding the countryside.  And the UN is yelling at Uruguay for legalizing pot!  Which would slow down the marauders greatly.  And poor Afghanistan has no energy to export, it is the terminus for pipelines for energy from surrounding neighbors and their export is opium.  England might as well start growing pot and poppies and make money that way.  It would be less destructive than fracting.


And…I recall the biggest opium pushers on earth were the Brits….ask the Chinese about that!

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One response to “Half England Open To Fracting: Hobbits Will Be Destroyed By Saruman And His Orcs

  1. melponeme_k

    Its a win win for the royalty. They will reap and destroy. All paid for by the public. Then they will shake their fingers at the pollution. It will be cleaned by the public through tax and manual labor. Mostly by manual labor because I doubt there will be any solvent middle class taxpayers left.

    Divine Right of Kings is a great, isn’t it?

    That I should live to see the end of the Age of Enlightenment is severely depressing. 200 years and change was not a very long run even if it was only half the meal and not the whole.

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