Italian Pitchfork Protestors Take Over Cities, Cops Drop Helmets And Shields Join Protests

Turin police remove helmets

Riot Police Remove Their Helmets in Solidarity With Italian Protesters – YouTube

The anti-austerity demonstrators in Italy have been joined by the police.  There were few protests during the Berlusconi era even though the crimes and corruption of that period were rampant.  It seems the Italians liked this situation.  The thing is, US media is generally not reporting much of any of this.  Fascist demonstrations are raging all over Europe.  The US is just fine with these demonstrations that want to have a kleptocracy replace the stern German ‘do your duty and pay your taxes’ regime.  Just as the US Tea Party wanted to keep the status quo including any social programs that serviced them (Alaska being the top state when it comes to government handouts), the EU rightwingers also want to have their socialist cake while eating capitalist baked goods.

Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 8.33.16 AM

Google shows that not one major US media operative is covering the news from Italy.  The Pitchfork Party has as members, angry farmers who are pissed off because government money given to them is being cut.  Imagine that.  I often marvel about farmers here in the US complaining about welfare money while demanding welfare many not to mention all the elderly white people yelling about government running their lives while demanding Social Security payments.  The horrifying thing here is, they end up voting for Republicans who want to kill Social Security.


The Pitchfork Party is focused on street riots over trivial things:  Italy’s ‘Pitchfork’ Protesters Clash with Ajax Fans in Milan


The Pitchfork movement, which started with a loose group of Sicilian farmers concerned about rising taxes and cuts to agricultural state funds, has evolved into a nationwide umbrella grouping of truckers, small businessman, the unemployed, low-paid workers, rightwing extremists and ultras football supporters.


Violence erupted in Milan when 20 Ajax fans, who had arrived in the city for the Chamions League game against AC Milan, got off their bus and hurled beer cans and insulta at the demonstrators in the central Loreto Square.


Police intervened quickly to break up the fighting. There were no reports of injuries.


‘Pitchfork’ protests reveal economic frustration in Italy | The Stream – Al Jazeera English: here is the Italian letter supporting this alliance:

italian right wing protests embrace cops

In this video, the Pitchfork party attacks tax offices in northern Italy: ▶ lancio di lacrimogeni – YouTube

Italian pitch fork protestors attack tax offices in Milan

The Italians just don’t want to pay taxes.  The rich certainly refuse just like our rich refuse.  The new government is going after Italy’s rich:  Italy’s super rich yachters sail away from taxman and here is why the Italian economy is a disaster: Why Italy’s poor drive Lamborghinis | GlobalPost:


The group is an easy target. According to Italian newspapers, people reporting incomes of less than 20,000 euros (about $26,000) per year cumulatively own 188,000 supercars, (such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, or BMW couples), 518 private airplanes or helicopters, and some 42,000 yachts.


All together, 15 million Italians — about 1 out of 4 citizens — declared no income last year. Reports indicate that nearly a fifth of that group own at least three homes…allies of billionaire media mogul Silvio Berlusconi, who preceded Monti as prime minister and who has himself been indicted for tax evasion, have threatened to pull much-needed parliamentary support for Monti’s reform platform.


Lest we look down our  noses at the Italians, Accidental Tax Break Saves Wealthiest Americans $100 Billion – Bloomberg:


The popularity of the shelter, known as the Walton grantor retained annuity trust, or GRAT, shows how easy it is for the wealthy to bypass estate and gift taxes. Even Covey says the practice, which involves rapidly churning assets into and out of trusts, makes a mockery of the tax code.


“You can certainly say we can’t let this keep going if we’re going to have a sound system,” he says with a shrug.


Covey’s technique is one of a handful of common devices that together make the estate tax system essentially voluntary…


So, the Waltons got this immense tax break accidentally?  Sort of fell off a chair in DC?  HAHAHA.  Right wing Republicans joined with others to sneak through this thing and Mr. Mayor Bloomberg knows perfectly well how this happens.  The rich knows this system they created is doomed.  They know it will start riots.  They know that eventually they will have to cut social services to fellow citizens and they are doing it and thought the Tea Party would be fooled into doing this.


Note that the Tea Party is increasingly anti-international intervention.  And so it is being suppressed by the rich who are using their puppets in Congress and media mouths to do the dirty work.  They blame the Tea Party for the financial mess in DC and fake liberals like Krugman at the NYT calls for the US to spend even more money as debt money to keep our imperial war machine moving forwards which is insane, we are going bankrupt even as we confront China on the sea and air next to China, demanding the right to let the Japanese lord it over everyone.


And the Chinese own our debt and own our dollars and own our markets and the Japanese do, too, and we are fools.  With rich idiots refusing to pay taxes while supporting trillion dollar wars and free trade that benefits the Waltons no end.  While cutting wages, social spending and anything going to the masses who make up our nations, our citizens.  The Italian middle class right wing riots won’t fix anything there.  Neither can the Tea Party fix anything here so long as they refuse to confront the rich.

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13 responses to “Italian Pitchfork Protestors Take Over Cities, Cops Drop Helmets And Shields Join Protests

  1. melponeme_k

    As I get older the way of the guillotine seems more and more rational. Horrible, that it should all come to this for a few hot heads who think they have divine right with magical blood and are the elect of god while raping, looting the commonwealth.

  2. DeVaul

    The fact that 1 in 4 Italians reports no income is quite scary to me. If they believe they have no responsibility to support their own country, and that all benefits must flow to them as they sail around in their yachts, then faschism cannot be far away for Italy. People like Hitler and Mussolini thrived among populations that were so deluded they would believe anything.

  3. CK

    Fascism is state control and direction of all national industry alongside private ownership of the industries. Paying or not paying theft/extortion is neither here not there as far as Fascism is concerned.
    The actual distance of Fascism from Italy is currently 69 years.
    Hitler thrived in a democracy, Mussolini is a democratic kakiocracy.
    As in all democratically infected polities. The citizens got what the deserved as well as what they thought they were voting to wallets.
    In the USA, 4 out of 10 will not report $0 income on their 2013 extortion forms.

  4. CK

    I have never understood the belief that a bunch of thieves can claim a chunk of whatever someone’s parents produced and that it is somehow moral.

  5. DeVaul

    What if the parents stole the money and then passed it to the kids?

    What kind of “production” do you approve of as “moral”?

  6. DeVaul

    By the way, CK, if Hitler and Mussulini thrived in democracies, then that is even more cause for alarm because Italy touts itself as a democracy even though it is run by rich bankers running corporations for the purpose of lining their pockets at public expense.

  7. Vengeur

    “Note that the Tea Party is increasingly anti-international intervention. ” This is very true. And this is one of the main reason the Republican Party want the tea party types to shut the f*ck up and go away. Anybody with a brain can see the US- Bush gin-up of the Iraq war was a total farce turned total fiasco. Not to mention “the longest war in US history” Afghanistan debacle. And then Obama tries the same trick with the laughable “red line” Syria schtick to plunge the US in yet ANOTHER inextricable bloody mess .

  8. emsnews

    The rich guys at the head of the GOP thought they could control the Tea Party. Now they must destroy it. And the TP did this to themselves by alienating the left.

  9. Christian W


    Hitler didn’t thrive in a democracy, that’s why he put an end to it with the approval of the rich elites. The fascist mindset in any society seem to be about 15% of the population, they can sometimes swell their numbers to something like 30-35% with hangers on but genuine democratic dominance is pretty unheard of that’s why they go totalitarian.

  10. emsnews

    Democracy was rapidly collapsing across the entire planet during the Great Depression. It always collapses during depressions. As we see today. It has collapsed here, for example which is why Congress continues in power despite being EXTREMELY unpopular.

  11. James W

    “According to Italian newspapers, people reporting incomes of less than 20,000 euros (about $26,000) per year cumulatively own 188,000 supercars, (such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, or BMW couples), 518 private airplanes or helicopters, and some 42,000 yachts.”

    Its the old Greek Propaganda Story, repated from the now totally controlled Italian Media (now that the Cavagliere is gone from the picture). It is becoming the new Southern European Propaganda Story: This Story originally went on that the now country-less Greeks are “evil lazy tax evaders, living beyond their means, working two hours a day and stealing the future of poor German taxpayers and at the same time, they threaten World Peace because they are enjoying life too much”. Accordingly, the Italians are now “pasta eating mafiosi tax evaders, all of them driving Ferraris and destroying the glorious future of Europe and poor Mother Gaia’s environment with the emissions of their millions of dirty jets and supercars”. Oh, how some good old prejudices can make you a fortune, if you push the dials right!

    Soon, the Spanish Story will read “the Spanish are satanic tax-evaders, that own houses they stole from the poor banks with the aim of performing evil satanic rituals with their very kids as human sacrifice in them, that’s why we forbid these b@st@rds to have demonstrations or even live, while we liberate the houses back to the glorious banks”. The Portoguese will follow suit after that with a similar BS story. The whole Southern European people are becoming the new Jews via the grand schemes between the Euro-scum Gang (i.e. Oli, Manuel et al), TBTF banks, Soros and the German Chancellery. It is clear by now, isn’t it?

    Have you heard of the Greeks ever since their Story suddenly stopped? Of course not. Now the former Nation is a dystopic Debt Colony run by Germanic Commissioners, multinational corporations in close cooperation with the IMF, Siemens, Deutsche Bank, a few local collaborating robber barons who control all the infrastructure, plus a gang of local rotten-to-the-bone political 2nd generation elites who do as they are told by the German Chancellery (et al) and pass made to measure laws (mostly aimed at grabbing all private and public property and wealth on behalf of the “debtors”, i.e. ECB, Deutsche Bank, JP, the Vampire Squid Squad and more) in exchange for office. It doesn’t matter that the European Parliament concluded just yesterday that the austerity measures imposed on the country 4 years ago are a complete and utter failure, solving nothing and producing more debt than before, while Greeks lost 40% of their wealth and start to die by the thousands due to hunger, extreme unemployment, market collapsing, the deliberate destruction of the the public health care system and exposure to cold after losing ownership their homes by Law! The show must go on for everyone. Long live Troika! Places people! The former country will soon have to be split between its neighbours, some US and European corporations, Russia and Germany. All Your Bases Are Now Belong To Us. Your Oil And Precious Minerals Too. Italy will soon follow suit along these lines. Spain and Portugal too. Did anyone say “a series of hostile takeovers, followed by liquidation of assets”?

  12. emsnews

    That is what happens when you go deep into debt. And yes, the southern tier countries were filled with people who though they were very, very clever until the hammer came down on them.

    And this is why i talk about the dangers of debt!!! All the time!!!

    I have zero debt and pay for this via hard, hard work. While people around me have a fun, fun time and then go bankrupt (happened to my two rich neighbors who then lost their mansions!).

    I believe in the Ant and not the Grasshopper and the Little Red Hen.

  13. emsnews

    And…the Chinese who hold US debts are all Ants not grasshoppers and we will pay dearly for our little fun game of ‘let’s go bankrupt’ and I side with the Chinese in this matter.

    It was very stupid of us to think we can go bankrupt with no cost, to stiff creditors and then laugh while killing them via nuclear bombs, for example.

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