Virtually No One Likes Congress Especially Hate GOP Guys

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For millennials, political thrill is gone – The Washington Post: a panel of experts try to discover why young voters are becoming apathetic after Occupy Wall Street demonstrators were very violently suppressed.  The milling around on the Washington Post discussion spends a lot of time avoiding talking about how lobbyists like AIPAC and Big Oil or the bankers or other foreign powers as well as the Bilderberg gang control Congress and thus, steal our votes by getting our ‘representatives’ to represent them, not us.

This simple issue is the loss of sovereignty to lobbyists who nakedly bribe Congress and buy elections via various tricks especially commercials run by  media owners who cynically want to control Congress so it fights many Muslim wars and lets in a flood of illegal aliens for cheap labor.  Note how virtually no millennials like the GOP.  Virtually none!  The disapproval of the DNC comes from Democratic leaders supporting NSA spying, wars on Muslims, military confrontations with China offshore of that huge nation, the resurrecting of the Cold War with Russia and the persecution of leftist liberals.

The chasm forming between the old right wing and young voters is growing, not shrinking.  Anger about AIPAC is a secret force growing stronger and stronger as people realize that Israel wants wars and wants us to fight these and is relentlessly pushing us into these wars and millennials must fight these wars for Israel and Saudi Arabia, another not very popular country that has few civil rights for a huge part of the population.

The  majority of people ruled by Netanyahu, for example, have virtually no civil rights, that is, the captive Palestinians who are ‘nobodys’ and Israel forces the US to deny them any voice in the UN. In our name.  Without our permission.  Obama, like all the US servants of Netanyahu and the King of Saudi Arabia, has to beg for money and power from these powerful lobbies who give this only if he kow tows to them all which he must and he did defy them briefly until Congress voted 90% against his liberal moves to stop the Muslim wars or more clearly, the War Against Shi’ite Muslims.

Bush Jr. wasn’t popular, either.  The majority of Americans were tricked into the Iraq war by our media and these same lobbyists who control Congress and the Zionist media owners who want to control the earth so their tiny homeland can rule humanity using the US military as their enforcement arm.  The US media, Congress, the Presidents and all want total spying on all Americans to suppress anyone who dares fight the Real Rulers who are mostly foreigners.  So we got the NSA which was exposed by the very brave Snowden who is a millennial.

Here is one letter from the very intelligent, aware man who blew the whistle on government officials and politicians spying on everyone on earth including all Americans all the time:  Snowden letter to Angela Merkel and German parliament | euronews,

Our media owners seldom directly quote his many letters all of which are clearly written by someone who is immensely aware of what is going on and is being persecuted by these extremely unpopular politicians!  With millennials, Snowden is more popular than any ‘leader’ today for he is a REAL leader.  Big time.  I have immense regard for him and admire him greatly.

From Ultraculture | Enlightening stuff:


Here is a screenshot of a CNN false story posted claiming Snowden offered to spy on the US for Brazil.  He sent a letter to the President of Brazil offering to testify in hearings about US spying on that country.  Germans still seethe about the revelations of the US spying on Merkel’s private conversations and then feeding this to Israel, for example.  The ‘to Israel’ part of the story is nearly totally censored in the US.  The revelations that all the raw data being collected is being hosepiped to Tel Aviv is the biggest  non-news story of the year.

No media outfit dares publish any of the direct letters from Snowden nor do they interview him.  He is open to talking to them but they, not he, has disconnected the telephones and don’t answer the ringing doorbells.  Millennials know the media is their enemy.  They know directly that the media openly concocts lies about them and attacks their core beliefs and desire for future change.  Millennials are the Enemies of the State!

Deliberately messing up the messages the millennials are yelling at us is depressing.  This happened to my generation during the Vietnam War.  People gave up and embraced the Reagan Counterrevolution whereby war cowards (Reagan didn’t fight in WWII except on stage!) got to strut around like war heros (the Bush family gang) and our shores were opened to free trade which destroyed the unions and our debts shot upwards as the GOP whined about overspending and then going off the fiscal cliff the minute they controlled Congress and the White House with the media calling all this ‘good times’.

Millennials are paying the price.  The education reforms led to high loan debts on students, exploitation of students needing degrees by private colleges using all sorts of tricks to drive up student debts while giving no real education, privatizing the military so it can be milked for loot, the piling of government debts on future workers, the millennials will be crushed by international debts when they retire and then will be worked to death or denied any retirement funds at all…I shudder to think what is in store for them all, these are my own children who are adults we are talking about here!

They hate the present Congress, loved Obama’s election but are annoyed as hell that he was forced to obey Netanuahu and the Saudi royals.  They know the Evil Octopus wants to eat them and my darling grandchild.  They hate racism and know that Israel’s vicious racism is going to harm the Jews because they are half Jewish and thus, targets of anti-semite Nazis and think Jewish Nazis are insane.

And have no voice to talk about this in public but it is definitely talked about in private!  All over America.  The gulf between the Snowden millennials and the ruling elites is most dangerous to the elites because the millennials who matter are….necessary to run the world!  If the elites are forced to use stupid people, the collapse of power will be swift and violent.  And History tells us this is inevitably true.


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7 responses to “Virtually No One Likes Congress Especially Hate GOP Guys

  1. El Kabong

    “As the Crisis catalyzes, these fears will rush to the surface, jagged and exposed. Distrustful of some things, individuals will feel that their survival requires them to distrust more things. This behavior could cascade into a sudden downward spiral, an implosion of societal trust.”

  2. melponeme_k

    The disaffection and hard end of the stick didn’t start with Snowden’s generation, it started with mine…Generation X. Unfortunately there were not enough of us to make a dent against the reactionary part of the Baby Boom generation.

    The Millenials have real numbers. I’m hoping they realize they have the muscle to make change.

  3. Vengeur

    I really doubt whether anything concerning Israel or AIPAC is even on the radar screen of the average Millennial. Their disaffection is due to the moribund job situation ( low paying , dead end jobs) , and the sneaking suspicion that they are going to get hosed on Obamacare . Not to mention that the privacy of their social media communications is being routinely finger-fucked by ….. Obama’s people?

  4. Petruchio

    “Millennials are paying the price. The education reforms led to high loan debts on students, exploitation of students needing degrees by private colleges using all sorts of tricks to drive up student debts…” You can call this situation, “Revenge of the Ruling Class”. The Viet Nam war protest movement on campus enraged the ruling elites very deeply. And it scared them. This is one reason why the elites took over the higher education system. “We can not have an educated Middle Class. They can do too much critical thinking.” The elites couldn’t eliminate higher education, so they did what the Banksters do: load them (the students/grads) with so much student loan debt they can never get out from under it. The multinationals get LOTS of free R and D this way too, all courtesy of the pleb taxpayers. Now you know why there is almost NO protest movements on campus anymore. I am all in favor of a college education, a REAL one and everybody who wants to receive a college education should be able to go if they like. That said, I fully support the deep slashing of taxpayer funding of the Higher Education system; it’s a tool of the elites. Let them fund it 100%. (They won’t of course; they are the world’s biggest freeeloaders).

  5. Luc

    ‘This is one reason why the elites took over the higher education system’…
    Uh, Ayers, Dohrn , Fistgate Czar ad nauseum turn education into disinformation….here…

  6. Jim R

    Firstgate Czar?

    Is that some kind of ultralooneyfringe dogwhistle word I haven’t heard before?

  7. Petruchio

    “Uh, Ayers, Dohrn , Fistgate Czar ad nauseum turn education into disinformation….here… Are you serious? Bill Ayers was a member of the Weather Underground. His last trial was around 1970. 43 years ago!! Kevin Jennings, no matter how reprehensible he may be, is NOT in any way, shape or form connected to the multi-billion dollar Higher Education system–he’s a K-12 administrator. The Higher Education sytem is ALL about PROFITEERING–through dumping huge piles of debt onto the poor sucker students. This should stop, imho. The taxpayers should demand that their politicians SHRED University funding–until there is some accountability TO THE STUDENTS! That’s only fair; they are the ones paying the money, through tuition AND through taxpayer subsidies. As I said before, let the multinationals do their own R&D–ON THEIR OWN DIME, not freeload off the taxpayers. And spare me the BS about how they create jobs.

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