Klayman Wins NSA Spy Suit So CNN Attacks Him Viciously As US Media Owners Plot More Attacks On Our Freedoms

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Record High in U.S. Say Big Government Greatest Threat: Gallup Poll results this week show that fear and loathing of DC is accelerating after a brief drop due to 9/11.


The US media is in full attack mode trying desperately to convince Americans that spying on everyone will make us all safer and sending this information straight to Israel is a good thing…oops, no, they are busy hiding that vital story!  Anyways, the stunning victory of the ever-feisty  Larry Klayman over Obama in a lower court hearing about the NSA Constitutional violations has sent the domineering internationalist capitalists all in a screaming tizzy.  By the way, Mr. Klayman is Jewish and like myself, has bristled often over the issue of US sovereign rights of citizens.


Tea Party ‘inventor’ Larry Klayman mocks Rand Paul’s Tea Party bonafides because Ron Paul ran off with the Tea Party.  I remember the earliest Tea Party actions and it was focused on Wall Street and the Federal Reserve.  After Paul used it to raise money before mysteriously quitting the GOP primary race…and a lot of Paul supporters were pissed at me when I warned them he was fleecing them for money when he was making a deal to withdraw to help Romney!…and then the GOP took over with Palin and she turned it into a ridiculous joke organization to be blamed for noxious tax cuts the rich wanted but didn’t want to be caught red handed.




In this tangled mess we have Snowden, a real hero.  Even Obama’s crew thinks he is right: Strip NSA of Power to Collect Phone Data Records, Obama Panel Says and also…Stop Undermining Encryption this same panel of experts have stated.  Yes, He is not only right but we think Snowden might even sue Obama for persecuting him when he was doing legal whistle blowing since much of the noxious NSA spying was done after they lied to Congress.


Of course, our media owners hate civil rights, citizen’s rights or anything sane.  They have an agenda and it is the enslavement of the US public and the burial of us all under a mountain of debt as our government spends ferocious amounts of money on foreign adventures and businesses.  Here is CNN’s cowardly attack:  Larry Klayman in huge CNN smackdown – Tal Kopan – POLITICO.com


Lemon again protested the characterization, saying that only he knows his political affiliation, over interruptions from Klayman, prompting the host to threaten to cut Klayman’s mic. He then brought on Toobin, CNN’s legal analyst, who slammed Klayman as a “lunatic.”


“This case is based on Larry Klayman’s tin-foil hat paranoia about the NSA being after him. He had some fantasy that the NSA was after him. This case is not about Larry Klayman, it’s about the metadata program that affects everybody, but the idea that Larry Klayman is the representative is simply outrageous,” Toobin said. “He is a professional litigant and lunatic who should not be a representative of the very important issues of this case.”


Klayman responded that Toobin should read the opinion and what the judge wrote…


“It’s not about me, Jeffrey, and the fact that you want to try to do a hit on me shows me that you’re not a serious person and, frankly, should not be doing legal commentary for CNN,” Klayman said. “I think you should read the complaint rather than shooting your mouth off. … This is a disgrace.” 

Note how the TV interviewer uses personal attacks to blacken the name of someone who has won a significant victory for all American citizens.  This is a Constitutional issue, not a personal issue.  I don’t care if it is the Hulk or Thor bringing the suit.  What matters is, what are our rights?  And how shall we punish the people who imposed on us, stealing our collective rights.


Klayman tells CNN’s attack doggies to read what the judge wrote:   Judge Leon and the Shocking Scope of the NSA’s Surveillance Program : Just Security


This means that if a search starts with the telephone number (123) 456-7890 as the ‘seed,’ the first hop will include all the phone numbers that (123) 456-7890 has called or received calls from in the last five years (say, 100 numbers), the second hop will include all the phone numbers that each of those 100 numbers has called or received calls from in the last five years (say, 100 numbers for each one of the 100 ‘first hop” numbers, or 10,000 total), and the third hop will include all the phone numbers that each of those 10,000 numbers has called or received calls from in the last five years (say, 100 numbers for each one of the 10,000 ‘second hop’ numbers, or 1,000,000 total).


This didn’t stop the personal attacks on the plaintiff who won a very significant court case.  CNN’s Zionist crew had to bury him because this ruling hits Mossad very hard since Mossad right now has access to all US phone calls.  The fact that the CNN crew didn’t examine the facts of the case is typical.  I remember the Bush vs. Gore ruling.  This was the Supreme Court overriding the Constitution deliberately and even appended a note saying I couldn’t use this ruling to force the US to have uniform voting systems because they said, ‘You can’t count the votes equally due to different methods of voting’.


I was poised to sue immediately and all of Congress knew this because I went to DC and circulated there handing out my lawsuit’s provisions before the ruling and I told the head of the House and Senate that I was going to fight this all the way back to the Supreme Court.  Public Broadcasting even carried the story about this visit of mine only to bury it hours later.


The sneers I got after the judges pulled a fast one on me…the only time in history they did this!  And that should still be debated and note how no one is debating this issue!  How dare the Supreme Court write a provision saying basically, this ruling is NOT a ‘precedent’ and can’t be used as one in court!  Insane! Still stands.  Back to Mr. Klayman’s torture by CNN attack dogs:


“Oh, my gosh. Are you OK?” Lemon asked Klayman. The pair began to argue, and Lemon asked his producers to remove Klayman from the screen.


After allowing Toobin (the ruling elite tool) to speak about the case, Lemon brought Klayman in for the last word “to show you we’re going to be the bigger person.”


Klayman then scolded Lemon for suggesting CNN is some ‘bigger person’ outside of being an arm of the Evil Octopus.  ‘Letting’ Klayman say something after being censored was no favor to him.  But was cover for CNN which knew that the internet would ravage them again for censoring guests when guests are winning arguments with the tools hired by CNN.


Interestingly, the Bilderberg owners of the NYT has decided to throw in the towel after, I am assuming, friends called and chewed them out:  Turn Off the Data Vacuum says the New York Times now that the cat is out of the bag.  Here is related news: Uninsured Are Skeptical of Health Care Law in Poll which is no surprise.  The laws for healthcare reforms were written by and for lobbyists and not the people who don’t have health insurance so it is designed to work as poorly as possible while being expensive which is bad news for poor workers.


At The Raw Story site I read some of the ‘liberal’ comments and all of them are attacking Klayman for being a right wing bigot and not one of them is thanking him for arguing our collective case here and taking this to court in the first place.  The left and right have strong potential alliances and I keep talking about these and yet, the personal attacks keep us weak and  helpless.  I want my women’s civil rights and my collective Constitutional civil rights, thank you!  I will fight anyone who tries to steal either.


Our strength lies in being able to unite to fight for our sovereignty and the fight women and gays and minorities have gone through over the ages has been a huge, long battle.  And we keep warning white males that their own rights will vanish if ours don’t appear.  This is why I choose to salute Mr. Klayman for fighting for my rights and I am happy he is doing this.  Yes, he is also doing the ‘birth certificate’ thing about Obama but then, I think we should have a collective talk about ‘what is a citizen?’ in the first place, a discussion that is being evaded by liberals many of whom have foolishly chosen the position that citizens have no more rights than illegal aliens even to the point of forbidding citizens the use of the words, ‘illegal aliens’ to accurately describe people breaking our travel laws.


Illegal aliens do have basic human rights but don’t have citizen’s rights.  This concept is nearly impossible for many liberals to figure out.  The right wingers have trouble figuring out that their privileges are wrong and should be joint rights shared by everyone.  And the minority community has to figure out that teaching their children to be thugs, ganstas and killers is insane and very racist…of themselves.


The Electronic Frontier and ACLU are both running lawsuits, too.  I hope they also win.  I hope plantiffs on the left and right hammer this lesson home: NO, you may not violate the fundamental philosophy of our Constitution and you cannot override what our Founding Fathers made perfectly clear about government spying being very restricted.  It is painfully obvious that this NSA spying is utterly and totally illegal, illicit and illegitimate.  As well as illogical, irresponsible and irritating as all hell.

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14 responses to “Klayman Wins NSA Spy Suit So CNN Attacks Him Viciously As US Media Owners Plot More Attacks On Our Freedoms

  1. emsnews

    Here is the video:

  2. will


    Have you heard the news story about Sen. Graham of Florida? He has gone on record to say that Saudi Arabia is responsible for and funded 911.
    It was on huff post live. He is calling for an investigation.

    What do you think of this?


    ELAINE: About time!

  3. e sutton

    Thanks for the video, Elaine. It makes a very good addition to your excellent article. I also salute Snowden, Greenwald, and Klayman. These people are fighting for our rights and standing up for what’s right. The little Step n’ Fetchit newsboy on CNN seemed to get his panties in a wad when he was called out for his Zionist leanings. And Tobbin seems to be the perfect Zionist, patting the colored newsboy on the head for barking at Klayman.

    We all owe Snowden a depth of gratitude for sacrificing everything he had to fight for our rights and stand up to our onerous Big Government. I sincerely hope that one day Snowden will lead a ticker tape parade in downtown Manhattan. Now HE truly deserves the Nobel Peace Prize! (not that it’s worth much of anything anymore-seeing how they’ll give it to even the most deranged war criminals!)

  4. Mike Gibbs

    The democratic principles presented by the “Founding Fathers” of the United States version of democracy drew heavily from the unwritten “Six Nations” indigenous peoples. It was absurd to indigenous people that an individual could “own” land. While working in northern Ontario, Canada in the 1960’s I became friends with native North Americans and had very interesting discussions (from my point of view). When confronted with individual ownership of land, they asked in amazement…do they also own the air and water, above and on the land? Needless to say I had no answer to that question.


    ELAINE: Ahem. The TRIBE owned everything and killed anyone trespassing. Do you want a world run this way? Like Israel?

  5. @Mike Gibbs, there’s an author I like called Craig Johnson. He seems to be doing something different with the traditional western genre. One of his indian characters says about owning land, “Do you own your mother? The land feeds you and provides for you.”

  6. I like that youtube vid. Klayman demonstrates pretty clearly that CNN refuses to cover real news, and he demonstrates it on CNN. That’s quite a feat.

  7. melponeme_k


    Klayman didn’t need to say anything at all to make his point. The pretty boy model type pretending to be a reporter SAYS IT ALL. That reporter isn’t liberal. He is a fascist.

    Everyone on this board is more liberal in their pinkie fingers than this reporter. A true liberal would never cut off a dissenting viewpoint.

    The same way Huffingtonpost wanted to reveal everyone’s name to be tracked through Facebook. They don’t want discussion. They want fascism.

    The elites want to frame the debate as one of eternal yes to their wars. The only thing standing in their way is that they cannot restrict our access to foreign newspapers. Believe me, they will restrict that in the future. Not officially but as dropped ISP connections, lag etc.

  8. Being There

    We all have to admit that this is a Corporatocracy with little left of the fourth estate. We also need to recognize that what we think is left and right is really not, but we pretend it is. The two party system is one. It is a two-headed hydra trying to masquerade a s a democracy with it’s too long show-pony campaigns and elections that are rigged.

    It is amazing how much corporate censorship is going on everyday. From A&E shutting down Phil Robertson, a basic redneck who was speaking in another venue. The fear the media corporation has is that they might be boycotted and his attitudes effect their bottom line. Who watches the show? NYC liberals?

    Anyway, the way MSNBC treated Dylan Ratigan tells you a lot about our media. BTW he warned us June 2012 about the TPP trade deal that would destroy sovereignty in favor of global corporations. The free market is only a one-sided deal for bankers ceos and other assorted elites.

    They despise the educated and want to stop others from learning about history. This is an old story of most repressive states. We’ve seen it all before.

    The idea of the Israelis having access to our metadata is just plain bizarre.

  9. e sutton

    @Being There
    Yes, the fascist state is controlling free speech in an attempt to protect their bottom line. This might have backfired on them, however, because the redneck’s free speech (which he is constitutionally entitled to, btw!) also happens to reflect the show’s (Duck Dynasty) viewers. I’ve never seen the show as I watch very little t.v., and I don’t agree with Robertson’s homophobic views, but I will fight to the death for his right to state them. I’m glad that people are kicking up a fuss about A&E sidelining him. He also, in the same GQ interview, mentioned something about how happy blacks were prior to the Civil Rights era of the fifties. Again, pure nonsense as far as I’m concerned, but as you point out, the people who agree with him are mostly fellow rednecks who are 50 plus years of age.

  10. emsnews

    This history channel and A&E and others used to be wonderful. Way back in the Cable Stone Age they were informative and educational and fairly liberal.

    But it seems that dunderheads love to watch cable these days so these stations became Redneck Central with lots of shows of screaming, cursing, clumsy, stupid, annoying, loud, ignorant people.

    But then MTV is doing the same in regard to screaming, cursing, drunk, teen moms, ignorant creeps rather than music! The arts are dying and being replaced with the lowest of the low stuff.

  11. larry, dfh

    Last summer I had a fascinating conversation with a
    very interesting woman,
    in part about the Iroquois Nation. When I referred to it as a mutual-defense agreement, she corrected me, that it had evolved from the women as more of a peace arrangement: the women were sick and tired of the men’s slaughtering of each other. She said that our form of government was in part derived from the Iroquois, and in part from the Romans. The Romans didn’t have a recall capability, but if the Iroquois women weren’t happy with their government representative, they would replace him.

  12. Mike Gibbs

    Been off the grid for eight days. Nice to feel warm;>). Hear what you are saying Elaine. Sure do like what larry, dfh has to say.

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