Filmmaker Randy Olsen Claims Global Warming Debate ‘Boring’ Due To Opponents Winning Debate

Thanks to a cold front pushing warmer air in front if it causing a brief hiatus in the Arctic Cold late fall here in the Northeast US, the climate change army is back to shouting ‘It is WARM therefore we need to make it much colder!’  They claimed temperature has nothing really big to do with ‘climate change’ but note how every warm weather event has this miserable chorus singing the ‘Hot!  Oh, so hot!’ song.    Thus revealing that it is all about temporary temperature variables.


This wouldn’t be too horrible to experience except they come of with new tax demands and these taxes are 100% aimed directly at the hearts of the lower working classes worldwide.  Here is the latest example trotted out during this very brief warm spell:  Tax meat to cut greenhouse gas emissions, say scientists | The Raw Story:


The scientists’ analysis, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, takes the contentious step of suggesting methane emissions be cut by pushing up the price of meat through a tax or emissions trading scheme.


Ah, the Aristocratic solution!  ‘Let them all eat cake, not hamburgers!’  Ah, the good old days when peasants didn’t burn much firewood due to the King owning the forests and they ate virtually no meat so they were smaller and weaker than the knights and lords who ruled them with intense brutality.  Starving, cold peasants are easier to control than strong peasants.  But the paradox is, when peasants are well fed and warm they are much less likely to revolt!


This doesn’t stop the global warming gang trying to backload heavy taxes on the working folk of Europe and North America.  We are to blame for a warm world even though unlike 80% of the rest of the planet, we are living in cold climes which are very hard on the body if one doesn’t eat meat and burn fuel to stay warm.


It is ridiculously easy to be a vegetarian where vegetables grow year round.  A quick view of Ice Age communities in the north and we see humans eating huge bison, hairy elephants and other giant grazers.  Indeed, the herds of huge, lumbering animals who farted a great deal were the main feature of Ice Age Europe and North America.


During the Little Ice Age before guns were improved to the point, they could shoot many buffalo, North America had these gigantic herds of bison!  And it was cold.


The global warming people are getting quite surly now.  Screaming about how it is too late to stop the super warm winters they promised us, they are pissed off that we think it is rather cold, not hot.  And that people are tuning out the environmentalists who have inserted ‘global warming’ doom talk into all the nature videos that are making people feel sick when they watch a movie about hummingbirds, they are now whining about how global warming is a BORING topic and this is why they are unpopular with the public:  Filmmaker Randy Olson: Climate Change Is Becoming Boring – SPIEGEL ONLINE


Olson: Not hopeless, just a long shot — discussing how boring something is without being boring is tough.


SPIEGEL ONLINE: But before you became a filmmaker you were an environmental researcher. Did you find science to be torture?


Olson: Yes, I was a scientist. I know where the joy lies. It is wonderful finding a like-minded scientist and delving deep into the language that can only be understood by the handful of experts seated in the front row of your big talk. But good lord, it can be bo-ho-horing to the rest of the world. Make no mistake…


HAHAHA.  If only this genius can talk to his fellow believers, that isn’t boring.  But those of us who dispute their computer climate models, they hate talking to us, they ban us, they got my father’s paper about the sun controlling temperature banned by Nature magazine and Scientific American magazine, and then dare say we find this topic BORING???


This arrogance is exactly why they are losing the argument.  They have no rebuttal to the contention that solar activity is the #1 driver of climate change.  That the level of sun spot/solar wind activity is very much the biggest determinant as to if we have an interglacial or an ice age.  And this is new, not old for there were no ice ages for at least half a billion years or more and then suddenly, they are happening like clockwork over and over again with the same yo-yo feature of sudden starts and sudden ends.


Far from boring, solar experts are broiling with rage at the climatologists who are not sun experts deleting the sun nearly entirely from their estimations about future climate conditions.


SPIEGEL ONLINE: Are you sure? Hardly any field of science has experienced as much attention in recent years as climate research.


Olson: It’s kind of like how talking about the weather is generally regarded as the ultimate in boring conversation. Climate science is about temperature. Gee. How interesting…


I would love to meet this jerk.  I live in a farming community and a huge topic of discussion with great interest is…the weather!  It is a huge topic. For nonfarmers, it is a huge topic because you can DIE if you screw up estimating the future climate here on a day to day basis.  Go out with the wrong gear and you can literally be killed.  So weather reports are big business.  People tune in for that alone many times.  All news services have big weather forecasts and these are of greatest interest.


The global warming debate isn’t boring, it is brash.  People are literally screaming at each other about this.  Anyone publishing about this sees lots of arguments and open emotional rage.  This is the exact opposite of ‘boring’ and this jerk of a film maker should go out in the real world for five minutes and be exposed to some reality.


SPIEGEL ONLINE: What other errors have been made by the climate movement?


Olson: The second was having zero strategy to deal with an all-out assault on “the brand” by climate skeptics, culminating in 2009 with “Climate Gate” that spun circles around the climate crowd, as they had zero ability to do “damage control.”


SPIEGEL ONLINE: How could the climate community have prevented the damage to its reputation?


Olson: By having a coherent, singular strategy worked out in advance. Corporations have singular heads called CEOs. The science world has no such coherence, cohesion or cooperation. It’s a bunch of academics who were raised on the idea of communication being a frivolous add-on.


Instead of altering their position as the weather and sun changed gears, the global warming gang decided to up the ante and I watched in disgust as they changed their message to, ‘We are all DOOMED and no matter what we do now, we are DOOMED and we are all going to drown or roast to death and it is too late, we are DOOMED.’


OK; so everyone shut them out.  Who wants this sort of lunacy?  So many people want ‘End of Times’ it disgusts me greatly.  If the global warmists were even slightly serious, they would have followed my ‘Power For The People’ program when I proposed it to Congress.  ABC News was going to broadcast my proposal until Bush Sr. who was President and who personally hates my guts (hahaha, long story about the Chinese here!!!!) ordered them to censor me.


So this never made the news even though they had an interview tape already to broadcast.  My online attempts at getting people to support a ‘solar array on every roof’ program which was to operate on a simple, ‘pay as you own with government 2% loan’ thing with the solar panels produced like during wartime in US factories run by the government to churn out these things…nope.


Instead, the environmentalists wanted TAXES on energy the poor have to use.  The poor can’t buy solar panels!  And many of them rent!  And they pay the same sales taxes as the rich and the energy taxes from the cap and trade garbage that fixed nothing simply raped the poor even harder while the rich got richer thanks to the CO2 derivatives trade markets they created after fooling the ‘We are roasting to death’ global warming believers.


And none of these global warming people want to talk about solutions that help the poor who live in the cold climate regions.  No, they want to tax the poor in the cold regions and give the loot to third world dictators.


And this is NOT boring, this is enraging.

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11 responses to “Filmmaker Randy Olsen Claims Global Warming Debate ‘Boring’ Due To Opponents Winning Debate

  1. Luc

    Randy who?
    I am too busy and cold to care what some useful idiot says in the mainstream.

  2. Luc

    Hypothermia. Most do not know that on a sunny but cold day you can fall into a lake [say from a capsized boat] and die in about 5 minutes. An experienced outdoors man was paddling his canoe on a spring day in Minnesota, the boat capsized and all 3 who had been in the canoe were dead in 300? seconds.
    The lake didnt look deadly.

  3. Jim R

    Here are a couple solutions …
    1. Move to a lower altitude/latitude.
    2. Ground-source heat exchange. (also works for hot climates)

  4. I love that .
    “the climate community” aka anyone who agrees with them that human generated CO2 is the cause of all our troubles.
    Anyone else is a “denier”
    And “The Brand”.Aka something to sell to a “consumer”God I hate that word.
    No mention of science anywhere and no comment on the FACT there has been no global warming for 17 years and counting even though CO2 levels are up 20% over that time period.
    You won’t see any of this on TV where most people unfortunately get ALL their information.

  5. Onion

    A new paper out trying to deny the influence of the sun

    These catastrophists are becoming a laughing stock now. I met a civil servant who works at the department for climate change (uk) recently. She came out with complete gibberish when I asked her how the financial incentives for rent seekers with windfarms would drive energy innovation. Genuinely clueless intelligent but deeply misguided woman.

    I’m enjoying watching them unravel


    ELAINE: Good lord, that study is INSANE. Utterly demented. They never stop this garbage minimizing the sun’s role in climate and the fact that the sun is NOT a steady state star at all but rather has been behaving oddly the past several million years.

  6. ziff house

    well it is boring , nothing will be done

  7. mart
    Something a little interesting . . .


    ELAINE: HAHAHA… wow. Talk about bizarre! Of course, the short term weather doesn’t change all that much during the solar cycles…UNLESS there is a BIG change!!!


    That is, when we have near zero sun spots, for example, this hasn’t happened since…um…around 1800. So we have no record except the fact there were no sun spots during the Little Ice Age and we can safely presume if this reoccurs, we will have another Little Ice Age and if the sun really shuts down like 15,000 years ago, we can get a Great Ice Age like the previous several.

  8. DeVaul

    The whole “global warming” thing always struck me as being some kind of religious belief that could not be denied or questioned. The reaction to any skepticism about “findings” was not scientific in nature, but outright hostile, such as you might find in a religious setting.

    The email scandal was the last straw for me. At that point, it all appeared to be a well-coordinated money-making scheme that forgot to hire a PR department and some spin doctors (CEO’s, CFO’s, branding, in-house counsel, marketing, etc.).

  9. emsnews

    Good catch, Luc!

    Yes, when sun spot activity is less and less, we get less lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes and other events. But not less blizzards! It is going to be yet another blisteringly cold week this next week, barely reaching 10 degrees during sunny days.

  10. Luc

    Elaine, [I know this is sick] but have you applied for grants? One thing I have noted is a near SURE FIRE way to get $ is to put ‘to study global warming’ in yr grant proposal. Like ‘Long time female amateur climatologist will study effects in NYS on trees DUE TO CLIMATE CHANGE’.

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