Abe Visits Yasukuni War Shrine Enraging China And South Korea

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US foreign policy is now in total shambles.  No shock to me since it is run on behalf of foreign rulers who are out to exploit the US to death.  Saudi Arabia, Israel and Japan are the top manipulators who have wrecked things pretty thoroughly.  This is due to rank corruption in our elections and Congress.  Requiring many billions of dollars for our ‘elections’ mainly to buy TV ad time and other communication propaganda materials, in turn, Congress works on behalf of aliens who basically hate us.  The Jews in Israel hold us all in contempt for religious reasons, ditto the Saudis and the Japanese elites hate us for winning WWII.  Propaganda in the media tries hard to convince us these three nations are our best allies and friends which is false.


So…yesterday Abe, the premier of Japan, openly visited the Yasukuni war shrine.  This, in turn, drove all of Asia closer to war.   Japan’s Abe Condemned for Visit to Controversial War Shrine has even been so brazen it caused our Kennedy diplomat to issue a statement that the U.S. is disappointed by Abe’s Yasukuni visit; China, S Korea protest much, much more vigorously.  The disgusting story that the US caused Pearl Harbor is part of the propaganda put out about Japan’s total responsibility for causing WWII isn’t so.


Japan is 100% the cause of WWII in Asia.  During the Great Depression which followed on the heels of Tokyo being destroyed by an earthquake, Japan’s export market fell so to create an ‘Asian Co-prosperity Sphere’ Japan went on this long march to take over all of Asia and turn everyone there into literal slaves.  Also, ethnic cleansing so that say, Manchuria could be colonized by excess Japanese population.


The disgusting man running Japan is the son of a war criminal who abused the Chinese which is why China refuses to even talk to him.  Here is how this evil man thinks:  Abe visits Yasukuni shrine; calls it pledge against war which he knows is a total lie.  The recent secrecy laws passed over the loud objections and suppression of objections of liberal Japanese is just one more nail in the democracy coffin.  The LDP has no desire to lose power again.  Abe used the excuse of ‘we need to pay for the elderly and more children’ to hugely raise the most regressive taxes that hammer the lower classes who have been shoved into near slavery due to ‘liberal economic theories’ whereby workers work for the least amount of money and pensions and now they will pay much higher taxes just to stay alive.


Abe has greatly increased military spending while the victims of Fukushima languish in what looks more and more like small concentration camps, living in tiny hovels that are falling apart.  The US is insane, too.  Abe doesn’t fear the fact that the Japanese are unable to go to war with anyone due to virtually no youth population to throw into the infernos.  But the US has promised to kill American kids on behalf of Japan.  So Abe, who hates our children and wants them dead, is quite happy to throw them into the inferno just like the US sent ships into the Fukushima region while not being told there was this nuclear explosion, exposing our sailors to the nuclear disaster and now they are sick.


The US use of assassin drones has made al Qaeda stronger and as before, elements inside the Saudi royal family fund al Qaeda and it has now doubled and tripled in size and strength and is running wild across all Muslim countries even Egypt which is being tormented by bombs and attacks from them, not the Muslim Brotherhood which one the last and only election ever in Egypt and is not outlawed by the violent military rulers who are being attacked by al Qaeda even though they are also in the pay of the Saudi royals who are at war with each other and none of whom are our friends at all.

Fukushima well water contamination shoots upwards

No news in the US at all but good grief:  1,900,000,000 Bq/m3 of all β nuclide in groundwater on seaside of reactor2 / Keeps increasing for a month | Fukushima Diary.  The China Syndrome continues.  It was obvious to me on day one that the cores of the reactors that blew up are turned to liquid form and flowing into the groundwaters.  I was told, this was stupid by indignant posters here.  Well, I was 100% right as usual.  It has happened. TEPCO still denies this despite the fact that the water contamination is getting worse and worse each month.


Note that the NYT did carry the Yasukuni War Shrine story but not the sudden jump in water contamination story.  Surfers 131223.mp4 – Google Drive: this video shows that contaminated Pacific Ocean water is now pounding onto US beaches.  The amounts of radioactive material isn’t sky high like in Japan but it is definitely rising and is contaminating the air and sand.  People are breathing in this stuff!  It is destroying the wildlife of the Pacific from Alaska to Mexico.  This ongoing disaster gets nearly no coverage in the US due to the need to convince Americans that Japan’s rulers are our friends and not evil despots who want us dead.


THIS is why Abe doesn’t care!  Duh!  Japan just had yet another round of ‘Why can’t our kids learn English?’ in the schools but then no one there wants to talk to us so they refuse to teach or learn English.  The bizarre method of teaching there is unique to Japan due to this hostility.  They make it nearly impossible to learn by focusing on odd grammatical and spelling tricks and the oozing hostility of both teachers and students has brought learning to a near halt.


All the Japanese leaders know English and refuse to use it in public, for example.  They insist on using translators.  I recently watched a video of an American scientist brought to Japan to discuss Fukushima with other Japanese scientists and every one of these had at least 8 years of English education to learn the language…and they all sat there stone faced as this female translator had to constantly interrupt the flow of the lecture to translate!


If she could understand, so could they!  But they didn’t want to.  They wanted the US scientist to be as uncomfortable as possible while they were in their comfort zone.  I went to school in Germany in a German Gymnasium school and learned to communicate in German in less than a year with only 2 1/2 years study in the US.  This isn’t impossible to do and in Germany, many know how to use English quite fluently.  But not in Japan.  When Abe was bribing the Olympic Committee to have the next Olympics in Fukushima of all places, he told them visitors would have an easy time due to so many Japanese knowing how to communicate in English which is a total fabrication.


For 47 Ronin, Keanu Reeves Said His Lines in English And Japanese: in an interview, Reeves remarked on how he felt like an outsider during the filming in Japan.  This social isolation wasn’t due to language, all the Japanese actors understood English and could speak it.  They simply shunned him.


More news that has me thinking people are crazy:  Britain ‘will be Europe’s top economy by 2030’ | Business | The Guardian:


“Positive demographics with continuing immigration [and] rather less exposure to the problems of the eurozone than other European economies combine with relatively low taxes by European standards to encourage faster growth than in most western economies,” the report said. “Issues for the UK include the need to further reorient its exports to the faster growing markets, an unresolved relationship with the rest of the EU and the possibility of breakup – highlighted by the referendum on Scottish independence in September 2014.”


The CEBR said it used forecasts for growth, inflation and currency values to compile league tables of the size of economies measured in US dollars in 2013, 2018, 2023 and 2028. It said the predictions needed to be treated with caution, especially in light of the unpredictable fluctuations in currencies.


It also predicts China will be #1.  Well, England has one major problem: the Germans and others own most English industries that still exist there.  And unlike Germany which is the world’s #4 economy today, England runs huge trade deficits.  As does Japan now due entirely to Fukushima.  These studies of who will be what in the future are gravely off target.  China and Germany both run trade surpluses.  India, which is supposed to ‘catch up with and surpass Germany’ has, like the US and England, a huge trade deficit.


The real list to watch is the trade surplus list is most interesting:

Screen shot 2013-12-26 at 6.34.59 AM

So, according to this stupid study, the US, UK and India which are supposed to be the big growers are…the ones most deeply into debt to other trade nations due to too much imports!  While Russia and Iran are on the winner’s list?  HAHAHA.  Germany and China are the only ones at the top of the export winner’s list who do this via manufacturing.  Both own many factories in the US, UK and India.


This is due to the trade surplus both run with the losers who are supposed to ‘grow’ as if this is a good thing when this growth is more like a cancer.  Abe is increasing the debt for Japan while saying to the people there, ‘Most of this national debt is owned by us and not foreigners’ but alas, due to the trade deficit, eventually it will be owned by foreigners.  And Japan is determined to fix this via currency manipulation so the yen is weak and they can export to the US.  Which will make our own huge trade deficit even worse, of course, not that Congress cares.


No one there talks about the trade deficit anymore!  They are all either helpless, insane or traitors or all three.  And highly unpopular for good reason.

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16 responses to “Abe Visits Yasukuni War Shrine Enraging China And South Korea

  1. I watched that video ,over 100 CPM!!
    Here on the east coast of Vancouver Island,background radiation is about 10-12 CPM.I wonder if anyone has checked out the west coast of Vancouver Island.I have seen the radiation spike during rain events but I don’t know how much of that is natural radon.I also check around drain pipes,etc but have not found any elevated levels.
    I know we are in the rain shadow of the Cascades that takes the brunt of the winter storms coming in.I wonder if that is protecting us slightly here on Vancouver Island.Seems California is right in the path of it all.

  2. I might be getting videos mixed up,that one was too slow to load for me,but one video from a northern california beach shows counts of 500 CPM.
    That is incredibly high.

  3. CK

    The Japanese equivalent of Arlington National Cemetery is Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chidorigafuchi_National_Cemetery
    Yasukuni is a private shrine to Japanese considered to be war criminals by the allies until the USSR kicked the Japanese out of Manchuria, Korea, Sakhalin Island and the Kurile Islands. In meeting their requirements set forth at Potsdam and Tehran, the USSR was readying an invasion of Hokkaido. To prevent the successful invasion, the USA dropped two atom bombs and the rest is the Korean war and the Vietnam war and the 68 years since then.

  4. CK

    Oh and while I am at it,
    Al Qaeda is an active arm of joint Israeli and Saudi special forces.
    Has been for decades. Suckered Jimmy Carter and the Polish pretend Machiavelli back in the day; still suckering the gullible with the willing assistance of the American/Israeli infotainment oligopoly.

  5. James W

    Personally, I wouldn’t consider Germany having a future as a leading, Class A, global economy, something it has achieved nowadays due to its current trade surplus. At best I would consider it a future regional power, like Iran, but not a global one. There are two major reasons for my claim:

    First of all, Germany is the only country on the above Top 10 that doesn’t extract its own oil. This was Germany’s major dissadvantage during WW2 and it still is today. Sure, its elaborate operations and schemes in areas it traditionally had strong influence in the past, such as Greece, Turkey and Egypt, plus its deployment in Cyprus and Syria and the lands of Iraqi Kurdistan, is possibly an elaborate geopolitical attempt to acquire colonies that seem to have some sort of underground and underwater oil and gas fields, among others. However, the players claiming the same fields are many and have either a lot of money (i.e. the Saudis and Qataris) or a much stronger millitary force and economy than Germany (the US, Russia and China). It is only a matter of time before all these make their move against German interests in the area, in a number of ways. And we have to remember that not all of them have the exact same interests with Germany, all of the time.

    Secondly, Germany is strong today because of the EU and the Euro and how these worked well in the past. Its economic success lies on the fact that it produces luxury and high tech staff, utilizing the underpaid former Eastern German workers, and then exporting them to the rest of the European countries,while it also produces the money to buy them via the ECB. Following this pattern, Germany achieved in 2013 an impressive increase in production, therefore a serious trade surplus, as well. It literarly flooded the markets with high numbers of high-end, overproduced German products.

    So, here lies the problem. Germany has made it in the past by selling first-low-then-high interest loans to the Southerns, in order for them to afford to buy its products! This has led in part to national debt and budget deficits in the EU and a huge profit for the German industries, as well as the German banks. However, its former best clients, the now impoverished Spanish, Greeks, Italians, Portuguese and Irish, gradually cannot afford to buy the high end German products anymore. They are busy paying high interest payments, instead. The German policy of enforcing a lethal austerity that followed this, a policy which is killing all the economies in the EU Periphery, is leading to the million Euro question: So who is going to buy these great German products in the near future? The Chinese? The Indians? The Americans? Are there any markets left in the world for Germany, markets that can replace the now exhausted European markets and haven’t been deeply affected by the Crisis? I believe, the answer is no.

    It is also my belief that Germany’s new hegemonic imperial policy inside the EU (i.e. literearly sucking all life, wealth, money, taxes, land and building deeds of ownership, cheap labor and interest from the South, gaining hundreds of billions of Euro in the process), combined with the above mentioned overproduction as a new industrial practice, is a strong indication that Germany is the first to recocnize the end of the Euro and the trade surplus game and an emerging need for something big to replace it: Say a full blown Empire, a Fourth Reich. From now on Germany will demand a sustancial and steady imperial influx of wealth from the European Periphery to the Core, to counter the falling demand for its industrial products and services. However, this is not a real economy that is being created, rather a vampiric one. And we all know what happens to the victims, when the vampires are done with them. As we all know what happens to vampires without victims.

  6. James W

    Please forgive the total lack of proof reading in the above text. There are some mistakes, due to fatigue, some changes in the text and haste. My apologies to any offended parties and I hope you get the point… Thanks!

  7. Seraphim

    Huh, isn’t that ironic, Japan acting at the start of its expansion in Asia as the dog of war of the Western Powers against Russia and China? It is well known (Wikipedia, no less, no “anti-semitic canard”, that the 50-50% “American-German” but 100% Jewish bankster Jacob Schiff extended a loan of $200 million to Japan for the pursuit of the war, in revenge against the “anti-semitic” policy of Tsarist Russia, the “Pogroms of Kishinev”. Jacob Schiff the same banker who financed the Bolshevik Revolution!
    The American-Japanese war was to castigate the samurais-ronins who went over their script and fancied that they were really handed over Asia for their exclusive benefit.

  8. Vengeur

    “The disgusting story that the US caused Pearl Harbor is part of the propaganda put out about Japan’s total responsibility for causing WWII isn’t so.” Thank God SOMEBODY is still around who isn’t parroting the bullshit line that Japan had no other recourse but to attack Pearl Harbor because of sanctions imposed by the U.S. The REASON for the sanctions has been conveniently forgotten: the fact that the Japanese military was brutally murdering, raping and enslaving the peoples of Asia in the mid to late thirties as part of a military conquest of Asia. (see The Rape of Nanking as just a little taste of the HELL they unleashed). I am really tired of nit-wit Americans making these ridiculous statements. God knows the US military is guilty of many injustices and crimes, past and present, but standing up to the Japanese SLAUGHTER in asia in the late 30’s is one of the more noble and honorable things done by the US.


    ELAINE: Correct. The sanctions were due to the war crimes ongoing. The US isn’t snow white pure nobility but we do right things periodically.

    Japan has NO guilt feelings over WWII. They feel they have a right to be racist which is exactly how Jews feel about their wars of aggression.

  9. Ed

    47 ronin was awful slow painful propaganda. They should have filmed it in New Zealand with the Hobbit director and at least made a decent popcorn flick. If you saw the trailer that’s about the only good parts in the movie.

  10. emsnews

    As a world war broiled over, it is no surprise that medical supplies increased in Hawaii. So did the number of ships!!! And men. They didn’t fight, they were out on a practice patrol (the aircraft carriers) when the Japanese did the surprise attack during negotiations in DC which were a false front.

  11. larry, dfh

    And something a little more in line with the Hostesses’s article.

  12. About Germany, they can actually don’t have any oil. But as creditors the could simply buy it. Besides that they have a strong push to quit fossil fuels and have just developed a solar panel able to absorb 46% of the sun energy.
    Second. Germany is not a vampire and go “only on luxury and high tech stuff” they are masters on engineering and they know how is used where you cannot imagine and the Chinese are trying to quickly reach them, because they know they cannot only live on cheap labor. They bought the entire europe during the crisis and now all the guys from the countries around must learn Deutsche and are taking a hard lesson. They power is just increasing not the opposite.

  13. Luc

    ‘Japan has NO guilt feelings over WWII. They feel they have a right to be racist which is exactly how Jews feel about their wars of aggression.’
    Ah, nationalism run amok. In Japan the war hero monuments still stand, including for those who killed 1/2 million in Nanking.

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