Release Of 9/11 Report Redacts Everything Israel Special Forces Were Doing That Day: Mystery Of FL 11


Daily News: Ashcroft Can’t Explain Why He Flew Fed Jets Only Before 9/11

On 9/11, a jet nearly crashed into my house.  It flew very slow and very, very low over us and we could read the AA on the tail easily and I thought it was disabled.  As it turned over the Hudson Valley and headed due south, I tried to contact authorities to report this odd event.  This is the plane where the first death took place, it was a Mystery Man who was only later revealed to be an Israeli special forces agent.  This person is now at the center of a growing fight over redacted material about him and his role in everything.

PressTV – Israel suppressing report on 9/11 role: Intelligence analyst:

The classified 800-page Congressional Investigative Report on 9/11 contains a section called “Specific Sources of Foreign Support,” where a 28-page chunk has been “‘butchered’ by the White House on the personal orders of [former US] President [George W.] Bush,” Gordon Duff wrote in an article for Press TV on Wednesday.

In the redacted report that had been presented to the Congress, “an estimated 5-10,000 words were omitted” from the noted section, “with page after page of dotted lines replacing text.”

This redaction is hiding Saudi, Israeli Special Forces, FBI and CIA involvement doesn’t shock me.  I know of a few of these redacted parts and the US media could have published this information years ago…AND REFUSED.  I tried and tried and tried to get them to publish and they point blank refused.

Snowden is lucky he found Glenn Greenwald to publish the truth about the out of control NSA spying.  The pretend story about 9/11 is, no one in our government knew about Atta despite he and his buddies training where more retired and present CIA and FBI agents lived in Florida and only a stone’s throw from Jupiter Island which is a Bush clan hideout.

Timeline for the day of the September 11 attacks – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia still has the name of the IDF Special Forces man redacted:

Screen shot 2013-12-27 at 4.55.18 PM

We know who this person is who was sitting right next to the hijackers!  Daniel M. Lewin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

He served for four years in the Israel Defense Forces as an officer in Sayeret Matkal, one of the more notable IDF special forces units.[4] Lewin earned the rank of captain.[2]

He attended the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa while simultaneously working at IBM’s research laboratory in the city.[5] While at IBM, he was responsible for developing the Genesys system,[5] a processor verification tool that is used widely within IBM and in other companies such as Advanced Micro Devices and SGS-Thomson.[5]

Special forces are trained for unconventional warfare and dark deeds type of thing.  It isn’t just that he is an Israeli agent, he was not only ‘just’ sitting next to the hijackers, they immediately turned on him and slit his throat before they did anything else.  They  knew who he was, most likely.

Far from being surprised by 9/11, more than a few people in DC expected it which is why Bush was so calm when he was told four jets were hijacked.  He SMILED and then resumed reading to the little kids who were in a school less than 10 miles from where the hijackers trained.  Imagine that coincidence.

From my own blog in 2006, there is this startling news story that made the Daily News: Ashcroft Can’t Explain Why He Flew Fed Jets Only Before 9/11:

It is sad that only ‘fringe’ news organizations dare to ask the obvious questions. We learned of Ashcroft flying only government jets back in July, 2001. Alert people online perked up their ears and wondered why. On 9/12/1, the government released way too much information about the hijackers. Again, we conspiracy theorists instantly started yelling, ‘How did they get all this information so fast?’ We knew why, we knew the FBI and CIA knew perfectly well from the first ten minutes of the hijackings, who was doing it. I would surmise, they knew from before it happened, who was going to do this.


Again and again, it goes back to where this whole scheme was put into motion: it was organized at Sarasota, Florida, a stone’s throw from Jupiter Island which is the top secrect Florida vacation home to Skull and Bones alumani spooks and the Bush clan. In Sarasota, the place literally crawls with the winter vacation homes of CIA operatives and many retire there. So why would the biggest terrorist plot in our history be hatched in the center of this spook nest?


After the attacks, virtually no news media went there to figure out what happened. The lack of curiousity was most striking.


I went on to talk about Mr.Hopsicker, the investigative author/film maker, has been singularily active in asking questions and haunting the various sites in Sarasota where Atta and his gang ‘hid’.  He and I had talked on the telephone several times BEFORE 9/11 discussing how the CIA and Mossad might trigger another war and suppression of the American public which was very restive after the 2001 election theft. From my 2006 story:


Recently-released court documents from the trial of Zacharias Moussaoui show clear evidence of the FBI attempt to cover-up the whereabouts and activities of lead 9.11 hijacker Mohamed Atta in Florida between January and May of 2001, confirming reports which have appeared exclusively in the MadCowMorningNews.
Released over government objection through the efforts of The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, the documents illustrate the pattern of omission and selective editing through which the Bureau has deflected attention from the terrorist’s conspiracy’s base of operations in Venice FL.


Anyone wishing to know what really  happened before 9/11 can go to Mr. Hopsicker’s archives:  9-11 Archive | MadCow Morning News has dozens of good journalist investigative stories such as these:  Terrorist Flight School Linked to CIA,, Was CIA Running Terrorist Flight School?  and What are the hiding down in Venice, Florida?


During the previous decade, liberals loved Mr. Fitzgerald who was a Federal Prosecutor who promised to investigate the Bush family and Cheney…except Mr. Fitzgerald is part of the conspiracy to cover the tracks of the CIA.  News which readers of my blog were very unhappy to read and led to people accusing me of being mean.


by Dr. Peter Dale Scott
October 8, 2006

Patrick Fitzgerald, U.S. Attorney who negotiated a plea bargain and confession from Ali Mohamed, said this in testimony to the Commission


Ali Mohamed. …. trained most of al Qaeda’s top leadership – including Bin Laden and Zawahiri – and most of al Qaeda’s top trainers. He gave some training to persons who would later carry out the 1993 World Trade Center bombing…. From 1994 until his arrest in 1998, he lived as an American citizen in California, applying for jobs as an FBI translator.11


Patrick Fitzgerald knew Ali Mohamed well. In 1994 he had named him as an unindicted co-conspirator in the New York landmarks case, yet allowed him to remain free. This was because, as Fitzgerald knew, Ali Mohamed was an FBI informant, from at least 1993 and maybe 1989.12 Thus, from 1994 “until his arrest in 1998 [by which time the 9/11 plot was well under way], Mohamed shuttled between California, Afghanistan, Kenya, Somalia and at least a dozen other countries.”13 Shortly after 9/11, Larry C. Johnson, a former State Department and CIA official, faulted the FBI publicly for using Mohamed as an informant, when it should have recognized that the man was a high-ranking terrorist plotting against the United States.14


Atta and Ali were not hidden at all.  The CIA and FBI knew both men quite well.  They worked with FBI agents!  This information has been carefully hidden by many people and the way this was done so successfully was to plant the fake ‘bombs in the buildings!’ story which is easily disproved and believed only by fringe people.  All this disgusting information about Mossad, the IDF, the FBI and CIA is ignored by ‘bombs in the buildings!’ fanatics and the howls of bombs drown out any conversation about 9/11 which is why is is probably one of the least discussed affairs online at this point.


Everyone is trying to ignore it due to the hassle of dealing with people who can’t understand how buildings can fall down after being partially blown up by jets.  The fact is, Israel and Saudi Arabia are both being pursued in courts over this very issue of how they were directly involved in creating the 9/11 terror but in the US, the CIA can’t be dragged into court due to its great power over our government.  So the hidden stuff remains in the dark.


Kerry, our utterly befuddled and abused State Department head has been banging his head into the wall surrounding the Palestinians and has taken a lot of abuse from his boss, Netanyahu, over the issue of ‘How can we continue to abuse everyone who isn’t a Jew?’


New video highlights settler terror against Palestinian families | The Electronic Intifada

These are some of the daily experiences Palestinian children and parents describe in this new short documentary Living in Fear: In the shadow of Israeli settlements, from Defence for Children International – Palestine Section (DCI-PS).


The video focuses on attacks by settlers from Yitzhar, a colony established in 1983 on lands stolen from surrounding villages in the northern occupied West Bank.


The attacks are frequent and ongoing as the settlers seize more land.


In 2011 alone, UN OCHA recorded 70 attacks by Yizhar settlers, “the largest figure recorded from a single settlement” that year.


Here is another example of Naziism in Israel:  Roi Tov—Israel Replaces Names of Africans with Nazi-style Numbers.during Mandela’s funeral, Israel refused a black lawmaker blood donation and then there is this news:


The mistreatment of African workers by Israel is a related recurrent theme. Only yesterday, December 25, I reported on a fists fight in the Supreme Court, after denizens of Tel Aviv demanded the deportation of Africans. The latter are regularly attacked in Tel Aviv, including at home an in their kindergarten. Despite Israel Police knowing the identity of the Jewish extremists that threw Molotov cocktails at the latter, they were not detained. In essence, this was an African Kristallnacht** in Tel Aviv.

Court petition shows numbers instead of names

The Judge was rather upset about the fact that the lawyers were forced by the government to list the names of the victims of racism in this lawsuit by numbers given to them instead of names.  So far, these haven’t been tattooed on their arms.  But that is next, no doubt about it.  All the things the Nazis did, the Jews in Israel will copy.  They studied the Nazis well.


There is also this mystery:  PressTV – What happened to 17 members of SEAL Team 6? Virtually everyone on the ‘assassinate bin Laden mission’ is now dead.  This way, no one can spill the beans.  Nearly everything they that night is a lie.  And our leaders know this perfectly well.  And will remain buried with the men whose bodies were cremated without first getting family permission just like we were told bin Laden’s body was tossed into the ocean which is insane, silly and utterly unbelievable.


Now on to news about our buddies in Saudi Arabia, huge 9/11 co-conspirators:  Blogger facing death sentence in Saudi Arabia for denouncing Islam on his website and on TV | Mail Online


Raif Badawi. who set up the Free Saudi Liberals blog is currently in prison, and according to his wife Ensaf Haidar, he must go before a high court on a charge of apostasy.  He would receive the death penalty if convicted by the courts according to Amnesty International.


Then there is the democracy in Egypt which has been totally destroyed by the military who operate on US, Israeli and Saudi pay:  Egypt’s New Protest Law Inspires Protests


Amr El Ghany, a 24-year-old who took part in Tuesday’s protests said, “It’s like the revolution never happened. We have no new rights. We are worse than we were under Mubarak.”


No, they have no rights.  Gaza has been returned to being just like the Warsaw ghetto and a recent storm devastated the place and no one can bring in building materials and the IDF killed another child there and who cares in the US media?  No one.  As the military in Egypt brutally murder people in the streets, they are both letting off Mubarak and are planning to execute Morsi after blaming him for deaths in the streets!


Not that we are any freer than the people in Cairo!  NSA collection of phone data is legal, judge rules

NSA judge ruling it is OK to spy on everyone illegally


9/11!  Yes, this is why the NSA must spy on EVERYONE all the time!  As if…well, the CIA and FBI both knew all the hijackers well before the attacks…and some of them WORKED for these organizations!  Duh!  ‘The world is dangerous’ claims the judge so he hands the wolves all the sheep and says, ‘Bon appetite!’


Speaking of sheep:  Which 10 funds lost investors the most money in 2013?  Nearly all of them were gold funds.  It didn’t matter what form the gold was held.  All lost a lot.  All bled a lot and I warned people over and over again about this and the gold fanatics claimed I was stupid.  As usual.


The ‘sheeple’ are EVERYONE.  Anyone who thinks they are not ‘sheeple’ are delusional.  We can only be smart sheep via learning information one way or another hard as this may be, this my blog which isn’t popular due to telling people the truth.

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24 responses to “Release Of 9/11 Report Redacts Everything Israel Special Forces Were Doing That Day: Mystery Of FL 11

  1. Ziff house

    What time was your jet? Before or after the towers were hit?

  2. emsnews

    Before, obviously. That morning, pretty early.

  3. JimmyJ

    Apparently Danny Lewin was cofounder of Akamai Technologies after his stint in the IDF. When you all use the internet the zippy speed you get when you look for stuff in google or access your email is because all the content off your email servers, google servers, favorite websites etc is mirrored (cached) at Akamai servers worldwide and has been for many years.

  4. emsnews

    Correct, and this is the PORTAL for the NSA and Mossad spying on everyone.

  5. Being There

    Well, as I often say, you may not know all the details, but you can feel the gravitational forces.

    I could not recommend more, the book “The Shock Doctrine, the Rise of Disaster Capitalism” by Naomi Klein. Again, the whole theory these AH’s use is the economist, Milton Friedman’s idea that if you throw a population off by a large even, you can do almost anything that they would never agree to in ordinary circumstances. You must read this to get the gist of everything that’s happened.

    A few years out….Look at how they have been able to convince people that surveillance is necessary to protect them. Look at the privatized security industry(See PBS Top Secret America, reported by Dana Priest of the Washington Times)
    Look at the 2-trillion dollar wars and counting, employing crony security forces and Halliburton. Follow the money, my friends. Oh and Israel’s big export is security—hm need to drum up bus.

    Look who went into business in security. Everyone from Giuliani to Michael Chertoff who has made a mint with his airport x-ray machines. Now we can all look as sick as he.

    The govt. employed AT+T to do some major spying on us before 911. That’s because in W. world, we are but consumers, not citizens. After the attack, all was justified.

    Yes, indeed, things were heading in this globalist arbitrage of labor and empowerment of multinationals, privatization and the destruction of the economy and the attacks of 911 were the way to push it into hyper-drive.

    BTW, I live in NYC and I too heard a low-flying plane and jumped up to see what it was. By the time I got to my terrace, I heard the sound of thunder on a magnificent morning that change the tide of history.

  6. emsnews

    Yes, the planes were flying low and SLOW. And not one US military plane was sent out to track them!!!

    Just months before, a golf player’s private jet decompressed and the pilot and the golf player froze to death and it was shadowed by several military jets until it crashed.

    The Pentagon lied about all this day one claiming they didn’t shadow hijacked jets then the WH said they were having this ‘drill’ so the military bases thought this was part of the drill so they didn’t bother to send up some planes which is pure BS.

    All of this was deep sixed when the DARPA misinformation story of ‘bombs in the building’ was launched at various websites simultaneously.

  7. Ziff house

    Sorry i misread that, very good article.

  8. And what about good ole Dark Cheney’s role in the drill??

  9. He was right in there preventing any intercept.

  10. larry, dfh

    Very much liked the Roi Tov site. Maybe you could try to answer a very sincere question: why was the most significant crime scene in this country’s history cleaned up in a week or two, and the steel shipped immediately to China for processing? The haste of the clean-up caused immense health effects among the workers, of course with the complicity of the EPA. What forensics were done were minimal and insufficient.

  11. emsnews

    Yes, it was cleaned up very fast.

    And yes, the forensics sucked. But if there were real forensics, it would show no bombs in the building. DARPA needed this hairbrained tale to keep real investigators cut off from the doubter public who fell for the bombs story line, hook and sinker.

  12. Christian W

    And why haven’t the recordings from the black boxes of the downed planes been made public?

    Even the names of the supposed attackers appears to be highly suspect, not to say incorrect in many cases.

    We know international intelligence services were all over AQ before the attack and sending urgent warnings to the US about the imminent attack, warnings that were mysteriously ignored.

    And so on and so forth. Nothing whatsoever of the official story holds up to inspection, even a cursory one. The only people who believe it are people who want to believe it or are too ignorant to even question it.

    Like most here I have followed the 9/11 story closely from the beginning and starting with the obvious agit prop coverage by CNN (blaming Palestinians without evidence etc.) there has just been lie after lie after lie presented to the public. Everything has been covered in layers upon layers of bullshit and corruption and mendacity.

    It’s as Being There says – we don’t need to know the details to see the full picture clear as day. I agree Elaine when she says that the ‘bombs in the building’ act is used as a lightning rod to deflect from the real obvious issues – never mind if there were bombs there or not, it’s so obvious the hole thing is rotten to the core.


    ELAINE: The startling fact isn’t ‘we don’t know the names of the hijackers’….it is that the government knew the names the same hour the attacks happened because they knew who they were from before the event!!!!

    The muddling up of things by people who are out to obscure the truth has been very successful which is why you are so muddled up. This is deliberate. The actual facts all point to Saudi Arabia, the US government and Israel all conspiring to enable the attacks.

  13. Petruchio

    “Nearly all of them were gold funds….” This is why the Chinese are currently so bullish on buying physical gold. They presume–probably correctly–that there is very little or no gold in Ft. Knox or in the gold vaults at the Federal Reserve bldg in NYC. But it’s the personal investor who will br screwed, royally and BIG time. The government may pull another FDR: possession of gold becomes illegal. You can not sell your gold to ANYONE but the government. And of course, as with FDR, the government will tell you what your gold is worth. Don’t expect anything close to competitive gold prices from the government. i think the Germans aren’t sqwuaking about not getting their gold back from the Federal Reserve is because, a) it isn’t there anymore and b) if they protest too harshly, a stampede will happen; every country with their gold deposits in New York are going to want their gold back all at the same time. Then nobody gets nothin’. So the Germans are assuming that keeping quiet about being ripped off by the Federal Reserve now is the smart play. Better to get 50% of your gold back over ten years than to get nothing now. I think if the Germans thought they had no chance at getting any of their gold back, they would start screaming now about the gold theft.


    ELAINE: The Chinese are buying gold because it is cheaper. Indians can’t import gold at all without paying a high tax so they are the reason the gold market contracted as I have explained for the last half a year. To no avail. It is laughably easy to understand.

  14. Luc

    Thanks for a thought provoking article.
    ‘ This is the plane where the first death took place, it was a Mystery Man who was only later revealed to be an Israeli special forces agent. ‘…
    I will check yr link.
    [and a few days ago, did you post you didnt like to use the term ‘sheeple’?].

    ELAINE: I used the term today only to show how stupid it is. We are all ‘sheeple’. The elites aren’t ‘sheeple’ they are just plain stone stupid.

  15. Luc

    Also Kerry, as many of you know, is a crypto jew.

    When Kerry was Kohn: The Jewish roots of John Kerry Israel News ……/jewish…/when-kerry-was-kohn-the-jewish-ro…‎
    Dec 21, 2012 – In more immediate Jewish family ties, Kerry’s brother Cameron converted to Judaism after marrying Kathy Weinman, a Jewish w

  16. Gus

    At 911 hearings Mineta testified that Cheney kept telling
    an officer that orders remained the same. The Pentagon
    is one of the most heavily defended buildings in the world.

    Cheney ordered the air defense system turned off.
    That was so an aircraft could fly over Pentagon and fire
    the missile. A commercial airliner would be blasted out
    of the sky if it got anywhere near the Pentagon.

    Media never asked the question about how air defense
    system failed. Pentagon had massive air defense system.


    ELAINE: Sigh.

    There was no ‘missile’. Many people on the highway saw the jet slam into the Pentagon. Rumsfeld was IN the Pentagon and there is no way in hell he would shoot a missile at his own self. Period.

  17. El Kabong

    But is this really what happened on September 11, 2001? Throughout that fateful summer, across the reaches of the country’s vast intelligence universe, “the system,” as Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet put it, “was blinking red,” and Tenet himself was said to be running about with his “hair on fire.” Meantime, the counterterrorism chief, Richard Clarke, newly demoted from Cabinet level, desperately struggled, as he had since January, to persuade his superiors in the new Bush administration to schedule a “Principal’s Meeting” on al-Qaeda. Panicked, he finally took to shouting angrily in meetings and e-mailing the national security adviser warning of “hundreds of dead in the streets.” He finally got his meeting—on September 4, 2001, a week before the attacks. But that was a month after the president had received this:

    Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US

    It seems there is/was a faction in the state security services sowing chaos. Lots of CYA exercises going on in the run up to the attack.

  18. emsnews

    Not only that, Bush had a SECRET fireworks display in DC just three days before 9/11. Didn’t even tell the cops he was going to shoot off fireworks for the President of Mexico and himself.

    A LOT of junk about 9/11 has been obscured or forgotten. But not by myself. I have a very clear memory of all this since I was writing about things during this time frame and was tracking the news closely.

    The various agencies knew that Magic Number Days matter a great deal and 9/11/1 was one such day. And the Skull and Bones have a thing about magic number days starting with April 15th which they decided should be Income Tax Day for the rest of us. It is the day they do their prayers to the entity that is Death.

  19. El Kabong

    Jürgen Elsässer: “The CIA recruited and trained the jihadists”
    by Silvia Cattori

    In his latest book, “How the Jihad Came to Europe”, German journalist Jürgen Elsässer unravels the Jihadist thread. Muslim fighters recruited by the CIA to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan were used successively in Yugoslavia and Chechnya, still supported by the CIA, but perhaps sometimes out of its control. Basing himself on diverse sources, mainly Yugoslavian, Dutch, and German, he reconstructed the development of Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants at the side of NATO in Bosnia-Herzegovinia.

  20. kenogami

    “Yes, it was cleaned up very fast.
    And yes, the forensics sucked. But if there were real forensics, it would show no bombs in the building.”

    Professor Niels Harrit and colleagues in a scientific paper in a peer-reviewed journal re discovery of unexploded nanothermite in all World Trade Center (WTC) dust samples studied (2009): “We have discovered distinctive red/gray chips in all the samples we have studied of the dust produced by the destruction of the World Trade Center. Examination of four of these samples, collected from separate sites, is reported in this paper. These red/gray chips show marked similarities in all four samples. One sample was collected by a Manhattan resident about ten minutes after the collapse of the second WTC Tower, two the next day, and a fourth about a week later. The properties of these chips were analyzed using optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy (XEDS), and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The red material contains grains approximately 100 nm across which are largely iron oxide, while aluminum is contained in tiny plate-like structures. Separation of components using methyl ethyl ketone demonstrated that elemental aluminum is present. The iron oxide and aluminum are intimately mixed in the red material. When ignited in a DSC device the chips exhibit large but narrow exotherms occurring at approximately 430 °C, far below the normal ignition temperature for conventional thermite. Numerous iron-rich spheres are clearly observed in the residue following the ignition of these peculiar red/gray chips. The red portion of these chips is found to be an unreacted thermitic material and highly energetic… having observed unignited thermitic material in the WTC residue, we suggest that other energetic materials suitable for cutter charges or explosives should also be looked for in the WTC dust. NIST [National Institute of Standards and Technology] has admitted that they have not yet looked for such residues… Based on these observations, we conclude that the red layer of the red/gray chips we have discovered in the WTC dust is active, unreacted thermitic material, incorporating nanotechnolgy, and is a highly energetic pyrotechnic or explosive material.” (Niels H. Harrit, Jeffrey Farrer, Steven E. Jones, Kevin R. Ryan, Frank M. Legge, Daniel Farnsworth, Gregg Roberts, James R. Gourley, Bradley R. Larsen, “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe, The Open Chemical Physics Journals, vol.2, pp.7-31 (25), 2009: ).

  21. El Kabong

    @kenogami. The buildings came down, this is a fact. Why they came down is a matter for engineers, architects, building inspectors and maintenance. Any design flaws would render similar designed buildings potentially unsafe and lead to billions in claims against insurance companies. Hijacked aircraft were also flown into the towers before they fell, this is a fact, there are witnesses and exhaustive video footage. If you want to find the reason for the structural failure then you need to examine what happened during the construction of the buildings, the design changes that happened during construction (asbestos) and the shortage of funds to complete the building due to the raging inflation of the 70s (look up the fire suppression system that went into the building), also don’t forget the influence of the Mafia families who controlled the concrete supply at the time. Those buildings were not designed for modern office environments. Don’t get hung up on how the buildings came down, the fact is they did and several thousand people died immediately as a result.

    Consider instead the people who flew the planes into the building were financed and supported by someone – who was this? The implication is that elements of the American CIA and Saudi royal family were heavily involved in the finance and logistics support. (money, training and co-ordination). The identification and movement of the players in the run up to and aftermath of the event is critical to understanding why the event happened and who benefited (cui bono?) .

    All that remains of the building is a hole in the ground, by keeping the conspiracy theorists focused on the hole we avoid answering serious issues that occurred as a result, like mass unemployment and growth in the number of people on food stamps as capital is being burned to the tune of $1.2 trillion dollars per annum to support the security state (military, homeland security and militarisation of police forces, TSA & NSA). This gross misdirection of resources is one of the main factors behind the lack of capital formation and degradation of living conditions and removal of civil rights for the middle and growing underclass. $1.2 trillion is gross wastage, don’t you think?

  22. DeVaul

    Thanks for doing this article, Elaine. People ridiculed me recently when I mentioned the Mossad agent and then could not find any information on him by using Google. I was pretty sure I did not “imagine” it.

    I will admit this: I was astounded to find hundreds of websites devoted to the idea that Mossad, the CIA, and Saudi Arabia all “ran” the operation. I had no idea these sites even existed.

    I learned something about the rich, though: one well-kept secret can produce endless confusion and speculation that consumes entire lifetimes of time and energy. I bet they teach this at their Bohemian Grove Gatherings, or wherever they meet.

  23. Alexi

    Another DUMB conspiracy theory citing conspiracy theorists, anti-Semites, and the Gov of Iran’s propaganda outlet as “proof”.

    Yes, what we have been told about 9/11 is false.

    NO it is not what you’ve chosen to believe.

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