Ice Breakers Can’t Free Global Warming Fanatic Ship From Antarctic Summer Ice

another wave December bitter cold


As December comes to a close, yet another sub-zero front will blow through the Northeast US.  Yes, we had some quite warm days which melted the ice and snow which is wonderful for me because my snow plow vehicle broke down badly and my road was deep in snow, now it is clear and the vehicle has been fixed.  A boat full of global warming enthusiasts went to Antarctica and got stuck in the ice and it is hard rescuing them because of all this thick ice…ironic, isn’t it?


It is summer down there.  The climate change people show their true stripes whenever there is a cold weather story, namely, they turtle up and hide and only emerge to yell about how climate change menaces us when some warm weather news occurs.  So it is hilarious about the various ice breakers going to Antarctica to rescue these people and getting stuck instead:  Rescue boat unable to reach trapped ship in Antarctica –


The rescue icebreakers were battling the planet’s coldest environment while trying to reach the Akademik Shokalskiy ship, whose 74 researchers, crew and tourists remained in good condition despite being at a frozen standstill since Monday.


The ship is carrying scientists and passengers led by expedition leader Chris Tunrey, an Australian professor of climate change.


While he is there he should contemplate the dangers of Ice Ages.  I wonder what he is telling his faithful?  ‘We are roasting to death! Oh, the agony!’  Or is he shivering and saying, ‘Um, even if it warms up ten degrees it is still way below freezing and we can all die.’  I assure everyone that the people on this ship are growing more and more scared as rescue ships have to be rescued.


The Pacific Ocean is warmer in places but not one important place that has a huge effect on our weather, namely the el Nino trough. La Nina ‘neutral’ will continue until next summer, it has been ongoing for a long, long time.   Here is how long this has been running:  NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center: La Niña is back (September 8, 2011)

NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory

el Nino graph shows conditions returning to cold 1970's


As we see here, the mid-1950’s to the mid-1970’s saw some spikes of el Nino but were mainly long, long sessions of la Nina events.  Then it warmed up suddenly.  All solar-generated events have sudden swings like this.  We had very long, hot el Ninos with very brief la Ninas, the reverse of the previous two decades.  Now, it is rapidly fading and returning to mainly la Nina cycles.


The increasing feebleness and shortness of the el Nino events is probably going to get weaker, not stronger.  The trend is away from el Nino events.  We are supposed to be at the peak of the solar sun spot cycle and it is weak, too which is no coincidence, both are intimately connected.


earth wind map Dec 29, 2013

earth wind map

Strong winds batter UK, thousands of homes lose power over the Xmas week.  This is another indication of strengthening winter storms and is no surprise to me since the sun spot activity is so weak this winter.  People are dying of the severe cold and ice in the colder parts of the North American continent.  This severe cold is very dangerous as anyone who actually works in the cold in winter know all too well.


The low number of sun spots and large areas of solar winds has many cooling effects that appear nearly instantly on earth.  One effect is the lack of tornadoes and violent lightning events.  This year is one of the lowest tornado event years ever recorded:

2013 has lowest tornado events

File:2013 United States tornado count.png – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yes, there are still tornadoes but the point here is, they are very few compared to hot solar springs and summers.  As the cold increases, even warm places like Egypt are seeing snow storms and other cold winter events rather than hot weather.


Not only the sun but other planets affect each other in various interesting ways: — News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids


Jupiter’s radio storms are caused by natural radio lasers in the planet’s magnetosphere that sweep past Earth as Jupiter rotates. Electrical currents flowing between Jupiter’s upper atmosphere and the volcanic moon Io can boost these emissions to power levels easily detected by ham radio antennas on Earth. Jovian “S-bursts” (short bursts) and “L-bursts” (long bursts) mimic the sounds of woodpeckers, whales, and waves crashing on the beach.


Now is a good time to listen to Jupiter’s radio storms. The distance between Earth and Jupiter is decreasing as the giant planet approaches opposition on Jan. 5th; and the closer Jupiter comes, the louder it gets.


I will fight hard to have the sun return to its proper primary position as the most important controller of our weather.  With volcanoes running #2.  The general atmosphere also has a huge effect but it is very much held hostage by these two other forces which are not steady state but rather, periodical and sometimes violently changing.


The appearance of steady state climate is mainly due to the effect of seeing distant geological information squished together by time and weight of earthly materials so it looks like a smooth record with these sudden switches that are very apparent when we view rocks laid down over time.  But the tiny changes that have big effects are very much in the past as well as the present, our epoch is even so, characterized by huge, and also NEW periodicity which can only be traced back to the sun’s sudden change in character.


Yes, the tilt of the earth, etc., does have an effect like all other things but the earth’s tilt has not changed much over the millennium and the beginning of the cyclic Ice Ages is only 2.5 million years ago and that began like a thunderclap.  Not slowly, not since the earth tilted and we had the present configuration.  It began like someone (the sun) threw a light switch off.

sunset borger

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32 responses to “Ice Breakers Can’t Free Global Warming Fanatic Ship From Antarctic Summer Ice

  1. larry, dfh

    The ice, i believe, that trapped these boats, is fresh water ice, derived from melting glaciers on the continent. The total ice area in Antarctica is increasing, but the total ice mass may be decreasing. As I’ve mentioned before, increased ice area results in decreased oceanic water evaporation, which will disrupt some weather pattern some where else on the globe.
    Glad you got your plow fixed; I’m sure you can get stuck for months under the wrong circumstances.

  2. wellwell

    Elaine, to be fair, the ice age onset 2.5 million years ago had more to do with continental drift affecting ocean currents. Central and South America came together at the isthmus of Panama, which cut off the flow of tropical water from the Atlantic to the Pacific, creating the Gulf Stream:

    Interestingly, whenever a land bridge formed in the Bering Strait between Alaska and Siberia due to the enlarged Arctic ice cap, the northern flow of water from the Pacific to the Atlantic was cut off, and the ice cap began to melt, resulting in the re-opening of the Bering Strait about a thousand years later – then the process would begin anew, and the ice cap would begin to grow again:

    ELAINE: That doesn’t explain several things: why Ice Ages END suddenly and this happens when the landmasses are greater due to lower oceans.

  3. Atlantic has woken up with earthquakes all over esp the Canary Islands.
    New volcanic activity there as well.

  4. Despite the current reversal of the century-long trend, there are governments making plans based on continuing warming and polar ice melt. One of them is Canada, which filed a claim for the North Pole with the U.N., beating out Russia and Denmark. That has interesting implications for the citizenship of a legendary character.

  5. emsnews

    Now the global warming tour can’t be rescued by anyone due to a fierce blizzard.

    Roasting to death is such difficulty these days.

  6. melponeme_k

    “The Russian ship left New Zealand on Nov. 28 on a private expedition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of an Antarctic journey led by famed Australian explorer Douglas Mawson.”

    Quote from Huffpost story. They won’t even write that the ship was out there to prove that all the ice was melting creating new shipping lanes due to global warming/change. Now the purpose was to celebrate Mawson.

    Will the lies ever stop?

  7. Luc

    Mel, if you are looking for the truth at HP, good luck!!!!
    See my link elsewhere here to ‘climate depot’ info…I found that at Drudge.

    [and thanks for the disinformation from HP].

  8. Ziff house

    It is funny , good piece Elaine.

  9. DeVaul


    “Will the lies ever stop?”

    No, they won’t. It will take a new age for that to happen.

  10. El Kabong

    Way back in 2009 – Eco-sailors rescued by oil tanker –

    The team, which left Mount Batten Marina in Plymouth on 19 April in a boat named the Fleur, aimed to rely on sail, solar and man power on a journey to and from the highest point of the Greenland ice cap.

    The expedition was followed by up to 40 schools across the UK to promote climate change awareness.

    But atrocious weather dogged their journey after 27 April, culminating with the rescue on 1 May after the boat was temporarily capsized three times by the wind.

    In one incident Mr Stoddart hit his head and the wind generator and solar panels were ripped from the yacht.


  11. There were two big storms that shut down power and public transit in my city, in 2013. The one last week we’re calling Ice Storm 2013. The one during the summer didn’t get named, as far as I know.

    In this mass-media culture, last week is already a long time ago. Last summer might as well be last century. The typhoon in the Philippines is long forgotten by most, too. Things just tick along. But I think people are being nagged subconsciously. The power goes out and we think “Didn’t this happen pretty recently? I remember looking for candles not that long ago… hmm.”

  12. Ken

    I agree with most of what you say BUT I think dumping 2 trillion tons of carbon into the atmosphere that the planet had buried previously is going to create a problem. Granted the sun has cycles but never before has one species dumped so much stored energy into it”s air.It is like humanity has a death wish.I am in favor of the term “Climate-Change) because I feel it more accurately reflects our situation. Love your work and appreciate all you do. Hope your New year is better than your last


    ELAINE: According to the past, we are due for another Ice Age. So this CAN be warming us…thank god. It is going way below zero this week up here in NY, a very bitter, bitter cold, 20 degrees below normal.

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  14. emsnews

    HAHAHA…one euro to rule them all and in darkness bind them….

  15. Luc

    ‘It is going way below zero this week up here in NY,’..that is cold..and winter began about 10 days ago.

  16. emsnews

    Yes, it is very bitterly cold and the silence of the warming people has…been to scream that we are roasting to death…in some future.

    Zero sympathy for victims of this very, very severe cold. Yesterday, our own government told us to worry about typhoons in the Pacific and to feel sorry for its victims but not a peep about people freezing to death or spending a fortune to heat their homes and thus, run out of money for food, for example.

    Or the many people killed in accidents on icy roads, etc. Not a word of sympathy or suggestions we spend more money on people exposed to severe cold.

    This noxious double standard is very harmful especially since the solution to warming is…to tax people heating their homes during severe cold waves.

  17. Luc

    I turned on NPR this am…..The ‘Michio Kaku’ show out of NY Pacifica. Sho nuff….’global warming crisis and melting ice will cause havoc’.

  18. CK

    Taxation to prevent global warming, is it good for the Goy? No.

  19. JT


    Do they need to be rescued?
    Won’t global warm.. sorry climate chang… sorry climate crisis free them?

    Just noticed the new term in use here in europe.
    No change anymore so they moved to a new term crisis.

  20. emsnews


    It is BITTER COLD now. Horribly cold. I was putting chains on the snow plow vehicle for the coming blizzard tonight and by the third chain, my fingers froze to the chain (have to do this bare handed and it is below zero!) so I had to go to a fire to warm them enough to finish the job!!!!

    We will get over a foot of snow. Where in hell is this damn global warming??? I need a lot of this! We are way, way below normal and this is half of North America, not my little mountain stronghold.

  21. Luc

    Elaine, many of us know who control the Media. In the same way ‘The Knock Out Game’ can be scrubbed, Trayvon can be pushed.

    AWG is ‘in’ and ‘country folk freezin’ just aint news. Sorry.

  22. Christian W

    ‘Global warming’ is here in Norway, December was at least 5C above normal in the south of Norway. The West coast also had a record number of storms. The meteorologists here have blamed ‘the jetstream from the Mid-US’ for much of the weather. As we have seen from the earth wind map it has been the combination of the jet stream from the west that also hit the UK/Scotland/the West Coast of Norway and the warmer air from Sahara/the Carribean that hit the southern part of Norway

    There is talk now of melting water from Sibera, the equivalent amount as the size of Norway with 10km of water on top entering the arctic region and shutting down the normal flow of the streams. This made me think that that amount is about what covered Scandinavia during the last ice age when the entire region was covered with about 3kms of ice…

  23. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Also bitterly cold [12 – 17F] here in Great Lakes country this evening.


    Fortunately, we got a kitchen coal-stoker several years ago and now only use a few pounds of coal daily to keep the place +/- 60F.

    Can’t put up with more than a 40 degree thermal-shock to the old bod, or it weakens the immune system too much – too fast.

    A friend in Alaska lives his winters in a log-cabin at +/- 45F and has no problems. I guess we humans can actually ADAPT to severe cold.

    HEY, thanx for the reference to the ‘global wind chart’! I’m planning to sail across the Atlantic to Portugal and was wondering how I could plot the fastest course.


  24. JT

    “Where in hell is this damn global warming???”

    We are in a climate crisis.
    There is no warming and apparently not much change.
    But crisis is a vague enough word.
    The crisis never ends.

  25. JT

    White xmas…
    In Cairo and Jerusalem

  26. JT

    Global warming enthusiasts are stuck in antarctic ice in the middle of the summer. On an icebreaker.
    On their way to shoot the vanishing ice.

    It’s a priceless story.

  27. JT

    on their way to shoot pictures of vanishing ice, I meant.

  28. Eso

    Why is everyone so quiet about the Sun having done a 180 degree turn. I noted no one reported the event coming. Should I conclude that nothing is going to come of it?

  29. emsnews

    There have been plenty of reports about the solar pole shift. Even here. The ‘thing’ that comes from this is usually a briefly warmer sun. This happens every 20 years. This time around it has had very little in the way of sun spots. Thus, the cold increasing.

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