Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus Is ‘Animal Farm’ Piglet

One of the scariest things today is how the army of Zionists who run our media and DC are determined to impose a massive security state on us due to ‘terrorism’ which is generated mainly by sectarian/tribal/religious warfare which is raging hotter and hotter.  The Zionists throw gasoline on these fires with glee knowing that this will cause more terror attacks and they can then portray themselves as heroes saving us from those dreadful Muslims.  The NSA has been constructed as a prison guard to control the US population at large.  Spying on millions of Christians and atheists is supposed to make us safer.


These same Zionists have buried the news that all this spying on non-Muslims is being funneled directly to Israel.  Instead, they are on full frontal attack on Snowden for revealing this information which they continue to hide.  Here is a disgusting editorial by the Jewish female writer who is married to a powerful Jewish advisor to the Presidents, a woman who is party of not only AIPAC but the Bilderberg gang, Ruth Marcus: Snowden, the insufferable whistleblower – The Washington Post:


“For me, in terms of personal satisfaction, the mission’s already accomplished. I already won,” Snowden proclaimed. “Because, remember, I didn’t want to change society. I wanted to give society a chance to determine if it should change itself.”


And what gave Snowden the right to assume that responsibility? “That whole question — who elected you? — inverts the model. They elected me. The overseers,” he said. “The system failed comprehensively, and each level of oversight, each level of responsibility that should have addressed this, abdicated their responsibility.”


Always, Snowden is most careful to talk about the facts of the matter.  That is, our government is illegally and illicitly spying on everyone for no good reason.  I say, the reasons given are due entirely to our foreign affairs which are most toxic, not at all good for protecting US interests at home, our diplomacy has led to us living in a Soviet-style state spy system and the Zionists are directly responsible for this happening.


We support racist ethnic cleansing in Israel while denouncing it elsewhere and this double standard is disgusting and will lead us here to race wars and overall rage at home as well as abroad.  Americans are now viewed as abusive, nasty racists which is correct, our yap about equality collapses when we examine the gross inequalities the Jews are imposing on the victims of their colonization efforts.


Here is Ms. Marcus attacking Snowden while she really is talking about herself and her gang:


Oh, come on. George Orwell himself would have told Snowden to chill — and the author of “Animal Farm” surely would have shown more recognition of the irony of Snowden’s sojourn in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Does a man whose life is conducted so much online really believe that Putin’s spies are not cyber-peering over his shoulder?


The whistleblower personality is rarely an attractive one. Whistleblowers tend to be the difficult ones, the sort who tend to feel freer to speak out precisely because they don’t fit in. So perhaps it is not a surprise that the biggest whistleblower of all time has an unpleasant personality to match. And personality would not matter — at least it would not be so grating — if Snowden’s behavior were more upstanding and his actions more justified.


This sneering, strutting, spitting, snarling female prison guard working the perimeters of the Gaza Warsaw Ghetto snaps her riding crop on her thick thigh as she glares at the people inside the prison walls.  How dare some whistleblower reveal the power of the State!  He should be brave and come home to Buchenwald Prison and take his punishment like a man after she ties him to a rack and beats him mercilessly.  The coward.


Oh, the pity of it all!  He ran off to reveal things instead of staying home and being quietly suppressed!  Oh, Animal Farm indeed!  Snowball the Pig agrees whole heartedly with her.  Oink! He, too, thinks dissents should surrender to the pigs and be punished and thus, conform to society.  Oink.  All the pigs agree.


Nothing is more unpleasant than dissident animals.  Remember, all animals are not created equal.  The pigs have primacy and we have to support their tribe and let them do what they want.  As in this editorial at the equally piggy New York Times tells us so clearly:  Roger Cohen My Jewish State – NYTimes.com

Of course, any two-state peace agreement will have to be final and irreversible; it must ensure there are no further Palestinian claims on a secure Israel. It may well require some form of words saying the two states are the homelands of their respective peoples, a formula used by the Geneva Initiative. But that is for another day.

If Israel looks like a Jewish state and acts like a Jewish state, that is good enough for me — as long as it gets out of the corrosive business of occupation. Zionism, the one I identify with, forged a Jewish homeland in the name of restored Jewish pride in a democratic state of laws, not in the name of finicky insistence on a certain form of recognition, nor in the name of messianic religious Greater Israel nationalism.


Yes, the piggies want everyone to surrender.  So, the other animals in this Pig Paradise are to give it up and remove themselves so the Pig Paradise has only its own kind, not a bunch of chickens, horses and cows cluttering up this wonderful state.  If only the other animals give up their rights, all is well for the piggies.  If they don’t, the pigs will…KILL.  All.


Now, the Zionists will say it is antisemitism to call them ‘pigs’ but these two pigs illustrated here are the same Zionists who throw the book, ‘Animal Farm’ at us while lying about Snowden!  They,  not I, brought up this book which has the pigs going from being victims of human slaughter to…running a farm and slaughtering the other animals while partying with the humans killers.


This is exactly what the Jews have done.  They were persecuted and murdered viciously by the Nazis only to turn into Nazis, themselves.  This warped process followed the ‘Animal Farm’ story nearly exactly.  Turning Snowden into this cartoon character of ‘an obnoxious animal who wants us to pay attention to him’ is classic pig propaganda a la ‘Animal Farm’.



Snowden’s revelations have been revolutionary and a lot of people are very, very angry about what the NSA has been doing behind our backs and wondering why Congress, owned by the pigs, is doing nothing to fix this monstrosity:  The most Kafkaesque paragraph from today’s NSA ruling

Screen shot 2014-01-01 at 8.39.43 AM

Re-read that a few times and let it sink in. Pauley is essentially saying that the targets of the order have no recourse to challenge the collection of their personal data because Congress never intended for targets to ever know that they were subject to this sort of spying. And that the fact that everyone knows about it now, thanks to Edward Snowden, doesn’t change the targets’ ability to challenge the legality of the order.


The judges are divided.  Some want a Pig Paradise and find every possible excuse to impose it on us.  They rip up the Constitution regularly because they hate our civil rights.  Both ‘liberal’ and ‘conservatives’ do this because they want to control the Animal Farm which is the rest of us.


The ACLU complained when Klayman Wins NSA Spy Suit So CNN Attacks Him Viciously As US Media Owners Plot More Attacks On Our Freedoms.  Mr. Lemon and the CNN reporter in this story hammered away at Larry Klayman, shouting about how he spoiled the ACLU suit by winning (pure pig logic, here) and Lemon sniffed that the ACLU had a better case.  Which proved to be wrong, false and stupid.


The ACLU now has to go to a higher court and hope they don’t appear before a pig judge.  The rulers need the NSA to control the rest of us and they fear and hate Snowden because we now all know not generally but exactly how these guys are spying on everyone.


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11 responses to “Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus Is ‘Animal Farm’ Piglet

  1. Elaine, your post don’t have a subject. It is the second time this happens. It makes harder afterwards to find the post.


    ELAINE: I’m so sorry! I have been in perfect hell this last three days dealing with fixing the snow plow vehicle, fixing a friend’s snow blower and running ragged. I ended up last night driving in a hideous snow storm while towing snow removal stuff and it was a nightmare.

    I had to finally get out of the jeep and stick a black plastic garbage bag over the headlights to dim them enough to see in the thick snow fall!

  2. e sutton

    I look forward to each and every one of your posts. They are like a drop of rain in a desert. Happy New Year! And please continue to report on what’s REALLY going on in the world. I would love to contribute to you, but I have been serially unemployed since 2009. Just finished a seasonal gig @12/hr., so not a lot of spare change around my house. I don’t always agree with you about everything, but you’re spot on about things I never even began to connect the dots on. Best wishes to you and yours for 2014!


    ELAINE: I appreciate any and all donations but don’t want someone to suffer for this. Take care of yourself! You matter.

  3. tfoth

    Actually, Judge Leon dismissed the statutory claim against the NSA as well using the same rationale based on congressional intent.

    Unlike in the Pauly decision, however, Judge Leon held that the NSA bulk collection is “likely unconstitutional” for the purposes of granting a preliminary injunction against the NSA. But his decision lacks some bite because he stayed execution pending appeal.

    Sometimes when a questionable law enforcement tactic is successful courts are inclined to interpret the law as to permit it, especially when the crime involved is heinous. This may have been what happened in Smith v. Maryland, the case the NSA is relying on to justify its bulk collection program. Judge Leon did an admirable job of distinguishing that case but obviously at least one other court is not going that way. Unfortunately, the “pigs” are likely in the advantageous position of not needing to overturn or distinguish established precedent in order to prevail in future actions.

  4. CK

    You can understand things a lot better, if, in the area of security and foreign affairs your first question is: Is this good for the goy?
    It has become a two value world and if it isn’t good for the goyim, it should be avoided.
    But CK you demur isn’t it possible for things to be good for both?
    Bayesian analysis says nope it isn’t. History says there never has been an example.

  5. Seraphim

    Elaine, did you mean to say Snowdon is not a “Mensch”?

  6. melponeme_k


    Illegal Alien can practice law in the US Court without being a citizen.


    This makes me shake in my shoes. Because the backlash, when it comes, will be fierce, swift and violent. Unfortunately since my skin is brown, I will be pulled into the mess even though my bloodlines have been in this country for over 20,000 years.

  7. Petruchio

    And so we have commentaries in the NYT by Roger Cuhen and Ruth Marcus. May the New York Times should just put a sign near its entrance saying, “No Goyim Allowed”. Correction: the NYT would not spell “goyim” with a capital “G”. HaHa. In reality, it is not much of an exaggeration to say that “Jewish folks only”, or more accurately, “Right wing, warmongering Jewish folks ONLY”. Slightly off topic, but I’m curious: do Rahm Emmanuel and Joe Liebermann actually have dual, US/Israeli citizenship?

  8. Luc

    2013, major US cities..NY, Chicano [yes thats how I spell it] and NY.
    ALL WITH JEWISH MAYORS. Garcetti is jewish!

  9. emsnews

    We now have an Italiano one just like Italiano Guilliano.

  10. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Your comment hits it outta the ballpark yet again:

    “Now, the Zionists will say it is antisemitism to call them ‘pigs’ but these two pigs illustrated here are the same Zionists who throw the book, ‘Animal Farm’ at us while lying about Snowden! They, not I, brought up this book which has the pigs going from being victims of human slaughter to…running a farm and slaughtering the other animals while partying with the humans killers.”

    My good friend Dr. E. Michael Jones was in Poland the week before Christmas speaking about the promotion of societal control by the Jews through the domination of the libido:


    His Email to me had a very interesting quote:

    A man in one audience observed “I see you are called an anti-Semite by the media, so you must be doing something important.”

    I answered: “In the past an ‘anti-Semite was someone who hated Jews. Today if Jews hate you, you are an anti-Semite.

    But, as I always remind Mike; To call these cretins Jews is an insult to all pious Orthodox Jewish people. These Nazis are no more Jewish than Biden, Pelosi or Kerry are Catholics.

    Why don’t we just call them what Mark of Michigan does – “kosher mafia”?


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