NJ Gov. Christie Gang Ordered Illegal GW Bridge Closing To Punish Dem Mayor Fort Lee

Just the other day my son and I were stuck for several long hours on the George Washington Bridge due to a plane landing on the north lanes causing this shutdown.  But during the previous election, it appears that the appointees to the Port Authority which runs all the bridges, toll tunnels and other transport systems including the World Trade Center, conspired with Governor Christie to punish the mayor of Fort Lee by shutting off his town’s access and egress with a pretend ‘Homeland Security’ study.


Back when my son and I were stuck on the bridge, we discussed yet another Homeland Security stoppage as the cause.  On the radio, this was even mentioned.  Now we know that the previous event was pure malice aimed at hurting everyone in New York City and New Jersey by strangling traffic.  This caused many health problems from pollution, one person died in a stuck ambulance, it lasted for nearly a week, people were late to appointments or work, children on both sides of the Hudson River couldn’t get to school easily and in general, life was severely degraded by more than several million people…all so Christie could punish someone for not endorsing him!


The emails that the Freedom of Information Act provided to us shows clearly these goons were gloating over how many people would suffer, lose money, get sick, children endangered, they thought this was all a neat trick to play on millions of people who they view as so many ants to be crushed.  Update: Christie says he was misled by staff member; emails link top aide to GWB mess – NorthJersey.com: Christie is pulling the ‘I don’t know what my closest friends and drinking buddies did while they hung out with me!’ which is how leaders are supposed to act: like loser.


This leader who leads is, like Nixon and others, suddenly  not a leader when everyone goes off the rails.  As if his followers and close, close friends would do this very massive, public hissy fit display without him knowing about it.  He certainly saw it in the news the first day because it grossly disrupted traffic in a major metropolitan exchange!  It was hard to miss.  Far from going forth from his Man Cave to discover what was wrong, he sat on his ass and laughed.


Here are the actual emails:  http://dng.northjersey.com/media_server/tr/2014/01/09gwb/port_authority_2014.pdf

David Wildstein, a Jewish buddy from school days, writes, ‘Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee’.  Another buddy boy writes, ‘For a whole week?’  The appointee to the Port Authority replies, ‘I’ll see what can be done’.  These statements are grounds for criminal charges. This is gangsterism.  ‘Local Fort Lee traffic a disaster,’ sneers one aid as they rejoice in how horrible things became.


Then comes an email pleading for help from Fort Lee:  ‘Presently we have four very busy traffic lanes merging into only one toll booth…the bigger problem is getting kids to school.  Help please.  It’s maddening.’  The conspirators creating this  mess send each other emails, one saying, ‘Is it wrong that I am smiling?’


Another laugh riot Christie aid sneers, ‘I feel badly about the kids…I GUESS.  They are children of Buono voters (Democrats)’.  This illustrates the ‘we love fetuses’ party.  They really do hate children who are actually alive.”


Minutes later, one of the conspirators writes about how reporters are flooding the lines and some are yelling that this is a conspiracy to harm the people of Fort Lee.  ‘Give me instructions!’ says one criminal Christie dude.  ‘I am having a tough time with the reporters.’


At this point, the New York Port Authority supervisor steps in to order the bridge reopened and then began a barrage of emails to the New Jersey crooks to find out who did what and why.  This sets the gang all in a tizzy as they struggle to dig themselves out of the mountain of shit they produced.


Briefly, these GOP goons backslap each other, Wildstein, the Governor’s oldest friend, says, ‘I only texted Bridget and Nicole (telling them about this nasty trick) and they were VERY happy.’  After this mess, Governor Christie issues a statement praising these clowns saying they gave great service to the people of New Jersey and the region.


Now these aids have resigned by Christie is still very large and at large and he bulks big in this scandal and has only issued a very brief, blunt, blundering statement similar to Nixon’s denials about Watergate.  Reading NJ newspapers tonight, I see virtually no support for this monster and I suspect he may resign rather than be arrested.  Make a deal, as usual.  Like Nixon.

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18 responses to “NJ Gov. Christie Gang Ordered Illegal GW Bridge Closing To Punish Dem Mayor Fort Lee

  1. Being There

    I don’t call this country Murder Inc. a la Meyer Lansky for nothin’.

    It is indeed frightening to hear the callousness and the punishment of perceived democrats and their little children who were stuck in the heat in busses en route to and from school for no reason, by a governor’s office.

    Take a gander at Wisconsin and Michigan, you can see something forming that isn’t democratic. It is all about having cities taken over by technocrats instead of elected officials to manage finances. It is about smashing the public sector to raise capital ie artwork at the Detroit Museum.

    But, I digress, more about our friend Chris Christie. He had ties with Madoff revealed in the background check Romney did on him, which is why he was not chosen as a running mate. see:


    And this is what the non-tea party Republicans want to be your next president. We are in such sorry state, I don’t know where to begin anymore.

  2. Vengeur

    This is a fine example of why people hate politicians and oppose anything that gives these politicians more control over the citizens lives. Now any decent person who thought about obstructing traffic like that would see that it would endanger LIVES, and be ashamed of themselves and not do it. Now in addition to the insult that these politicians did this dirty, nasty thing, we must also swallow the insult that they will go on their merry way and never be held accountable for it.

  3. Vengeur

    I propose that “Homeland Security ” be renamed Homeland Harassment.

  4. Luc

    Good one, Vengeur! have you heard Alex Jones ‘take’ on HS?

  5. e sutton

    If this isn’t an example of cooperative corruption in government, I don’t know what is. This will (and should) bring Christie down as the thieving liar he is. But more than that, it should (but probably won’t) awaken EVERYBODY, dems and repubs alike, that the ENTIRE system is completely corrupt. Doing something like this in the name of “Homeland Security” to me is an outright and blatant display of what a fraud all of this is. Holding up traffic in one of the busiest egresses in America for political spite, in the name of “Homeland “Security”??? Frisking 70 year old women at an airport, hoping to visit their grandchildren in the ruse of “Homeland Security”? REALLY??? When are the people of this country going to STAND UP to this OUTRAGEOUS abuse of our sovereign rights?? This is Nazi Germany, like, real up close and personal. If you don’t like it, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!
    Likewise, if you don’t have a problem with it, just sit on your ass and do nothing about it. BTW, You ARE NEXT, on their SH_T list.

  6. emsnews

    It looks like the NJ Democratic leaders enjoyed conspiring with the Repubs to undo any changes to the power status quo.

    Jersey City, for example, just elected a new reformist mayor. He began undoing all the corruption of the previous Dem machine politicians.

    So…Christie conspired with the Democratic machine bosses to punish ALL of Jersey City by stopping these reforms in Trenton and making it impossible to fix what is wrong with Jersey City!

    i fought Democratic bosses in NYC many years ago.

    One even committed suicide. One Congressman went to prison. This is when the Daily News called me the Housewife From Hell, a title I loved greatly!

  7. I never thought he had much of a chance to become anything other than the guv of “the garbage state”. He really is too fat and has a mean streak to boot.

  8. emsnews

    Christie is melting down at his press conference. He just yelled, ‘I am not a bully!’ which is his Nixon ‘I’m not a crook’ moment.


    Now he is saying he doesn’t know what a traffic study is or how it is done.

    HAHAHA. Incompetent fool. Like Tricky Dicky, he prides himself on being smart except when he does something criminal and then, this former Federal Prosecutor now has to play stupid. Bush Jr. was stupid so his rip on being too dumb was believable.

  9. Wondering Why

    I agree with most of these comments. Jon Stewart’s piece last night on this was priceless.

    HOWEVER–and a big however–what exactly is the point of the writer referring to Wildstein as Christie’s “Jewish friend?” Don’t you think the real story is strong enough without lowering yourself to anti-semitic slurs?

  10. Petruchio

    And what is House Speaker John Boehner’s take on the Christie scandal? First thing out of Boehner’s mouth: Chris Christie is still very much in the Presdiential running for 2016. This is indicative of the absolute contempt Republicans have for the common voter.
    @Wondering why: look, Wildstein IS Jewish; it’s accurate to call him a ‘Jewish friend’. BTW: you can all call me your ‘American friend’ if you like. Doesn’t bother me.

  11. sas

    “David Wildstein, a Jewish buddy from school days, writes, ‘Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee’.
    you should get your facts straight elaine — it was christie aide bridget ann kelly who wrote that email TO david wildstein.

    this out-of-context ethnic assault on a genuinely at fault aide of christie is quite disturbing. normally, i find it quite possible to separate your legitimate complaints about an extremely powerful jewish lobby from an anti-semitic rant. now i’m not so sure….

  12. emsnews

    Wildstein DID THE DEED. She merely passed on the go ahead green light from her boss, Wildstein’s good buddy.

    And I wrote a long story today about religious/ethnic politics in the NY/NJ region.

    I have been married to both a Jewish NY guy whose father was very connected and then an Italian guy whose more distant but not too far off relatives are Siciilan Mafia.

  13. emsnews

    Oh, and Christie yesterday claimed Wildstein was not a good buddy from highschool and called him a NERD!!! And hinted that the high and mighty Christie would never hang out with a Nerd Jewish loser with out using those words, they were implied.

    Which is a total lie and a huge ‘throw the Jewish kid with the glasses under the bus’ moment.

  14. sas

    well, thanks for the reply, elaine — i’m glad you’re eually against ALL mafias, jewish and italian included. just to remind you and your readers that the vast (but sadly decreasing!) number of american secular jews find both AIPAC and the hassidim abhorrent. unfortunately, the future belongs to those who have the most children, and while the secular jews tend to have very few children, the hassidim are avid breeders (like the haredim in israel) and tend to have 8 to 12 kids. how depressing, because theirs will be the future of judiasm, a religion that historically welcomed a diversity of 3 opinions for every 2 people expressing them.

  15. skizma

    Christie and Sokolich went to seton hall university together for legal school, the exact same time….school buddies? really? your comments and all of this are totally MISLEADING. Once a comment goes to print the idiotic sheep, with no mind or thoughts of their own, follow and believe. So, it’s OK for you to say this was because the mayor didn’t support the governor? are you really that stupid? really. I’m sure there’s a much deeper reason. why is it that you folks are totally uninformed? the NJ/NY Port authority is 2/3rds DEMOCRATS. The PA approved this. So, was this all a ruse to blame on Christie and make Christie look bad so he doesn’t get elected President? really folks….more than one way to “speculate” and there are Definite possibilities here……


    ELAINE: Well, it turns out people DID figure out the real reason: this gang attacked Fort Lee due to a squabble with the leader of the Democrats who fought over some judgeships.

  16. Petruchio

    “Wildstein DID THE DEED….” David Wildstein certainly did ‘do the deed’. That’s why Wildstein had to invoke his 5th Amendment rights multiple times when he went before the Port Authority. I watched David Brooks on PBS last night and heard his spin on the Bridge scandal Brooks defended Christie (surprise!!), saying, ‘This isn’t the first time a politician has done this; both Parties do this…’. David Brooks is a disgusting, neo-con shill. How he has ANY credibility, how he is able to continue appearing on television is a testament to how putrid the MSM is.

  17. emsnews

    The 5th was played so many times, Beethoven turned in his grave (a musical joke).

  18. Quiche Chrustie

    Chris Chirstie’s fellow thugs brutalized Dwight L Moody in Chicago as these feudal casuists hold lore enforcement to be a sort of clergy. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson. “If you live each day as it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right” Steve Jobs. What all these newcomers ain’t be understanding is that violence combats control freakery. It discourages officials from grandiose schemes. It makes public servants behave humbly, unline these transit workers who think it assaulting them is a felony it is ok for them to drop you off on top of a pile of garbage or even to ignore you waiting while they lobby to congetion price you out of your car and further into their web of control. Entrepreneurs would think too much about tomorrow will never take risks today. It is the constant death and creative destruction which makes America great, which ends the ties to the old world which divide us and which makes us worry about what really matters.

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