Sun Spot Activity Increases, Arctic Vortex Fades

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The North American continent is finally beginning to thaw out from outrageous, historic cold.  ‘Polar Vortex’ was blamed as if this were the cause and not the effect of something.  What is warming us is obvious: the sun.  It has gone out of hibernation and we have a good old hot spot spitting energy at us and lo and behold, the polar vortex fades.


There is a 90% chance of a solar storm in the next 24 hours.  This is the peak of the present 20 year solar cycle.  The temperature here on my mountain is going up to 50 degrees F during the solar storm which is nice news due to me being weary of fighting the cold when I do anything at all.


Here is an amusing article fretting about the increasing gap between predictions and reality:  Overestimated global warming over the past 20 years : Nature Climate Change : Nature Publishing Group


One possible explanation for the discrepancy is that forced and internal variation might combine differently in observations than in models. For example, the forced trends in models are modulated up and down by simulated sequences of ENSO events, which are not expected to coincide with the observed sequence of such events. For this reason the moderating influence on global warming that arises from the decay of the 1998 El Niño event does not occur in the models at that time…


Although these three natural variations account for some differences between simulated and observed global warming, these differences do not substantively change our conclusion that observed and simulated global warming are not in agreement over the past two decades. Another source of internal climate variability that may contribute to the inconsistency is the Atlantic multidecadal oscillation (AMO).


However, this is difficult to assess as the observed and simulated variations in global temperature that are associated with the AMO seem to be dominated by a large and concurrent signal of presumed anthropogenic origin. It is worth noting that in any case the AMO has not driven cooling over the past 20 years.


Nature magazine censored my father’s paper about how the sun isn’t a steady state star but is unstable.  And that this determines how hot things will get and he predicted that the next 20 year solar cycle will be less active than in the recent past and that the mini-Ice Ages like the Maunder Minimum will be more, not less frequent.


The above article admits there is this puzzling gap between computer prognostications and reality but rattles on about the ENSO and AMO which are oceanic heating/cooling cycles which very much exist and which very much affects climate differential changes that we notice so much.


At no point in this puzzling article do the scientists mention the sun’s variability or how this also affects the nature of both ENSO and AMO.  It is sad watching these climatologists struggle with their various computer plots while leaving out the most powerful and influential weather determinant, the sun.


They even have the cheek to mention volcanic activity as a driver!  This bizarre blindness annoys the hell out of me because we have so many fine solar observation systems these days, we know more about the sun than ever before.


The gulf between climatologists and solar astronomers grows wider and wider.


Here is another example showing dishonesty due to cherry picking evidence:  Extreme summer weather in northern mid-latitudes linked to a vanishing cryosphere


Here, we combine satellite observations of early summer snow cover and summer sea-ice extent13 with atmospheric reanalysis data14 to demonstrate associations between summer weather patterns in mid-latitudes and losses of snow and sea ice.


Results suggest that the atmospheric circulation responds differently to changes in the ice and snow extents, with a stronger response to sea-ice loss, even though its reduction is half as large as that for the snow cover.


Atmospheric changes associated with the combined snow/ice reductions reveal widespread upper-level height increases, weaker upper-level zonal winds at high latitudes, a more amplified upper-level pattern, and a general northward shift in the jet stream. More frequent extreme summer heat events over mid-latitude continents are linked with reduced sea ice and snow through these circulation changes.


Another huge strike-out!  The plunging jet stream brings record cold to the entire North American continent but they SUGGEST the opposite happens due to global warming at the North Pole, namely, we get no super cold waves due to the weak zonal winds!


So the link between Arctic Ice and it being super cold is what is revealed since ice increased this year? It just may be!  The lopsided nature of the recent Polar Vortex isn’t due to global warming, it is an artifact of Ice Age cooling.  That is, the outline of this event curiously coincides with the outline of the last Ice Age’s glaciers.


Europe had more glaciers than at present but the vast bulk of the ice was over North America exactly like this recent cold wave.  Siberia had very little glaciation compared to Canada.  Africa had virtually none while South America had it only in the high  mountains.


This is why I harp on the fact that global cooling/heating events should concentrate on what happens to North America.  For we are the ones hit the hardest by colder climate change.  This is why I am alarmed at various schemes to cool down things which can, in just one year, turn much of the US and nearly all of Canada into a huge glacier.


The sun did this to us in the past, repeatedly.  All the Ice Ages were nearly the same, had the same effect and so we have to look at this much greater and more dangerous pattern.

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18 responses to “Sun Spot Activity Increases, Arctic Vortex Fades

  1. Luc

    Thanks, you are a breath of fresh [cold] air.

  2. DeVaul

    I’m really surprised some scientist has not come forward with a “major discovery” that the sun controls our weather since that is how scientists become famous, even if they must endure hatred at the time of the new discovery. In the past, your father’s paper would have been printed just for the sheer increase in publicity for whichever journal printed it (increased sales), but now no one wants to touch anything that is a “new discovery”.

    Is it money that stops these articles, or the fear of ridicule by established scientists who have lost their curiousity about the natural world?

  3. JT

    Keep the vortex there!

    It seems like the winter begins here tomorrow -10 celsius for the first time in a month.
    it has been such a nice warm winter so far.

    ice ages leave funny formations and perform balancing acts….

  4. JT

    here’s a bigger picture…


    ELAINE: And who is the handsome guy standing in front of that huge rock? Great picture!

  5. Ziff house

    Jt wow! Why have we not seen this before?

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  7. JT


    “who is the handsome guy standing in front of that huge rock”

    Iceman Finzi. The guy who decided 40 000 years ago that it’s going to be fine, no need to move south.
    The local kids like to dress him up.

  8. JT

    oh you liked that.
    have you ever seen this? It’s another weird thing created during ice-ages.

    hiidenkirnu literal translation is goblin’s churn.

  9. JT


    It used to be a secret where it is.
    But nowdays you can find the location on the internet.
    It’s called kummakivi, literal translation is weirdboulder.

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  12. JT

    Well now the vortex has been here for a week.
    Thank you very much for exporting.

    Ice-flowers on a lake….

    hair-ice on a dead piece of wood

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