H1N1 Virus Hits Young, Strong Very Hard, Killing Them

CDC flu 2014

CDC – Seasonal Influenza (Flu) – Weekly Report: Influenza Summary Update




flu 2014 worse in Southeast US

I haven’t posted lately due to an emergency with my own family.  One young member got very, very sick from the H1N1 swine flu which then deteriorated into full pneumonia and I had to go to the hospital emergency room to save him.  I was planning a ‘please, please get flu vaccinations!’ article when I got the phone call.  This flu is a very, very dangerous disease this year: it attacks healthy, young people and kills them!


Due to the terrifying nature of this year’s incarnation of this virus, people are now sufficiently scared to take measures they should have done much earlier:  H1N1 flu surge causes run on vaccine supply in B.C. – British Columbia – CBC News


A woman in the Okanagan died and more than a dozen people in the Fraser Valley remain in intensive care because of H1N1 flu. Fraser Health said that over 430,000 doses of vaccine have been distributed in the region since October.


In B.C.’s eastern regions, pharmacists hav
e reported that Albertans are crossing the border looking for the flu vaccine, after many pharmacies in Alberta ran out and after Alberta Health Services closed its vaccination clinics Friday.


More than 1 million people got the current flu shot for free in Alberta, where at least nine people have died of H1N1 flu this season.


This being America, shots are not free.  And the family member who was the only one to not get shots this year was just employed and had no health insurance during the fall and also was working long hours so the pharmacies that did give out shots didn’t have them after 10 pm.


So he took a dangerous gamble and alas, the die came up snake eyes.  A coworker showed up sick and gave it to others.  Healthcare isn’t an individual choice issue.  It is a social issue that affects everyone.  Controlling epidemics is a huge part of governance and public safety.  Contagion can travel far and wide in no time flat.

flu stats showin epidemic in 2012

We see from this graph of previous surges in flu cases, the year I had pneumonia after a flu episode was a big surge.  That year, it hit mainly the elderly like myself.


The cases this year are heartbreaking:  11-year-old Hendersonville girl dies from flu | The Tennessean | tennessean.com


Hyden said he didn’t get the girl vaccinated because he was worried about side effects.


“It’s such a tough decision for the parent,” he said.


“You only think that’s for the weak and the elderly — those that don’t have the immunity to fight it off,” Fiser said. “You would never imagine that a healthy child really would need the flu shot at all.”


Alas, this poor family went to the anti-vaccinationists to learn about how to kill their child.  This anti-vaccination culture is deadly.  It is a pure horror show.  They latch on what are very dicey cases that prove little, to claim vaccinations are evil.  This seeking out tiny flaws while ignoring the huge power of virus epidemics and other raging diseases is typical of delusional thinking and I condemn this sort of belief system.


There are more headlines today and lucky for me, so far, my own adult child isn’t one of them:  Bay Area flu death toll climbs to 15  Flu strain H1N1 active this year, targets younger adults.  Flu kills young adult woman in Melbourne who was athletic and healthy.  Then there is this case:  Matthew Walker, Santa Rosa 23-Year-Old, Dies From H1N1 Flu Virus | NBC Bay Area


He was young, active and healthy, but that was no match for this year’s deadly flu virus.


Matthew Walker, 23, is one of the latest victims to die from the flu, specifically the H1N1 virus commonly known as swine flu…Walker’s father confirms it was the H1N1 virus that took his son’s life. Matthew was hospitalized within days of showing symptoms.


I very, very nearly died of the Hong Kong flu in 1968.  I was very strong, athletic and smart.  I was deranged and reduced to a skeleton after just three days and four nights.  Lost 50 pounds and lost my mind.  I didn’t know who I was, couldn’t read nor write.  I was very nearly dead.  I do recall exactly one thing: at a key moment when the doctors were certain I was going to die, I came out of the coma and whispered, ‘If a bird sings in the window I will live’ and at dawn, this happened and my fever broke.


The flu isn’t this happy,  harmless disease.  It can be as deadly as the Black Plague.  ▶ Killer Flu Documentary – YouTube examines the 1918 epidemic.  ▶ We Heard the Bells: The Influenza of 1918 (full documentary) – YouTube is another good thing to watch.  ▶ Pandemic BBC Documentary) – YouTube is a visualization of what would happen if the H1N1 were to mutate to become even more dangerous.


Viruses are one of the oldest forms of creatures on our planet.  Once, they ruled the roost entirely and only after other life forms made the environment less friendly did they jump from living free in toxic volcanic pools to moving inside of the bodies of all other living things.  They are dangerous and cunning and evolve rapidly.  One of the few tools we have to fight these entities is vaccinations.

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10 responses to “H1N1 Virus Hits Young, Strong Very Hard, Killing Them

  1. Gurrker

    Anyone who thinks that the young and healthy are safe from the flu is an ignoramus. I suggest that they read up on the 1918 influenza epidemic. Accounts repeatedly show the strongest and fittest being those who died. I believe that some varieties of the flu trigger an extreme reaction in the person’s immune system, a “cytokine storm”, and this is the mechanism that leads to death. The “stronger and healthier” the person is the more overwhelming the immune over-reaction, the persons strength is turned against them!. Not all strains of influenza are alike and the strains that trigger the above immune reaction are relatively rare and occur infrequently. However, they have appeared in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Bottom line…get immunized and pray that they guessed right when making the vaccine and got the dangerous strains for the season correct.

  2. e sutton

    Your son will be in my thoughts, Elaine. And please know that you performed an excellent public service announcement today. Being unemployed, serially for going on 5 years now, I’ve hesitated to part with the $33.00 that it will cost me, but I will go tomorrow and hope that it protects me. Best to you and your family!

  3. You naturally borrow from your life experiences to draw your own conclusions Elaine. You never explained how you “saved” your family member. Did you see that they were provided the proper care? As for flu shots, I will never take one, thank you. I would prefer to lose 50 pounds and die raving.


    ELAINE: We went immediately to a modern hospital. Which is sensible. If you wish to throw your own body into the grave to support the Virus Empire’s quest to world domination, this is your choice. Dumb but you are free to join the Virus Empire. They need your body for regeneration of their troops.

  4. This flu outbreak looks to be as bad as the 2009-2010 season, which also featured H1N1 flu. It’s killing people both here in Michigan and in California. In fact, I was able to match up stories from San Diego with videos from Michigan and Ohio. I found that uncanny. It also reminded me that I need my flu shot.


  5. Jim R

    Well, tis a bit of a stretch to call the little slime-critters that were puttering around in volcanic vents a half billion years ago ‘viruses’. Standard cosmology (yes I know you do not subscribe) has them down as “archaean” bacteria.
    Viruses are obligate parasites, and cannot exist without a population of more-advanced cells to infect.

    That said, the first viruses probably appeared shortly after the archaeans, to plague them. A recently-done census of seawater finds that, in the wild, there is quite a bit of DNA just floating around in clear ocean water after the obvious plankton has been filtered out. Analysis of that DNA showed that ~99% of it is viral!

  6. emsnews

    The conquest of all living things by DNA troops! Yes! World domination.

  7. I applaud your decision to check into a modern hospital. Beats lighting candles and hoping for the best. It’s not the virus army I’m afraid of. It’s government sponsored vaccines I’m leery of.

  8. DeVaul


    Shocka, I really don’t understand your opposition to vaccines. These are one of the few things that big pharma cannot rob us blind on. The 25 dollars a year I pay for my wife’s flu shot is nothing compared to the 250 dollars a month I once paid for my medicine before it became “generic”.

    As for “fatalities”, no medicine ever created will not have a small minority of people who are allergic to it. My daughter just recovered from a rash on her upper body from taking a sulfa based antibiotic to kill a urinary infection. I suffer the same allergy and so does my mother. We now know, so next time we will use a different antibiotic.

    If she had died from the allergic reaction, I would have been devastated, but then, she would have died anyway from blood poisoning if I had not done anything about it.

    Life is dangerous. It always was and always will be. There is no way to avoid this. We can only minimize the danger, and that is what vaccines do. They are not perfect. There is no perfect medicine anywhere.

    I am just glad I am not the Kentucky man who just lost his 11 year old girl to the flu because he thought she did not need a flu shot. Now he has nothing, and yes, he deeply regrets his decision to do nothing in the face of danger.

    If vaccines were made by medieval alchemists waving crosses and other jew symbols over them as they boil and bubble in a cauldron, then yes, I would agree with you: better to just go it alone and hope for the best.

    But that’s not the world we currently live in.

  9. Summary Highlight of Pandemic H1N1 & Potential Contribution of Parazapper

    Seasonal influenza(H1N1) viruses are mainly clissified into three types. There are A,B and C. A and B types is responsible for this disease. Its contagious and spread in the same way as the seasonal flu.

    This virus can be rapidly spread out, when the infected persons sneeze and cough, then it sprays tiny droplets containing the virus into the air. If anyone is close by or passes near that person, has a greater probablity of infection.

    Main Symptoms are:
    Sore throat
    Body aches

    H1N1 Identification:
    With this disease most symptoms are the same. Most of the people feel nauseous and develop a sore throat. A lab test is the best way for identification of this disease where medical practitionars take samples from nose. Which types of people has more affection probablity. Such as:

    Those types of people whose age is 65 above
    Children under 6 years old
    Pregnant women
    Who have blood, liver, nervous system problems.

    Precaution of this Disease:
    Always should need to avoid crowded places and close contact with people sffering from acute respiratory infections.

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