Zionists Try Hard To Erase Non-Jewish Victims Of Nazi Death Camps

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Holocaust Told in One Word, 6 Million Times – NYTimes.com:  Around 6 million people were murdered by the Nazis in death/work camps during WWII.  This was a huge mix of people beginning with the very first victims: the mentally ill.  They were the first to be gassed, long before any Jewish people were also gassed.  The killing spree of the Nazis had a very long list of people Hitler hated.  All Serbs, all Czechs, all Serbians, all Gypsies, all Socialists, all the disabled, all war resisters, the list grew as he got madder and madder.


But the hijacking of the victims by Zionists is raw, real, topical to today and worse of all, is used as this blanket excuse to ape Hitler with their own odious ethnic/religious cleansing in Palestine.  They even have the audacity to claim the natives who are Christian and Muslim either don’t exist or are recent interlopers even though the vast majority were born there and families lived there for generations.  This is the ugly face of ethnic fascism and the US makes endless excuses about this matter even though this ethnic cleansing is very much barely below the surface here with racial and religious groups expressing open hatred of each other or outsiders.


Back in Egypt which was suppressed by Israel and Saudi Arabia with the US a silent partner, the killing goes onwards with the junta claiming the right to execute the only elected President on the spurious charges, ‘He killed demonstrators’.  Not a peep from the US in protest.  So, Nine Dead in Egyptian Demonstrations and Clashes Marking Third Anniversary of uprising…and the US shrugs while our Zionist media screams about torture in Syria.


Of course, our media happily reports that Sisi, the general who overthrew an elected government, is running for ‘President’ (sic) and ‘will win’ since there is no one else running and political parties that oppose him are being put in prison.  I do hope Americans can see through this crazy charade of an election.  Certainly it is fooling no one in Egypt and the liberals there who joyfully overthrew Morsi will spend the next 30 years regretting this as they all go to prison too or live lives of frustration and unhappiness.


As if the Jews don’t torture people?  They even torture small children!  They kill Americans doing peaceful things with no protest from our own corrupt government which will even go to great lengths along with our media to bury the killings and ignore them forever.  Even as their prominence online grows greatly, the government still pretends there is nothing wrong.


And the al Qaeda movement grows ever more powerful and the Zionists who have funded their activities and used our CIA and FBI to cover this up  are now staring down the barrel of a gun:  Militants Down Egyptian Helicopter, Killing 5 Soldiers as these jihadists grow bolder.  Israel is the ultimate target which makes me wonder about humans who have death wishes.  Certainly, the history of ‘let’s all die rather than surrender’ is very strong in the Jewish and Japanese theology beliefs.


Here is more tragic news:  Afghanistan Exit Is Seen as Peril to Drone Mission.  HAHAHA.  Yes, we are to weep because the #1 recruiting tool for al Qaeda is going to be restricted further!  Oh, the humanity.  The Drone Mission is a total failure when it comes to making peace but a fantastic tool for stirring up Muslims to the point, they attack everyone with fierce determination.


We learned nothing from WWI and WWII.  The exact same situations causing both are looming in the future of WWIII.  sunset borger

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34 responses to “Zionists Try Hard To Erase Non-Jewish Victims Of Nazi Death Camps

  1. melponeme_k

    The limiting of access to history for the commoners is extremely noticeable now.

    In my local Barnes and Noble it is impossible to get any historical information on Germany other than the Holocaust. Also I notice a number of books on the Dreyfus incident and more Holocaust subjects for France. There are still books on the French Revolution but those are dwindling.

    To get more, one must go to the library, used bookstores, small bookstores or Amazon. But here in NY there is a huge force from the Rich to close our libraries and steal the valuable public land they sit upon.

    Hoard your books because this state of the realm will only get worse.

  2. Luc

    Thanks Mel. In France the ‘1/2 jewish’ [if there is such a thing] Sarkozy has some hideous ‘adopt a holocaust victim’ program for all little school children.
    I wonder how the Black and Muslim children react? I assume they have strong identities than White children and refuse to be guilt-ed.

  3. Luc

    Elaine, since you have such a grasp of history..is this true?



  4. Luc

    Off topic..did you read of….the pow wow…

  5. CK

    Sometimes you manage the genocide; sometimes you don’t.

  6. emsnews

    That was exactly like the Irish famine where the Brit rulers sat on their hands and did everything possible to PREVENT any food going to the starving peasants. And were quite happy to eliminate 25%+ of the population in less than four years. Very happy.

    All agitation to evict the foreign invaders died along with a huge number of Irish.

    BTW, one of my relatives from long ago, Richard Steele, was given a huge Irish estate by Queen Anne. We were definitely the ‘oppressors’ in all this history.

  7. Richard

    There is a black comedian in France call Dieudonné who has criticized the cult of the Shoal (the Holocaust). His complaint is that the Jews want to be the world’s only victims. He thinks that this has almost become a state religion. He’s being crucified by the French government. He is being fined and imprisoned. A real attack on free speech by a government totally controlled by the Zionists.

  8. Christian W


    I posted a link related to that the other day. Dieudonné invented the “Quennelle” gesture as a protest against exactly the kind mentality you describe. Of course he is being attacked and tainted as an anti-Semite.

    Anelka, the footballer friend of Dieudonné in the UK, did the Quennelle after scoring in a game and is being persecuted now by the British Football Association, on behalf of the French government…

    This is starting to look like a modern day equivalent to the Inquisition… the Zioniset Inquisition…

  9. Luc

    ‘anti-Semite’ a meaningless term. …..Yawn!

  10. Being There


    You are in good company when you discuss the conditions of 1914 paralleling that of today. We all wonder where this is going. As Gerald Celente says, when they run out of economic options they take you to war. Dylan Ratigan once said on his show that after WWII they excused the debt. He asked why they couldn’t have done it before the war and saved millions of lives.

    There are issues you bring out re: Israel and Zionism their own form of manifest destiny. They are aggressors in trying to reclaim land from ancient time and in this zeal are not willing to share this area with those who have been there now for centuries since the diaspora.

    That said, I’m afraid I can’t agree that the Israelis and Jewish lobby are the only players on earth with an agenda. Everyone has and agenda. I believe that we use them to do our dirty work in the ME and there’s a quid pro quo.

    Europe has it’s own form of guilt-ridden political correctness and in Germany they refuse to face their history. Yes, indeed the Germans exterminated many non Jews in Europe, but remember, a single religious/ethnic group was hunted down throughout Europe as “the final solution”.

    I also believe that this all works well for the power elite here in their quest for total hegemony in the areas of finance and military power.

    Trust me the founding families here are anti Semites who know how to use those who can further their aims. When the shit hits the fan, they will disengage and leave Israel holding the bag. Same as it ever was.

    The dual citizens (us/Israel) in our government will be the biggest losers.

  11. emsnews

    No, ‘a single group…hunted down across Europe’ is false. The Nazis decided to kill off Christian groups that were anti-war, for example (Quakers, etc.) and wanted to exterminate the Gypsies entirely.

    Read about the ‘master race’ junk put out by that mongrel, Hitler! He wanted to ‘purify’ the Germans to some bizarre point considering that the Russ (Norse Russians) were far, far more ‘north men’ than the bulk of Germany’s population including the black haired, non-Norse Hitler and his bizarre buddies who also didn’t look particularly Norse.

  12. melponeme_k

    “He wanted to ‘purify’ the Germans to some bizarre point considering that the Russ (Norse Russians) were far, far more ‘north men’ than the bulk of Germany’s population including the black haired, non-Norse Hitler and his bizarre buddies who also didn’t look particularly Norse.”

    I never understand that insane psychopath’s obsession with everything Norse. And you are right, Russia was far more Norse and he hated the Russians. Hells Bells, I’m Native Alaskan and I probably have more “NORSE” genes than he had in his pinky toes.

    People are insane, especially when infected with some kind of religious/philosophical ideology.

  13. Being There

    Again, I’m not arguing the point that Hitler had an extermination policy for different groups. Either groups who didn’t fit into his bizarre notion of rigged evolution or those political and national figures who would get in his way. Just say’n that he clearly went for extermination of the Jews and had them hunted down and routed out.

    Are Jews correct in making themselves the only victims? No. But that doesn’t change the fact that they were routed out throughout Europe.

  14. melponeme_k

    @Being There

    No one is trying to deny that Jewish people were persecuted and murdered. BUT we are protesting the fact that this suffering is being turned into a cottage industry to:

    1) Erase real history
    2) Keep the Jewish population in panic mode FOREVER
    3) Use this tragedy as a guilt trip, bargaining chip etc while holding non-Zionist Jewish citizens hostage to it.

    A tragic historical event of ethnic cleansing is being run into the ground by a group that is intent on ethnic cleansing.

  15. larry, dfh

    Hiltler allowed zionists to emigrate from Germany. He turned on those who chose to stay behind. He did not try to rid the world of Jews, he tried to rid conquered Europe of Jews. And he had alot of local cooperation, and used alot of local talent. In Vasily Grossman’s book
    ‘A Writer at War’,
    the author, one of the few Jewish journalists to survive Stalin, states that he knew that his mother had been killed as soon as he learned that the Germans had defeated the Soviets in the Ukraine. He know what the locals would then do to the Jews. All the extermination camps were outside of Germany, where the talent was.

  16. JT


    The reason for WWII?

    The treaty of Versailles.
    Too harsh for Germany.

    I think leaders at the time learned their lesson and did not make the same mistakes after WWII.

  17. MIKE

    had to flee hospital in half concious state 5 years back admidst a demanded “need” for multiple heart bypass surgury

  18. DeVaul

    Long before Hitler went after the “Jews”, he had authorized a program called Operation T-4, which created the gas chambers and concentration camps that sytematically murdered the mentally disabled (the Deaf were considered “mentally disabled”) and the the physically disabled until the smoke from the crematoriams aroused suspicion among the population.


    I don’t believe the Orthodox Jews consider the Deaf or mentally disabled to be human beings, which is why they were not mentioned until Gallaudet students and staff approached the museum to put on an exhibit and conference regarding what happened to Deaf Germans back in 2001 or so.

    “German deaf community leaders’ efforts to differentiate deaf people from other populations with disabilities, in order to protect the deaf community from Nazi persecution, proved fruitless. Despite the portrayal of deaf people in the film Misguided People as possessing traditional German virtues in that they were industrious workers, fit both in body and mind, the Nazis suppressed the film and then persecuted, and even murdered, many deaf people.”

    It is my belief, expecially after yet another white doctor ignored my request this morning to write down what she was saying about my daugther and then proceeded to act as if I was completely invisible, that the US government will eventually sign another kill order similar to the Operation T-4 program that Hitler and his staff secretly ran while telling families that their relatives were being cared for in institutions.

    My wife, who was asked by this white doctor if she was a Mexican, became outraged and demanded that we be allowed to see the same doctor (an Indian woman) as last time. The white doctor told us that that was not their system, and then I lost my rag. I opened the door and loudly ordered her out of the room and told her to find a “real” doctor for my daughter. 15 doctors and nurses sitting around a table drinking coffee were stunned by this. I later told the manager I would sue her if this ever happened again, and she told me it would not happen only after I mentioned that I worked for a law firm in town and knew how to prosecute a lawsuit on my own.

    The fear in her eyes told all. That is all that Americans respond to now: fear. Appeals to compassion, duty, sympathy, empathy, fairness, etc. all fall on “deaf” ears, but not the threat of a Federal lawsuit.

    When a country or civilization becomes nothing more than a relentless money-making scheme, it dies.

  19. e sutton

    I think you’re painting with a pretty broad brush here. No doubt there is racism in the medical community, and if you thought you were being treated unfairly, you had the right to ask for another doctor/opinion. But to equate all Americans as being without compassion is in my opinion absolutely unfair. I’m no fan of our Federal government, but I do not see an Operation T-4 in our future, if for no other reason that whites will soon be a minority in this country. It’s impossible to racially cleanse a country that is overwhelmed with citizens and non-citizens alike who come from every corner of the Earth.

  20. DeVaul

    It doesn’t have to be racial, you know. Germany was also a mixed ethnic and racial country at the start of WW II.

    However, if anyone suggested that an Operation T-4 would happen in a civilized country like Germany back in the early 1930’s, I am pretty sure they would have been accused of “painting with a pretty broad brush” there by their contemporaries.

  21. CK

    It can never happen here; until it does.

  22. e sutton

    I grew up with a cousin who was very early on diagnosed as having muscular dystrophy. This was in the ’60s and his family was of very modest means. They got almost no help other than charity building him ramps to get into his house, revamping a van to accomodate his wheel chair. When he got to high school (Arlington, Virginia, a pretty well off suburb of D.C.) he was unable to attend chemistry class because the lab was on the second floor.
    Fast forward to today, with the goverment’s equal accomodation laws and handicap access to almost everything, including parking spaces. It’s a different world than it was when my cousin was growing up. I just don’t buy this argument about the government moving toward the extermination of the disabled.

  23. emsnews

    It can turn ugly easily!! Today, the GOP has upped the war against women, for example, with passing an anti-abortion bill al la Hitler, just to be nasty to females.

    The desire to turn back the clock to eliminate civil rights is a VERY TERRIBLE possibility the GOP is dead set to do this as much as possible and yes, this includes religious warfare. Big time.

  24. Christian W

    It’s not only the GOP, the same push to roll back civil rights is happening in the UK with ferocious speed under the Tories. And it will continue, if at a lesser pace, when the Fake Left take over afterwards as we see clearly in the US.

    The US, UK and Japan are all lead by crazy old aristocrats and psycopathic CEO’s and Generals who hate large parts of their own populations and/or see them as mere fodder to support their glorious schemes.

  25. Luc

    Need I say ‘Obama Death Panels’?


    ELAINE: The entire GOP plan for ANYTHING is ‘death panels’. Got that? And the libertarians: ‘Go off and die! I am for me and only me!’

  26. Seraphim

    @”They even have the audacity to claim the natives who are Christian and Muslim either don’t exist or are recent interlopers even though the vast majority were born there and families lived there for generations”.

    Heard by myself from an Israeli guide during a visit to Jerusalem: “The so-called Palestinians never been here. They came very recently from Egypt”.

    Talk about chutzpah!

  27. emsnews

    Moses! Who the hell was he? Palestinian? HAHAHA.

  28. DeVaul

    @e sutton,

    Your mind is set in stone, so I will not argue with you. Glad your friend received so much charity, but charity ends at the second floor, doesn’t it?

    I will remind others here that “laws” are just scribblings on paper and have no meaning if they are not enforced. If the poor and disabled are expected to enforce these laws by hiring a $300 an hour attorney, it guarrantees they will just gather dust on the shelf. Also, a Deaf person who has never heard sound can be fooled into believing they must pay for their own interpreter by attorneys who don’t want to pay for one. My own attorney did that to a Deaf person who came to him for help. He had no idea he was responsible for providing an interpreter, and if he was not, then the cost of an interpreter is not something the average Deaf person can afford anyway.

    Finally, the true horror of the Holocaust was not that it happened, but that it happened in the middle of Europe, i.e. in the middle of so-called “civilization”.

    That I have to remind people of this is extraordinary.

  29. Luc

    Finally, the true horror of the Holocaust was not that it happened, but that it happened in the middle of Europe, i.e. in the middle of so-called “civilization”…
    What, China was not a civilization? Tibet? Russia before or under Stalin?

  30. DeVaul


    I’m not sure what you mean, but…

    I think you know that Europe did not consider any of these other places to be “civilized”. If they did, they would not have been shocked by the outcome of the Russo-Japanese War.

  31. Elaine, since you have such a grasp of history..is this true?



    Incorrect. You have to include the UK government under Neville Chamberlain to that list. After all, without the Appeasement Policy, Germany could not have invaded so many countries and gained so much power before making the mistake of invading Poland, one of the UK’s allies. I say that as an Englishman who knows his history.

  32. Germany never invaded a single country. they entered Dangiz at invitation of Dangizers a German territory gifted to Poland by Rothschild in 1919 TOV. after the war entire Poland was gifted to Russia which had attacked Poland in 1939 from east. http://lovkap.blogspot.in/2011/03/who-is-responsible-for-world-war-2-and.html

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