US And Allies Against ‘Evil’ (Chinese, Russian, Iranian, Palestinian, etc.) Falling Apart Financially

‘Fragile Five’ Are the Latest Nations in Turmoil: Turkey, Brazil, India, South Africa and Indonesia as economies too dependent on skittish foreign investment to finance their growth ambitions and now last night at midnight, the Turkish central bank makes massive rate hikes to stem lira fall.  Japan launched this latest round of currency devaluation which is now a roaring fire again.

India, which the US and Japan wants to use to surround China and thus, ‘weaken’ it, is collapsing due to many, many problems top of which is the lack of a unifying language for the entire population, religious and sectarian violent clashes, extreme poverty and degradation of the environment and poor transportation and electrical service systems.  Social stratification has only gotten worse, not better with the caste system imposed socially as well as legally, this stupid system was wiped out in China thanks to the revolution there as did the Russian and French revolutions.


The US didn’t have a full violent revolution until 1860 so its ‘revolution’ was not a real revolt, it changed nothing so far as the work relationships were concerned.  The upper class remained in power and literally enslaved millions.


This Olympics is hysterical to me because the US, which had a terrorist bomb when we had the Olympics in Georgia, is claiming Russia is evil because terrorists might attack there, too!  And at the same time, applauds having the Olympics in nuclear damaged Japan, even though this terrorizes athletes who will be forced to perform while being poisoned.


What is funnier is the anger about homophobia in Russia.  As if Georgia, back when it had the Olympics in the US, wasn’t even more homophobic and to this day is still VERY homophobic with the entire South embracing and encouraging homophobia.  When Obama gave his State of the Union speech, the homophobic Duck Dynasty crew was being feted by the GOP as some sort of hero.  So they should praise Putin.  The main point is, the US ALWAYS talks about boycotting the Russian Olympics for all sorts of reasons like, ahem, invading Afghanistan.


Yes, we boycotted the Russians over what we ended up doing, too.  Which takes us back to the topic of loss of US power due to pure stupidity.


As the US rapidly loses power and backs pathetic regimes in a desperate attempt at controlling world populations while keeping elites in power, the rulers of the US continue to push hard for more wars:  JINSA Split on Iran Deal, Urges US Support if Israelis Attack.  JINSA is another creation of the people who created AIPAC and it pushes for foreign policies that hurt US citizens with no hesitation to how much this might harm Americans.  Their sole interest is in promoting the power and glory of a Jewish Only State.


Zionists control a huge hunk of US media and nearly uniformly demand more wars:  Elite Newspapers: Violate International Law, Bomb Syria « Blog:


The United Nations Charter, to which the United States is a high contracting party, prohibits “all members” from “the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.” The 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, to which the U.S. is also a signatory, establishes the principle that if a country threatens to use force during diplomatic negotiations, then all resulting treaties are invalid. “A treaty is void if its conclusion has been procured by the threat or use of force in violation of the principles of international law embodied in the Charter of the United Nations,” it states.


This refers to the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:


There are 113 state parties that have ratified the convention,[2] and 15 states have signed but have not ratified the convention. These countries are: Afghanistan, Bolivia, Cambodia, Côte d’Ivoire, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Kenya, Madagascar, Nepal, Pakistan, Trinidad and Tobago, United States, Zambia.[2] In addition, the Republic of China (Taiwan), which is currently only recognized by 21 UN member states, signed the Convention in 1970 prior to the United Nations General Assembly’s vote to transfer China’s seat to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 1971. The PRC subsequently acceded to the Convention.[2] 66 UN member states have neither signed nor ratified the Convention.


Of course, the US didn’t ratify it and will never ratify it because it forbids the US from doing what it does all the time. It is rather interesting that one of the four special rapporteurs who led the work on this international law was a huge Zionist, Hersch Lauterpacht.  According to  JSTOR: Transactions & Miscellanies (Jewish Historical Society of England), Vol. 28 (1981-1982), pp. 102-110, this man was born in Eastern Europe, fled the Nazis and is a huge supporter of invading Palestine and shoving out the natives and replacing them with European Jews.


But due to WWII, he worked hard on setting up peace rules which, of course, Israel totally refused to sign and insured the US wouldn’t ever sign, either.  Not even the peace in the Middle East Jimmy Carter (the man who is now never in the news thanks to Jews hating him for this) couldn’t get this signed.  It is also rather sad that Afghanistan signed it but didn’t activate it and then was threatened repeatedly by the US and USSR and has been bombed by all and sundry.


Iran also didn’t finish signing the protocols, either.  I would suggest they sign it quickly.  This would be a huge coup for them since the US is in ‘peace talks’ with them while Israel and the US media scream for more bombs, even if illegal:  The New York Zionist Times Ian Hurd Bomb Syria, Even If It Is Illegal killing even more Syrians using our bombs is ‘moral’.  So, if it is ‘moral’ to bomb Syria, it is also ‘moral’ to bomb Iran.


Iran has attacked no one.  Nor has Syria.  Yes, like in a host of countries, there is strife.  I recall when Britain spent about 500 years including in recent living times, violently suppressing the Irish and even starving millions to death deliberately…and they had zero moral qualms in Parliament or the Palace.  Nay, they thought doing this was God’s Work.


Zionists firmly believe their God who according to them, deliberately and maliciously killed nearly every living thing just do to some snit He had with everyone being merely alive, this God wants Jews to be vicious, heartless and cruel because…He thinks it is a jolly fun thing to do to other people:  Beit Safafa residents angry over highway set to divide village | JPost | Israel News


“What’s legal for them is illegal for the village, because it destroys it,” said Muhammad Alian, a resident in his 60s who was born in the village. “My family will live on the other side of the highway. It’s like going into someone’s house and putting an ugly structure in the middle of everything.”


Adding insult to injury, continued Alian, is that despite dramatically diminishing the quality of life for Beit Safafa’s residents, the highway will provide no benefit to them whatsoever.


“It’s for the Jews – and I’m not talking [with] prejudice, I’ve lived and worked with Jews all my life and am not against the people,” he said.


Jewish financiers give a HUGE amount of money to inner city black politicians to keep them voting for Zionist racism.  These poor saps can’t help themselves, if they turn down the loot, they are suddenly in the news and savage stories appear attacking them and suddenly opponents in primaries have huge slush funds to use to unseat the irritating black politicians who note that Zionism is Naziism.


HAHAHA…and Netanyahu slams Palestinian media’s Israel-Nazi comparison.  He claims this ‘poisons the peace talks’ which are totally fake in the first place.  Poor Mr. Kerry has been reduced to clown status as the Jews yank his chains harder and harder.  He is playing the role of Chamberlain telling the Palestinians, in order to bring peace to humanity, they must give Hitler even more land because he needs it for Germany’s security.


Nothing irritates Zionists more than being compared to Nazis even though the fundamental basis of their belief system including genetic superiority, ‘Gott Mit Uns’ and demands others lose their homes and live as refugees so they can be ‘safe’ themselves and that these victims of aggression aren’t fully human in the first place and thus deserve this fate and further, fighting back against the Beloved By God gangs is illicit and should be punished with physical annihilation.


The worse part here is that Zionism was the model for Naziism. Hitler, himself, spoke about this matter, it preceding him by nearly 50 years.  Until the Jews can look in the mirror and see Hitler’s cruel face staring back at them, they will continue to ape him while whining about the rest of us seeing the obvious.

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6 responses to “US And Allies Against ‘Evil’ (Chinese, Russian, Iranian, Palestinian, etc.) Falling Apart Financially

  1. Luc

    ‘Jewish financiers give a HUGE amount of money to inner city black politicians to keep them voting for Zionist racism. ‘

    Well said! Like Ovomit, the community organizer. Last night he gave his SOTU speech.
    ‘Income inequality is the defining issue of our time’.

    His own net worth went from $1,000,000 to 10,000,000? in the last 5 or 7 years. Who could believe him, or anyone like him?

  2. Joseppi

    “supporter of invading Palestine and shoving out the natives and replacing them with European Jews”

    Here is a view that Zionism began as a secular movement that was contrary to the Judaic belief of Orthodox Jews being condemned to wander by God.
    But now, Israel is re-Judaizing itself at a rapid pace.

  3. larry, dfh

    In innumerable conversations about the German people’s complicity w/the nazis, one always hears: They had to have known. Same now goes for the zionists: ignorance is not an excuse.
    And Reconstruction DID change a great deal after the US Civil War. That’s why it had to be repealed.

  4. emsnews

    Yes, giving slaves rights stunk! SUUUURRRE.

    Look, the theft of labor by the slave owners was never rectified. They owed millions to the slaves in past labor that wasn’t paid for.

    Ditto workers who were treated little better than slaves. The huge profits of the super rich is based on stealing wages from workers. Today.

  5. Elaine: “The US didn’t have a full violent revolution until 1860”

    I never thought of the American Civil War as a revolution. But neither is it something I know much about. The abolitionists interest me, like all successful(?) social movements. But they didn’t organize a slave revolt and storm the Bastille (or equivalent)?

    Just curious what you meant there.

  6. emsnews

    The slaves DID revolt during the Civil War which is why those huge plantations ceased existing long before the troops fighting for slavery were defeated utterly.

    The slave economic system ceased to exist. It was reimposed via Jim Crow due to the whites reasserting their privileges and we are still paying for this dearly and blacks are paying for it hugely due to their instinct to avoid labor if at all possible.

    That is, slavery’s ill effects lasts generations after freeing them.

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