US In Deep Freeze, NOAA Finally Admits This—Nuclear Weather, The Fallout Is Killing, Too

NOAA forecast still has Northeast 'normal' winter

Atlanta – Arctic air hits United States, bringing rare snowstorm to South – NY Daily News: the NOAA ‘climatologists’ (sic) confidently predicted last October that the entire US would have a very, very warm winter.  Meanwhile,  I was frantically churning out a mountain of firewood because I knew we were doomed to a very cold, long winter.  As I feared, before Thanksgiving it went below zero here which is most unusual.  We have had repeated pulses of below zero weather since then.  The latest one being the coldest so far.  It is so cold, the entire nation outside one small sliver out west was below freezing with snow in Dixie.

So the above map is from NOAA showing a tiny sliver of ‘colder than normal’ while showing the Northeast as ‘normal’.  Well, hell’s bells, this ‘normal’ then is Ice Age ‘normal’!  They can’t admit their maps were grossly wrong and continue to barely show the truth.  Grudgingly, as super cold weather grips the Northern Plain States, they admit to this reality…barely, with bared teeth, snarling at us.  So this article was published by what was once a fine science magazine, one that censored my father’s paper about the sun spot activity going quiet and a mini-Ice Age looming:  The truth about “wind chill”: Does it even really exist? –Science News, Articles, and Information – Scientific American


The truth about “wind chill”: Does it even really exist? – Salon.comOnce the wind surpasses 25 mph or so, it whisks away heat more quickly than your body can emit it, leaving your skin exposed to the full low temperature.


Your nerve endings and brain perceive the rapid drop in skin temperature as extreme, however. Scientists are not sure why this occurs, but they think it is a signal to close down blood vessels in the skin and extremities so more blood can flow to the body’s core, to keep your organs warm and keep you alive—even if you lose a finger or toe to frostbite in the process. Wind chill is all about perception, and the wind chill index is an attempt to gauge that perception.


Still don’t believe wind chill temperatures aren’t real? Try an experiment: Put two thermometers outside, one in the wind and one shielded from it. When you return they will read the same.

I would just LOVE to have the authors of this silly story stand outside naked in the wind on my mountain.  I will film their ordeal as they quickly die.  No fireside chats for them! They are roasting in the cold!  This goofiness has got to stop.  Not only have these fake climatologists mis-predict the future, they mock us while we suffer from high winds and severe cold.  ‘It’s all in your head,’ these heedless heathens sneer.


How dare they!  The wind chill is not the ‘air temperature’: DUH.  It is what happens when the wind roars.  When we turn on an air conditioner and then sit far away from it, the room is cooler but if you stand right in front of it, it is very cold.  Wind=colder.  If you are in a desert and hold a wet towel in front of your face and the wind is blowing and it is very hot, you are cooler even if the air temperature around you is still 100 degrees due to the wind mixing with some moisture and blowing onto your face.


Ditto with a hair dryer.  You feel hot air blowing when using it while the rest of the room remains at the lower temperature.  If you turn off the hair dryer, the hot interior is still very hot but no heat hits your hair because there is no wind.  So you feel cooler.  This is a clumsy analogy but no sillier than the ones given by the idiot writing for Scientific (sic) American.


The wind chill matters a lot!  On sunny, below zero days with zero wind, my house heats up very fast.  When the wind is blowing very hard under identical circumstances, tiny points of entry for wind causes it to be much harder to heat and thus, cooler.  Open a door and the wind immediately invades.  Doing anything outside is an agony.  On still, sunny, below zero days, it is so nice here on my mountain, I can go out in the sun with summer clothes on because the sun shining on my skin warms my skin.


Make it cloudy and windy and I freeze to death in very little time!  A gigantic difference.  Ditto with the reverse: when there is a thin layer of volcanic ash in the high stratosphere, on a still, sunny summer day it is still unreasonably cold to the skin.  This is why watching volcanoes is vital to predicting the weather and more importantly, how it feels.  Feelings are highly important.


The global warming gang loves to talk about all the people who die from coal plant pollution which is real.  But then sneer at people dying of the cold!  Which is heartlessly unreal.  They don’t care.  They care more about polar bears which is in this month’s issue of Scientific American, the poor animals have to now hunt on land again in some places but obviously, not Wisconsin which is prime polar bear territory this winter!  Not one article, nothing, about severe cold killing people, crops, animals, whatever.


Nope.  Not a peep.  Lots of global warming articles, nothing about global cooling.  Warnings that crops will suffer if it gets warmer which is top BS because history shows that warm cycles=more crops, more territory that can be farmed while cooling=mass deaths, mass migrations, huge wars and starvation.


Here is a scary map From the USGS guys: nuclear fallout map from Fukushima:

cesium 37 Fukushima pollution in US

These readings are from rain gages.  Note California in particular especially LA, got the most while Colorado got a huge dose, too.  THIS map should have been all over the place but nope.  The climatologists all want more nuclear power so they went insane and ceased showing curiosity about this matter and our government is insane and hates the American people (BOTH PARTIES) so they are silent, too.

1954 nuclear bomb pollution inside baby teeth

As they all were back in the 1950’s!  St. Louis Baby Tooth Survey 1954


Washington University School of Dentistry professors Harold L. Rosenthal, John T. Bird, and John E. Gilster conducted the scientific study of the baby teeth. They found that the radioactive strontium-90 levels in the baby teeth of children born from 1945 to 1965 had risen 100-fold and that the level of strontium-90 rose and fell in correlation with atomic bomb tests. Early results from the Baby Tooth Survey, and a U. S. Public Health Service study that showed an alarming rise in the percentage of underweight live births and of childhood cancer, helped persuade President John F. Kennedy to negotiate a treaty with the Soviet Union to end above-ground testing of atomic bombs in 1963.

Back in the early days of setting off hundreds of nuclear bombs all over the planet earth, polluting everything with highly toxic materials, the US denied this was a problem.  But some scientists, suspecting nuclear bombs were causing health problems, asked to do a study.  Note the materials with a happy tooth fairy dancing with radioactive materials!  The little child is laughing as he or she sucks in these nuclear particles!

Yes, it stopped in 1963, one of the very last things Kennedy did before being knocked off.  I had a raging battle with my dad on this very issue because a year before my best friend, Carol, died thanks to being exposed to nuclear bomb tests and her father choosing, unlike my parents who knew they should fear fall out, he lived DOWNWIND from the tests while we lived UPWIND.

I grew up fearing the March East Winds roaring out of the Rockies because they swept up the dust in the desert in the Death Valley/Nevada/ White Sands regions across all the nuclear bomb testing areas and sent this flying into millions of homes.  Ditto when the prevailing winds blew from the west.

Guess what?  Over two years after being exposed to massive amounts of radiation from Fukushima, only how are some scientists asking for Fukushima kids’ teeth to be checked for strontium-90 | The Japan Times!  THIS IS DISGUSTING.  Of course, this will show massive amounts of radioactive poison has been absorbed by the bones and tissues of children!  And it should have been started after the first explosion there.  And it is ongoing.  And Tokyo tots have this, too.

And the implications are obvious: these children will die of cancers unless treated and cancer treatments are terrible ordeals and anyone supporting nuclear power should be forced to stand for an hour naked in sub zero weather on my mountain.  And then be transported to Japan to do the same in the Exclusion Zone in the rain.  For a year.

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24 responses to “US In Deep Freeze, NOAA Finally Admits This—Nuclear Weather, The Fallout Is Killing, Too

  1. Jim R

    I like your sense of poetic justice. That stuff never (or very rarely) happens in real life, though.

    Texas didn’t know it at the time, but in 2011 it was lucky to be in the grips (at the very peak of) of a la nina caused drought. It barely rained a drop in the state while the news (not CNN or FOX) had photos of nasty black, white and gray smoke spewing from the ruined reactor buildings in Japan.

    So now, there is very little Cs137 in Texas.

  2. melponeme_k

    NSA making sure everyone is on the same delusional global “change” page courtesy of Snowden.

    Check out the pic of Snowden surrounded by the ladies. LOL. When it all comes out in the wash, it will turn out the NSA guys hated him the most for his pretty stripper ex-girlfriend.

  3. Elaine, one thing you do have right is … this ‘normal’ then is Ice Age ‘normal’!

    Your are the correct prophetess, at least when it comes to the weather.

  4. Luc

    The mainstream has too much invested in AGW. I saw this at Yahoo a few minutes ago, its a leading story, so I came by to share.

    Salon, Yahoo..haha [horrifying Elaine, horrifying]

  5. MILE


  6. notgonnatellya

    There’s nothing in that story about wind chill that leads logically to your paragraphs of commentary on it.

  7. Vengeur

    I lived in Alaska for almost thirty years, and worked outside every workday. I was quite habituated to cold. Anything above zero was no problem at all. My wife had all these wind chimes in the front porch. I never minded going out into the cold . But the one thing I did dread was to wake up in the morning and know it was below zero, and hear those wind chimes clanging away. I knew I was in for an very uncomfortable day. Because 20 below and no wind is cold , but bearable . 20 below and a wind, you are just plain cold, all the time. It is a simple case of heat transfer . The body heat is lost at a much faster rate with cold and wind.

  8. Petruchio

    “Because 20 below and no wind is cold , but bearable . 20 below and a wind, you are just plain cold, all the time….” Very true. I would take -10deg F. and no wind versus +10 deg F. and -20 deg F. windchill any day of the week.

  9. Ken

    Luc’s linked article makes a big deal about the study showing that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is now up to 400 parts per million. Do the math. That means that carbon dioxide makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere. That’s miniscule. When scientific charts are published showing the composition of the various gases in the atmosphere carbon dioxide doesn’t even get a mention.

  10. larry, dfh

    Your radiation map is from 2011, before Gina McCarthy, head of the radiation section @ EPA shut down the radiation monitors. She was rewarded by being named head of EPA after Lisa Jackson had had enough. And let us not forget, the nuclear power industry is based on Uranium because of the bombs. The vehicles carrying nuclear material around in Las Crusas and Sandia are DOE. There may very well be nuclear alternatives to the Uranium cycle that are safer, but cannot be converted into weapons production. Uranium mining is expensive and very dirty, just how the rulers like it.

  11. emsnews

    As I said, the radiation map was right after the 3/11 event and thus, several years old.

  12. Luc

    Billionaire climate expert…–finance.html;_ylt=AwrBJSD7_OpSEGEA7XjQtDMD

    EMS, did you listen to STOU speech?

    the president: “letting scientists like those here today do their jobs, free from manipulation or coercion, and listening to what they tell us, even when it’s inconvenient…………”

  13. emsnews

    They want no debate which is insane. Obviously the debate is going poorly due to the huge gap between global warming predictions and reality. Moving the deck chairs around with the ‘climate change’ hokey pokey isn’t working when people are freezing to death.

  14. Petruchio

    “Over two years after being exposed to massive amounts of radiation from Fukushima,…” Elaine: I was reading from your archives the other day. I read a posting from I believe Dec. 2012 about the US Aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan being sent to Fukashima right after the reactor meltdown. Any word on the crew of the USS Reagan? Any rates of cancer out of the ordinary for these people? Of course no news on these poor crewmembers of the ‘Reagan’ in the US MSM.


    ELAINE: It appears that many are very, very sick. And kept out of the news.

  15. On the topic of cold weather, Detroit just had its snowiest month ever, along with its eighth coldest.

  16. kenogami

    “US Aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan being sent to Fukashima right after the reactor meltdown. Any word on the crew of the USS Reagan? Any rates of cancer out of the ordinary for these people?”

    I don’t remember if It was mentionned on this blog recently, but there are horrible health problems for these kids (20-25 years old) who were on this ship: cancer, impotence, internal bleedings, blindness, paralysis, …
    250 launch a lawsuit against Tepco.

  17. emsnews

    Yes, they have to demand Congress do something but Congress is owned by Japan and Israel so nothing will be done and they will join the survivors of the Israel attack on the Liberty and be deep sixed and kept out of the news.

  18. Just coz I love science: the hair drier and air-conditioner analogy don’t work. The air coming out of a hair drier _is_ hotter than the surrounding air, and likewise air-conditioned air _is_ cooler. If you put a thermometer in front of your hair drier it will show a higher temperature.

    Wind is a problem because we try to keep things at a different temperature than the surrounding air. If wind blows through cracks in a house it makes the temperature inside closer to the temperature outside, which usually is a problem, at least in my part of the world. Same with our bodies: we want them a different temperature than the surrounding air, whereas wind tends to equalize temperatures. Same principle as stirring something on the stove so that the bottom won’t burn before the top gets cooked.

    I agree wind is a problem.

  19. emsnews

    The problem here, in this story, is the fact that global warming fanatics are desperate to kill the ‘wind chill factor’ because this makes them look even more ridiculous.

    By the way, ANOTHER super cold front is bearing down on the entire North American continent yet again. And this is identical to all ice ages. Alaska’s coast is warmer than usual and the rest of the northern continent is super cold.

    The key is, this cold doesn’t end during Ice Ages and as I keep pointing out, it isn’t ‘is Alaska and Siberia warmer?’ the question is, ‘are super cold waves surging across the same places where glaciers were a mile high during the last Ice Age?’

    The answer is ‘Alas, yes!’

  20. Luc

    Glaciers…How tall were the tallest Glaciers over North America?

  21. emsnews

    Luc: one mile thick.

    Yes, there is a major eruption. More dust, more snow, colder weather.

  22. melponeme_k

    The Sunday Morning show had on a short segment about ice breakers working the Delaware and the Hudson 24/7. They mostly spoke about how they were barely keeping up with the ice and soon after breaking the river ice, it froze almost immediately. I’m amazed they even allowed this segment into the news.

    This morning I noticed a hazy red sunrise. Is that the volcanic dust in the atmosphere? At this rate I don’t expect to see spring until May. Or maybe we are heading to a repeat of 1812.

  23. to find out why, and is easily integrated with Google’s other products. If you want to include a larger picture in your hard copy, you may need to upload it from your camera or computer.

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