China Calls For Replacing US Dollar With ‘Super Currency’

elaine taylor sings about federal reserve

MUST WATCH: Bernanke’s True Legacy “Helicopter Ben” – Elaine Diane Taylor – YouTube: She is a wonderful singer with a huge vocal range and plays the guitar, too and is ten thousand times more talented than many of today’s pop stars who fake singing on stage and in reality, sing out of tune and off beat.  While the New York Times notices that the rich got much richer and the middle class much poorer after Helicopter Ben bailed out his fellow bankers, the NYT refuses to see how free trade killed our unions and thus, the entire middle class.  The members of the unions in the US slew themselves by voting for Reagan and cheap foreign goods which briefly, added to the easy credit debt, made middle class families feel temporarily rich.


Now, all the foreign cars, TVs, shoes, etc. are worn out and long gone and the once-high paying union jobs are rapidly vanishing and soon there will be no more unions and everyone will be wage slaves of the rich with a future of cheap, shoddy goods and desperation staring in our collective faces.  Working people to death will be de rigueur.  Already the lower ranks of bankers are filled with grossly overworked staff who are dying on the job, jumping off of roofs or hanging themselves at work as we see in London.


These bankers who control our government and our economy have rewarded themselves greatly at our collective expense and all their actions are designed to protect this illicit wealth.  So instead of being put in prison for screwing up the entire economy, they are rescued and richly rewarded by fellow bankers who run things and politicians go to these rich people for money to run for office and the rich want goodies for themselves and hate unions.  So we get no unions and no 40 hour weeks, no living wage, no insurance, no pensions, no sick leave, nothing.


Instead, they have national things like Obamacare which hits the working class hard and is the most inept healthcare reform on earth.  Obama couldn’t pass any other system because the rich didn’t want the European or Canadian models.


The Chinese are getting restive especially since the US promised Abe we would fight WWIII for Japan if Japan wants tiny, isolated, distant islands for itself.  So, the Chinese openly call to Replace dollar with super currency: economist|Americas|


Lin, now a professor at Peking University and a leading adviser to the Chinese government, said expanding the basket of major reserve currencies — the dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen and pound sterling — will not address the consequences of a financial crisis. Internationalizing the Chinese currency is not the answer, either, he said.
Lin urged the international community, especially the US and European Union, to play a leading role in currency and infrastructure initiatives. To boost the global economy, he proposed the launch of a “global infrastructure initiative” to remove development bottlenecks in poor and developing countries, a measure he said would also offer opportunities for advanced economies.

“It is perhaps a good time for the befuddled world to start considering building a de-Americanized world,” a Xinhua News Agency commentary said on Oct 14. The piece argued that creating a new international reserve currency to replace reliance on the greenback, would prevent government gridlock in Washington from affecting the rest of the world.


Here is an article by an ‘expert’ (HAHAAHA) at the NYT on the death of unions:  The Middle Class Is Steadily Eroding. Just Ask the Business World. –  Naturally, it doesn’t mention the trade deficit nor unions.

Screen shot 2014-02-03 at 8.09.25 AM

So here is my letter to the NYT:


 Since 2009, the year the recession ended, inflation-adjusted spending by this top echelon has risen 17 percent, compared with just 1 percent among the bottom 95 percent.


The Federal Reserve is run by the rich bankers for fellow money hoarders. Congress is filled with millionaires. Our media owners are rich. The rich have pushed Free Trade and are pushing the latest free trade bill through Congress and no one talks about this with US workers.


The poor are kept in hearth and home by the rich who refuse to pay enough taxes for this and to keep the middle class from revolt, are cutting their taxes along with taxes on the rich and replacing this with deficit spending.


Bankruptcy looms in our collective future as the rich also push for more war spending because the military/industrial complex makes them filthy rich, too.


The white middle class shot themselves in the foot by voting for Reagan who gave them tax cuts and funny money spending via the national debt shooting upwards and in return, they signed their own death warrant by helping him and the GOP kill the unions.


The unions are dead and eventually our nation will be more or less economically dead, too. We have no tariffs and protections in trade and the US runs the world’s most gigantic trade deficit and has since Reagan and this is what is going to kill us in the end.


Congress, the President and our media virtually never mention the trade deficit.  Or cover ‘free trade’ negotiations, for that matter.  And Free Trade is a top priority for the Bilderberg gang.

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13 responses to “China Calls For Replacing US Dollar With ‘Super Currency’

  1. melponeme_k

    So China will pull the debt trigger. But will it work fast enough before our crazed leaders decide WWIII is their only option?

  2. Luc

    WW3 may start Pakistan-India or Israel-Iran.

    And w/r to the NY Slimes, according to Nick Stix:
    the New York Times’ chief thread censor, Nigerian-American Community Manager Bassey Etim, who supervises 13 (!) enforcers to fabricate the fake consensus you see on NYT comments threads, thinks of normal, patriotic, white Americans—the kind who fight and die in our wars, pay the taxes, do the productive, legal work (and research for me!)…..

    14 people to censor the NYS comment sections!

  3. Luc

    EMS, you had mentioned censorship at ‘Popular Science’..more from Vdare:
    Beginning last September, the MSM has upped the censorship ante.

    On September 24, Popular Science announced that it was shutting down all reader comments. The magazine promotes Leftist hobbyhorses like global warming/climate change, and felt that publishing comments by skeptical readers would undermine “scientific certainty”—itself an unscientific notion. [Why We’re Shutting Off Our Comments by Suzanne LaBarre, Popular Science, September 24, 2013.]

    In the past two months, several major sites—The Huffington Post, New York Daily News, Google’s YouTube, etc., have announced that commenters will have to use their real names and, in HuffPo’s case, verify their identity with their cell phone number (what if you don’t have a cell phone?) and link to Facebook and their personal information.

    These MSM outlets claim they are doing this to improve “civility” in Web dialogues. But “civility” is a code word for racial socialist conformity. The Thread Stalinists are trying to intimidate people from criticism with teeth in it—and to endanger the lives and livelihood of those who do.

    Critics charge that the sites are also using this method in order to generate a new revenue stream, by selling “verified” commenters’ personal information. [Want to comment on HuffPost? Just give Facebook your phone number first, By Sam Kirkland,, Dec. 11, 2013]

    I contacted Huffington Post Deputy Blog Editors Clay Chiles and Seamus McKiernan for this story. They did not respond.

    Some critics have countered that I moderate comments on my own blog, and that does not permit comments at all.

    Answer: For the first few years, I did not moderate comments. But the same Leftists who celebrate the silencing of their political enemies made moderation necessary. Anyone reading my blogs will see that I tolerate a level of despicable comment found nowhere else on the Web. I do this in order to expose these people for the vicious cretins that they are, to put them in their place with my retorts, and because I hate censorship.

    But some of them are so odious, libelous, or repetitious that I do block their comments. does publish hostile comments on its letters page, for example here and here. If Cultural Marxists desire that have a separate comments page, I suggest they make generous donations here, specifying that they are to pay for a full-time comments moderator (as AmRen does).

    These MSM censors seek to break the hearts of American patriots, and to make them believe that “resistance is futile”—just as they have for years claimed that each scheme for a new mass Amnesty of illegal alien invaders is unstoppable.

    But, ultimately, they are Cultural Marxist totalitarians who simply cannot tolerate dissent.

  4. Vengeur

    Thank you Elaine for your tireless resistance to the silent “free trade” tsunami that has destroyed the private sector unions and hope for a dignified economic future for average Americans.

  5. Petruchio

    “These MSM outlets claim they are doing this to improve “civility” in Web dialogues. But “civility” is a code word for racial socialist conformity….” It’s really disgracefull what sites like HuffPo are doing. No posting unless you use your real name WITH full ID. Oh gee whiz, what’s the logic behind that? The ruling elites must be getting nervous. You know the cliche: first they ignore you, then they attack you and then they have to acdcept you….

  6. Luc

    Petruchio, the same Libs insist that Voters show no ID..yet Huffpo etc want yr ID! What hippy crits!


    ELAINE; ALL ‘right wing’ sites censor anyone who wins arguments against their ideology. For example, eliminated myself and several other sane, polite posters due entirely to us upsetting the Little Napoleon who runs that site, Raimondo. Now, it is all ‘you are so right!’ comments to that odious man. He preens in front of his mirror, but’s comment sections should be eliminated since they produce zero debate or commentary worth reading.

  7. Being There

    The way I describe it is that the American people made a deal with the devil when they acquiesced to the wonders of cheap non-US made electronics. We were willing to let the bottom 3rd of this country drop while not realizing that we all stood on the shoulders of the blue collar factory workers.

    Too bad we realized too late that the post industrial nation is wearing no clothes. Divided we fall.

  8. Thank you for the kind words, Elaine. I have been an avid follower for years, and the way the world moves due to free trade is such an important topic. I’ve had many connect-the-dots moments due to your work.

    You have been such an inspiration. 🙂


    ELAINE: You inspire ME!!! Keep up the good work. I hope you have a huge audience, you deserve it.

  9. Petruchio

    “Petruchio, the same Libs insist that Voters show no ID..yet Huffpo etc want yr ID! What hippy crits!” Luc, I do not see the link between censoring comments on a blog and voter IID(???). Voter ID changes have been an almost exclusively REPUBLICAN sponsored issue. Also: there are NO examples of voter fraud since Republicans have started looking. There HAVE however been ALOT of examples of voter SUPPRESSION. A glaring example: the 14,000 votes in one county in Florida in the Bush-Gore election in 2000. Had these votes been counted, Gore likely would have won the Presidency, but Bush’s Florida campaign manager (co-chair) Katherine Harris was also the vote certifier in Florida. (Gee whiz, no conflict of interest there). Do yourself a favor. Stop watching Fox Propaganda! The folks at Fox get paid to lie. The goal is to keep people like you ignorant.

  10. Petruchio

    And oh yes. Rest assured that Petruchio most certainly does NOT post comments on the HuffPo that in any way, shape or form could be construed as right wing or conservative. Just read my postings here to discover my beliefs. I think NO ONE here who has read my posts would call me a right winger or a conservative.

  11. What Google has done to the youtube comments is very sad. I’m not surprised it’s a trend.

    Another disturbing internet trend:

    I wonder if WordPress could afford to host blogs if service providers are to be allowed to charge websites for distribution, as well as charging consumers for access.

  12. Hmm, some Democrats are trying to temporarily stop the new rules from taking effect, “until the FCC takes new action on net neutrality”.

    Wishy-washy, but better than nothing. Sort of like “Come here you internet users! Expend a lot of energy helping us pass this bill which would post-pone allowing ISPs to control what content you access on the net. If you really get behind us, we might be able to slow this thing down for you.”

  13. Luc


    It was simple greed, even with the name Armand Hammer, a dirty Soviet agent FBI file, and a father who helped found the Communist Party. I doubt “Swastika Nazison” doing deals with the Third Reich would have been given the same treatment, as books have been written about Ford and IBM’s involvement with the Nazi economy as if they themselves were card carrying Nazis.

    Somehow the connections and character issues of Dubya were free to wave as a dirty rag, but Gore and Hammer were free from corruption from their fathers’ dealings. Interesting tie between the Bushes and Hammer is that while President Reagan rejected a gift of over $1 million from Hammer for a pardon, George H.W. Bush pardoned Hammer as he neared death for a couple hundred grand for the GOP.

    Gore himself never had to answer for the odd land deal. The media makes it so. It is the same as the media telling you all about Mitt Romney’s car ride with his dog in a carrier on top because he was so squeaky clean vs. Obama’s sealed-record past. It is the same as Chris Christie getting roasted for a bridge lane closure while the current administration hides everything and anything that may taint Obama and, now with an eye on ’16, Hillary Clinton. This is the power of the media, picking and choosing what to show to get that marginal voter to swing their preferred way.

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