Cold Storms Hammer Northern Hemisphere And Study Notes CO2 Levels Never Changed Before Or During Ice Ages

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It is bitter cold here and will remain this way for at least another week with zero degree nights in upstate New York.  We had near zero hurricanes this last summer but plenty of violent winter storms as we see above with a major blow about to hammer England yet again.  Global warmists told England they had to conserve water due to the island turning into Arizona just three years ago and since then, it has been raining which is classic, this is what happened during the Little Ice Age which saw England hammered by too much rain, previously.  The global warming brigades are out in full armor, attacking everyone and anyone noticing their predictions have been totally wrong and it is damn cold, too.


Weather warning: Atlantic storm will smash into Britain and devastate southern coasts | Nature | News | Daily Express


  • The UK faces the WORST hurricane-force winds and torrential rain this winter and possibly for DECADES.
  • And forecasters warned there will be NO let up in the extreme stormy weather until at least the end of the month.
  • The entire west coast is braced for colossal 75 foot-plus waves to crash inland this weekend triggering unchecked flooding and widespread destruction.


These winter typhoons are classic ‘cold weather’ events.  They are not caused by ‘global warming’ but rather, the sun’s output diminishing just slightly.  A slight sheen of volcanic gas in the stratosphere triggers massive blizzards and other cold weather including summer sunshine feeling cold to the skin.  It doesn’t take much to have a huge effect.  CO2 also affects the weather but this has to be balanced with knowledge of other players in this game.  And it is the denial of other players that has me so angry with the ‘climate change’ people who have tried to pin everything happening on CO2.


The debate isn’t ‘Is it cooling? Is it warming?’  It is ‘Why did the planet earth suddenly and with little warning, begin having Ice Age/Interglacial cycles?’  When looked at this way, things fall into place.  The chances of runaway global warming is around zero percent due to the fact that the earth goes into these unexplained deep cold cycles, in a rhythmic and evenly spaced cycle.  The alarming cooling of the planet is what is under discussion.  The global warming people assume CO2 determines the future weather and I dispute this greatly.


It is the sun and it was always the sun.


As key parts of the Northern Hemisphere gets colder we have news like this:  Slovenia Is Still Frozen Solid | Soren Dreier


Three days of blizzards and a freak ice storm have inflicted “the worst devastation in living memory” in the small Alpine country of Slovenia as life in half of the country is frozen in place.

Unexpected rain in the west rapidly turned to ice, entombing cars, trains, ATMS, and power lines in addition to half of Slovenia’s forests (roughly 1.2 million acres).


I decided to use Google to check out how the global cooling denialists (hahaha) are doing.  Evidently, they are feeling the heat of rage from people freezing to death and are in full armor, swinging fists wildly as they yell that our super cold winter is actually global warming.  The fake story of that this is all ‘climate change’ is a mask that falls as they renew howls about how hot it really is and of course, they pull out of the hat, the one case of Australia and its hot summer this year.

cold winter denialists wax hysterical about global warming

Note the ‘Yes, the cold is old but temps warm by April’ is from last year which was colder than normal, too.  The denialists are not ‘cooling’ people but the ‘global warming’ people.  Their desperation to explain away increasing cold in the key parts of the planet most ravaged by all the previous Ice Ages is showing as polls reveal more and more Americans think global warming is a fraud.


Of course, people living in hot deserts on the West Coast are still very convinced without realizing that global cooling will not bring rain to them, it dries out the deserts because there is less and less moisture in the atmosphere over time if it is locked into ice.  Duh.  I pointed out in previous years that global warming=more rain.  The fastest moving continent on earth is Australia which has been moving relentlessly towards the equator and over the last million years, has been drier and hotter each century due to this travel.


So using it to compare 5 million years of climate is silly, it is on oddball exception to climate rules due to its rapid movement from one climate area to a warmer one.


And here is Joseph Romm, the man at Nature Magazine who told my father, his research about solar variations causing Ice Ages is insane:  Science Climate Change and California Drought | The Energy Collective


In a major 2008 USGS report, Abrupt Climate Change, the Bush Administration (!) warned:
“In the Southwest, for example, the models project a permanent drying by the mid-21st century that reaches the level of aridity seen in historical droughts, and a quarter of the projections may reach this level of aridity much earlier.”…


The climate is changing. “All of our weather is now, and increasingly in the future, influenced by climate change,” Gleick wrote me. “The question about attribution (i.e., is this drought caused by climate change) is, of course, the wrong question — easy for deniers to dismiss because it is not easy to show unambiguous links to some kinds of individual events.”


What is especially worrisome is that climate change has only just started to have an impact on Western droughts. We’ve only warmed 1.5°F in the past century. Absent strong climate action, we are on track to warm 10°F over the next century!


What is particularly childish is the constant refrain that this is FOREVER and ETERNAL and the heat will never end and it is too late to stop it and oh my, everything including Dorothy and her little dog are flying through the Kansas air on tornadoes.  Which reminds us that both hurricanes and tornadoes were as scarce as chicken’s teeth this year.  These same warmists claimed they would explain why there were virtually no Atlantic hurricanes this last season but I hear crickets chirping.


Here is an even more insane story from climatologists:  Tree roots act as ‘Earth’s thermostat’: Mountain forest growth has stabilised the Earth’s climate for millions of years | Mail Online


  • Study found climate affects thickness of soil layers and rate of root growth
  • In a warm world, this means roots would grow into mineral layer of soil
  • This process draws CO2 out of the atmosphere and cools the planet
  • Theory suggests mountainous ecosystems react to changing geological conditions and stabilise Earth’s CO2 levels
  • The Earth’s atmospheric carbon dioxide has remained remarkably stable over the past 24 million years.


These goofballs just threw a huge rock through the global warming window.  So…we have had some of the wildest temperature/climate swings in the last 24 million years during the last 2.5 million years and CO2 has been ‘remarkably stable’???? HAHAHAHA.  This means it has virtually NO EFFECT ON TEMPERATURE!  If it did, the CO2 would do what?  We don’t know because there is nothing to show CO2 has any effect at all since it has been stable!


This takes us to the Younger Dryas which was very destructive but which also led to the great change in human society turning African hunters into Ice Age northern hunters:  Disappearance of wildflowers may have doomed woolly mammoth and woolly rhinoceros | The Raw Story


But dramatic Ice Age climate change caused a huge decline in these plants, leaving the Arctic covered instead in grasses and shrubs that lacked the same nutritional value and could not sustain the big herbivorous mammals, the scientists reported in the journal Nature on Wednesday.


The change in vegetation began roughly 25,000 years ago and ended about 10,000 years ago – a time when many of the big animals slipped into extinction, the researchers said.


And what killed the rampant flowers the giant beasts ate?  Well, it was severe cold!  Yes, the Younger Dryas era which plunged the northern hemisphere into worse Ice Age conditions.  This also killed off most of the Neanderthal people.  The Neanderthal/human matings, by the way, brought us light skin, blue eyes which is hilarious since the Nazis thought this was the superior homo sapiens!  I suggest here that the Neanderthals taught the African humans how to survive in severe cold, too.  Here is a graph showing how the ice cover changed over the last 5 million years:

NOAA Ice Age cycles

Physics Central Ice Ages: the graph goes from today to five million years ago.  It is painfully obvious that the temperatures not only have declined and gotten colder and colder but also the swings between hot and cold have grown greater and greater.  The vibration between hot and cold have become very strong.  and not one of the interglacial heat waves comes even remotely close to the average, more stable temperatures 3 million years ago.  The point is, the ice melts are huge and the ice growth is equally gigantic and fast.  FAST being the operative word here.  Sudden.  Overwhelmingly sudden.

ice age oxygen pulse levels

Note how the oxygen levels pulse strongly with sudden rises at the beginning of a warm cycle which then rapidly drops off and then erodes slowly during the following Ice Age.  The oxygen levels are not stable nor have been stable for nearly 3 million years and during the last half million years has had 5 violent cycles of oxygen depletion.  Note how even on a global warming site where these graphs come from, uses the word ‘BRIEF’ to describe the interglacials such as the one we are in right now.


Using data about planetary tilt, these warmists are now claiming…and I say foolishly…that there will be no 100,000 year Ice Age in the future due to the planet’s tilt not tilting so badly. I say hogwash to that because this cooling business began 5 million years ago and has only accelerated and this cooling off is due to the sun, not tilt of anything.  The SUDDEN heating pulses can’t be explained by ’tilt’ because these happen very, very fast and quite dramatically, not slowly.  And immediately begin to deteriorate, again, swiftly not slowly and then there are these 100,000 years cold periods which is the normal, not the sudden but brief heat spikes.

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16 responses to “Cold Storms Hammer Northern Hemisphere And Study Notes CO2 Levels Never Changed Before Or During Ice Ages

  1. Christian W

    Some pics from Slovenia, they are not joking when they say they are iced in:

    England is being flooded:

    While parts of Norway have been so DRY (in winter time!) communities have been wiped out by FIRES!:

    Here at my place in the deep South of Norway we had winter arrive at last and had a meter of snow or so, it’s melting now though. We haven’t seen the sun for a month… just rain, rain, rain, with a bit of snow and more snow, and then rain, rain, rain again…

  2. JT

    Warm and very foggy here +1 celsius.
    Only 15 cm of snow.
    The vortex only visited for a couple of weeks.

    Pls keep the vortex there in north america.

  3. Jim R

    Hurricanes in England? In winter?

    And +1C in Finland?

    That is some crazy weather. Of course, the Russians will all jump on the AGW bandwagon when there isn’t any snow in Sochi..

  4. Luc

    ‘The global warming brigades are out in full armor, attacking everyone and anyone noticing their predictions have been totally wrong and it is damn cold, too.’
    Typical leftist behavior.

    ‘What is particularly childish is the constant refrain that this is FOREVER and ETERNAL ‘
    Selling on fear. Made Gore a lot of money!

  5. JT

    @Jim R

    “And +1C in Finland?”

    It’s quite normal.
    We just had a 2 week stint of -12 to -18 celsius.
    Very little snow this winter (but last 3 winters snowrecords of 50 years).

    It seems that in recent years that the weather patterns stay put for longer periods of time.
    Long cold periods and long warm periods.
    They say it has something to do with that vortex thingy.
    It quite normal here to have +3 C one day and -25 C the next.

    Sochi is in a subtropical region of Russia on the shore of the black sea.
    (same latitude as Italy and Monaco for example).
    They only have snow in the mountains not at sea level.

  6. Ziff house

    Ask the eskimos. They got left out of this discussion


    ELAINE: Inuit are recent innovators. They came over from Siberia during the Maunder Minimum. Alaska used to have only native Indian tribes many of whom were brutally slaughtered by the Inuit a hundred years before the Europeans invaded.

  7. DeVaul

    Congratulations, Elaine!

    I am glad you are finally vindicated, even though the global cooling denialists will not admit it. (I plan to use that phrase some). I remember a few years after I started reading your blog back in 2005 that you called the global warming bluff and everyone hammered you for “denying” what was so obvious to everyone and anyone. Weaker souls would have quit, but you you stuck to your guns and now it pays off.

    Humans don’t want to hear the truth. They only want support for a belief system that allows them to evade responsibility for doing what is reasonable in accordance with the natural world, which is always changing.

  8. Dick

    Hi Elaine,

    A wonderful piece. Thanks for your efforts.

    Now that you have firmly established and proven the proposition of “science for hire to the highest bidder”, perhaps you can extrapolate this fraud to the “science” of vaccines…which does more real damage to the lives of children than the financial interests flogging the carbon credit schemes.All at a very tidy profit for big pharma.

    Speaking of children, any child can easily confirm that CO2 is heavier than air, and that dry ice fog hugs the ground. When I point this out to my scientific friends, they just shake their heads at my “ignorance”.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. emsnews

    The proof that vaccines work GREAT is easy to see: millions are not dropping dead from hideous diseases that used to kill 30% or more of the population before age 35.

    The proof is overwhelming to an incredible degree and only someone whose head is buried in the sand can’t see the truth.

    This is beyond debate, 100% for obvious reasons. I sincerely wish we could have a walled off section of the earth for anti vaccinationists to live with each other and the population will gradually or suddenly decrease over time due to epidemics.

  10. Luc

    ‘The proof that vaccines work GREAT is easy to see: millions are not dropping dead from hideous diseases that used to kill 30% or more of the population before age 35’….
    I had thought it was 50% of population by age 12.
    What about other things like food, shelter, other advances in medicine?

  11. JT


    How would you choose?
    A vaccine or would like to take your chances without?

  12. Petruchio

    Frequently, along with the benefits from vaccines is the topic of fluoride in water. Any opinions on putting fluoride in drinking water? I have read that fluoride is the main ingredient in rat poison. Any reliable studies showing the dangers/benefits of fluoridation?

  13. emsnews

    All food contains ‘poisons’ when you come down to it all. And we eject nasty stuff in the bathroom which, if not flushed away, is a killer.

    Or we could bury it outside like the kitties do. Our dog insists on dropping this awful stuff all over the place. The cats go around burying the doggie poop. It is funny, watching the felines wrinkle their noses and then begin digging into the snow, carefully covering up turds.

  14. Christian W

    Hehe, be careful in the spring 🙂

    Many ‘medicines’ are like that, hopefully healthy if given the correct amount, but lethal in too large doses.

  15. emsnews

    Absolutely! And drinking beer is fun but a gallon is too much, too! 🙂

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