More Blizzards, Below Zero Weather: German ‘Climatologists’ Claim New El Nino, ‘Super Hot Summer’

la Nina strengthens February 2014

NOAA El Niño: Research, Forecasts and Observations:Definitely a la Nina, indeed, it looks like it is strengthening, not diminishing.  And the white North Pole ice is pretty dominant, too.  Every day as severe cold grips the vast majority of the North American continent, the fake climatologists issue one warning about us all roasting to death after another the latest being this gem:  Could 2014 be the hottest on record? El Niño phenomenon could spew out massive amounts of heat this year.  German global warmist climatologists claim they can predict when el Ninos happen.  HAHAHA.  So far, the predictive ability of these people stink, big time!  Doesn’t stop them from doing more of the same.  They have been claiming this persistent la Nina event will go away soon.  Any day now!


Our top media giants are also pushing the ‘we are roasting to death’ storyline very hard:  The Dust Bowl Returns –


Normal winters here in Fresno, in the heart of California’s Central Valley, bring average highs in the 50s, steady periods of rain and drizzle, and the dense, bone-chilling Tule fog that can blanket the valley for days and even weeks on end.


But not this year. Instead, early 2014 gave us cloudless skies and midday temperatures in the 70s. By the end of January, it seemed like April, with spring trees in full bloom.


Well, it is like Antarctica in upstate New York.  The NYT has these other stories from this super cold winter showing bias for global warming such as this one:  Arctic Blast Proves Unwelcome Novelty, Especially Across South from January.  This story claimed the cold blasts were temporary and soon super heat will resume.  In the middle of January,  A Week of Victories for Cold Weather and Al Qaeda – admitted that ‘cold was winning’ which is funny as hell then came this one:  Celebrating Deep Freeze, Insect Experts See a Chance to Kill Off Ash Borers …which is true but note how there is no story, nada, none so far as I could find, saying, ‘Severe cold hammers New York, millions struggle with high fuel bills, health problems, injuries from falling on ice, etc.’  Not one story!


In January, the NYT did have this story:  Americans Scramble for Propane Amid High Prices and Bitter Cold and electricity prices are shooting upwards, too, in the super cold northern tier states.  Another bitterly cold night in Fort Wayne nearly breaks record is typical of this winter.  The records were set during the super cold cycle 40 years ago and now we are back in a similar cycle this time around.


There was a story from January noting that people were falling down due to ice in Manhattan.  But nothing about the rest of us falling on sheets of ice.  I fell twice this winter and so has nearly everyone else to some degree not to mention our tiny town lost a young lady this month when her car slid off the road due to ice and down a mountainside.  She got no mention in the NYT, either.  Too small a citizen to notice her death, I presume.  The desperate need to ignore the severity of this winter has driven our media owners mad because rising fuel costs are irritating voters who now are beginning to notice that the elites who have warm weather resort island to flee to in winter, are taxing us when we have to use energy to stay alive during severe winters and this is impoverishing people living in cold climates.


I looked up NYT stories about the horrors of this winter and found virtually none.  Instead,  there is today’s story, Freezing Out the Bigger Picture –  By Justin Gillis:


As the president addressed Congress and the nation in his State of the Union speech, it was snowing intermittently outside the Capitol. The temperature would bottom out later that night at 13 degrees in Washington, 14 in New York, 1 in Chicago, minus 6 in Minneapolis — and those readings were toasty compared to some of the lows earlier in January.


What we perceive as a very cold winter in the northern hemisphere is not only an effect of the very late arrival of cold temperatures and snow, but also a result of our perspective on the weather patterns. The gridded population cartogram reflects a lot of how many of us in the northern hemisphere experiences the conditions this winter, while a conventional map of the data (shown in the inset reference image on the bottom left) shows that considerable regions in the Arctic – which are sparsely populated – had above average land surface temperatures in February: Large parts of Greenland and the Arctic regions in North America showed much warmer than average land surface temperatures, but affect very few people (and hence do not appear in these map projections).
The full picture of changing land surface temperatures during this winter season can be seen in the following cartogram animation that starts with the conditions as observed in October 2012 and goes until the most recent image of March 2013. It confirms, that we were far from a long-cold winter, but experienced a rather late arrival with a bitterly cold ending in March that sticks most in our minds now as our image of this winter:


Mr. Obama’s declaration provoked head-shaking from Congressional climate deniers, and unleashed a stream of mockery on Twitter. “As soon as he mentioned ‘climate change’ it started snowing on Capitol Hill,” said a post from Patrick J. Michaels, a climate skeptic at the Cato Institute.


The chortling was predictable, perhaps, but you do not necessarily have to subscribe to an anti-scientific ideology to ask the question a lot of people are asking these days: the weather outside your window — no matter how cold and icy — does not change the reality of a warming climate.


Who do you believe, your own lying eyes or me?  HAHAHA.  So don’t look out the window as the glacier in your front yard, global warmists know better!  Deserted roads, more than 3,300 canceled flights and panic buying make Atlanta resemble a ghost town as the South battens down the hatches as millions of southerners brace for yet another violent, vicious, cold weather event that the global warmists claimed several years ago, would never, ever happen.  The great freeze: soon ALL of Lake Superior will look like this, predicts expert, as it heads for total ice-over this winter for the first time since the 1970’s.


These clowns bring up the ‘California is HOT!!!’ story while sneering that the US is only 2% of the world’s landmass which ignores all of Canada which is frozen solid.  They bring up the old ‘weather, not climate’ storyline which is insanity since the winter has been terribly cold nearly constantly and continues to be extremely cold and the forecast this week is more below zero weather until the foreseeable future.  This same NYT article claims that ‘large parts of Canada’ are warmer than usual so I looked it up:  Warmest Canadian Cities in Winter shows that these super warm parts of Canada happen to be a tiny corner right next to Washington State.  Not ‘large’ at all, less than 10% of Canada’s landmass.


Then these liars put up the ‘the cold isn’t lasting as long as in the coldest years of the 1970’s’ which were so cold, people talked about another Ice Age.  Well….ahem…it is nearly as cold this time around!  And I have a good memory and recall that all the global warming nut cases were running on and on about how it wasn’t so bad back then and even pretended there was no cold climate back then even as they desperately tried to erase the Maunder Minimum, aka, the ‘Little Ice Age’ too.  How did they engineer this?


By claiming there was no Little Ice Age in the equatorial regions.  The recent snow storms in Egypt hasn’t challenged the global warmists, either.  They simply ignored it.  As they are ignoring the super cold blasts hammering us today.  No apologies.  Just a stream of stories screaming about how we are going to roast to death hammering us daily in between news stories about severe cold and ice storms hammering the deep south and gripping 90% of the North American continent above the Mexican line.  The goofballs know perfectly well, the West Coast never froze during all the Ice Ages and Siberia was mostly glacier-free and had hundreds of thousands of Mastodons which eat FLOWERS roaming there all the way up to the North Pole.


This is a fact. The fearful glaciation was confined to very high mountains and 50% of North America and northern Europe including nearly all of the British Isles and Ireland.  The authors of the NYT’s story note it is ‘wacky’ to think it is getting colder when it is getting colder because look!  It is warm in very distant places where there never were any glaciers at any time in the history of the planet! So there!


Childish.  Very childish as well as churlish.  Another thing that irritates me is how the NYT reporters talk only about NYC which is on the ocean and thus, has less danger of freezing than the upstate parts.  We have NOT been having warm weather here for a long time and worse, it was actually warmer in various points in January than this month!  It has virtually been totally below freezing with frequent below zero nights upstate this month and we are in the middle of the month and it won’t be above freezing on my mountain until some time after next week.  Chicago has had nearly the same number of subzero and below freezing days as in the coldest year back in the 1970’s, just several days more of subzero and the record will be broken.  The NYT reporter didn’t notice this, of course.  It destroys his storyline.

weather forecast for Berlin NY February 2014

We can see from my own mountain how cold and snowy it will be this coming week and the sunny day today will be way below freezing and guess what?  On next Sunday, the high will be only 16 degrees which is what we normally see on sunny days in January!  Imagine that!  The sun will shine all day and it will be barely above zero Fahrenheit.  Ridiculously cold for this time of year.  Sunday night will be -6 F.  Brrrr.


This is NOT NORMAL.  It is about as cold as it can get.  A Cold World | Views of the World is a global warmist’s site where he tries to explain away the deepening cold in the Northern Hemisphere where Ice Ages created glaciation.  Here is what he has to say about last’ winters onslaught:


What we perceive as a very cold winter in the northern hemisphere is not only an effect of the very late arrival of cold temperatures and snow, but also a result of our perspective on the weather patterns. The gridded population cartogram reflects a lot of how many of us in the northern hemisphere experiences the conditions this winter, while a conventional map of the data (shown in the inset reference image on the bottom left) shows that considerable regions in the Arctic – which are sparsely populated – had above average land surface temperatures in February: Large parts of Greenland and the Arctic regions in North America showed much warmer than average land surface temperatures, but affect very few people (and hence do not appear in these map projections).
The full picture of changing land surface temperatures during this winter season can be seen in the following cartogram animation that starts with the conditions as observed in October 2012 and goes until the most recent image of March 2013. It confirms, that we were far from a long-cold winter, but experienced a rather late arrival with a bitterly cold ending in March that sticks most in our minds now as our image of this winter:


The global warmists are now pretending anyone noticing the colder climate conditions are mentally ill.  This is highly insulting especially since the mentally ill happen to be the global warmists.  Last winter, it got colder and colder, not warmer.  Then summer was rather on the chill side.  Winter came before Thanksgiving on my mountain with below zero F freezing storms.  It has been very cold this winter and so we are definitely in a colder cycle, not a warmer one, that set in for certain mid-winter last year.


This particular insane, snide blogger is Benjamin Hennig, the senior research fellow at the School of Geography and the Environment at Oxford University.  Since we don’t live with Santa Claus, we don’t see how warm it is up in the North Pole which happens to be totally frozen this winter, too.  Oops!  They won’t mention that detail, either.  Just like they wiped from their minds the pictures of that cruise ship loaded with global warmists getting stuck in the ice in Antarctica’s hot summers.


Down the memory hole!  The book, 1984 talks about controlling minds via deletion of information.  Luckily for us, the internet has lots of data and when our rulers delete things we can still find many of these online.  But of course, pretending there is global warming and we are all going to die while many, many millions are freezing to death is impossible to pull off.  We can feel the cold and see the snow.  This is right in our faces.  Ignore this and you die!  Of course, the elites are, like the royal Prince of England and his familia, vacationing on hot tropical islands while Britain drowns in one Atlantic winter storm after another.  He and his daddy think we are going to roast to death and they will…in Aruba.

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51 responses to “More Blizzards, Below Zero Weather: German ‘Climatologists’ Claim New El Nino, ‘Super Hot Summer’

  1. Jim R

    Global warming is global.

    Hot summer in Australia right now. Wildfires breaking out. Temps in the forties.

    And that is hot.

  2. Jim R

    I also heard a report from McMurdo. They are having balmy weather there, too. Still below freezing, but unusually warm. Warmer than Chicago right now for example.

    Also, on your map, notice that little red line running up the east coast? That is the Gulf Stream. Instead of heading out into the North Atlantic, it is hugging the coast. It will bring melting to Greenland this summer.

    When Greenland melts it will affect sea level. Enough that people will notice it.


    ELAINE: It is hard to BS me here.

    I looked at the forecast for McMurdo station where it is still high summer. Yes, it is 30 degrees F today but this is due to a cold wave coming in.

    All the rest of the week it will be below 18 F.

    Also, McMurdo station is an ISLAND surrounded by ocean and thus, not as prey to severe cold as the main continent.

    Pretending it is Antarctica when it is an island nearby is dishonest. Anything surrounded by ocean is usually warmer than the center of any continent.

    Thus, isn’t a good gage of what the continent’s climate is like. Small islands slightly south of England’s coast are much, much warmer than England’s interior, for example.

    According to this site

    ‘Compared to other seasons, the summer season only has experienced SMALL changes in temperature…1960-1998. Net result is SLIGHT SUMMER COOLING in the…mainland…and pronounced warming in the Antarctic Penninsula’.

    According to the graphs, the south pole itself has seen FALLING temperatures of 1 degree, not warming at all.

  3. The “Pause” in Global warming/change? is now 17 years and counting.
    How long will they keep up the charade?
    What if the “Pause” becomes a downturn?What will the warmists say then?

  4. emsnews

    From last year’s predictions of hurricanes:

    This article mentions the Coastal Carolina University says NO EL NINO last year, Phil Klotzback of CSU Tropical Meteorology Project sais the Atlantic eastern parts have COOLED.

    I noted this last summer and pointed out the huge ‘dry spot’ covering the mid-Atlantic all summer. It is still there.

    “NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center called for a 70 percent likelihood of 13 to 20 named storms in the Atlantic, or an above-average storm season. Seven to 11 may become hurricanes, with three to six may developing into Category 3, 4, or 5 hurricanes.”

    NOAA has still not apologized for this crappy forecast. NOAA also predicted this winter very badly:

    This web page shows NOAA clearly predicting the Northeast was to have a warmer than usual winter and this was issued in late November when we already saw below zero F weather here.

    ‘A strong polar vortex should GENERALLY CONFINE THE COLD AIR TO NORTHERN LATITUDES’. This will allow the south to bask in a mild winter,’ said Dr Todd Crawford.’

    Now these global cooling denialists are hard at work explaining the super cold/deep southern penetration of cold is due to a strong polar vortex! Right after telling us three months ago this is the exact opposite.

    There is zero reason to take these people seriously since they change their definitions and predictions nonstop, spinning like a top, trying to fake it when their predictions seldom match reality.

  5. Luc

    ‘Global warming is global.’ It is or was 50 below in Chicago. Cairo Egypt had snow for the first time in 112 years!

    ‘Hot summer in Australia right now.’. Can we expect anything less?
    How hot is hot? All time highs?

  6. Jim R

    Hurricanes are not really much of an indicator of overall warming or cooling. They run on temperature differences, not overall temperatures.

    Isn’t it interesting that they are getting hurricanes in ENGLAND this time. In England where they never had hurricanes. Another data point. And that red line of the Gulf Stream, aiming for Greenland now instead of Iceland. That could _potentially_ mean something. Antarctica is in no danger of melting, but Greenland is. And it has enough ice to make a difference.

    As for the McMurdo data point, I was just quoting some blogger dude who works for the science station there, and he was gloating about being warmer than Evansville or some such thing. It’s just as valid a data point as the snowy winter on Mount Airy up there.


    ELAINE: It took me about three minutes to find all the data and to put it in context. You didn’t bother.

  7. Luc

    ‘It’s just as valid a data point as the snowy winter on Mount Airy up there.’
    And much of Elaines [very valid] point is that whats frozen out of the news is that USA, Canada and UK are freezing!

    So much for science in journalism. Or even reporting of news.

  8. Luc


    Panicked Shoppers Fight Over Food Amid ‘Snowpocalypse’
    Empty shelves in Atlanta merely foreshadow future mass panic in America
    Adan Salazar & Kit Daniels
    February 11, 2014

    Atlanta residents ransacked neighborhood grocery stores in frantic preparation for their second major snowstorm of the year, waging fights over food items and leaving destruction and empty shelves in their wake, a stunning precursor to what will ensue once a major crisis impacts the U.S.
    After three inches of snow shut the city down two weeks ago, causing major havoc and leaving miles of cars stranded on immobile roadways, the residents of Atlanta took heed and shopped early.

    According to people who Tweeted photos of barren store shelves, residents went crazy over essentials like milk, bread, water and eggs, and in some cases “people were fighting. Yes fighting,” alleges one user.

  9. Ziff house

    Won’t talk about what the eskimos are saying.


    ELAINE: A small hint: they call themselves ‘Inuit’ and ‘Eskimo’ is an insult.

  10. melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    Greenland was named that for a reason. In warmer times it was filled with flora and fauna. This place was green even during the ice ages.

    Ice melting there is a sign of ice age. Just as the snow is now piling up in former ice age glacier zones


    ELAINE: As always, good information catch, Melponene! I read not only that article but several other ones and they had lots of good information.

  11. DeVaul

    I’m a little irked at a man who I respect for his brilliant insights into human behavior. He has written many articles about our impending imperial collapse and compared them to the Soviet experience, which he saw to some extent first hand as a Russian, or former Russian.

    He is quite brilliant.

    This man just wrote another dead-on description of our current political system while satirizing the use of the phrase “American Exceptionalism”. It is a very good read, but I do not comment there anymore after being insulted by a “master sailor” (a retiree on his sailboat) who refused to answer my questions regarding food storage and perceptions of land based peoples towards a speculative, purely conjectural futuristic “Sea Gypsy Tribe” which might appear offshore at any moment.

    My questions had nothing to do with sailing, but I was blasted anyway.

    The thing is, while he and his family live in Boston, he is currently docked in South America somewhere bragging about the low cost of living and how much money is saved by not paying for heating costs. How does this jibe with his belief that rising ocean levels will inundate most coastal areas because of melting polar ice due to CO2 levels? Why is he not sweating away in Boston harbor as proof that global warming is real and here to stay?

    You see, it is not only the elites who flee to tropical islands to escape the bitter cold, it is also the true believers who want to help mankind who also flee to warmer climates when things do not merge well with their world view.

    I only read 4 bloggers: Elaine, Orlov, Kunstler (mainly for laughs), and The Archdruid, who I admire greatly.

    Three of them refer to each other and comment at each other’s sites, but not one ever mentions Elaine or comments here except to claim their name was used here by someone else. I find this odd, and I wonder why it is so.

    To top it all off, Greenpeace (an organization I used to respect) sent me another letter asking for money with this written on the outside of the letter:

    “The Last Polar Bear”

    Global warming is not science, it is a religion, which is why no one is allowed to look at it with the eye of a skeptic, nor is anyone who believes in it allowed to change their minds about it without being verbally abused. I doubt there is a single person allowed to work for Greenpeace who does not believe in Global Warming.

  12. emsnews

    No one likes me because I use logic and facts. Emotionalism is a tool of oppression. When I see things happening I try to analyze them, not react emotionally.

    When I am emotional, I explain why such as stories of young girls being molested or raped freak me out because I am one of them. So I have this moment of hard pain, hard suffering with nightmares.

    Otherwise, I am simply curious.

    The continuing war on people dying, suffering, being impoverished by severe cold is pissing me off…a lot.

    The cruelty of the ‘global warmists’ is shocking. They DON’T FUCKING CARE. They are believers in this weird ‘end of times’ and talk and act just like those noxious fake ‘Christians’ who want to gloat about Jesus loving them and the rest of us being blown up.

    The mentality is identical. And pathetic and infuriating.

  13. kenogami

    “I only read 4 bloggers: Elaine, Orlov, Kunstler (mainly for laughs), and The Archdruid, who I admire greatly.”
    I also read 3 of 4 of them regularly. I discovered a new one recently: a very intelligent Russian who write about Russia, Ukraine, USA, the West and the world. It may interest peoples who visit Elaine’s blog:

  14. Ziff house

    Won’t talk about what the inuit are saying or reports of thin sea ice. Something obvious to be said about the sun , seasonal tilt toward sun makes a huge difference, question is measure of solar irradience. Shold not be hard.

  15. Luc

    DeVaul, ‘“I only read 4 bloggers: Elaine, Orlov, Kunstler (mainly for laughs),’

    Whats so funny at And do you post there?
    There are many good blogs. I assume you are a prepper?

  16. notgonnatellya

    Elaine, you are SO emotional and SO illogical, and apparently blind to your shortcomings…which makes you SO human. And THAT is the reason I’ve never stopped reading you.

  17. Ziff house

    Why be be a GW fanatic, nothing will or can be done about it. Will be interesting to see how it turns out . As elaine says ,there are worse problems.

  18. Seraphim

    Actually it’s not that hot in Australia. 30#C in Darwin is a breeze.

  19. DM

    Jim R. A lot of nonsense about Australia. Better summer than the past few years, otherwise very normal typical weather and nowhere near the hottest. Good grief! You have a very strange religion .

  20. Jim R

    Australia: 40° per commenter “Cherokee Organics” on The Archdruid Report. Not sure where he lives on the continent. He posted a link to video of some wildfires they are fighting just now. The landscape looks like Texas. And it is _true_ that McMurdo is warmer than North America right now.

    Then of course, there’s the change in ocean chemistry due to acidification. Denialists never mention that. We are conducting a giant chemistry experiment with our planet’s atmosphere.

    And one thing the carbon traders always get wrong is the tropics. If they want to tax carbon sources, then they should be heavily taxing the tropical places that mow down their forests, and richly rewarding ones like Costa Rica that preserve the forests. Trees are some of the few things that actually remove carbon from the air. Forests, or the lack thereof, will be the biggest factor in our carbon future. Depletion will take care of the fossil fuel burning.

    As for that glaciation event, when it gets to be July and there’s still snow on the ground up there, I’ll start to worry _then_.


    ELAINE; I own a forest. I get zero carbon credits for this service to humanity. I do pay TAXES to the state. There is no mechanism to reward tree owners in first world countries while giving credits to corporations planting tiny twigs in third world countries. The game is rigged!

    And this is why I am angry. Where is my money? Give it to me if the world is going to end if I don’t have a lot of trees!

  21. melponeme_k

    @Ziff House

    Don’t go by the words of Modern Inuit. All the old ones who knew the old ways died off.

    They are no longer the nomads who followed weather changes and prey.

    They live like this now:

  22. Jim R

    Worse than that, Elaine, they are giving the money to “renewable” plantations in those tropical areas where they have planeted oil palm or jatropha or some other tropical weed (after bulldozing the forest that was there before). Oh and of course, the corn ethanol program in the midwest. Even though the whole process of corn farming makes more CO2 than it takes out of the air.

    Like everything else these days, it is a way to reward the “economies of scale” of those who already have wealth and privilege.

    @melponeme, that was an interesting picture. Since the land is barren there, I would assume that the community is supported by welfare. Not that I am foaming-at-the-mouth against welfare like the more “conservative” folks around here, but just as a practical matter. I don’t see how that community of caravans can exist otherwise.

  23. melponeme_k


    It is true that many Inuit and other native tribes are recipients of welfare. But not all of them are on the dole. Many of them are commercial fisherman (pays well because it is extremely dangerous) or work on the oil rigs.

    What I was pointing out was the fact that the thinning ice stories are being misinterpreted. Centuries ago, the inuit had not permanent home bases. They moved according to weather changes and prey migration. This is why they ran afoul with the Thule people and the Vikings.

    Since they don’t follow that way of life now, they are sitting ducks with no adaptation to the changing environment. In the past they would have just upped and moved to their preferred environment.

  24. melponeme_k

    Correction to previous comment. The Inuit fought with the Dorset natives and Vikings. Thule and Dorset were different tribes in the Inuit culture. Falling temperatures pushed the Vikings out of the Americas. The Inuit/Thule took advantage of the advancing cold to expand their territory. They killed off many Dorset Indians whose culture afterwards went extinct.

  25. Ziff house

    Mele, i’ve been the arctic and i am cdn , iknow perfectly well how the inu live. Yes they live in shacks, but they still hunt and are close to the land. Plus there are all those scientists who have noted the changes in sea ice.

  26. melponeme_k


    They live like you and me. I know, I lived in Alaska as well. They live in communities with TV, TV dinners, snowmobiles and other comforts of civilization.

    THEY ARE NOT the people of the past. Those people would have long since moved into territory they considered more prime. Its a BIG WHITE world up there. And just testing small areas doesn’t cut it. ESPECIALLY since scientists REFUSE to acknowledge the lack of glaciers in most of Alaska during the last ice age and how MY PEOPLE walked from Russia to Alaska.

  27. DeVaul


    “I assume you are a prepper?”

    By this I assume you mean I try to prepare for possible emergencies? If so, yes, I do. I have about a month or two of stored food in my basement and medical supplies and a huge stack of firewood for when the grid goes down.

    I am not preparing for the end of the world. It is foolish, however, to think that there will never be an emergency of some kind where you live, so it is a good idea to try and be prepared.

    Apart from ice storms, the main danger here are tornados, and I still have not built a storm bunker in my basement yet. I hope someday I can.

  28. CK

    This winter it should be possible to restart the old ways of putting useless folks on ice flows and letting them float out to whatever is the Inuit heaven.
    There is a city full of parasitic and useless folks on the Potomac but way too few ice flows.

  29. emsnews

    I am a survivalist and lived for years and years with near zero 20th century stuff. I know how to raise and run an ox team, hitch horses to a plow, milk anything mammalian, make fires of all sorts and fuels, etc, etc.

    And trust me, it is very hard work living that life. You are one pneumonia sickness from falling off the proverbial cliff.

  30. DeVaul


    I forgot. No, I don’t comment at Kunstler’s site. For one thing, it is chock full of comments before I can even read his weekly article. Secondly, I read him to get a laugh. He is very witty, and has a mastery of the English language, not to mention coming up with words I’ve never heard before, like “janky”.

    Kunstler makes many predictions, and people fault him for the fact that they never come true, but I love the predictions he makes. I understand that they are not based on what WILL happen, but on what SHOULD happen in a sane world. Of course, we don’t live in a sane world, so whatever prediction he makes will fail because the insane part of man will find a way to avoid it.

    Watching the elites move heaven and earth to avoid what should happen is the funny part — and the most instructive.

  31. Ziff house

    Mele, you are full of crap.

  32. Ziff house

    Elaine you should try to offer your services to the oil industry, they would love to hear it.

  33. melponeme_k


    No, not full of crap.

  34. z house

    the point being ,the inu , in canada ,are saying its warmer, and what they are doing in the crazy state of alaska, matters not

  35. z house

    and so all that data, all those scientists are wrong to suggest GW, well stranger things have happened, it would be the most amazing screw up in history, i’d love to see it, but in the meantime the best guess is,,,,

  36. z house

    By the way, Martin Armstrong agrees with Elaine, but not without making the most assinine comments i’ve ever seen from him.

  37. Petruchio

    “Emotionalism is a tool of oppression….” Excellent point, Elaine. It is one of the guiding principles of propaganda outlets like Fox and the NY Times. The propagandist preys upon peoples perceptions and pre-conceived notions about issues. Note how long the ruling elites have been able to push the al-Qiada charade onto the American public. The truth? Not important when trying to influence people whose opinions are nearly formed already. So it is meaningless–despite being true–that al-Qaida was formed an supported by the good ol’ US of A. Or that we fund them in Syria, but “oppose” them in Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan.

  38. The Communist Party of China takes climate change seriously. There’s a lot about reducing greenhouse gas emissions in their current five-year plan. They’re talking about the importance of developing new technologies to achieve that, and making sure development is environmentally sustainable.


    ELAINE: the very, very first people China asked to come after Nixon was my dad and they wanted him to start the first solar panel factory there which he did…and they are the world leaders in this now and planned this LONG ago and it has zero to do with global warming and a lot to do with sensible power production especially where air conditioning is used.

  39. Luc

    Steve, with air like China has, I can understand their desire to stop burning coal.

    EMS:I am a survivalist and lived for years and years with near zero 20th century stuff. I know how to raise and run an ox team, hitch horses to a plow, milk anything mammalian, make fires of all sorts and fuels, etc, etc.

    In which case you might laugh at the ‘million dollar Preps’…see
    You Tube/ Doomsday Preppers.

    No biz like show biz.

    With Oxen I assume you were doing farming. How many acres?

  40. emsnews

    Global free trade destroyed not just my farm but virtually every farm in my end of NY. All gone. My sheep went from $250 a head to less than $50 a head, for example. Everything was wrecked.

    All I have left is my hardwood forest. And the global warmists have, so far, given me less than one red cent for this. The only way I can make money is to cut it all down.

    And these clowns claim they want more forests!!!!

  41. Luc

    Catherine Fitts [in Tenn.] blames laws / rules that favor Corporate Agri Biz type farms over small ones.

  42. Luc

    And these clowns claim they want more forests!!!!…Uh, no. The 1% wants more Lear Jets and Davos type conferences.

  43. Ziff house

    Guess what ? Not what you think i might post.

  44. emsnews

    She knew my dad!!! My grandfather helped build Mt. Wilson’s observatory and also wanted to use it to study the sun!

    And she is right, of course. The fact that she was attacked for supporting my father’s contentions is no surprise to me. The global warmists faith healers are furious that she and my dad were upsetting their CO2 trade apple cart.

    Note how Sallie Baliunas is never in the news, as was my dad.

  45. emsnews a lecture by Sallie about the global warming scam.

  46. Ziff house

    Utoob, didn’t get far with that , she claims one degree rise not happen but on the chart she shows 1890 1990 one degree rise, then fails to note 1890 is start of industrialization.


    ELAINE: I don’t expect people to read me very closely but I will now remind everyone of this shocking fact: astronomers including my own granddaddy, thought Galileo was hallucinating those black blots on the sun. Suddenly, the sun awoke and we had lots and lots and lots of sun spots right about that time. My own grandaddy and Dr. Hubble, his friend and neighbor, decided to build ON THEIR OWN MONEY, solar observatories.

    I played and when visiting, lived in his private solar observatory in his Pasadena backyard during the 1950’s and have many fond memories of it. He often talked about ice ages and sun spots and wanted to prove there is a direct connection.

  47. emsnews

    Yes, Luc, they are all suing each other for calling each other names…HAHAHA.

    Stupid waste of oxygen on all sides. Their followers are all at war, hacking each other’s web sites, for example, one hacker succeeded in announcing Goddard (fake name based on the Real Goddard of rocket fame who taught my father all about rockets at the beginning of WWII…worked with my grandfather at Mt. Wilson…sigh) the global warming pro-cold guru, was ‘dead’ when he was still very much alive.

    All the climate people are now acting like weasels trapped in a barrel with a dog inside and I expect this to explode like a nuclear bomb destroying all sides of this issue.

    Meanwhile, I have warned everyone for years and years, the Great Annihilator is an unnamed asteroid. That or the sun going nova which my grandfather used to tease me about. ‘You have 8 minutes to decide what to do before you are roasted!’ he would chortle. HAHAHA.

    You learn to laugh at all End of Times stuff if you grow up with a real astronomer.

  48. Luc

    How bad was ‘Climate Gate’..of a few years back? The emails etc.

  49. emsnews

    Yes, the East Anglia climatologists in England conspired with others in the US to suppress any data that didn’t confirm ‘global warming’. This included MY FATHER who was censored when he submitted a paper about the sun causing the Ice Ages.

    He was shocked because in the past these same science publications published his papers. What shocked him more was the emails he got accusing him of killing everyone by talking about the sun, not humans, causing ‘climate change’.

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