Greenland Did NOT Glaciate As Much As North America; Global Warmists Hold Hearings In DC During Blizzard

heavy snow Berlin NY Valentine's day 2014


Still snowing on my mountain this dawn.  National Weather Service: 100M Americans under winter storm warnings: we are absolutely buried in snow this dawn.  Note the string of big storms over the Pacific Ocean heading towards the West Coast.  The balmy winter there is going to be a lot wetter.  The recent spate of east coast storms formed over deep Dixie, not Canada, and then roared northwards covering much of the South in snow yet again.  You can’t have snow in Alabama unless it is very cold, not warm.  The global warming crew is in full retreat and has gotten quite nasty about the entire business as we see below.

Storms valentine's day 2014

Here is a hilarious example:  The ultimate guide to shutting down climate trolls –


The Southern U.S. has been paralyzed by a historic ice storm, and the Northeast is well on its way to another foot-plus of snow. If all that wasn’t bad enough, the climate trolls are coming out.


This time, top honors goes to the Federalist, which can’t get over the irony of Senate Democrats scheduling a hearing on global warming right as a blizzard is expected to hit D.C. In fact, there’s good reason to believe that global climate change is linked to extreme weather like this, but arguing that is an advanced move. Demonstrating that cold and snowy weather in no way disproves global warming? Anyone can do that.


How?  Simple!  Ignore the fact that Where’s the snow? On the ground in 49 of 50 states, instead, the very clever global cooling denialist can fight off the foes with this: AUSTRALIA!  Why, it is hot summer there right now so why are 100 million people bellyaching, make that 200 million if you include all the Canadians and if other countries, another few hundred million or so…yes, Australia and California are both hot.  Ergo: we are all in danger of roasting to death soon.  Very soon.  After it gets above freezing some time in the future.

Valentine's day snow covers much of the US

Over two-thirds of the contiguous USA covered with snow and around 90% of Canada.  A very goofy website called, erroneously, ‘SkepticalScience, gives a one sentence putdown of anyone pointing out that we are freezing for the most part, not soaking up the balmy sun:


“A local cold day has nothing to do with the long-term trend of increasing global temperatures.”


This puzzles me greatly.  Skeptical Science prides itself for being ‘scientific’ yet can say something that stupid.  Nearly an entire, huge, much, much, much bigger than Australia continent, is nearly covered by ice and snow with record cold temperatures repeatedly hammering it over and over again for months.  This is ‘a local cold day’ to the urchins pretending to be scientific.  This is like the Monty Python John Cleese wearing a hankie on his head skit where he talks about the▶ Water Tax and waxes indignant and then suddenly yells, ‘Oh!’ when he notices he is standing in a puddle.


Global Warming Hearing Scheduled Right Before Expected D.C. Blizzard has right wingers laughing their heads off.  Several years ago, I warned the liberal community to stop pushing the ‘global warming’ business because the sun was cooling off and they should put off the ‘we are roasting to death’ for a while lest they look like fools.  Instead, the leaders cooked up the very silly ‘climate change’ storyline which is insane since it can change to COLDER quite easily.  And has begun to do exactly that.  Freak snow storm paralizes northern Iran shows that Sochi may be warm and no snow but it is snowing much further south, in Iran!


As it did earlier in Egypt, for example.  This is the biggest snow storm in 50 years in Iran!  No small matter.  So, snow isn’t just hammering most of North America, it is elsewhere, too, from central Europe to Iran.  It may not be all places at once, that would be a full Ice Age.  All Ice Ages started very suddenly, by the way.  Within the liberal community that prides itself on being lovers of humanity in contrast with evil right wingers, there has been a gigantic deficit of sympathy for the many people who are dying this winter due to blizzards and extreme cold.


Our own NOAA weather service miscalled this winter nearly totally and now is on a campaign to convince us we will roast to death in the near future with no apologies for being utterly off base predicting the weather.  Completely without shame, they continue to badger us about global warming. The ‘climate change’ word game is just cover for all this so they can sneer, ‘Global warming causes massive blizzards to blanket entire continents!’  They have twisted logic in pretzels trying to explain how being hot leads to severe cold that lasts for months and covers huge parts of the planet.


Obama, obeying the global warmists, made part of his State of the Union address about how we have to tax energy heavily to save us from roasting to death.  Democrats then held hearings on this topic to back up the speech. The opening statement in Congress by a Democrat talks about HOT weather only.  Hurricanes and of course, California which is pretty much the only hot spot this year.  Not a peep about severe cold or blizzards even as a very cold blizzard roars into DC.  Over and over again, they talk about things that not only happen only in warm times but make zero mention of the fact that hurricanes actually vanished instead of increasing.


The recent line of blizzards coming out of Alabama are following the same track many summer storms last year used to reach the Northeast.  The persistence of this track is identical to the path of storms in the 1970’s.  Virtually all ‘global warming’ graphs used by these believers start with the extreme cold years of that cycle.  And then use tiny gradients to make the graphs look steep when it tracks a one degree difference between 1970 and 2010.  If the graph showed it not by .01 degree increments but rather 1.0, the graph goes much, much flatter.


The global cooling denialists love to talk about Greenland, too.  We are all going to drown due to Greenland melting.  So…Aerial photos from Greenland topple climate models | ScienceNordic


Scientists have long believed that Greenland’s ice sheet is melting with increasing speed and that this will result in considerable rises in water levels in the world’s oceans over the next 100 years.


But the foundation for this view now appears to be completely wrong. In the latest issue of the journal Science, Danish researchers report that Greenland’s ice sheet is not behaving quite as expected – the speed at which the ice disappears rises and falls considerably when measured over the years.


The climate models for the influence of melting ice on water levels in the oceans must therefore be revised.


Much of what we think we know about climate has a strong ‘belief’ factor which has to be settled by incoming data.  Which is why the global warmists are so difficult to talk to since they edit out incoming data that doesn’t support their belief system.  Just like they edited out the sun entirely as a main driver of the weather.  Here is another recent geological study that stands global warming beliefs on its head:  Surprisingly few major Ice Ages in southwest Greenland | ScienceNordic

The Earth’s northern hemisphere has experienced more than 30 Ice Ages over the past few million years.


Here, thick ice sheets have covered much of North America and as far down into Europe as France.


New research from The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) shows that although Greenland has gone through many Ice Ages, only five of them have caused the ice in southern Greenland to grow so large and thick that it covered the entire shelf offshore southern Greenland.


This surprised the researchers:


”In our seismic analyses of the deep seabed off southwest Greenland we only observed sediments that stem from five extreme Ice Ages. This is a different number to the more than 30 Ice Ages we know have occurred in the northern hemisphere,” says geologist Tove Nielsen, a senior researcher at GEUS, who together with her colleague Antoon Kuijpers conducted the new study.

It ‘surprised’ researchers because they went into the study hoping to prove that if Greenland melts and its glaciers don’t grow, this means global warming.  It does NOT.  Instead, they had to change their minds and I hope they stick to their guns and face down the global warmists! They will be either under attack or ignored because this changes everything and makes my assertion that any estimation of ‘global warming’ or ‘impending ice age’ must focus ONLY on the exact places that have had the most Ice Age damage in the past.


Australia had zero damage from glaciation.  North America had the most, more than any part of the planet, every time.  Europe was hit hard, too, but Siberia had nearly no glaciation at all.  This puzzle is easy to piece together.  And warmists refuse to do this.  The ‘Skpetic Scientist’ clowns, for example, want us to focus on Australia when worrying about global cooling.  That is insane.  And dishonest and worse, they know this deep in their hearts.  It is just hard to let go of belief systems implanted in the brain.


I salute the Geologic Survey of Denmark for publishing their information instead of, like my dad’s paper on the sun being more variable than we wish which was censored by global warmists.


Third world countries were offered tons of CO2 derivative trade money so they began to complain about global warming while having fun in the sun while we freeze.  It continues, being a great way of getting some loot:  Fiji leader invites climate-hit Kiribati residents to relocate | The Raw Story.  Yes, their tiny atolls are being submerged. Or are they?


Here is another study that won’t make the news much due to so many elites committed to the CO2 derivatives market and governments wishing to heavily tax energy to fund wars, etc.: Study finds S. Pacific islands growing despite rising seas | Toronto Star


Some scientists have worried for years that many of the tiny, low-lying islands throughout the South Pacific will eventually disappear under rising sea levels.
But two researchers who measured 27 islands where local sea levels have risen 120 millimeters — an average of 2 millimeters a year — over the past 60 years, found just four had diminished in size.
The reason: Coral islands respond to changes in weather patterns and climate, with coral debris eroded from encircling reefs pushed up onto the islands’ coasts by winds and waves.


Meanwhile, the Hawaiian Islands Are Dissolving And Will Disappear, Study Finds …which is no shock.  We can see the underwater stubby remains of previous islands and the biggest island is the one with present volcanic activity while the others slowly erode away, smaller and smaller.  This went on for over 5 million years as the Pacific Plate moves over this stationary hot spot.  I pointed out in the past that the West Coast is rising and the East Coast is sinking and this is why the West Coast doesn’t see more and more flooding while the East Coast is plagued by flooding.


The atolls and distant islands of the Pacific have been colonized only fairly recently.  These atolls are not ancient structures but rather rose up during the last interglacial.  During the ice ages, I would presume atoll building slowed down or even vanished due to the oceans being too cold to support the lifeforms that build these structures.  Humans, being recent arrivals (on the geological scale) can easily move elsewhere and indeed, many emigrate away for a variety of reasons.  No atoll is a solid, continent-style structure.  They are by definition, living creatures that can die.   They are not volcanic entities or if they have a volcanic past, they are now submerged unless corals grow sufficient to raise these out of the water somewhat.


Focusing on Australia and tiny, temporary atolls to define global climate is dishonest and stupid.  And the warmists, desperate to deny the truth, cling to these extreme tropical examples shows us that incoming data is driving them all insane.  The cynical refusal to admit we are in a cold cycle by our elites is due to naked greed.  They are committed to the global warming story because it is an excuse to hammer the rest of us with higher taxes and huge restrictions on our own lives while the elites, screaming about too warm, fly private jets, drive gas guzzling fast cars, live in huge palaces and party on polluting yachts or party on tropical islands.


Note that Prince Charles’ brats are doing exactly that, over and over again!  As daddy weeps and wails about global warming and England is hammered by winter storms, he and his spawn fled to the tropics to sip drinks in the sun and splash around in the warm seas, spewing CO2 all over the kingdom come.  Obviously, neither he nor his brats have the slightest worry about CO2 destroying our planet.  Nor do any of our goofy elites.

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30 responses to “Greenland Did NOT Glaciate As Much As North America; Global Warmists Hold Hearings In DC During Blizzard

  1. melponeme_k

    The insanity is amazing. I used to believe in Global Warming, until I started to read your webpage and all the articles you give links. It was hard to change my mind, it took awhile. But it can be done.

    Whatever we are experiencing now, NOW is the time to make plans. We need to plan for food shortages and food rationing programs. We need to plan for extreme droughts that affect Central and South America (at the same time as cooling events). We can’t afford to be catering to elites who want to tax the citizens to support their polluting lifestyles.

  2. Jim R

    Actually the best thing for carbon emissions would be for the financial fraudsters to go broke so they can’t keep the wars going. War is the single most carbon-intensive human activity.

    After that, it would be nice if the corn-growing and forrest-stripping enterprises go broke. They are bad carbon-emitters too.

    Then we can settle in for a period of un-dimming (warm), followed by some nice glaciers….

  3. Luc

    Great article! Thanks.

    ‘The global warming crew is in full retreat ‘…not for long. If USA continues with a cold year or 10 the ‘scientists’ will say ‘climate change’. Meanwhile
    its cold in my part of California. Obama is here, due to the climate change, ooops, I mean drought.

  4. Luc

    ‘The global warming crew is in full retreat and has gotten quite nasty about the entire business .’ Follow the $.

    Business indeed.

  5. Luc

    Sorry that I have 3 posts in a row…as I reread yr article:

    Note that Prince Charles’ brats are doing exactly that, over and over again! As daddy weeps and wails about global warming and England is hammered by winter storms,

    And Obama is in central California now. Not in snowy parts of the USA!
    Its a chance for him to talk ‘global warming and climate change, global drying due tio AGW’. Then he and his brats can body surf in Hawaii.

  6. emsnews

    Yes, they camp out where it is hot and dry and lecture us. I see no pleas to get help for people who can’t afford to heat their homes due to this very cold winter, for example.

    But if a tropical place has a disaster, the yells that we must save them is quite loud. Deafening. Especially if it is far off.

    In Britain, people suffering from the many floods are very pissed off about this disinterest about saving them.

  7. Vengeur

    “notgonnatellya” did not show up today. I was so interested in how he would refute Elaine’s brilliant post today. At LEAST he could show up with the usual “warmist’s tired old ad hominem attacks. He’s probably more comfortable doing a global warming circle jerk at Daily Kos or somewhere like that.

  8. emsnews

    Frankly, the new Greenland geological data shocked me! But it does confirm to me that the ONLY place to view the possibility of an Ice Age is to examine what is happening in upstate NY which was repeatedly under a mile of ice each Ice Age.

  9. melponeme_k

    I will enshrine the person who runs Science Nordic as a god!

    In this article they tell it like it is, no ice in Alaska, Siberia and Western Russia and this significantly changed the DNA of reindeer herds.

    I wonder how long they will be able to tell the truth before they get hounded to Hades?

  10. CK

    Tacking the word science behind some other word, does not create a new realm of science. Social is not a part of science, climate change is not a part of science, psycho is not a part of science. The inability to create, run, measure and evaluate hypothesis prevents “sciences” from being sciences. Where there is no possible testable null hypothesis, there is fiction, there is politicization; but there is no science. Where fiction and “science” collude there can be much profit, and much sizzle but there are no data, no tests and no science, thus no provisional truths, no paths to future knowledge instead there is only theological fantasy not any accretion to knowledge. Science will get you through times of low faith much more successfully than faith will get you through times of pseudo-science.

  11. Jim R

    It is worth noting that the lack of ice does not mean a warm climate.

    It means a cold desert. In fact, ice ages tend to be dry ages as well. All the water vapor is removed from the air. (which is also a greenhouse gas and that makes it even colder) Places that otherwise had nice forests become deserts.

    The addditional precip in the eastern provinces may be due to the Gulf Stream. It’s because weather runs on temperature differences, not just temperature.


    ELAINE: Correct, glaciation removes moisture from the climate. Ice reflects the sun back to the stratosphere and we get a cold cycle feed back system. Both warm and cold feedback systems get kicked into different modes via solar output changes. That is, the sun makes it colder or hotter and this then begins a feedback system increasing the cold or warm resets.

  12. JT


    For the last 3 winters is snowed like crazy here.
    50 year record snows….

    This winter I’ve only had to plow my yard 3 times.
    It’s like living in California over here. :).


    PS. they say that this snowstrom might reach us in a few days.
    so I may have to take that back.

    pls keep the vortexis, icestorms and other nasty stuff over there for a change

  13. Jim R

    By the way, this does NOT mean that Beringia or Greenland were WARM duriing these glaciation intervals. They were COLD. It also does not mean that there wasn’t any ice at the North Pole.

    It just means they didn’t get all the snowfall. The evidence that it was cold is right there in the little animated map Melponeme showed us yesterday. Sea level was lower, so Alaska and Siberia were part of the same dry land mass. Now that little section is under water. In fact, the water there almost certainly affects the climate, too. I’m just not sure in what way.

    If we have more-or-less normal sun cycles (in keeping with the last 1000 years), then the added CO2 will cause the polar melting and retreating glaciers to continue. I don’t know of any serious climatologist who said you would ROAST. What it will do, and what it has done already, is to change the wind and rainfall patterns.

    The best way to prep for it is to do what Elaine has done, have some land away from the densest population centers, and live on that land. And be part of a smallish community. Though I doubt that there will be much real community in those small places until the center folds. It will be interesting times, fer shure.


    ELAINE: I am not yet senile and I remember vividly daily screams we are going to roast to death. Not freeze. I won’t bother to prove this, it is painfully obvious. Only people wanting to rewrite history a la 1984 want all that into the memory hole so they can claim falsely, they never predicted this.

  14. Luc

    Jim, ‘The best way to prep for it is to do what Elaine has done, have some land away from the densest population centers, and live on that land.’

    Are you aware of Agenda 21?
    And that the same folks behind A21 [the UN] control USA refugee policy?
    And White [read : nice] ares are intentionally being ruined ?

    Here in my area of California I see lotsa Russian ‘refugees’ [Jews] living well off the taxpayers dime. With their low income housing [sometimes all 300 units in a Gov building are all joos] their ‘disabled’ stickers on their Mercedes and their free $. A friend who works for the city fills me in on what he knows.

  15. LiberalANDProud

    With all due respect, Elaine. The “debate”, first inaccuracy, is not over “global warming”, second inaccuracy. The issue is global climate change, and the shifts in extreme weather, with cooling temperatures in supposed temperate zones (like the Southern United States) and rising temperatures at the poles (as evidenced by shrinking polar caps) prove the theory, not disprove it.


    ELAINE: See how even you, a firm believer in this religion, no longer dare call it ‘global warming’ after decades of using the older term! You should reexamine your beliefs.

  16. Vengeur

    OK Lib and Proud, I guess we were all just dreaming when we were bludgeoned with the constant “GLOBAL WARMING” apocalypse scenarios from you folks these last years. What you warmists REALLY meant all along was CLIMATE CHANGE . Please get your dammed story straight already! And also please note that people are on to your MONUMENTAL bait and switch. It is funny though, to see you run , tail between legs, from the warming meme like dogs shot in the ass.

  17. Ziff house

    It is funny, liberal ‘ , i don’t ever recall hearing that the temperate zones would get colder.

  18. notgonnatellya

    Oh, I’m here. Amused. “Listening” to another of Elaine’s emotional rants, watching her cherry-pick data that supports her irrational arguments.

    There’s no way of learning anything about that one piece of 2 year old information she linked to…I can’t find any other comment on it anywhere…nor track down any info about the source. I will say that’s a pretty damned sensationalistic headline, and there’s lots of other information regarding Greenland that shares a much different viewpoint.

    My advice, read broadly. And watch how science self-corrects as understanding grows.

    Funny thing, the article about Greenland pretty much proves that there’s no conspiracy, no effort by science to stifle the discussion. Scientists take information that doesn’t fit their models and test it, even incorporating it into their understanding when it’s valid.

    Find a blog, or aggregator, that includes articles on any subject. Read them all. Try to understand. Don’t issue challenges here if you want to be educated, you won’t get appropriate answers or gain any understanding. Go there, assimilate the information, then pose and ask your questions there.

    If you dare.

    p.s. the common sense reason why Siberia didn’t glaciate as heavily as North America: it’s essentially a desert (same with Alaska).

    And Elaine, it seems to me you have little sympathy for the millions that will die from drought and heat, the resultant crop damage and famine, and the refugee problems of attempting to migrate from ravaged areas into already overcrowded ones. That’s a bit shortsighted of you, don’t you think?

  19. Luc

    She is too busy shoveling snow and hearing of neighbors struggling and dying NOW to worry about what might happen.
    Christie is south. Obama is in California. Only Palin might be near Nome.


  20. notgonnatellya

    yeh…Breitbart…real reliable science site, that…

  21. emsnews

    Siberia teemed with animals that were gigantic called Mastodons. These creatures ate FLOWERS.

    Siberia wasn’t a dry desert. It had cold climate FLOWERS and Arctic willow trees and other things. How can a desert support herds of gigantic creatures? Giant rhinos with fur roamed, too, eating stuff that grew in Siberia when NOTHING lived on the Canadian/Northern US/ European glaciers.

    This fundamental refusal to understand how the Ice Ages worked is inexcusable. This is how wearing global warming blinkers is so destructive.

  22. notgonnatellya

    Where do you get your information that mastodons ate flowers? I believe you are highly mistaken.

  23. notgonnatellya

    btw…it was mammoths on the steppes, mastodons lived in North America

  24. emsnews

    What do you think they ate???

    HAHAHA. Proof: a mammoth was discovered in Russia’s Siberia and it had flower matter in its stomach and mouth. It died soon after eating.

  25. notgonnatellya

    The term “desert” refers to the amount of annual precipitation. The Alaskan Interior receives relatively little, yet is a pretty wet place when the accumulated ice on the surface melts annually.

    You’re plainly the one who doesn’t understand the simplest things that disagree with the inflexible worldview you’ve adopted.

  26. notgonnatellya

    Cite a source, Elaine. What does the literature say about mammoth and mastodon diet? Are all the experts wrong again, oh wise one?

  27. JT


    “Woolly mammoths sustained themselves on plant food, mainly grass and sedges, which were supplemented with herbaceous plants, flowering plants, shrubs, mosses, and tree matter.”

    Perhaps a trip to Lappland in wintertime would help you understand that it is a valid point by Elaine.

    The only large animals that live there are predators, moose or reindeer.

    Reindeer can dig under the snow and eat the moss that grows all over Lappland. Pretty much no other animal can survive just on that stuff.

    Moose eat twigs, bark and spruce buds during wintertime.
    No animal the size of a mammoth can live on a diet like that.
    It is not very nutritious.

    This up north deer have to fed by humans during wintertime.
    Otherwise they die off during harsh winters.

    I bet the woolly mammoths had to migrate somewhere warmer during winters. Or then it was not as cold in Siberia as we think.
    Or both.

  28. Luc

    Moose are disappearing in Minnesota.
    Moose Die-Off Alarms Scientists –…/something-is-killing-off-the-…‎
    The New York Times
    Oct 14, 2013 – CHOTEAU, Mont. — Across North America — in places as far-flung as Montana and British Columbia, New Hampshire and Minnesota … Environment | Minnesota Moose Dying Out Rapidly…‎
    Linda Moulton Howe
    Nov 22, 2013 – Ten days later on November 14, 2013, there was a New York Times article by Jim Robbins headlined, “Moose Die-Off Alarms Scientists.” Jim is …
    Moose management and research: Minnesota DNR › … › Wildlife‎
    Minnesota Department of…
    In many instances, researchers know what killed a particular moose. From locations transmitted by high-tech GPS collars, researchers have watched an animal’s …
    Why are moose dying out in the U.S? Sudden decline baffles ……/Why-moose-dying-U-S-Sudden-decli…‎
    Daily Mail
    Oct 16, 2013 – But while scientists have noticed the steep drop in numbers in Minnesota, New Hampshire, Montana and British Columbia, the

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