Another Blizzard Today, Global Warmists And Bilderberg Gang Have Obama Talk About California

Skeptical Science one of the dumber science sites on the web


For the last several years I have warned the liberal community about their wild goose chase after CO2.  Turning this into an End of Times issue has decapitated all other issues. The decision to back nuclear power continues to be their solution to this problem even in the teeth of Fukushima and I would suggest the lack of anger and fear of the ongoing horror show in Japan is tied to the global warming insanity.  Then the climate changed to Ice Age conditions and instead of saving us, these global warmists want us to freeze to death.  So coverage of this terrible climate change has been flaccid or full of lies in order to keep the faith of these people.


A huge number of very rich people have invested in CO2 derivative swap deals.  The CO2 ‘pollution’ market in Europe has fallen flat on its face and there is rising rage about the schemes.  I was alerted to this pathetic website, ‘Skeptical Science’ which is based in Australia which is an oddball continent that isn’t having  glacial cold right now (it is summer, after all!).  I was shocked when I saw the front page.


The clever thermometer artwork is interesting.  It shows blatant insanity which plagues this religion.  #1 ‘myth’ is ‘climate’s changed before’.  This is no myth.  This is reality.  Not only has it changed before, like a ticking clock or time bomb, it cycles in and out of severe cold Ice Ages with sudden, brief interglacials like the one we are in now.


#2 is ‘it’s the sun’.  I would define as ‘insane’ anyone who imagines the sun isn’t the principle driver of our entire existence.  It is the deciding factor.  Nothing beats the sun when it comes to influences on our climate and we already know the sun isn’t a steady state system, it has various cycles such as the sun spot cycles .


#5 is hilarious.  ‘It’s cooling’ is easy to debate with the Global Warming Faithful.  They may come to my mountain and wear a swim suit and argue with me for several hours.  Actually, ten minutes would do the trick.


#6 is truly sad.  The computer models used by global warmists assumes the sun has total stability and has zero ‘climate change’ influence.  When 90% of the changes we see comes from the sun.  When it was very active a decade ago, it was very hot, we had many hurricanes and little snow and lots of lightning, etc.  Now we have blizzards.  Lots of blizzards.  No hurricanes but massive cold storms.  Little lightning, few tornadoes, lots of ice.


These believers are getting scared.  So yesterday they had a group love fest where they snarled at the rest of us and tried to figure out how to tell us we are roasting to death.  Here is one very revealing comment by one of these delusional people:  Discussing global warming: why does this have to be so hard?


ubrew12 at 06:44 AM on 13 February, 2014
In the ‘2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #6’ there was an article ‘How to convince your friends to believe in climate change’ that seemed fairly helpful.


Shortly, avoid trotting out Scientific facts or Scientific consensus. Come from your heart, state that the issue is important to you.


Then offer 4 reasons why you ‘came around’:

1)taking action is like taking insurance,

2)taking action will involve nuclear power,

3)since illness hits people where they live, talk about how tropical illnesses are expected to spread if we do nothing,

4)mention that the US Department of Defense considers AGW to be a top threat. If I get the psychology right, you aren’t talking to people who care about Nature, and have probably already pegged you for a ‘Tree Hugger’. These people are prudent and buy insurance policies to cover most things, they like nuclear power because they know it irritates the ‘greenies’, like most people they feel illness in their bones, and they are apt to salute whenever you mention the Military. Good Luck!


They finally are giving up on using ‘science’ because real science is slowly gaining ground.  My father’s contention that our local star, the sun, isn’t completely stable is slowly eking its way through the scientific community via alarmed solar scientists who are quite angry about making the sun this make-believe thing that never shifts in output.


Then there is the talking point about nuclear power.  Many of us are shocked and horrified how the mainstream, Bilderberg-owned media has basically ignored Fukushima and how it is focused on the very few places with warm weather while trying hard to ignore super cold weather and how it begs us to save people in the tropics while showing absolutely no interest in saving people freezing to death.


Normally, liberals would be screaming the most about Fukushima.  Instead, only a part of us are doing this.  Fukushima is a terrifying event which isn’t under control at all. Yes, they built tents over the reactors to hide it all but the storage tank scheme is literally falling apart and the pollution levels in the ground are shooting upwards.


Japan MD – Parents Should Evacuate ALL Children From Tokyo is one headline not seen by Americans thanks to overall censorship of all things Fukushima in our news.  The CO2 traders who own our media and Congress don’t want negative nuclear news.


This news is really scary:  ‘Hot’ Materials… 7 Billlion Bq/kg Cesium 15 km From Fukushima and yet, nothing in the US.  The stream of nuclear pollution is flowing onto Alaskan beaches and is reaching California and not a peep from our media about all this.  Canadians worried about nuclear pollution have to beg Harper to monitor it and he sneers at them.  Liberals in California put their heads in the sand while other liberals wring their hands in despair due to lack of muscle to force monitoring.  Global warming beliefs are endangering everyone.


Obama has said not one word about the massively cold, bitter, nasty winter.  Instead, being an obedient servant of the elites, Obama is going to Announce Aid for Drought-Racked California –  The NYT has been pushing hard on the global warming issue.  One of the founding families of the Bilderberg gang is the owners of that rag.


Every time they have to publish ongoing news about severe cold, they have featured articles, dozens of them this winter, about how hot the coastal edge of the West Coast is and of course, Australia being hot, too.    New York and London storms are now COMBINING: Meteorologists say the rain and blizzards are ‘holding hands’ across the Atlantic is not a NYT news story today, for example.  And here is today’s blizzard weather forecast:

another February blizzard 2014

Nor’easter blizzard runs up the East Coast yet again, starting in Alabama and Mississippi.  It is going to once again dump tons of snow on everyone.  Note the cold front extending all the way to Mexico.  Storm forces record number of canceled flights this winter is another news story not in the NYT.


Snow hits Kanto again; over 100 flights grounded  yet again in Japan.  It isn’t just the US suffering, a number of northern latitude states are seeing blizzards.  100 cars involved in Pennsylvania Turnpike pile-up that stretches for nine miles is another NYT missing story.  I am supposing the NYT owners are, like the British royals, sitting down in Aruba.


And we will see more snow as volcanic ash enters the higher stratosphere:  Kelud Volcano Erupts In Indonesia, Shuts 3 Airports.  This will cool off things even more.  Volcanoes are notorious for creating lots of snow and cooling down summers.  When this coincides with low sun spot activity this leads to Ice Age conditions.


One of our readers told us about Sallie Baliunas.  So I looked up some of her papers and found this:  Modeling climatic effects of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions: unknowns and uncertainties


Willie Soon1, 2,*, Sallie Baliunas1, 2, Sherwood B. Idso3, Kirill Ya. Kondratyev4, Eric S. Posmentier5


1Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138, USA 2Mount Wilson Observatory, Mount Wilson, California 91023, USA 3US Water Conservation Laboratory, Phoenix, Arizona 85040, USA 4Research Centre for Ecological Safety, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg 197110, Russia 5Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York 11201, USA


Our current lack of understanding of the Earth’s climate system does not allow us to determine reliably the magnitude of climate change that will be caused by anthropogenic CO2 emissions, let alone whether this change will be for better or for worse.


We raise a point concerning value judgment here because a value assignment is prerequisite to evaluating the need for human mitigation of adverse consequences of climate change. If natural and largely uncontrollable factors that yield rapid climate change are common, are humans capable of actively modifying climate for the better?


Such a question has been posed and cautiously answered in the negative, e.g., by Kellogg & Schneider (1974). Given current concerns about rapid climate change, several geoengineering proposals are being revived and debated in the literature (e.g., Schneider 1996, Betts 2000, Govindasamy & Caldeira 2000).


We argue that even if climate is hypersensitive to small perturbations in radiative forcing, the task of under- standing climate processes must still be accomplished before any effective action can be taken.


That is, the sun determines rapid climate change with volcanoes a secondary force.  It is no surprise our Ice Ages coincided with Yellowstone eruptions.  Below are some screen shots of our planet yesterday showing the wind strength and patterns.  Note here how Australia has low wind velocity as does Antarctica.  The ocean around Antarctica is more active with storms that aren’t hitting any of the landmasses at all.

Valentines day Antarctic lower winds



Then there is the northern half of the planet.  None of the land masses are seeing very high winds but the Atlantic Ocean is one giant caldron of severe winds.  The Arctic is virtually windless.  This screen shot is after the last blizzard which had this map showing high winds over the landmass.  England is surrounded by high winds as yet another huge storm slams into that island complex.

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 2.00.15 PMValentine's day Atlantic Ocean very windy

First ice storms, now an EARTHQUAKE: America’s southeast struck by Valentine’s Day tremblor felt across three states | Mail Online which is a Brit paper and which has more weather/geological news than the entire US media these days.  Yes, there has been a historic increase in 5.0 and under quakes on the entire Eastern half of the nation and I fear this may be due to the impending New Madrid quakes in the Mississippi Valley.


While combing through the comments section at the Daily  Mail, I learned about this news story that istn’t being covered by our news:  Government turned down offers of help from the Dutch for the flooded Levels | Western Daily Press.  The Dutch offered pumps, sand bag filling machines and other material goods as England faces even more floods and the government said no.


Somerset Levels receive giant Dutch pumps to funnel flood water to sea: finally, the government relented and let some outside experts help.  Which is a contrast with Fukushima.  According to this article, LOCAL authorities demanded the right to get these pumps.  So only Somerset has them.


The Guardian is a liberal paper that firmly believes we are roasting to death.  So they have several headlines about ‘climate skeptics’ today because of the dishonest discussion we have had for several years.  I am not saying ‘there is no climate change’ nor are other ‘skeptics’, we are worried about another Ice Age.  We fear change is around the corner.

Guardian News Britain frets about climate change


Extreme cold was NEVER a feature of ‘climate change’.  They are struggling mightily to explain away this severe cold winter.  All climate change is not ‘global warming’.  Colder weather can be a feature of change which is the opposite of what all these climatologists have predicted.  NONE of them predicted super cold weather.  None.  Ever.


Now they are pretending that CO2 is making us much, much colder.  This is insane.  This reversal of the warming we saw back when the sun was more active is alarming.  But understanding the cause is important.  If we think the wrong thing is causing this, it has a huge impact.  The energy taxes, for example, are harming the lower classes greatly.  This is an extremely regressive tax.  We know the very rich don’t worry about energy use, they create more CO2 than the lower class!  And have changed nothing even as they raise the alarm.


They love how this distracts liberals who cease fighting off Wall Street and London banking corruption or the destruction of unions or the deepening gulf between rich and poor.  Instead, liberals are telling us we will roast to death.  I recall the global warmists telling Britain they would never seen snow again and it would be a dry desert, not soaking wet!


The readers of the Guardian are making fun of a recent global warming debate where the warmists had a clownish right winger with no scientific credits talk nonsense.  This confirms the bias of the liberal global warmists who mock anyone who contradicts their beliefs.  Of course, the idea of inviting a solar expert to talk about the sun and how this is the driver of our climate and how this is making things colder now, that is verboten.


Instead, the warmists pretend there are no scientists debating this issue which is a lie.  And they certainly don’t invite me.  I say, the climate is changing and in ways we will certainly not enjoy.  But what is causing this is the real issue!  The one issue the warmists don’t want to discuss at all.


Instead, they simply have made everything ‘global warming’.  Now that it is wet, they are claiming this is what they predicted except it isn’t.  The predictions of these climatologists have been woefully wrong, over and over again.  To the point of parody.

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30 responses to “Another Blizzard Today, Global Warmists And Bilderberg Gang Have Obama Talk About California

  1. Got an email from my sister in Bath England saying the floods there proved “climate change” and us humans are responsible!!
    I have known her opinion of this for some time and didn’t want to argue but I finally broke down and replied with a few points.
    If it’s our CO2 that’s causing “global warming”why have global temps been flat for 17 years while CO2 rose? and a few others.
    Now my sister will call me a global warmer denier or what ever the term is now.

  2. notgonnatellya

    What makes you think global temps have been flat for 17 years? Research that statement, it’s false. Much hyped, but doesn’t match the science or the facts.

  3. emsnews

    Yeah, it has been DROPPING up here! And a lot of other places.

  4. Jim R

    Global warming is global. The chart above does not show any 17 year flat stretch. It remains to be seen how this winter’s weather affects the graph. Like I keep saying, you have to average in the whole year and the whole planet, and there are some places where the weather is hotter than average.

    In other words, the “17 year pause” is a flat LIE. And it took me all of thirty seconds to find that wikipedia article.

  5. Ziff house

    The ‘warmist’ assertion of neutral solar output refers to the last decades, there may well be some change in a 100 years, but thats not the point.

  6. emsnews

    Only the sun has grown ‘quiet’ NOW. It still has minor sun spot activity but no where near the levels of ten years ago.

  7. Luc

    ‘It still has minor sun spot activity but no where near the levels of ten years ago’…So why is it still warm? Or why isnt the climate much colder?

  8. emsnews

    There is a time lag delay caused by the fact we have this thing called ‘atmosphere’ which is all sorts of gases and water, etc. Which takes a while to both either heat up or cool off.

    Volcanoes can eliminate summers nearly totally via shielding the planet from sunlight due to high stratospheric volcanic dust and gases which are a lot more harmful than CO2 which is stuff plants like to eat when combining it with sunlight.

    Oh, those periods in history have huge death tolls, by the way. Volcanoes can be very, very nasty.

  9. Jim R

    Volcanoes, the Sun. Things we can’t do anything about. And in a half billion years we might get sucked into a black hole. Long after the Sun burns out.

    In theory we can DO something about our carbon output, however.

    Of course as we have discussed, the drought in the southwest and California are a result of COOL patches in the Pacific. But the shift of the jet streams toward the poles is characteristic of greenhouse warming.

    And if anyone really cared about it, they’d stop the senseless wars and tax China. And not defraud the middle class. But they won’t and nothing will be done.

  10. Luc

    Jim, you are a regular reader here, yes? EMS has talked about taxes.
    Carbon taxes [read : ‘scam’].
    ‘tax China’??? for their polluting????

    We in the USA are being taxed, quite a bit.

  11. emsnews

    Ah, the mysterious COOL PATCHES. Wait! The ocean and air isn’t warming over the Pacific?

    And note how the fix for all this is to tax poor people struggling to heat their homes.

  12. Jim R

    Yup, gonna fix it with carbon tax. Except if it’s an electric generating station burning a trainload of coal every day. In that case it gets a waiver.

  13. Jim R

    Just like they’re gonna fix financial crimes by attacking bitcoin geeks (for example). Why, some of them have a million dollars!!1!

    And let off Wall St. with some harsh words, while they steal trillions from EVERYONE.

  14. emsnews

    Running sane systems is boring. The rich wanted, LIKE THE BITCOIN CREW, to make money out of thin air and then spend it for real things.

    The fix: we had this thing called ‘the gold standard’ which restricted trade and lending. To have wild spending and super rich, this was ditched by Nixon, a Republican right winger warmonger.


    So money has no solid, limited base anymore and people play with funny money and bitcoins are as funny money as it gets.

  15. Luc

    ‘a Republican right winger warmonger’….He ended the Vietnam war, yes?
    Clinton, Bush 1 and 2, and Obama all dropped bombs. And like Kissinger Obama got a Nobel prize!


    ELAINE: Our economy began to collapse so we surrendered to the Vietcong.

  16. Jim R

    That was just an example (the bitcoin flash-in-the-pan is pretty much done). The whole point was that the financial police are prosecuting petty fraudsters, while the big fish all get away. Just as the carbon weenies are rushing to tax you and me, while the real cabon polluters are ignored.

    And if you’re able to understand arithmetic, the big fish are SIX ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE bigger.

    As Tony Soprano once said, “Never steal anything small.”

  17. Jim R

    @Luc, yeah, Nixon the surrender monkey. Damn wimpy Republicans!

  18. emsnews

    We have known since the German mark collapse that paper money means ultimately nothing.

    So there is the obvious lesson. The bitcoin scam was for some rich Jewish boys taking the libertarians for a ride and then dumping them in the river.

  19. Jim R

    Meanwhile the too-big-to-jail continue to recieve public largesse. And launder crime money. And buy corrupt legislation. Any other financial game is microscopic by comparison.

  20. Luc

    Speaking of the Royal family…..looks like they are ISO good publicity:

    via Drudge


    ELAINE: I know. They went to the balmy Caribbean but were called by due to the royals being rather alarmed at how this looked in the media. Then the heir apparent went to the news to talk about ELEPHANTS and he wants to burn all the ivory historical items in the family castles and vaults to make a political point.

  21. Luc

    ‘Our economy began to collapse so we surrendered to the Vietcong’…
    The 1970 – 1974 USA economy, for all its faults was MANY times stronger than the debt based / petro dollar / endless war “economy”of USA 2014!

    Also EMS, who were the ‘jewish boys’ behind Bitcoin?

  22. emsnews

    Winklevoss twins. They did this as a joke. It took off to their great delight and they got very rich.

  23. Luc

    Gosh..they are tribe? Didya know LAs mayor, Gil Garcetti is tribe?

    When you had Oxen, how many acres did you farm? And what didya grow?

  24. melponeme_k

    Winklevoss? Interesting. That puts their involvement in Facebook and subsequent fight with Zuckerberg in different light.

  25. Jim R

    Oh, OK. Because the Winklevosses jumped on the bandwagon, they were “behind” bitcoin? You have strange sensibilities Elaine. I’m surprised you don’t claim that the “Japanese” are behind it because of the pseudonym used by the author of the seminal paper. I have also heard some folks theorize that the NSA or CIA were behind it. The Winklevosses were already rich before bitcoin and before facebook. They were from a rich family. I suppose if they had invested in oil fields it would be “Jewish” oil?

    If you’d take, oh, five minutes to actually study it, you would realize that bitcoin is the creation of a bunch of cryptography and computer geeks, and it is one that has sort-of taken off. Also, that there are about fifty other alt-currencies which have not (yet) taken off. Most of them will not go anywhere, but it’s interesting to watch the darwinian competition among them.

    Of course Mtgox was one of the early boosters of it, but has since fallen back, partly because the watchdogs, the ones who should be prosecuting Jon Corzine right now, have jumped in to defend the Wall Street crooks from this disruptive upstart technology. It seems Mtgox didn’t cross a ‘t’ on a form they filled out, and therefore all enforcement resources have been taken off of the HSBC drug money laundering case to put Mtgox out of business. A business about one-billionth the size of any of the Wall St names you may know.

    Nevertheless, there are other places on the internet where bitcoin may reside. It is not vulnerable to a single point of failure. And there will be a fix for this recently discovered flaw, unlike your local Target credit-card reader which will still be vulnerable to every computer virus in the book.

  26. emsnews


    I could make up some sort of ‘currency’ too. Sea shells! The rare shells have a higher value than the common ones.


    This was done thousands of years ago. Quite effectively. Bitcoins are more like modern fake money in that it is all data 1 and 0. Nothing more.

    At least sea shells are pretty and can be carried around as ‘jewelry’.

  27. Luc

    And seashells ground can be fertilizer.

    I did what I could to research the ‘2 tall twins’. They were or are practicing Christians, according to Wiki. That being said 3 of the 4 at Facebk are tribe.

    and…Oh, OK. Because the Winklevosses jumped on the bandwagon, they were “behind” bitcoin? You have strange sensibilities Elaine
    [Id say!!!, I wish I had their money].

  28. emsnews

    Well, they knew who to scam right off the bat.

  29. Jim R

    Hey, it’s doing pretty well, considering it was founded and backed by those radioactive Japanese Jews. Like anything else, it’s worth what someone will swap you for it. Similar to the dollar that way..

    Good luck with that credit card reader at Target.

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