Brazil And Indonesia Rainforest Destruction Shoots Upwards, La Nina Cold Continues

La Nina cold Pacific Ocean

Something is happening in the Pacific Ocean: the cold water La Nina portion is actually colder, not warmer.  Climatologists are predicting an el Nino event but I think history says otherwise.  There are many mega trends going on that are an interaction of human behavior, the sun’s shifting output of energy, volcanic activity or inactivity, earthquakes in the ocean’s floor such as the three 9.0+ quakes off of Japan, Chile and Indonesia and salinity of the oceans going through various cycles where salt content increases or falls.  All of this creates difficult to interpret weather conditions which cause local shifts that seem quite large close up but when viewed through the lens of history, are actually rather common.


Droughts in California, for example, are the norm.  This state faces the Pacific Ocean in in such a way, it is victim of constant decadal  oscillations whereas Brazil’s climate is protected from the la Nina/el Nino oscillations by the Andes.  So California sees an amplification of the el Nino/la Nina forces whereas Brazil has virtually no effects.  Here is a trend graph showing how la Nina is a very strong decadal force and how the present cold phase is doomed to continue for another 8 years, minimum:

Could California’s Drought Last 200 Years?

Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 9.07.25 AM

There is no evading this.  The years of major global warming fears was during the warm phase.  Now, it is a cool phase with a chorus of climatologists telling us their computer models show global warming when the Pacific is showing oceanic cooling.  The global warming belief system has been conned into this game of CO2 swap derivative contracts now being heavily, VERY heavily used by the very rich to evade taxes and produce nothing, they are trading the right to pollute!


And CO2 levels rose during all this which the super rich blamed the Chinese only that isn’t what is going on.  Since the CO2 derivative market does zero to fix CO2 pollution and builds no alternative energy systems for individual home owners but rather imposes taxes on them all, it does nothing about why CO2 is rising in the first place which is DEFORESTATION of the tropical equatorial regions.


Here is a study I can’t access but can explain anyways:  Weak Northern and Strong Tropical Land Carbon Uptake from Vertical Profiles of Atmospheric CO 2 Britton B. Stephens, et al. Science 316, 1732 (2007): Ahem: the  northern forests have this thing called ‘winter’ which is very much still very real, no, it isn’t summer all winter.  It is super cold winter all winter again as the decadal cooling cycle gets a firm grip on the climate.


So the trees don’t grow and the CO2 isn’t eaten and turned into wood.  Meanwhile, population explosions in the equatorial regions is causing massive, very destructive deforestation.  And the planting of handfuls of tiny saplings in these fraud CO2 exchange programs is beyond useless, it is cynical.  The clowns who got stuck in the Antarctic and used tons of CO2 to haul out again claimed they were still saints in the Church of the War on Warm due to planting some saplings somewhere else on earth.


Here is something from a pro-fossil fuel group which is true even if they are biased:  The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative


Trees are roughly 50% carbon (dry weight). Increases in standing timber are directly correlated with increases in bound carbon.


  • Following a harvest, an estimated 32.5% of forest carbon is released to the atmosphere within five years.
  • Another 32.5% is stored in long-lived forest products, with an average annual loss of 2% to decay or disposal and an estimated 35% of forest carbon remains stored on-site, either in unharvested material, forest soil, or coarse woody debris…
  • To grow a pound of wood, a tree uses 1.47 pounds of carbon dioxide and gives off 1.07 pounds of oxygen.
  • An acre of trees might grow 4,000 pounds of wood in a year, using 5,880 pounds of carbon dioxide and giving off 4,280 pounds of oxygen in the process…
  • Deforestation accounts for approximately 25 percent of annual CO2 emissions worldwide.
  • This is roughly equivalent to the amount of CO2 produced by the entire transportation sector (cars, trucks, airplanes) worldwide.


This decline in carbon absorption (by rain forests) is due primarily to unsustainable forest practices and land use changes.


And all that is certainly true.  CO2 levels in northern regions increase at night and decrease during the days because trees only eat the CO2 when they get access to sunlight.  When, for example, we have volcanic eruptions, the level of sunlight drops and trees eat less CO2.  When it is very cold and cloudy and lots of snow, trees hibernate just like squirrels or bears. This is an ice age adaptation.


So the planet’s oxygen supply depends a lot on tropical forests which don’t have a season of short or nearly no sun nor any winters.  And where are the forests vanishing?  Deforestation up by one-third in past year in Brazil due to changes in laws protecting the rain forest there.  Indonesia’s rate of deforestation has doubled under the moratorium which is what happens when both Brazil and Indonesia have out of control populations that grow super fast, sun or moon.


The laws both passed to protect the forests were demanded by Western powers but no one enforces these laws and in Brazil, the growing population demanding farmland pushed the government into cutting down the Amazon.  So there really isn’t any program to protect it at all, for the most part.


Back in the 1800’s, where I live was virtually no forests because the immigrants from Europe starting in 1600, cut it all down.  Only on the highest mountains, did trees escape the relentless hunt for wood.  Today, it is heavily forested thanks to fossil fuels.


But in Indonesia and Brazil, they need Biofuel>


1. Biofuel is a lie because the production of biofuels causes vast amounts of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere – from the burning and clearing of land for biofuel crops, and from the fuel burned by the agricultural equiment in planting and cultivating the biofuel. (This is in addition to the carbon dioxide that is released when the biofuel is burned in number 5 below).


4. Biofuel is a lie because virgin tropical rainforest is burned to make more land available to grow biofuel plants such as sugar cane and oil palm. The burning of the rain forest destroys a complex and valuable ecosystem, displaces and destroys native human cultures, and releases -the already mentioned- enormous volumes of carbon dioxide and ash into the atmosphere.


5. Biofuel is a lie because it produces carbon dioxide when it burns, in exactly the same way that the other carbon-based fuels produce carbon dioxide when they burn. However, it is also true that the biofuel plants remove an equal amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere – so in the long term, this last point is not a valid objection.


The main problem is, biofuels are being grown where there is either cheap labor or lots of fertilizer.  Fertilizer‘s main ingredient is extracted from the atmosphere, nitrogen.  Plants extract nitrogen from the atmosphere and fix it back into the soil via their roots.  Plants do this passively but humans extract and use nitrogen using…you guess right…ENERGY.


The US and China are the biggest users of fertilizer created this way.  This causes soil acidification which travels down stream to the oceans…and this is what we call a vicious cycle.  I am not a ‘denialist’ who believes humans have no effect on the environment, that is just insane.


But I also think humans don’t control the sun, hardly!  And that this has a huge effect just as earthquakes and volcanoes.  I am aware there are people who think humans DO control these forces but again, that is also silly.  Nature has its powers which are awesome and stupendous and we better respect this fact.  When we were hunters only, we drove species into annihilation when the climate shifted from Ice Age to Interglacial.


We also changed things very much with the invention of agriculture because humans couldn’t exist anymore as meat eating hunter/gatherers, the growing of food, a tedious process, did bring stability to the family and created vast wealth via capturing the rain and sunlight to turn these into crops that can be stored easily and consumed during droughts or cold spells.


For the interglacial we are still in has lots of both.  Ever since the birth of agriculture.  Which makes these happen more often.  And fixing this is impossible if we want to live on this planet and multiply to infinity.  There is an upper limit to human habitation.  Which the far right wing refuses to understand.  Instead, like the Jews in Israel, they want ethnic cleansing and warfare so they can deny food, water and land to other tribal groups.


All over Africa, tribal warfare rages as the population booms.  Ditto, the Middle East.  California has had a century long population boom and the climate is going bust there because there is no way that place can support 50 million people, for example.  And the Northeast is emptying out due to the cold winters being so miserable.

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31 responses to “Brazil And Indonesia Rainforest Destruction Shoots Upwards, La Nina Cold Continues

  1. e sutton

    We’ve become ultra dependent upon California which supplies 70 -90% of our fruit and vegetables, thanks to big agri. One hundred years ago, throughout the 48 states, small local farms dotted the country and much of what we ate was locally grown and contributed financially to local economies. Over the past 50 – 60 years that once productive farmland was converted, first to large swaths of tract houses, strip malls, interstates, and freeways, and more recently to huge mega malls, vinyl and brick veneer McMansions, sitting on 1/8 acre lots on cul-de-sacs, and acres upon acres of parking lots and corporate centers.

    Kunstler would argue that this amounts to a huge misallocation of our resources, both natural and financial. It has contributed to a break down of our societal units, the first and foremost being the family unit. The recent drought conditions are a fair warning that we need to readjust our approach to the land and how we use it. The average family is going to see a huge bite taken out of their monthly food budget over the next dozen or so years due to this drought. With an increasingly large percentage of Americans using food stamps, around 44 million or so, our obese nation is about to be put on a crash diet. Hungry mouths do not stay calm and quiet for long. Particularly when the population has been so thoroughly divorced from the process of growing its own food on small family farms. And with a government that unrelentingly borrows ever greater amounts of money with no eye toward fiscal prudence, a dark age seems to be upon us.

  2. melponeme_k

    Take a look at the map at Mother Jones.

    Along with horrific weather we will probably have Oregon, Vermont, Idaho or Michigan to thank for the next viral pertussis outbreak. Pertussis can kill children.


    ELAINE; The Germ Empire wishes to thank its foot soldiers for providing food for the army of germs who are set out to take over the world.

  3. m

    Elaine: I’m quite intrigued by your take on weather. One thing I haven’t seen is any mention of chemtrails and their impact.


    ELAINE: Jet vapor trails are turbulence. And it does bring down the temperature somewhat by dimming the sun light.

  4. Luc

    m…I would like EMS and the posters here to discuss UN A21.

    Meanwhile, yr tax money is at work:


    ELAINE: Previous GOP first families were often on vacation too and I never heard a peep from any right winger.

  5. Luc

    With an increasingly large percentage of Americans using food stamps, around 44 million or so…
    I read the US population increased by 9 million…in 2 years!

  6. m

    Ok, Luc; first chemtrails and then A21.

  7. Ziff house

    Yes since we are into petroleum based science, we should add chemtrails.

  8. emsnews

    China has blizzards this week.

    South Korea has buildings collapsing due to blizzards.

    People are freezing to death in their cars in Japan just outside Tokyo, buildings are collapsing, too.

  9. DeVaul



    This is what you get when you try to have a serious discussion about the environment and our impact on it. Why don’t we just storm Hanger 51 while we’re at it?

    Elaine is right about the past. I worked as a surveyor in my youth in Eastern Kentucky, and as I followed the notations written down in the surveyor’s books from 1900 to 1910, the only landmarks I could find left were ancient oaks and other trees sitting on knobs or cliffs or crags at the top of hills. In the absence of trees or other “permanent” markers, iron rods were hammered into the stone at the top of a knob to serve as a station.

    The forests were all logged out between 1900 and 1910, and the hillsides were bare. Huge ancient trees were cut down and sold to New York based companies along with the coal underneath the land, which the companies planned to dig up at a later date. The mountain men who sold the mineral rights to their land thought the boys from New York were crazy, but a generation or so later they showed up with huge machines and the old contracts and destroyed everything.

    The region has recovered somewhat, but it will always bare scars from those years of reckless exploitation, just like the Amazon will take many generations to recover after all the people finally leave the area.

  10. Ziff house

    Here come the zombies , chemtrails. The latest article at “realclimate” references solar output and aerosols in relation to cooling, bottom of article.

  11. Luc


    Fast-Moving Storm Creates Whiteout Conditions in Chicago…
    Boston Blanketed For 9th Time — In 16 Days!
    2nd Snowiest February in NYC on Record…
    3rd Snowiest Winter In Philly…
    ‘Epidemic’ Of Potholes…
    Idaho Families Walk 19 Miles After Getting Stranded…
    PAPER: ‘Is it time to join the ‘preppers’? How to survive climate-change apocalypse’…

    the one about the ‘kids lost in Idaho’ gets to me….do people ever think of the dangers of going for a ‘scenic drive’ during the worst winter in a long time?

  12. emsnews

    True story: my darling husband and I on our wedding night had the car break down at 1am in the middle of nowhere on a mountain ridge. It was 19 degrees (which, this winter, is now WARM!!) and I was in my wedding dress and he said to me, ‘Let’s walk home, it is only 5 miles away!’

    I looked for a small farm house and ran there in my garb and banged on the door and yelled, ‘Help!’ The family came and let me in and the husband helped deal with the car. It was a great honey moon but boy, I could have died.

    You never know when you will be stranded in severe cold! Indeed, the likelihood of being broken down or crashing shoots upwards, the colder it gets.

  13. Hi Elaine.
    I cannot say that you are wrong about the cold in the States. But here in northern Sweden we have had the warmest winter since I can remember. This time of year we usually have 80 cm snow and -15 to -20 celsius. This year it’s been raining since before christmas.

    Look at the little snow and the water running down the trail.

    We have not had any day with double digits yet and it’s even “meteorologically spring”. I.e. the temperature is above zero for 7 days or more. Unheard of in February !!

    Perhaps you got our winter weather, in that case please send it back :-))

  14. emsnews

    Yes, and Japan and Korea and China are buried in ice and snow.

    The weather is NEVER ‘evenly covered’ but always has this mottled appearance. So one continent can have a very cold winter and another, a warmer than usual winter. Then it can reverse.

    My point is, this is not ‘global warming’. We should have NO places with record cold winter weather and it shouldn’t be thousands and thousands and thousands of square miles suffering severe cold on several continents.

    During all the Ice Ages, significant parts of Siberia, Alaska and the entire West Coast escaped the massive glaciers that covered Europe and nearly the rest of North America. Thus, the ‘mottled’ cold. It was warmer in some parts of the same continents where it was very cold in other parts at the same latitude.

  15. Jim R

    It is, actually. Global. Warming. The inexorable accumulation of heat by the atmosphere. And it’s about the *average*, which is still rising on a decadal scale.

    With any luck, we’ll run out of fossil fuel before the air becomes unbreatheable (at ~10x the current level of CO2).

    That thing you keep whining about is called ‘winter’. And they were just a bit colder back in the ’70s, on average. If not on Mount Airy there, certainly in Siberia.

  16. Luc

    Has warming stopped over the last 15 years? Or are the deniers lying to me?

  17. Ziff house

    Undeniable is the warming arctic, but yes its turning into the theatre of the absurd. Don’t forget , the “denialists” were the f#^{g koch brothers and the oil industry who see everything as PR.

  18. emsnews

    Hey, it will FINALLY be slightly above freezing tomorrow! Amazing. So…GLOBAL WARMING! Whoopee.

    And I have noted in the past how global warmists are extremely short tempered and even rude when talking to people who are freezing to death.

  19. Ziff house

    Well since the 90’s? The kock brothers have been using their money to push the far right, and have succeeded, just not my kind of people.

  20. notgonnatellya

    “Almost all of Africa, South America and Australia and most of Asia and Europe were considerably warmer than normal. China and France had their second warmest Januaries. Land in the entire Southern Hemisphere was hottest for January on record.”

  21. emsnews

    And much of the northern hemisphere had record cold. And there is ANOTHER record cold wave coming this weekend. Bitter cold, zero degrees F for me by Monday.

    THIS ISN’T NORMAL nor is it ‘warming’ at all.

    One last thing: it is summer in the south. Winter here.

  22. Luc

    And I have noted in the past how global warmists are extremely short tempered and even rude when talking to people who are freezing to death.

    “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

    William F. Buckley, Jr. [date unknown]

    If I want to see ‘rude’ all I need to do is go to huffpo/ salon.

    EMS, you might get a kick outta:

  23. emsnews

    I read that. Really pathetic. Same week teens did two home invasions in Detroit aimed at killing white families. One home, the woman shot at them as they tried to break down her door and the other was unarmed and the entire family tortured and killed and home set on fire by a gang of black punk kids who have facebook pages celebrating owning guns and being thugs!

    Exactly like Trayvon. I was shocked when I saw his home page with the guns and gangsta hand signs.

  24. Luc

    There is another Trayvon Martin..if obama had a son he d be…
    Trayvon Martin arrested for spree shooting in Denver that left one ……/trayvon-martin-arrested-for-spree-sho…‎
    Feb 12, 2014 – Will Obama claim that this Trayvon Martin could be his son? … Martin was back — and he’s now been captured and charged with first-degree …. /2014/02/10/6881199a-928b-11e3-84e1-27626c5ef5fb_story.html But that’s not .


  25. Luc

    ‘Exactly like Trayvon. I was shocked when I saw his home page with the guns and gangsta hand signs.’ shocked…as in you are joking?

  26. Luc

    UN chief counting on Bloomberg’s help on climate

    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Friday that former mayor Michael Bloomberg helped reduce carbon emissions in New York and he is now counting on the billionaire philanthropist “to work for humanity” in his new job as United Nations Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change.
    Associated Press

    ‘help on climate’ on climate what? dis information?????

  27. emsnews

    Yes, Bloomberg will jet around the planet slightly less than before…aw, forget about it.

  28. Luc

    The ‘Dust Bowl’ was from the new technology, Tractors, yes?

    Gore speech in Kansas – “The Dust Bowl is coming back, quickly, unless we act.”

  29. emsnews

    ALL the farming methods devised to prevent dust bowls were thrown into the toilet during the last 30 years. Crop rotation, multi crops alternating in strips, contour plowing, everything was tossed out for massive uniculture crops with zero rotation.

    Even medieval farmers knew better!

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