Ukraine And Egypt: Popular Uprisings Turn Into Violent Coups

Ukraine president calls protests a ‘coup,’ refuses to resign but he is doomed because the US has been determined for quite a while to cut Ukraine off from Russia.  The Cold War is on, big time, with the US encouraging Japanese nationalists who openly deny WWII crimes, twisting arms in the EU to get them to bankroll rioters in Ukraine and at the same time, paying the Egyptian military to suppress Muslim political parties.  US support of military fascist leaders who are elected in sham elections has a long, ugly history with both Republican and Democratic Presidents playing this odious game and with Israel justifying fascism day and night.


Egypt acquits police officers charged with killing 83 protesters while at the same time holding a sham trial of the only freely elected President of Egypt in the last thousand years.  He is blamed for mass murder of demonstrators while Sisi is given a green light to kill.  The Ukraine president knows he will be treated the same way by the Western powers who only punish people who defy US power.


Here is the very Zionist New York Times reporter in Egypt wondering how the liberals there love dictators:  Egypt’s ‘Rhinoceros’ Allegory –


Café windows are covered with posters of the man who overthrew the elected Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi, and who is already seen as the next leader of Egypt. In central Cairo, you can buy chocolates featuring his picture. All day long, TV channels run excerpts from his speeches mixed in with patriotic hymns. At a recent wedding party at a luxurious hotel facing the Nile, guests started hitting the dance floor as soon as the D.J. played “Teslam al ayadi” (“Bless your hands”), an old nationalist song that many Sisi groupies have turned into an ode to the man, even setting it as the ringtone on their cellphones.


The Egyptian friend who brought me to the party described this Sisi-mania as “a real epidemic,” a virus afflicting even the once-rebellious youth who filled Tahrir Square three years ago.


So, the reporter hangs out with rich people in Cairo and sees that they all adore fascist military dictators! Amazing news! And everyone adores Sisi because anyone opposing him is either killed or jailed.


Today’s Egyptian liberals and leftists mostly remind me of Botard. After resisting the manipulations of the military for two and a half years, many of them finally succumbed to its will, despite suffering pressure and humiliation. Like Botard, they seem to have lost their sense of resistance.


I warned liberals and leftists that overthrowing an elected government when peasants were allowed to vote at last would lead to a ‘liberal’ coup that would put a total fascist in power.  The basic political orientation of the New York Times isn’t ‘liberal’ but rather, fascist.  This is clearly seen in support of racist/religious fascism by Jews in Israel.


It is strange seeing the words, ‘DESPITE suffering pressure and humiliation’ when this is exactly why these former liberals are embracing fascism: anyone who doesn’t suffers severe personal consequences very swiftly including torture and death.  So of course, so long as the peasants are kept suppressed, if the liberals shut up, they won’t be imprisoned with the peasants!


The peasants supported the Muslim Brotherhood and it was doing what the peasants wanted and Cairo is nearly a parasite capital city that requires huge amounts of foreign monetary support to exist and it controls the government via proximity to the government while a large population of poor peasants till the soil and do the dirty work.


Anti-fascist Jews in Israel (AND THE US) are punished severely, AIPAC, Netanyahu and Congress work hard to punish anyone who defies Jewish fascists.  People doing this are called names, they lose their jobs, their positions in publications is eliminated, if the paper refuses to fire, a rich Jewish buyer shows up and buys it out and then fires the troublemakers.  The wave of fascism sweeping the earth is generated by American wealth.


 EU, Russia and Ukraine: so, who divides and rules?

“Ukraine’s division is fatal for it,” writes a German journalist Andrea Seibel in Der Welt weekly, adding that Ukraine’s nationalist West is seeking freedom with the European Union, while Ukraine’s East wants to tie its fate with Russia. And of course, Russia for Andrea Seibel is a symbol of being not free. So far, the attitude of the vast majority of the European and American media is equally one-sided: West is good and East is bad.


Indeed, Ukraine is divided and this fact is visible from different reactions in various regions of Ukraine to the tragic events in Kiev. In the Western city of Lvov the so called activists attacked a military base and blew up a depot with munitions there. In the eastern cities of Kharkov and Donetsk attempts to attack the local government offices were thwarted by the local population, which fears the rule of Ukraine’s nationalist Western regions.


This is nearly identical to Egypt.  There was this ‘Orange Revolution’ and then a corrupt government and then ethnic divisions based on whether one was Slavic or other ethnicities.  Then there is the eternal peasant/city divide with the capital’s population changing an elected government violently.


Ukrainian 77.8%, Russian 17.3%, Belarusian 0.6%, Moldovan 0.5%, Crimean Tatar 0.5%, Bulgarian 0.4%, Hungarian 0.3%, Romanian 0.3%, Polish 0.3%, Jewish 0.2%, other 1.8% (2001 census)Ukrainian (official) 67%, Russian 24%, other (includes small Romanian-, Polish-, and Hungarian-speaking minorities) 9%


Only 5 countries, all but Bulgaria are tiny principalities, have a worse population shrinkage.  I am assuming, most likely correctly, that the working population of the EU fears Ukraine joining.  The very wealthy and certainly the Bilderberg elites desperately want to control Ukraine, the front door to Russia.  So they don’t mind a flood of people flowing out to dilute labor markets in the EU even further.  This will drive down wages and raise up profits.


Many of the fascists fighting in Kiev hate Jews so it is rather funny watching the NYT walk the tightrope here, cheering on the ‘revolt’ while at the same time worried about the results if the Ukrainian people act  like Israel and go full blown ethnic cleansing:  Growing Support, and Tea From Young Women, Embolden Kiev Street Fighters –


“They are the best Ukrainians,” said Olena Iaschuk, 26, a website editor with a ready smile, who was making the rounds of the barricades to offer warm tea from a thermos, stepping gingerly among heaps of paving bricks. “They are the bravest men, they are fighting for our freedom, they defend us and they are our heroes.”


If Independence Square has become a crucible to test physical courage, many of the men who passed that test say they could not have done so without the undying enthusiasm of people like her.


Of course, not everyone considers them heroes. Within their ranks are fighters who tried to immolate the police with petroleum bombs, and some groups of protesters have been sustained and driven by dark, nationalistic ideologies from Ukraine’s past. But many, if not most, people in Kiev wholeheartedly support the men.


Already the Times is fuming because Jews are being attacked by the mobs in Ukraine.  The NYT is very naive.  Many people in Ukraine remember Stalinism and how they were starved nearly to total death by the Soviet communist regime and the people running the food shortage via stealing private harvests were nearly all Jews.


It is even funnier when the NYT celebrates a very dark, nationalistic ideology called ‘Zionism’.  Before the first Zionist meeting, most of Europe from Ireland to outer Siberia was ruled mainly by aristocrats who literally owned the country entirely.  France being the violent exception which strayed into aristocratic ownership twice after their revolution.  There was no ‘nationalism’ and nationalism was revolutionary with the US leading the way.


The economic situation is bad in Ukraine which is why fascism is rising:  Russia puts $15-billion Ukraine bailout on hold  due to the chaos there.  Ukraine’s $19-billion question of debt and corruption and skimming the energy market by Eastern families similar to the Mafia is a huge problem.  ALL the world’s major energy markets are controlled by these gangster families the most famous and dangerous being the Saudi royals.


Note that the Saudis encourage ethnic/religious warfare too.  They are extremely fascist.  They bankrolled the military coup in Egypt, too.  Power comes from raw power and under the Soviet regime, Eastern Europe got power nearly for free.  Unlike today where it is now a profit driven business.


Chaos in Ukraine will destroy the European Union because the US will pressure the EU to side with the fascists in Ukraine, divide the country in two and $12 billion in debt will be dead as the Western half will deny the debt and banks holding it will be screwed and we have Greece and Cyprus all over again.  If the people in Western Ukraine imagine they will have a bouquet of euros dumped into their wrecked economy, they are dead wrong.


If they imagine the US will give them $12 billion, I seriously doubt this will fly high with the US public which has been looted of over $2 trillion playing the ‘let’s support another fascist dictator regime’ game.  All these poor countries get is one, maybe two elections before suppression is imposed.


Greece’s economy is no longer tanking thanks to its sun and sand due to it being a cheap vacation venue due to falling wages and Greeks unable to buy foreign goods so much anymore.  So the trade deficit is balancing out.  But the EU bailed out that place to the tune of over 200 euro.  This is a huge price to pay, about a quarter of what the US burned up in Afghanistan.

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