United Kingdom & Queen Furious About Scotland’s Impending Vote For Separation

UK demands Titian painting back from Scotland if vote is for separation

File:Titian – Diana and Actaeon – WGA22883.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

The West is all excited about the downfall of the government in Ukraine.  The issue was, should Ukraine join the European Union?  Meanwhile, Britain, which wants Ukraine’s government to be overthrown, is very angry about an impending vote in Scotland.  The vote is to become more independent of London.  And London has been making various threats designed to scare Scots into voting this proposal down.  The latest is, they will take away two Titian paintings in the national museum.

Scotland’s Referendum 2014

scotland independence vote


Scots warned their galleries face having their art masterpieces moved to England if they vote yes for independence | Mail Online

Scotland is facing a difficult decision over its independence in next September’s landmark referendum, as it has been told that it could lose its place in Europe and the pound….And European Commission president Joe Manuel Barroso warned it would be ‘difficult’ for a post-independence Scotland to re-enter the EU.

It gets worse: if it opts for secession, Scotland might not be allowed to enter the Eurovision Song Contest! Oh, the agony! Due to these threats, Support for Scottish independence rises after London warns on pound on top of everything else.  The British have a rather mixed history with Scotland just like Russia has with Ukraine.  Both smaller states have been repeatedly invaded and controlled by the bigger empires.  And the battles over Scotland have been quite bloody.

Screen shot 2014-02-22 at 3.39.21 PM

A great vacation fun time is to be had at the annual The Battle of Largs | Largs.co.uk is celebrated every year and the people there burn these big Viking ships at the end.  Quite a sight to see:

The Battle of Largs was fought 2nd October, 1263, between the forces of Norway (led by king Håkon Håkonsson) and Scotland (led by king Alexander III) on the Firth of Clyde in North Ayrshire, where the town of Largs stands today.

The Scots won and the Vikings made a deal.  Here is a list of other battles:  Historic Scottish Battles – From Rampant Scotland and the key battle was Battle of Flodden – 1513 when the King of Scotland and many of his nobility (all of whom also were spawn of previous invaders but never mind that!) were killed.  Mary, Queen of Scots who was a Tudor, French nobility and Scot via her father, the King.  She was killed by her cousin, Queen Elizabeth.

Scotland is very pro-Labour Party and the UKIP people want to see the Scots go because they give power to the leftists and the UKIP organization is, like so many other ones rising right now, are nationalist/ethnics.  Scottish independence: PCS union ‘neutral’ in independence debate while the right wing anti-Irish Brits who conquered Northern Ireland frets at Scotland independence vote  because it is scary, the history of the Brits in Ireland are even nastier than Scotland.

Maybe the Scots and storm Windsor Palace:  House fit for a tyrant: Protestors storm the sprawling, luxury estate of Ukraine’s fugitive president which has its own private zoo, golf course and is half the size of Monaco which is a warning to all super rich power hungry people.  If the Ukrainians can do this so can Americans eventually.  ”

Russia and China both have the same problem: they embraced our system which is all about looting the public purse and pursuing things that hurt citizens all for vast wealth.  So they have revolts but I am assuming the revolt in Ukraine won’t fix what is wrong there, the rich will be replaced with other exploiters with the system limping along and the fix being the shipping of workers out of state to live in the more settled, controlled socialist states in Western Europe mainly Britain, Germany and France.

Like most of the post-Soviet states, the workers will send money and loot home and this will bring the life style of the people higher but will kill wages and drain the treasuries of the supporting states in Western Europe where the governments, like the US that lets in armies of illegal aliens, struggles to keep flimsy social programs afloat.

And our government spends a lot of time ignoring us:  Obama Order: Libya an ‘Extraordinary Threat’ to US Foreign Policy because of the chaos created by NATO and the oil isn’t flowing.  Everything there is now falling apart.  That was once a successful socialist Muslim state and the women didn’t wear veils and had a fair amount of civil rights and people could go to university on the government dime, healthcare was available and similar to Western care.

Now, it is a blasted landscape filled with religious lunatics running wild, women are losing freedoms left and right, healthcare is collapsing and the economic system can’t even be looted much more.  A total disaster.  Ukraine has to pray they don’t end up like that.  We all wish the people there well, wish for prosperity for them and hope they succeed.  It is just they face a huge obstacle course.

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15 responses to “United Kingdom & Queen Furious About Scotland’s Impending Vote For Separation

  1. Vengeur

    And then the Obama people want to put “monitors” in the nations newsrooms. This is getting CREEPY. That they brazenly even FLOATED the idea out loud in public way f -ing CREEPY. And that there was no OUTRAGE about it in the press? Confirmation that we don’t HAVE a real press, only lapdogs. Well, except sites like this one.

  2. Seraphim

    What could the independence of Scotland bring in? An ideea vaguely floated by, admitedly, dreamers would be a Northern European Confederation of some 140 million with Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

  3. emsnews

    The Scottish desires are due to history. History looms large even if veiled in mystery, ask any Irish people about history.

    The US public generally views England as this wonderful ally but anyone reading any history of the United Kingdom can see that it was built nearly entirely with the sword.

    My own family, part of the Norman ruling elites, were a very bloody, irritable lot and killed lots of Scots and Irish. When not killing each other.

  4. James L.

    @Seraphim: Europe is about Germany and its new bold imperial dream. Ukraine is firstly about geopolitics and then about money. Germany wants its Lebensraum since the Middle Ages, when the Blong King would cross the Alps to raid and plunder the reminants of the Roman Empire.

    This was turned more recently to an solid long term policy by Bismark. This polict is two-step: First, they are to crate a Lebensraum (Vital Space) by any means. Then, they would replace the local population with Germans and would expand Germany outwards in the most efficient way. This is the same policy that Hitler followed in his eastern expansion in WWII, using the Aryan myth. The Poles and the Slavs (including the South-Eastern Ukrainians and the Russians) were in the way and they were to be exterminated and erased from History using advanced industrial methods and megatons of poisonous gas. The only problem was that the Slavs eventualy bit back and wont he war.

    Now the Revisionists in Germany are attempting a comeback, now that the American Imperium is retreating from Europe. Germany’s colonial style involvment in Libya, Syria and Egypt was considerable. Now it is escalating, using the other failed institution, the EU, to go head to head with Russia and claim Western Ukraine.

    Folks, do you think anything really has changed since the 30’s and 40’s? Watch the newly occupied lands also claimed by Russia (ie Ukraine, Greece and others soon to come) and observe History and Carnage repeating itself as a farce. Carnage won’t happen by the German Army at first, rather from a multinational “European” one, on a mission to “preserving the Peace and Stability inside the EU”.

    It is a mistake to think that Germany has really changed. Only its methods.

  5. Luc

    Germany has changed. The mosques are full and the churches nearly empty.
    And the most popular name for a newborn boy is?????

  6. emsnews

    Yes, Germans are NOT having children. And the invasion is the reverse. It is Eastern Europe moving to Germany.

    Ethnic politics are all about births and deaths. Who is having the biggest families.

  7. Luc

    And who can get the most welfare! According to Pat Buchanan, the Muslims get on welfare the day they move to Germany.

    And US Gov site has information on ‘help for new immigrants’ area at site.
    Burns me up, when I see yr pic of you shoveling yr own snow. You work, they play.

  8. e sutton

    Used to be immigrants came to this country to work. And they had lots and lots of children, Irish and Italian Catholics being a prime example. They built up their own communities around their churches, usually next door to Jewish and enclaves. Probably the biggest difference is that the Jews, Irish, and Italians were unrelenting about learning English and when they got into crime, it was highly ordered, structured, and violent.

    Now we have immigrants from Mexico and the Muslim world who mostly aspire to do nothing but suck off the government teat. Forget about learning English. We are now a bi-lingual country where learning Engllish is no longer necessary or even encouraged. The new Common Core Curriculum adopted by most states encourages “feelings” about math problems, as in “why do you ‘feel’ 2 + 2 + 4. Should 2 + 2 = 4? Why or why not? Discuss…” One of the many reasons I’m glad I got out of the Education (sic) field.

  9. emsnews

    Our bankers don’t do stinking math! 🙂

  10. Seraphim

    @James L,

    Wouldn’t you think that there are rather the Jews who want their “Lebensraum” in Ukraine? You think that their claims that Jewish settlements pre-date any Slavic ones in the area are made in vain? That there is again much talk about the Khazar Empire?

  11. James L.

    @Luc: Germany is not the immigrants, nor the East Germans, the poor, the Muslims, the leftists, the Turks or other groups. It is the banks, the corporations, the industry, the investment funds, the politicians, the journalists and the Media. The former can eat cake and have the fate of the middle and lower classes of the Portuguese, the Greeks and the Italians, for all that matters: Slow death by starvation. The later want to rule the Continent and get richer. It is more of a class war / act of piracy than anything else, just against the racially inferior lower classes of another nation, who don’t vote. Let us not forget that Germany is a neoliberal state, with all the twisted ideology that accompanies this and all the great practical problems this creates. E.g. Can the elites really rule without a middle class? Neoliberals in Europe seem to believe so and move to seize all private property belonging to the middle and lower classes.

    @ emsnews: Yes that is absolutely true. The Germany’s demographic problem is huge. Even more, when the Soviets invaded Germany, they got the order to destroy the so-called Aryan Race Purity of the German Nation. Nowadays, at least 50% of the Germans are not pure descendants of Germans anymore, but rather have mixed Slavic genes in them.

    However, I am not talking about the race purity ideology and other historic tragic mishaps, but rather about the Revisionist German elites (the super rich, bankers, politicians and industrialists) invading the rest of Europe, following their crazy neo-imperial dreams of revenge. Obviously, the second part of the Lebensraum project doesn’t depend on pure Germans anymore, but rather on the German banks, culture, ethics and business model. The new Reich evidently attempts to imitate the multicultural American imperial model, not the Nazi one, at least for now. As we said, modern Germany is still a neoliberal state and moves on the very twisted principals of Neoliberalism, which denounces societies and recognizes only the freedom of the very rich individual as the supreme value.

    The result is a watered down version of the Lebensraum project and I didn’t say it is perfect or that it will work. Not all populations will have to be destroyed, just those who won’t collaborate and adopt German values, those who won’t remain silent as their lands are plundered, their houses are seized and fail to work efficiently in the Special Economic Zones as slave labor. And the patients and pensioners who “cost money”. I guess the introduction of Soylent Green in Europe will revitalize German exports and create a serious business opportunity for the German industry.

    @ Seraphim: The Zionist Jews are best pals with the Germans in this. An example is TEVA, a huge Israeli company producing generic medicines. Soros made an 8bn dollar investment in this company (a small 1.8% investment of the total company’s portfolio). Soros is Berlin’s darling and has investments and transactions in Germany. TEVA has investments in Germany and German corporations own TEVA stocks. Now the new EU policy about the obligatory adoption of dangerous Generics in the Southern European hospitals will make them all richer than God and help them reduce the annoying local populations of Southern “pests” to “acceptable” levels. It is all connected.

    Moreover, about Ukraine: Opposition leader Wladimir Klitschko visits Germany and meets with Angela Merkel. A week later, caches of arms arrive to the “peaceful demonstrators” in Kiev. The rest is in the books. And now, Ukraine goes to the IMF to get “help”.

  12. emsnews

    Germany was ALWAYS ‘mixed races’! Before the Romans! Scandinavians are ‘Slavs’ who are the Scandinavians who invaded the Russian river valleys 1,000 years ago.

    The people of Ukraine are more ‘Nordic’ than most ‘Germans’. I speak as a Norman who is a MIXED RACE not ‘pure Norse’. That is, we intermarry with other tribes…a lot!

    Hitler was most certainly near zero ‘Norse’. It is obvious from his name, his appearance, everything. I have Jewish genes, too, by the way!

    Intermarriage is what the top dogs do all the time. When they cease doing this, they accumulate genetic defects which is what happened to the European royals during the Middle Ages to the 19th century.

    Insanity, weakness, low intelligence is the outcome of intensive inbreeding which is why exo-family sex is good for any species.

    Germany’s fixation of solvency isn’t stupid, it is due to history. They remember the Great Inflation and the Great Depression and Hitler and do NOT want this again.

    The US is stupidly replaying the entire history of past fiscal follies forgetting everything they should have learned.

  13. melponeme_k

    The only observation I can add to this conversation is that I find German men extremely flirtatious. To the point in which I sometimes think I’m being punk’d or something.

    The language is like speaking while eating really crunchy food. I like it.

    As far as a new Reich paranoia, I say balderdash. Many elites don’t want to see Germany rise and institute sane banking regulations. So they will push the imperialism angle.

  14. emsnews

    The entire German cabinet and Merkel are now in Israel to have their annual meeting whereby they are supposed to kow tow to Zionists there.

    Only she is going there to chew them all out for abusing the Palestinians and demand they seriously negotiate and do as Kerry asks. This is already causing the Jews to go nuts in Israel. But it is not being covered by US media giants who think Americans shouldn’t hear this news.

  15. melponeme_k

    “Only she is going there to chew them all out for abusing the Palestinians and demand they seriously negotiate and do as Kerry asks.”

    The mangled internet translation (I don’t know enough German yet to translate on my own) at Stern magazine mentions the two state she is pushing but what was really highlighted was a free trade deal in which Israel citizens can work in Germany for one year.

    That isn’t good. I hope Germans are paying attention. The H1-B visa mess has destroyed wages in the US for high paying positions in Technology, Banking and Medicine. It will do the same to Germans.

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