US And Japan Play War Games, Japanese Refuse To Speak English Directly To US Commanders

I have watched with rising alarm as the US, declining rapidly economically, has embraced military domination as the cure for what ails us.  The military/industrial complex is the tail that wags the dog and it runs nearly 100% on red ink which is bankrupting our nation.  As America declines, Russia and China surge.  The US diplomacy system has decided the way to control all of Asia is to form a military alliance with fascist right wing Japanese sons of WWII war criminals.  These, in turn, are making wild territorial demands which has forced China and Russia to counter these land claims forcibly.  The US then accuses both of being ‘aggressors’ when the real aggressors are obviously the US and Japan.  This is pushing us rapidly into WWIII.  The howling, deafening, crazy coverage of the Sochi Olympics has fed fuel to these fires and of course, the chaos in Ukraine is another flaming mess that can start WWIII.


So far, the US is also in a global war with millions of angry Muslims and the Saudi royals want war with many millions of Shi’ites and the Zionists want to take all the Holy Lands leading to more fire to religious doctrine/tribal warfare and the US is backing, bankrolling and going trillions into debt to further these many strifes and chaos.  So, this week, the US is doing war maneuvers with the Japanese military.  First, the propaganda war:


Americans view China ‘mostly unfavorably’: poll|Across America|


“Attitudes on this question have not changed since 2011, but longer term, belief that China is the world’s leading economic power has skyrocketed since 2000,” wrote Gallup’s Andrew Dugan on the company’s website.
“Then, just one in 10 Americans named China as the superior economic power; now, a reliable majority does. This is likely attributable to China’s impressive economic performance over the last 13 years – its economy often growing by double digits over this time span – and the United States’ often underwhelming, crisis-ridden economy,” Dugan added.


Some Chinese at China Daily complain that Sony is a Japanese corporation which sponsors anti-Chinese entertainments.  Perhaps.  I don’t watch American TV at all.  The Evil Oriental is old, old stuff in the West.  For the last 200 years, in fact.  Seen as too smart, cruel, sexually frustrated and wanting White Women, the same cartoon drawings for the Chinese can easily be replaced with similar ones depicting Jews, Japanese or Hindi from India.  The ‘slant eyed East’ is an old hobgoblin of the West dating back to Genghis Khan.


The curious thing here is, the US propaganda now as decided the Japanese are ‘noble.’  This overlooks the hideous record of WWII  and in the case of Korea, long before WWII, abuse of anyone conquered by the Japanese who had virtually no sign of any ‘nobility’ nor can European rulers claim the same with the vicious conquest of Africa, North and South America, Ireland, etc.


Here is the story of the new aggressive military alliance we are now fostering in Japan:  In Japan’s Drill With the U.S., a Message for Beijing –


The Marines had poured out of four amphibious assault vehicles as another group of smaller inflatable boats carrying soldiers of Japan’s Western Army Infantry Regiment landed in an accompanying beachhead assault.


There were shouts in Japanese. There were shouts in Marine English. There was air support, from Huey and Cobra helicopters hovering above. Then larger Navy hovercrafts roared in, spitting up a spray of seawater before burping out Humvees and more Japanese troops, their faces blackened with camouflage paint.


American military officials, viewing the cooperative action of the former World War II enemies from a nearby hillside, insisted that the annual exercise, called Iron Fist, had nothing, nothing to do with last fall’s game of chicken between Tokyo and Beijing over islands that are largely piles of rocks in the East China Sea. But Lt. Col. John O’Neal, commander of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, said that this year, the Japanese team came with “a new sense of purpose.”


Sure, this had nothing to do with the island disputes!  Right.  Talk about delusional.  Or rather, naked lying.  The new purpose of Japan is to revive WWII fascism!  Insane, that our nation is demanding they do this and enabling this.  This part of the NYT story is just unbelievable but true:


The Japanese soldiers and the Marines have spent much of the past month managing a considerable language barrier. Although they have worked side by side in the joint exercises, they are not intertwined, hence the reason for the parallel amphibious landings. Marine interpreters and their Japanese counterparts dashed between the two militaries, discussing coordinates and plans.


ALL the Japanese had extensive English lessons!  It is a running joke in the Japanese media that nearly no one in Japan learns and then uses English.  At the highest levels, professors in Japan will force any visitors from the US or England to have interrupted conversations or lectures while Japanese females frantically translate.  This is highly rude of them.  The visitors are shown complete contempt.  So they refuse to listen to outsiders and only listen to the female Japanese turning everything into this soft purr.


An American can go to Germany and discuss nearly anything with Germans who take great efforts at the top to understand English.  Indeed, I had to fight off people trying to use only English with me when I was in school there and I ended up totally forbidding it so I could learn the language faster.  It worked.


The main thing is, the Germans pride themselves on learning English but the Japanese hate it passionately and will go to great lengths to avoid using it.  Or if using it, they speak their own patois and I know Japanese here in the US who have lived here for years and years and they barely are understandable due to using this mixed up English.  The Japanese military are LAUGHING at the dumb US Western Invaders who have to struggle with the Japanese language while they, themselves, really do understand what the Americans are saying.


That is, they are FORCING the US staff to jump through hoops out of total arrogance, not lack of training or ability.  They get to be lazy while the Americans have to cater to their whims. They are NOT trying hard to cooperate at all.  They are raining insults down on our troops for the fun of it.


Anne Applebaum: China and Russia bring back Cold War tactics – The Washington Post: the Zionists have joined forces with the Japanese to push the US public into a seething caldron of wars.  So Anne the Zionist, part of a huge stable of these at the WP, is blaming Russia and China for the tension.  Oh, both are anti-democratic, she whines as she supports NSA spying on American citizens wholesale and Gitmo, assassin drones and corrupt elections here where the biggest dollars determine who runs DC and any winners are bribed once in office to work for foreign powers rather than represent US citizens at home.


The US wants China and Vietnam to be at war but China vows closer cooperation with Vietnam.  Vietnam, China leaders hail progress in relations – News VietNamNet which has angered the globalist fascists.


Asia Times Online :: China-Vietnam: more carrot, less stick


As recently as March 20, Chinese naval vessels launched flares at a Vietnamese fishing boat in the contested area, causing significant damage to the craft and inspiring seemingly spontaneous anti-Chinese protests in Vietnam.


In November 2012, a map in new Chinese passports that included disputed South China Sea islands triggered diplomatic protests from the Philippines and Vietnam.Chinese state media have been adamant about the need to avoid “internationalizing” the South China Sea dispute.


The People’s Daily quoted Wu Shicun, president of the National Institute for South China Seas Studies, recently saying:


“The agreement reached by China and Vietnam, undoubtedly, sent a clear message to other claimants that putting aside bickering on sovereignty and sitting at the table for joint development is a pragmatic choice…”Internationalization” is also a coded reference to American involvement in the disputes.


The US wants to be the final negotiator because our diplomats want to give Russia and China nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Since we openly and militarily side with one side, we are not ‘neutral’ we are ‘aggressors’ especially when the side we are on is the side making the territorial demands.  China’s ‘identify yourself flight zone’ area is well within their rights as a nation with aggressive military actions happening right nearby.  They aren’t forbidding things, they want the US to ask permission before flying aggressively or sailing nearby.


The US has spied on and pushed around China for many years.  We demand China break up like the former Soviet Union or Yugoslavia or many other examples.  This is a fearful thing because the US is on the verge of internal collapse and dissolution, too, and a  mountain of debts owed overseas only makes our dissolution inevitable in the future as citizens run away from these onerous debts we can’t pay off.

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23 responses to “US And Japan Play War Games, Japanese Refuse To Speak English Directly To US Commanders

  1. El Kabong

    War games from WW I

  2. peter

    This editor is stupid. I was stationed for 2 years in Japan on the USS Midway and many Japanese speak some English. Many of the younger generation was extremely interested in learning English and the local girls had American boyfriends. In fact, on of my shipmate, asked me to come to a coffee house in Tokyo and the coffee was free (then in 1991 it was 3 bucks a coffee) so local Japanese can come in and practice their English. This was 23 years ago. The editor right a lot of garbage and she is nuts!


    ELAINE: That was 20 years ago!

    Secondly, I am quoting the NEW YORK TIMES. I didn’t make this up.

  3. e sutton

    “The editor right a lot of garbage and she is nuts!” Glad ye kuld be their to teach ’em sum englush, petey boy! Did ya show ’em how its did??

  4. I think there will be no WW3 but a Cold War 2 for sure. The last time we had a chance of WW3 was in May last year and US-EU-Japan-Wahabis-Israel steeped down…

  5. Vengeur

    About the Japanese not speaking English. That is an old trick played on Americans to put them in their place. The French are masters at it. I speak French, but I witnessed it many times in France, where French people pleaded (to me quite hilarious ) ignorance of any English to American tourists. Germans from my experience not only want to know English, they want to MASTER it. But they too will pull the same trick at times, on tourists who don’t speak any German.

  6. Vengeur

    I personally don’t think the US has any interest in stoking a conflict with China. The Corporations that run and rule America are not going to kill the golden goose of profits they make from their cheap, reliable , inexhaustible labor supply in China. Which is why they are MORE than happy to make Putin and Russia the Bogeyman. Russia has plenty of oil and gas, and refuses to be America’s whore. If you’ll notice, those two conditions are almost always necessary to become a “rogue state”.

  7. @Vengeur Actually there is an internal conflict inside US. There is the capitalists which make a lot of profit from China and the Japaneses, who are having less and less profit. The problem here is that China is nationalist and can now not just drop the US capitalists, destroy all Japanese market and then turn all they’re wealth into dust. In time, the capitalists will move from China and them they can do something to meddle with China commerce. But it is a little bit too late now as they can wall on they’re on.

  8. Jim R

    Haha, Americans view China unfavorably!

    But then they go buy everything at WalMart.

  9. Richard

    I’m sorry but I find this idea that everyone should speak English to Americans is arrogant and ridiculous. The American military have had a big presence in Japan since WWII. Why don’t they have people who speak Japanese? This arrogance has been a major problem for the American Empire. If they don’t speak English, just bomb the crap out of them. Americans don’t understand (nor do they want to) the culture or the language of the countries they occupy. I have traveled through out Europe and South America and many people speak some English, many very well. Maybe it’s time for Americans to learn other languages. Stop the stupidly and arrogance. You can do better that this Elaine.


    ELAINE:Can you understand the concept of ‘cooperation’? Only around 150 million people speak Japanese. Around 2 billion speak English as a first or second language. Most European languages are based on ‘Latin’ when Rome was an empire 2,000 years ago. We are the ’empire’ right now and the Japanese are riding on our coattails, not the reverse.

    Chinese: well over a billion speak and read Chinese making it a major language. Japanese is a minor language. A billion people speak Spanish making it, too, a major language.

  10. melponeme_k


    We are footing the bill for the wars that Japan and Israel so desperately desire both in money AND BLOOD. Asking them to converse in English is the least of all requests. True? Especially when our sons are being sacrificed on the altar for them.

    That being said, I’m currently taking foreign language lessons. The school is filled with Japanese young adults desperately learning English. I suspect they are some of the richer kids fleeing the effects of Fukushima. This is in New York, mind you. They aren’t stopping in California anymore.

    My current school and NYU is filled with Americans learning other languages. You need to stop watching the propaganda, the Honey Boo Boo crap. That is the elites pandering to class warfare and also intentionally keeping us isolated front the rest of the world.

    DON’T PLAY THEIR GAME. They will win every time. The play board needs to be changed. And that starts with us not listening to their lies.

  11. Seraphim

    @Japs not speaking English…

    They do learn and try. They don’t want to speak! It tells much about the real sentiments towards the Americans.
    In the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union, a tide of triumphalism swept the Anglosphere. It was not just reveling in the demise of a foe, but also in the “triumph” of the English language, you see, everybody want to learn English. Soon it will become the universal language etc, etc. Some cooler heads drew the attention on the fact that everybody speks English plus their own language and many times another non-English language, whereas the Anglos don’t learn any other language. They were trying to alert people that the people can plot under the nose (rather ears) of the Anglos. It was at the time of the first bombings (almost forgotten) of WTC when the orders were transmited in Arabic from the jail in the presence of the gusrds who wouldn’t have a clue. So much with the surveillance of all phone conversations. Who would translate them?
    That’s why now some people realised the survival importance to know other langueges.

  12. JimmyJ

    My son’s college in Victoria BC during his college time 15 years ago, and still currently my small North Canadian town both the college and the university has many Japanese students taking diplomas and degrees in English. But then most of them return home to unemployment from what I’ve seen. I thought at first the Canadian education was meant to open the Japanese youth to North American culture for benefit to industry making inroads into investments here, but now I think it’s just for a cheaper education since so many don’t stick around Canada.

    All the big foreign investments up around here in forestry, mining and petroleum are from China now anyway, and there are lots of Chinese students hereabouts now as well. I hear Mandarin more than any other foreign language spoken here these days.

    But I agree with Elaine about WWIII. It’s clear the foreign policy of the US is to reduce competitive nation states to tribal factions. But it’s also increasingly clear that the plan of the world elites to reduce every nation into factions (including the US) in order to reconstruct a fascist neo-feudal framework worldwide. This by definition will have to also include China and Russia. Their current rulers may find themselves outmaneuvered to the point of having to use nukes to indicate their dismay before dissolving inevitably along with every other nation.

  13. I wonder what the strategic significance of these “piles of rock” in the South China sea is.

  14. Seraphim

    @Genghis Khan,

    Geneticists surmise that approx 16million males are direct descendants of Genghis Khan!

  15. peter

    Readers do ot get the point. I rarely comment and everyone has a right to say what they want but this editor comes out as she “know it all attitude”.
    I read and laugh at her silly editorials about the GOP monsters but rarely says anything bad about Obama. Very bias and I through her writings into the garbage can where they belong. Another time she slamming people who are against the homosexual perverse lifestyle (maybe she is a dike), not word home that homosexual lifestyle is perverting the traditional basic family institution. I have many more but I am quiet and just read this trash from time to time. However, when she wrote about Japanese refusing to speak English, she is again writing from ignorance and only what she reads from the Jewish NY times.


    ELAINE: Ich lese fremden Zeitungen. Ich spreche deutsch und Englisch.

    I read JAPANESE news every day. In these papers, foreigners complain bitterly about how Japanese refuse to communicate IN JAPANESE as well as English! They are very much like the French and I can tell stories about asking for directions in France in either German or English. Ahem. NOT helpful.

    Teachers of English say, in Japan, that students take years and years of classes and refuse to talk to the teacher. EVERYONE takes English lessons in Japan. Everyone! And then use these translators ALL THE TIME. I have watched videos of professors visiting Japan and trying to talk to professors there and these people sit there pretending to not know any English at all, this is insane!

    I don’t see this happening with Chinese or Russians. Russians are proud of being multi lingual ditto, the Chinese. When my parents lectured in China, they didn’t need translators, the Chinese students listened carefully, but in Japan it was the exact opposite.

  16. JT

    “This is highly rude of them. ”

    😀 for heavens sake Elaine.

    “An American can go to Germany and discuss nearly anything with Germans who take great efforts at the top to understand English. ”

    Europeans under the age of 45 speak english, people older than that do not.
    Try ordering an espresso in Paris in english… 😀
    You are served dead last.


    ELAINE: Du bist in Paris, nicht Berlin. Sowieso, natürlich, es ist sehr schwere, Englisch und Deutsch zu sprechen!

    By the way, I was in school in Germany 45 years ago and even lived there with a former Panzer captain, and they all spoke great English, the Panzer guy, Russian. And English was taught in school and all the students wanted to practice with me which is why I forbade them to do this so I could master German.

    Un expresso, s’il vous plaît
    and you get it fast (or slow) as everyone else.

  17. JT

    In my previous job I met colleagues from all over europe.

    The dutch are superb, they are fluent in 3-4 languages.
    It is humbling to see someone switch from german to french to english and to be fluent in all of them.
    Nobody else could do that or even came close.

    There is something the US could learn from an old empire.

    I bet they are so superior in world trade just due to their language skills.

  18. emsnews

    JT, Dutch are from a country that is, like tiny Switzerland, of multiple languages due to imperial wars of the 17 century Protestant/Catholic strife.

    So they have always had a rule about learning multiple languages even so, they are always on the verge of internal collapse due to languages.

    And the US should beware! The EU is NOT WORKING. It is a very temporary confederation of totally different languages with a history of wars due to this. Language as a uniter is a HUGE thing which is why my ancestors insisted everyone learn English when arriving here during the Victorian and modern eras.

  19. melponeme_k

    I’ve been to Paris twice and never had a problem. However I did speak basic french for directions etc. Were there pissy people? Of course, the same amount you meet anywhere. I just ignored them. In fact I experienced more dislike in London than Paris.

    Oddly while I was overseas I had people from all over the world trying to speak to me in their language (German, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish etc). I guess I have one of those faces that look…familiar? I don’t know, it was funny.

    Now is the time to learn Mandarin. China is really opening up to the world. The teachers I have met are enthusiastic and proud of their language. There are lots of opportunities and its great watching it unfold. Don’t miss the moment!

  20. I live in Germany and can say people here have an amazing English level even more now with so many immigrants. It’s easy to communicate here. That said, the Japanese culture it’s full of English references take by example the most sold mangá right now One Piece – that talks about a pirate guy who is trying to be the king of pirates and put down the elites of the world, isn’t that odd ? Maybe a scape goat from they’re reality – so i agree with Elaine, they know english, but just refuses to use it.

  21. amigauser


    How can America be declining when it has just removed Moscow place man in Ukraine and replaced him with their own?

    just because America “owes” China and Japan money does not mean it will ever pay it, since how will China enforce payment?

    another thing, you seem obsessed about third world countries having masses of kids but keep ignoring the fact that you’re own grand son will have consumed more of the earth’s resources by the age of 10, than someone in a third world country will in their entire life, that is what is destroying the planet – time for your grand son to have a much, much lower living standard – a return to how life was for most of history.

  22. emsnews

    The uprisings across the planet won’t save America, IT IS SINKING OUR SHIP.

    We will end up being stuck with Ukraine’s IOUs mainly owned to Russia and Europe.

    We are going broke playing war games for Japanese imperialist nationalists who hate our guts.

    And shall we go bankrupt to Asia? Are you insane? Pray tell, what happens to bankrupt empires? History is literally littered with the corpses of bankrupt empires and in general, when this happens to them, they stay a mess or vanish, for not just years but centuries and even eons.

    It is extremely dangerous for empires to go bankrupt. This also leads to many wars as the dying empire’s corpse is picked to the bones by vultures.

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