Ukraine Worsens, Ethnic Tensions Rise, Russia Withdraws Loan Offer, Ukraine Demands $35 Billion Bail Out (from US taxpayers, I presume)


gas from Russia to Europe

Russia–Ukraine gas disputes – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The world is in turmoil.  There are various uprisings in many countries like Thailand, where today the Thai PM rules out resigning as bombs, gunfire punctuate unrest for example, or Bosnia unrest is ‘local fire’ that can be put out: PM says, Venezuela Opposition Cancels Maduro Talks as Unrest Grows in South America, or the British-run island holding pen in the Pacific where the Manus Island detention centre security staff allowed armed locals into facility, witnesses say leading to a riot/breakout.  There is the open warfare in Iraq with dozens killed every day and entire cities taken over by armed insurrectionists and then there is Syria and on and on and on.  During eras when empires collapse, we get upticks in this sort of unrest.  And the US is going bankrupt like all empires that tried to control the planet.  Our slipping grip on world power is obvious.


The US pushed hard for the EU to suck in Ukraine even though diplomats there knew the end result would be dangerous for Europe.  BBC News – Ukraine crisis: Russia steps up Ukraine rhetoric


On Sunday, Ukraine’s parliament reduced the official status of the Russian language by cancelling a law brought in by Mr Yanukovych.  Meanwhile, EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton has been in Kiev to discuss financial and political support for Ukraine’s new leaders.  Ukraine is facing bankruptcy and a promised loan from Russia is looking increasingly unlikely.


This is devolving into ethnic warfare and Russia simply has to cut off the supply of energy flowing there to squelch things if the EU isn’t extremely careful.  From November 12 last year: Ukraine raises the stakes in gas gamble with Russia when the deposed leader, Yanukovich, shut down energy deliveries from Russia while pressuring Putin for more money.  He did NOT shut the valves flowing to Europe or it would have crashed Europe’s economy.


Merkel knows very well how badly Germany’s industries will be hit if Putin gets too angry.  This is why the US ambassador who the Russians spied on, was talking about the EU being too weak to overthrow the government of Ukraine.  If the rioters in Kiev get out of hand and begin killing Russian-speaking citizens who live mainly in the Crimean coast sector, the Russians will not tolerate the EU and US sitting idle.  Nothing speaks louder than shutting down oil or gas supplies to aggressor nations.   Naturally, in the US, Russia will be called the ‘aggressor’ just like China is ‘aggressive’ when they assert power right next to the Chinese borders whereas we are ‘police’ when we terrorize nations across the entire planet.


Speaking of this, the Pentagon Proposes Pre-World War II Level for Army because paying US soldiers is too expensive but buying massive amounts of armaments is cheap???? HAHAHA.  No.


They are thinking of using nuclear bombs, assassin drones and most likely, poisons and diseases and other non human tools to keep pesky people in line or simply kill and destroy more nations.  No more lower working class people to be used as cannon fodder.  Using technical tools to control nations has been an IMMENSE failure.  We don’t control Syria, nor Iraq and certainly not Afghanistan nor Libya, either.  Killing people and wrecking things only means destabilization unless personnel come in and rebuild and establish some sort of colonial domination which worked for many an empire in the past but the US has foresworn this in favor of resetting the status quo (i.e.: installing fascist military dictators).


Too Many Familiar Faces Remain in Power for Protesters in Kiev and a fair number of Ukraine voters are terrified that the imprisoned ruler, Ukraine ex-PM Tymoshenko calls for protests to continue until she gets back into power.  This reincarnation of Eva Perón isn’t stupid and she is obviously channeling the spirit of Evita.  Ukraine says it needs $35 BILLION to avoid economy collapsing – but Poland warns it has history of not honoring commitments which means no one at the top is fooled by the ‘Don’t cry for me’ song.  They are being pushed into a corner with the US media fascinated by this uprising.


Which, if it happened on Wall Street, would have been utterly crushed immediately at night and if anyone throws so much as a flower at the cops, is charged and put in prison or killed.  We have no right to riot.  When riots tear apart neighborhoods, these are always confined to the ‘hoods’ and not the White House or State Capital buildings, etc.  Imitating Ukraine or Egypt is verboten here.  Big time.  Very strongly.



The Ukraine coup is imitating Egypt, too, like with Morsi accused of leaking state secrets to Iran, of all places.  So it is in Ukraine, with Ukraine issues arrest warrant for President Viktor Yanukovich for various corruption charges but the Eva/Yulia clone has the same charges which she now is slipping out of like changing her dress.  More news:  Egypt’s government resigns suddenly and illegally.  They are stepping aside to hand over the government to Sisi.  They talked big about having an election with campaigning only by Sisi and anyone running against him being killed or put in prison.


But even that facade obviously is too dangerous so after the constitution vote which drew a very small number of voters compared to the previous election, the fake election is too dangerous and is being canned.  Trust me on this one.  No more elections in Egypt just like all the Sunni dictatorships funded by oil mainly from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf guys.

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34 responses to “Ukraine Worsens, Ethnic Tensions Rise, Russia Withdraws Loan Offer, Ukraine Demands $35 Billion Bail Out (from US taxpayers, I presume)

  1. e sutton

    I see the United States forcing the hand of Putin. Putin is not to be f_cked with, and he will gladly turn off the gas running to Europe. The U.K., along with France and Germany, will very stupidly stand with the U.S. demand that the Ukraine be divided up into separate bite-sized chunks. Putin will bring its economic powerhouse pal China onto its side. Putin threatens to cut off the oil ( to Europe) and China threatens to cut off the credit ( to the U.S.). I see perhaps another 1962 crisis for Obama looming near. Too bad he doesn’t have Kennedy’s balls and intellect.

  2. JT

    Tymošenko made her money selling natgas to Germany and in Ukraine.
    Now Germany and Russia have Nordstream and Jamal so Ukraine cannot do this anymore.
    That destroyed the profits for Ukrainians.
    The economy is in shambles.

    Russians want to control the retail sales of natgas.
    That’s where profits are.

    Looks very bad now.
    Russia seems to be ready to use military power.
    They are arming militias in east Ukraine and once Ukraine strikes back Russian troops will intervene.
    Same as Georgia.

    Ukraine is as corrupt as it gets.
    And there is no idea what to do next.

  3. JT

    EU does not have the money to suck in Ukraine.
    45 million people + a Russian military base + Tsernobyl.
    EU offered 1,5 billion, Putin promised 15 billion.

    Let’s hope US, EU and IMF can come up with more money than Russia.
    (propably yes).

    Ukraine needs help in any case.
    It’s a couple of weeks away from total implosion.

    They are nice western people and need help.
    From us and Putin.
    The politicians there need to be put in prison but that goes to pretty much all nations in the world with a few nothern european exceptions.

  4. JT

    That’s an old map of gas lines.
    Nordstream opened in 2011.

  5. emsnews

    I read the British news daily. When Cameron hinted at bailing out Ukrainian politicians, there was an explosion of nearly 100% anti-bail out howls of protest from readers.

    Nearly universal! British politicians, playing international Bilderberg imperial games will wake up because this is highly unpopular.


    These same politicians , like in America, have told the public, ‘There is NO MONEY for any citizens and we must cut social services and government activity at home due to poverty!’

    And then turns around and says there is plenty of money for foreign adventures and bailing out entire nations for geopolitical purposes that do absolutely nothing for citizens at home.

  6. JT

    Ukraine cannot put pressure on Merkel anymore they lost that advantage.

    The Russians are very reliable in providing gas to Germany.
    Always have been during Sovjet Union and now.

  7. JT

    “These same politicians , like in America, have told the public, ‘There is NO MONEY for any citizens and we must cut social services and government activity at home due to poverty!’”

    Well the politicians in US are worse than in Ukraine.
    They have no excuse since you are the richest country in the world.
    Allowing open bribery and stealing of politicians is a bad idea.
    In Ukraine and in the US.

    But there is an endless amount of money in the US.
    You have the richest people and corporations in the world and they are not taxed at all.

    And If you run out just make some more.


    ELAINE: And they have been printing which is why a can of soup which cost only 12 cents in 1972 now costs nearly $2 today.

    And the US itself is not ‘rich’ at all, we have the least sovereign wealth and the most sovereign debt of any nation on earth which is hideous.
    There is plenty for you and for the Ukrainians as well.

  8. JT

    They Ukrainians just should just have places Jutsenko to the cell next of Tymoshenkos and continue that until they get one good one.

    US hasn’t had a decent president since Carter.
    The problem is insufficient number of jailed ex-presidents IMO.

  9. emsnews

    Correct, JT. ARREST THEM ALL I keep saying.

    By the way, I am somewhat biased about Carter because he was a family friend, with my dad.

  10. JT

    Putin and Oligarhs of Russia fear euromaidan just as much as Oligarghs in the US fear Occupy Wall Street.

    They both have the fear that one day it will happen to them.

  11. JT

    “I am somewhat biased about Carter because he was a family friend”

    I just like him because he seemed like a decent man.
    And tried seriously to resolve the middle east problem peacefully.
    And because I like peanuts.
    Both the comic and the nut.

  12. JT


    You only have 4 trillion in net debt.
    That is mostly from the wars you are hopefully now ending.
    It is not as bad as you think.

    Foreigners own more than $15.6 trillion of US financial assets, or 107% of GDP. Americans own $11.5 trillion of foreign assets, approximately 78.9% of US GDP.[34]
    Foreign holdings of US assets are concentrated in debt. Americans own more foreign equity and foreign direct investment than foreigners own in the United States, but foreigners hold nearly four times as much US debt as Americans hold in foreign debt.
    15.2% of all US debt is owed to foreigners.[12] Of the $7.9 trillion Americans owe to foreigners, $3.9 trillion is owed by the federal government. 48% of US treasury securities are held by foreigners.[35] Foreigners hold $1.28 trillion in agency- and government sponsored enterprise-backed securities, and another $2.33 trillion in US corporate bonds.[34]
    Foreigners hold 24% of domestic corporate debt[36] and 17% of domestic corporate equity.[37]

    And as the richest country of the world you can have basic living expenses and healtcare for everyone if you so choose.

    Easily. It propably would even be good for the economy as if you tax some more of the loot and keep it in the US.

  13. JT

    “And they have been printing which is why a can of soup which cost only 12 cents in 1972 now costs nearly $2 today. ”

    But without inflation who would make soup anymore?

  14. Jim R

    I liked Jimmy Carter too. For the same reasons as JT.

    In other news, Elaine, this might warm your frozen little outpost:

  15. emsnews

    Yes, the sun is still active to a degree and yes, it will, in two weeks, cause our atmosphere to warm up some.

  16. DeVaul

    I am amazed that Putin has put up with all this right on his own doorstep. If this nonsense were going on in Mexico or Canada, we would have troops on the ground already. I would not hesitate to shut off the gas lines to Europe. I don’t understand Putin’s reluctance. He can sell it all to China until Europe stops trying to destroy his country and the surrounding nations. I am not a rash man, but I would already have my hands on the gas handle. He has to draw a line somewhere, and it cannot be at the Urals.

    As for the Ukraine, we are delusional. I saw a US reporter walking along past protesters (were they?) talking about the “jubilation” there regarding the fall of the government. Problem: no protestors were smiling or laughing or celebrating or even waving to the camera. They were stone faced, and this idiot reporter described them as being just the opposite while walking right past them.

    If I were president of the Ukraine, the choice would be easy. Make a good deal with Russia and stick to it. Keep Ukrainian culture and language and self-government in exchange for a military alliance with Russia and subsidized natural gas, which lowers the cost of living for all Ukrainians. I mean, seriously, how hard can that be? I doubt Putin cares about crushing the Ukrainian language or culture as much as he wants a secure border and trade partner that does not interfere with his contracts in Europe.

    It just seems like an easy choice for Ukrainians. Hitler ravaged them every bit as much as Stalin did, so why not make the best of what they have now?

  17. emsnews

    Most probably they want to be like previous former Soviet states and flood into Western Europe.

    Seriously, this is a GIGANTIC problem for Italy, Spain, France, England, etc. They swarm all over the place causing social problems, collapse of government aid systems and crime.

    And the profits from this flow back home! This is why the main population of the EU is NOT celebrating the Ukraine chaos. They are increasingly, if you read comments at foreign papers, worried sick about this impending invasion.

  18. JT


    There is no option like that with Russia.
    Ukraine must be independent and sovereign.
    After that it can work with Russia and EU.

    If you stay as a Russian satellite there is no brighter future for anyone.
    The corruption and oligarghs continue looting everytjing same as always.

    Janukovits is in his luxury villa near Moscow with his loot, that was just in the news.
    And government building were raided in Crimea. They hoisted the Russian flag.
    Russia provokes Ukraine to shoot back.

  19. DeVaul

    Well, I understand that the former ruler had a solid gold toilet, but so do the priests in Rome (encrusted with diamonds). I also understand now after doing some reading that Ukraine is divided between two competing factions of Jewish religion, which is ALWAYS bad news. They will never be “independent and sovereign” with that situation going on. That never happens unless one side is totally crushed.

    Perhaps the best solution is for the Russian half to join Russia and the western half to join Poland or Lithuania. As long as they are fighting each other, they will have nothing but dictators ruling over them. The western half might find more power and influence if it merges with another state that is willing to incorporate it on an equal basis — or it can remain “independent” and become like Belarus. (Who wants to live there?)

    Putin has already ordered military excersises on the border, so he is getting ready to claim his half if necessary. I believe the West made a huge mistake by trying to orchestrate another revolution during the Olympics. All Putin has to do now is wait for the eastern half to declare independence (right of self-determination, you know) and it is game over for Ukraine.

    We cannot expect foreign leaders to stand by idly forever while we stick our noses up their ass.

  20. JT


    Russia has their agents surrounding Sevastopol airport too.

    Trust me on this one.
    When Russians start talking about mir it always a bad sign.
    When they talk war they want to negotiate.

    They are trying to provoke so they can send in their “peacekeepers”.

    You do know that Russian troops in Afghanistan were peacekeepers?

    Mir is a bad omen. They will arrange it if necessary themselves.
    False flag, then war.
    Same thing as with us wars.

  21. emsnews

    Wrong, the West has totally supported the division of all nations with the UN and NATO ruling them all via proxy using the US military as the strong enforcement arm of the internationalists and royals.

    This includes using the US public as debt slaves by piling on the cost of military onto our debt register, not taxing the very rich who park their loot offshore at Brit royal countries owned by Elizabeth II.

    Then social/racial/religious wars are encouraged here in the US to keep us divided so the rule is easier. Putin is NOT part of the New World Order, that huge octopus.

  22. Christian W

    I saw a clip with Susan Rice on some newsshow talking about how the US and EU does NOT support the division of Ukraine; which of course means that is exactly what they are working towards. Only the EU is just a tag along as usual to the powers behind the Bilderberg puppets.

  23. JT


    “Wrong, the West has totally supported the division of all nations with the UN and NATO ruling them all via proxy”

    Well the east and the west both take advantage of them.
    Don’t you think the Ukrainians know this?
    It’s not fun to be the pawns when assholes in the east and west play their world chess.

    Ten million of people have died in Ukraine during this century.
    They deserve something better for a change.

  24. emsnews

    Ukraine is like Poland; mostly flat, easily invaded, at the crossroads of Empires, lots of peasants to kill, temptation to play off the big empires which then backfires badly….ahem.

    Yes! Playing off the biggest empires has a long, long history and many backfire moments that end up with many dead peasants. It is a sad historical business.

    Note that from Scythians to Mongols, waves of invaders galloped across the vast plains!

  25. JT


    “temptation to play off the big empires which then backfires badly”

    so you think that the Ukrainians and Poles just had it coming?

    One has to think that being a citizen of an murderous empire affects your thinking a bit?
    For heavens sake.
    You should refuse to play this chess.

  26. emsnews

    So, you recommend playing ‘fetch’ with pitbulls that are hungry and have blood on their lips????

    Sheesh. What a silly attack on my attempts at explaining things. Want fairy tales?

    Ah, there was once this flat country lying between two hostile empires. The ruler thought, ‘I can play catch this bone with both and neither will bite my ass!’

    I don’t need to tell the end of this tale.

  27. DeVaul

    Elaine is right about Ukraine’s geology. It is flat and has no natural defenses like rivers or mountain ranges between its enemies. Anyone can invade it easily, which is why I said that I would make a deal with Russia and stick to it so that my people could have some sense of national security.

    There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the superiority of a neighboring tribe, clan, kingdom, nation, or empire. You can fight it and lose big time, or you can come to terms with that and make the best of it.

    Most people don’t need a flag to live a decent life.

  28. Jeff

    @DeVual That depends on what your definition of “decent” is. If your decent involves slim to no self-determination that’s fine. Some people would prefer to have a certain degree of freedom in their life. Maybe start a business, maybe get a job or into college based on merit and not a bribe. I know, it’s lame that Ukrainians just can’t be happy with a Russian dictated level of a decent life, what’s wrong with those people? Those are the idiots who want their own flag, instead of just being content under the dictated definition of a decent life under the Russian flag.

    When you think about it Americans had a pretty decent life in the US under British rule, and that tea tax was next to nothing. Makes that whole tea-party and revolution thing seem silly doesn’t it.

  29. emsnews

    Except half of Ukraine was NOT rioting or demonstrating and now are demonstrating for Russia, not against.

  30. Jeff

    The support for Russia is minimal, only in a few areas, and largely fueled by Russian $ and propaganda. I’m a fan of Vice reporting (less bias than most media), here’s their recent piece.

    Weren’t there a bunch of folks for Britain back in the day, some 15% to 20%? I mean the Brits had no support here, that whole revolutionary war would have been much easier.

    Isn’t Benedict Arnold not perceived as a traitor, but in positive light in Britain? One’s man patriot is another man’s traitor, or you know how they say, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

    I see you’ve chosen the side of calling the Ukrainian people terrorists, or fascists. Look at these fascists, not the ones storming Crimea.

  31. DeVaul


    “If your decent involves slim to no self-determination that’s fine. Some people would prefer to have a certain degree of freedom in their life. Maybe start a business, maybe get a job or into college based on merit and not a bribe.”

    Sorry, Jeff, but having a new flag doesn’t get you any of these things. Ask the Israelis. They have a flag, but their high standard of living comes from us. When we turn off the money spigot, Israel’s flag will do nothing. The western half of Ukraine is about to find that out (it was already independent, by the way). Time is not on their side, and neither is Europe.

    Remember, the evil Russians sold natural gas to the Ukrainians at below market prices (those evil Russians!) just like we give Israel free money.

    Notice the Jews are not demanding independence from America. Geez, I wonder why?

    As for the Tea Tax, that was an East India Company monopoly that RAISED prices and shut out non-favored colonial merchants from the tea trade.

    Learn your history!

  32. Jeff

    @DeVaul Exactly, it was the straw on the camels back, the icing on the cake. When people are routinely misrepresented, or not at all (as in both cases), there’s only so much they can take.

    Per the reduced gas prices, I agree that this shady form of business needs to go. The gas should be sold at market value and Ukraine should charge a heft transport fee for every cubic meter. Then use the transport earnings to pay for the pipeline/maintenance and use any remainder to help subsidize gas prices. Do you think we can agree on that one? Less corruption like the current shady gas deals?

  33. DeVaul

    Well, one of the problems was that the Ukrainian government was accepting the subsidized gas while also placing a hefty surcharge on the transit fee to the Germans, which angered both the Germans and the Russians. It was a form of extortion that I believe the government was responsible for and not the people themselves. It interferred with Russia’s contracts with German businesses, kind of like the the New York mafia does with the garbage disposal business. Putin did not like that, and probably tried to get a new man in office there (while we liked the extortionist).

    Secondly, the Ukrainian people cannot really afford the market price of gas, and Putin knew that. He overlooked that in exchange for border security, mutual cooperation in security matters, no interference in gas transit fees, no siphoning off gas and pretending there was a leak and so forth. He also wanted ethnic Russians to have equal rights in Ukraine, but that was low on his list of priorities compared to the gas deals.

    This is much different from a British monarch who imposes a monopoly on a set of colonies that brings them no benefit whatsoever. We were also not allowed to build our own ironworks or home industries. We had to buy all manufactured goods from Britain (via the East India Company); hence, the outrage over the high cost of goods from England.

    I cannot agree with you regarding the gas deal because the Ukrainians have nothing to buy the gas with, so they must provide Russia with something else. However, I do agree that a dictator who rules the country like a mafia kingpin is an outrage on the people. But, Putin knew this. Before he could do anything about it, our spies infiltrated the country and started a war, so now the Ukraine has really lost.

    As president of the Ukraine, I would have killed the western spies, accepted the subsidized gas, enforced the transit contracts, and told NATO to go jump off a cliff, all the while using the low cost of energy to try and rebuild a functioning economy instead of new gold toilets for my bathroom.

  34. emsnews

    American colonialists were not allowed to make glass! And had perfect materials and lots of wood to cook the sand. No, they had to import it at great cost and difficulty.

    Ah, trade! One way trade! And what does the US have with everyone today?

    Exactly that, yet again. Only the trade is ‘cheap’…in the short run.

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