Obama Threatens Zero Troops In Afghanistan, GOP Threatens War With Iran

Obama tells Pentagon to plan for Afghanistan withdrawal to ZERO: The GOP claims we have no more money so Obama ups the ante with this interesting move.  Bin Laden desperately wanted the US to invade Afghanistan 15 years ago and his reasoning was correct.  He surmised this would be a huge strategic error and the US would go bankrupt like the Soviet Union and eventually collapse and fall apart.  He is correct and he basically won the ‘War on Terror’ which rages out of control across the entire planet.  The US, far from winning this war, is being sucked under by it and definitely will end up bankrupt at this rate.


So…Obama is cutting back on military spending and the various wars AIPAC planned for us.  Here is the result, in DC: Republicans Drag Senate To A Halt To Force A Vote On Iran Sanctions which will stop peace negotiations dead in its tracks:


Matters of war and peace have typically not been fuel for partisan fires, making the Senate GOP’s election-year push unusual.


“The AIPAC organization has issued a public statement saying this is not the time for a vote. This is an issue that should be bipartisan. There shouldn’t be partisanship on this issue. And it is too bad, really too bad that the Republicans are trying to make an issue like this partisan,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).


Reid indicated there will be no vote on Iran sanctions. “We’re where we’ve always been. We’re fixated on preventing Iran from having nuclear capability,” Reid said. “I’ve had 10 Democratic chairs write to me saying this is not the time for sanctions.”


Normally, AIPAC does what Netanyahu and the far right fascists in Zionist Israel wish.  But the collapse of the push for war with Syria, thanks mainly to the brave people of England, and the budget hell in DC with both parties claiming we are too poor to take care of citizens here, has scared AIPAC’s super rich bullies and they drew back into the shadows being too exposed what with demands Israel get an increase in funding while cutting all US spending for Americans.


In Europe, anger at Zionists pulling strings and demanding more and more money is causing the Jewish guilt trip to collapse.  A turning point in German-Israeli relations: only 14% have a positive view of Israel (and Zionism) in Germany.  Evidently, Merkel and Netanyhu have had shouting matches on the phone this last year due  mainly to Jews deliberately stealing Palestinian lands in the West Bank nonstop.  The obvious match between Zionism and Naziism is increasingly obvious.


And is appearing in Ukraine:  Alarming trend in Ukraine: Historic monuments toppled, Nazi symbols spread (PHOTOS, VIDEO) — RT News has pictures of neonazi graffiti, armbands and gestures.  In France, you go to prison or are blacklisted if you show even slightly ‘fascist’ hand gestures or say anything deemed ‘anti-semetic’ but this is rampant in Ukraine with France begging the EU to have Ukraine join.


Fascists in Germany and France who are censored and imprisoned for displaying their arms and insignias will rejoice at this obvious double standard.  Will Putin be the one to stop fascists from rising in Europe?  How ironic.


Hundreds of armed police guard Paris tourist attractions after influx of criminal gangs from eastern Europe  while French Riviera Overrun With Organized Crime from former Soviet State countries now part of the EU.  Ukraine has this in spades like Romania.  I was stunned when the EU let Rumania join so precipitously and now many major European cities regret this.


Russians are opting for Yugoslavian-style solutions to the Ukraine business as Sevastopol installs Pro-Russian Mayor as Separatism Fears Grow.  The US and EU use NATO power to break apart countries all over the place, expanding NATO’s mandate to all of the Middle East and Africa so nations can be wrecked.  Now, they will complain wildly if Russia does the same.


Russia war games over Ukraine prompt US warning meanwhile, the US does island invasion landings with Japan while siding with Japan’s unilateral territorial demands.  We, in other words, can do this, Russia can’t.  Dictating to Russia is insane with the US going bankrupt, Congress tied in knots, the US public increasingly angry about money flowing like mad overseas to build an empire that wrecks our domestic economy.


Japan is a complete mess.  Abe’s gang is basically having a slow motion fascist coup and #1 is to take over the media so the new NHK boss forces directors to submit undated resignations so he can fire them all without cause and replace them with WWII denialists who claim Japan was the victim, not the instigator of war crimes.


Emboldened by Abe, TEPCO to bypass guidelines, end compensation for Fukushima evacuee incomes because they can.  Just like they got permission to pollute the entire planet with impunity.


Here is an amusing story from that catastrophe:  Towns near crippled Fukushima nuclear plant see surge in wildlife – 毎日新聞


When Mainichi reporters went to Tomioka this month, we saw five wild iron age pigs, including piglets, wandering around the town in less than an hour. In December last year, a door to the agricultural cooperative’s storage house was found broken, and 3 tons of rice (worth about 600,000 yen) inside the storehouse had been eaten. An investigation found two-toed tracks all over the place near the site.


Well, the radioactive pigs got to eat all the stored grain!  And now are having babies all over the place.  Sound familiar?  And they did it on their own, by themselves!  Now, I think they will want to emigrate to the EU to root around Paris and London.


And even though the place is hideously polluted (though the pigs like it a lot!) Abe told the Government to lift Fukushima evacuation order for 1st time so he has further excuse to cut off all the ‘useless eaters’ on government dole after losing their farms and homes due to the nuclear explosions.  The US will say nothing about that, either.


And if the people were to get mad and go to Tokyo and riot you can bet, the US would join Abe in suppressing this violently.  Just like any demonstrations here are brutally suppressed.

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16 responses to “Obama Threatens Zero Troops In Afghanistan, GOP Threatens War With Iran

  1. Vengeur

    Here in Tucson there is talk about the possible (highly improbable) closing of Davis Monthan air base. And the talk is how much it contributes to the local economy! Not that military spending is totally out of control. It is quite obvious how in almost EVERY state there are huge military bases and that they have all the states have become ADDICTED to that spending, instead of jobs that actually PRODUCE something. Military spending is a TAX on the economy and every citizen.

  2. JimmyJ

    The US Neocons have outmaneuvered Putin. Distracted by the Ukraine, Russia will be unable to respond to a Western attack on Iran or Syria.

  3. emsnews

    Except an attack on Syria and Iran simply makes the US weaker, makes energy cost more worldwide…but then that is the goal of our rulers many of whom make a lot of loot on both energy sales here and abroad and selling the fake, utterly useless, INVISIBLE CO2 ‘pollution’. Which is from the oil and gas they are selling us as a high a price as possible!

    The insane paradox here is this: Russia’s main wealth comes from selling oil and gas! So these efforts actually makes Russia more powerful.

  4. melponeme_k

    In regards to the Eastern European “immigrants”, no doubt the propaganda media will start the racism witch hunts just like they do here in the USA. No one here can discuss the rampant illegal alien problem from Central and South America, Asia and Eastern Europe without being called a racist.

  5. CK

    Spike Lee (Movie director and Brooklynite) had an audacious article the other day outlining the evils of unrestricted immigration. How the immigrants bring their culture with them and refuse to integrate with existing cultural norms, how they change the style as well as the substance of the places they infest, and how eventually those current and historical residents give up and leave for more comfortable and less diverse places. It is an incredible read.


    Yes, when the people of Fort Greene asked me to come in and help them renovate the place and prevent a new prison opening there, I tackled the crime problem, too.

    One thing, this is back in 1981, a bunch of guys came to one of our rallies and took the stage and like Spike, began spewing fucks and other curses nonstop. I had the mikes turned off. It was an early form of ‘rap art’. Disgusting.

    Spike is furious that dying slum has been turned into a functional community. The place was a hell hole 40 years ago. Polluted by power plants, torn up by crime, the housing collapsing, the winner of the NY Daily News’ Pot Hole Award in 1978 was… a giant hole in Fort Greene that swallowed up an entire car! In front of a girlfriend’s house that I knew.

  6. JimmyJ

    Spike Lee was speaking publicly. Anything written about it is editorialized.

    Here’s an audio excerpt of that speech, really a humorous dialogue with an audience, by Spike Lee from Soundcloud (about 12mins):


    For brevity here’s a NY Magazine article about the speech with some quotes:



    ELAINE: He is not ‘funny’. He is racist. He hates the fact that people who are not criminals finally managed to take over Fort Greene. I remember when it was dangerous to go out at night there! I helped form the first citizen patrols there decades ago when I was younger.

    Also, Spike whines about garbage collection. The people living there before ‘gentrification’ had this term for how they disposed of garbage: AIRMAIL IT. That is, toss it out the windows!

    I got in huge battles with airmailers back then. It involved picking up their trash and running upstairs and throwing it into their apartments when they opened the door. They would scream and fight and back then I liked fighting so it was a form of cheap thrills.

    The reason slums look slummy is due to the people being very, very dirty. They don’t bother to use toilets or deal with garbage in a sanitary way. Trust me on this, I am the veteran of many inner city wars over garbage. The garbage men love people who are clean with their garbage and take extra care if you show some respect.

  7. DeVaul

    And while we are distracted by Syria and Iran (at Israel’s bidding), Putin will annex the eastern half of the Ukraine and thus secure his gas pipelines while also installing a new dictator in the western half or cutting off the gas.

    Putin is an expert at Realpolitik. He will let Syria burn if it gives him back all of eastern Russia. And I am sure he will not mind letting the unwanted criminal gangs that plague Russia emigrate to Europe in order to create instability there and “distract” them from his own agenda.

    Neocons claim they are “writing history”. Well, they are writing it very poorly.

  8. CK

    Are you saying that the Spikester was not talking about mass immigration into the hood? Furschizzle. Or are you saying that the transcription of his speech is in error?
    Nah you ain’t. Spike is just another Sewellite a right wing black intellectual, got some coin, got some ‘spect and is, as George Jefferson was wont to proclaim “Movin’ on up.”
    @DeVaul Putin is a realist. It is a disease rarely encountered in the USA.
    Sometimes you strike me as a realist; not often. But I ask, if you were in his place would you not do the same for your first love?

  9. emsnews

    Spike lives in a white rich community on the upper East Side of Manhattan. Unlike myself and my friends, he did not fight to clean up Fort Greene, a place that I had many many battles long ago.

  10. DeVaul

    “It is a disease rarely encountered in the USA.”

    Lol! That was good.

    Yes, I am actually a realist, but I tend towards doing what I think is right instead of “whatever works”. Perhaps that is why some people consider me an idealist or unrealistic. I don’t know.

    Napoleon once said the best way to deal with a mob is to exterminate it. It’s true, but is that the right thing to do?

    I know Putin is not an angel or very popular even at home, but damn! What do you think Obama would be saying if China were funding insurrections in Canada? King George the II would have already stormed across the border.

    When your nation is under attack and you know it is under attack, you have to do what you have to do, and if that means no more Ukraine or no more Canada, so be it. Putin’s first responsibility is to his own people.

  11. emsnews

    Non! Francois Hollande is going to invade Canada! 🙂 Without his sex partner! She, he left home. But the mistress? She goes along with the French Navy.

  12. JimmyJ

    I didn’t say I thought Spike Lee was funny. I don’t think he is funny and I’m not a fan of his films

    I observed that the dialogue with the audience was done humorously which is evidence from the back and forth there, if one actually listened to the audio. The audience was in agreement and he was pandering to it.

    I never voiced an opinion about Spike Lee or New York City urban problems. I have no stake in it since I live in Western Canada. I simply said if people wanted to understand the ‘speech’ they should listen to it not be lazy and just read editorials and “quotes”.

    So if you’re offended I called you lazy, good. But don’t call me a Spike Lee fan.

  13. JimmyJ

    By the way, I’m not calling Elaine lazy, certainly she isn’t, just some commentors who would rather read opinion than check sources.

  14. emsnews

    I happen to know these people. All too well. Have tangled with them over renovation issues in the past. Lee really does want the slum back so he can be proud of being better than the people there and for some horrible reason, then hold dysfunctional families as something good and heroic and much better than intact families that work.

    Seriously, this is why the black community is collapsing. They are told, it is good to be dysfunctional.

  15. Christian W

    They are told, it is good to be dysfunctional.

    The power of propaganda. It is not only the black community who are told things.

    The plutocrats are winning hands down. Whole segments of the population are self destructing in a carefully controlled environment, all the time believing they are free and behaving normally.

  16. emsnews

    Yes, ‘useless white males’ are being shoved into the same prisons. They are unmanageable. Troublemakers. Imagine if white working males joined with black working males to go on strike?

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